篇一 :英文summary写作范例


Children Must be Taught to Tell Right from Wrong

William Kilpatrick

Many of today’s young people have a difficult time seeing any moral dimension (道德层面) to their actions. There are a number of reasons why that’s true, but none more prominent than a failed system of education that eschews (回避) teaching children the traditional moral values that bind Americans together as a society and a culture. That failed approach, called “decision-making,” was introduced in schools 25 years ago. It tells children to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. It replaced “character education. (品格教育)” Character education didn’t ask children to reinvent the moral wheel (浪费时间重新发明早已存在的道德标准); instead, it encouraged them to practice habits of courage, justice and self-control.

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篇二 :summary 范文


My neighbor's children love playing hide-and-seek as all children do, but no one imagine that a game they played last week would be reported in the local newspaper.

One afternoon, they were playing in the vacant lot down the corner. Young Paul, who is only five years old, found the perfect place to hide. His sister, Natalie, had shut her eyes and was counting to ten when Paul noticed the storage mail box at the corner and saw that the metal door was standing open. The mailman had just taken out several sacks of mail and had carried them to his truck which was standing at the curb a few feet away. Paul climbed into the storage box and pulled the door closed so hard that it locked. Soon realizing what he had done, he became frightened and started crying. Meanwhile, Natalie was looking for him everywhere but could not find him. It was lucky that she happened to pause at the corner for a minute and heard her brother's cries. She immediately ran to tell the mailman who hurried back from his truck to unlock the metal door. Paul was now free, but he had had such a bad scare that he could not stop crying. The mailman, however, soon found a way of making him laugh again. He told him that the next time he wanted to hide in a mail box, he should remember to put a stamp on himself!

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篇三 :英文读写summary范文

The summary of “Nice Guys (And

Girls) Finish Together”

In Nicholas D.Kristof’s “Nice Guys (And Girls) Finish Together”, which first appeared in the New York Times Magazine in 1997, he asserts that it is commendable that Japanese still value their civility, but in face of globalization, they should abandon the obsession with egalitarianism. Giving the game “musical chair”, once played by Japanese and American children as an example, he reveals an evidence of the cultural differences between Japanese and American. The former lays more emphasis on the balance of people’s relationship rather than on individual performance, while the latter tends to struggle for winning, even in some impolite manners.

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篇四 :怎么写英文摘要summary

摘要是对一篇文章的主题思想的简单陈述。它用最简洁的语言概括了原文的主题。写摘要主要包括三个步骤:(1)阅读;(2)写作;(3)修改成文。 第一步:阅读




D.简要地记下主要观点——主题、标题、细节等你认为对概括摘要重要的东西。 第二步:动手写作

A. 摘要应该只有原文的三分之一或四分之一长。因此首先数一下原文的字数,然后除以三,得到一个数字。摘要的字数可以少于这个数字,但是千万不能超过这个数字。

B. 摘要应全部用自己的话完成。不要引用原文的句子。

C. 应该遵循原文的逻辑顺序。这样你就不必重新组织观点、事实。

D. 摘要必须全面、清晰地表明原文所载的信息,以便你的读者不需翻阅原文就可以完全掌握材料的原意。

E. 写摘要时可以采用下列几种小技巧:

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篇五 :summary怎么写

它可以包括三个组成部分 ①点明主题,解析文章或书籍的目的或意图; ②介绍主要内容,使读者迅速了解文章或书籍的概貌; ③提出结论或建议,以供读者参考。 二、常见句型 常见的摘要句型有: 1)This paper deals with... 2)This article focuses on the topics of (that,having,etc)... 3)This eassy presents knowledge that... 4)This thesis discusses... 5)This thesis analyzes... 6)This paper provides an overview of... 7)This paper elaborates on ... 8)This article gives an overview of... 9)This article compares...and summarizes key findings. 10)This paper includes discussions concerning... 11)This paper presents up to date information on... 12)This article covers the role of chemicals in...

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篇六 :写好英语小作文技巧summary


广州 李渊




















此外,当对话题的具体内容感到迷惘时,我们还可以充分利用写作内容2)里的a) b) c)来帮助我们进一步定向。如实例2。



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篇七 :How to write a summary 英语作文 教案模板







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篇八 :summary-大学英语文章简介的范文


The author holds the opinion that the college education system has changed. Instead of conceived with the ideas of wisdom and enlightenment in mind, the present system now simply focuses on academic achievement. And the situation may be caused by three factors: the raising money acquired for higher education, the increasing expectations on the students and the effect to provide higher education to the masses. The purpose that higher education should focus on the true understanding of the knowledge has been taken place by the education system set for the public.

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