篇一 :英语说明文范文



The computer is a wonderful machine. It is the most important invention in many years. Today it is used a great deal in various fields. Especially, it is useful in automatic control and data processing. And now it is finding its way into the home.

Computer plays an important role in our life. They can do most of things people can do. They can give you information on buying and selling things, provide you with suggestions of how to deal with certain illness and how to solve the problems you are faced with. There is no doubt that people can live much easier with the help of the computer.

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篇二 :十篇英语说明文范文

1. Problems in the New Century (举例法说明文)

Write an expository essay on the problems man will be faced with in the new century.

In the new century, human beings will be filled with hope and live more advanced life. What used to be depicted in science fictions can be the reality of the near future. However, man will also have to confront with some problems that will curtail(剥夺)human beings of their existence.

First of all, pollution of all forms such as land pollution, noise pollution, air pollution and water pollution are worsening with each passing day. People complain all over the world that it is becoming harder to breathe and water is turning undrinkable. Also forests are being felled at a very fast rate. The pollutions are getting so terrible that in some countries we can’t find clean and clear rivers and white clouds in the sky! When the children draw a picture of their surroundings, they paint the green trees in gray, the red sun in gray, everything in gray, and they can’t find a pure environment except in the books.

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篇三 :英语说明文范文


It 's the earth that gives us a place to live in ;it 's the earth that offers us beautiful sunshine ;it 's the earth that brings us fresh air .

Earth is the place to give us a place to live in; to offer us beautiful sunshine; to bring us fresh air.

Without good environment, we can't live a happy life; we can't enjoy the beautiful sunshine; we can't breathe fresh air.

If we are birds, earth is the sky; if we are fishes, earth is the sea; if we are horses, earth is the grassland.

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篇四 :英语说明文的写作方法



在文章开始时提出需要说明的东西和观点,然后常用first,second,…and finally加以罗列说明。罗列法广泛地使用于各类指导性的说明文之中。


There are several good reasons why we should learn a foreign language. First of all, …Secondly, …And finally, …

We should try our best to plant more trees for several good reasons First of all, …Secondly, …And finally, 必须指出的是,有时罗列法并不一定有明确的first, second…等词,但文章还是以罗列论据展开的。


举例法是用具体的例子来说明我们要表达的意思,常用for example, for instance, still another example is…等词语引出

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篇五 :初中英语写作范文(说明文)

第二章 说明文

第1节 人物介绍


My Best Friend

My best friend is Li Hua. He is 13 years old and he is a student of Guangming middle school. He is very tall and strong. He works hard at school and would like to help others. When I came to this school in the beginning, I was bad at math and English. I failed in a test and was worried about my study. At this time, Li Hua gave me a hand and helped to improve my math and English. Thanks to his help, my math and English improved a lot and I got good results in the following exams. Gradually we became very good friends. In my opinion, Li Hua is not only an excellent student but also a helpful and kind person. Everyone would like to be his friend.

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篇六 :英语说明文要素



1. 说明文主要采用一般现在时,因为说明文多为对客观事物或事件的描述,所以并不需要用过于复杂的时态,省去了时态呼应,行文时比较随意、自然。但要注意,当单、复数名词做主语时,主谓语的一致要格外留意。要牢记变动词第三人称需加“ -es ”的规律。

2. 要写好说明文,关键在于是否能做到行文自然有条理,措词确切且得体。文章看似随意,实是精心安排的结果,如老教材高二(上) Unit 3 中的 Body Language 一文,抓住“ different ”这一主线,由总而分后又由分而总,用鲜明的对比来说明 Body language has different meanings in different countries. 虽然数例并举,但文章脉胳清晰,例子多而不散,你不妨模仿这种写法。

另外要写出有条理的说明文来,还要注意行文的连贯性,这要求我们平常积累大量的过渡词。如连接词 although, but, when, as soon as, so ,承上启下的副词 generally, at the same time, finally, at last, later 等。这些都是课本中的实例。用对,用好过渡词,就能把各个段落有机联系在一起,使整篇文章过渡自然,有条理,档次也提高了。

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篇七 :英语说明文结构特点与阅读策略


1、 说明文的特点







以“Goals”为题打开一篇说明文的思路。 参考思路





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篇八 :高中英语作文范文:简要地报道中国开发西部--说明文



要情况 范围:9个省,自治区(autonomous regions),一个直辖市





点 环境保护:退耕还林,防治污染








New Development for Central and Western China

The Chinese government has recently decided to develop central and western China.

This part of China includes 9 provinces and autonomous regions and one municipality, covering an area of 5.4 million square kilometers with a population of 285 million.

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