篇一 :outline范本



The statements: This paper is going to discuss the liberalism that rooted in Isabel Archer’s mind—the heroin in the portrait of a lady. But sometimes she seems to go against her liberalism after marriage with Gilbert Osmond.

1. Introduction

2. The Maturity of Isabel Archer

3. Isabel's View of liberty

3.1 Liberty of Mind

3.1.1 Isabel's Attitude toward Life

3.1.2 Isabel's Attitude toward Love and Marriage

3.2 Liberty of Behaviours

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篇二 :英语论文outline规范范例

My outline (080703120 汤煜芳)

A Paralysed Wilderness

—The Appreciation and Analysis of Symbols in Araby

Thesis statement: The symbols regarding the setting, religion and characters in Araby are ingeniously adopted, which manifests a stretch of paralysed wilderness typical of Dublin and contributes immensely to the success of the short story.


1. Introduction

2. Demonstration

2.1 Symbols regarding the setting

2.1.1 Blind alley in North Richmond Street—hopelessness, bleakness, and ignorance

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篇三 :outline 本科范本

The Objectification of Emotion in

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Wang Fei

Abstract : T. S. Eliot won Noble prize for literature for his achievement in remarkable achievements as a pioneer within modern poetry. As Anders ?sterling put it in the Presentation Speech, T. S. Eliot, the initiator of a whole revolution in style within present-day poetry, is at the same time a coldly reasoning, logically subtle theorist, who never wearies of defending historical perspectives and the necessity of fixed norms for our existence. His literary theories include impersonal theory, objective correlative and new criticism.

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篇四 :参考文献格式 outline模板


[3]张勇、王海全.中国风景名胜的名称及其文化内涵[J]. 重庆大学学报, 2002(6):16-18.

[4] Halliday, M. Exploration in the Functions of language [M]. London: Edward Arnold, 1973

[5] Nida, Eugene A. Language, Culture and Translation [M]. Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press, 1993.


以上outline作为一个参考,用短语的形式,短语要能够总结你这部分的主要内容。Outline主要包含Introduction, Literature Review (文献综述,即前人做过的相关研究。),Theory (这个看个人论文的具体情况,可以以你要研究的理论内容为标题),Case analysis (也取决于个人论文的具体情况,标题可自拟),Conclusion。请于24号前发到我邮箱。

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篇五 :Essay Outline 范文

Name: He Yaoxi Student number: 20xxxxxxxxxxxx Course code: B-13 WRITING ASSIGNMENT #5

Essay Outline

Title: Do all students benefit from studying oversea?

Thesis Statement: Not all students benefit from studying oversea, on the contrary, it would bring a lot of problems. We should make a reasonable selection according to our own conditions and pursuits.


Ⅰ. Introduction- Thesis statement: With globalization, more and more educated, talented, passionate young graduate students prefer to study oversea rather than staying home. In such a wave, we need to pose a question: Do all students benefit from studying oversea? My answer is no. Not all students benefit from studying oversea, on the contrary, it would bring a lot of problems. Therefore, we should make a reasonable selection according to our own conditions and pursuits.

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篇六 :outline范文及格式(红与黑)


Thesis Statement: The Red and the Black was Stendhal’s finest novel. Through the

novel, we can analyze a character ——Julian Sorel——the son of a carpenter, who is inspired by the writings of Napoleon to conquer the heights of society. He is intelligent and good-looking, the epitome of a romantic hero with he large, dark eyes. More important, he has an unshakable determination to undergo a thousand deaths rather than fail to achieve success. Julian Sorel is, of course, a great creation.

Ⅰ. In this novel, what can we conclude in comparison with the lifetime and eras of Stendhal.

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篇七 :Speaking outline

Speaking outline

2013201560 Scarlett

Breathe deeply


I. Have you ever watched the popular TV drama named fengzhongqiyuan? II. Do you know the name of the clothes in that drama?


If your answer is hanfu, congratulations! You are absolutely right!

I. But do you known Hanfu is not only the clothes of Han Dynasty, but also

the ethnic costumes of Han nationality?

II. Do you known why Hanfu become more and more popular nowadays?



Today I’d like to share the history and the current significance of Hanfu then you may answer my question.

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篇八 :英语演讲outline



Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the definition of the inflation and the reason for its happening.

Central Idea: The inflation is an economic phenomenon and it is closely related to our daily life.


I. Do you find that you have to pay even several times of money to by the same thing than many years ago?

II. If you often watch CCTV news, you must have found that CPI, PPI or other indexes appears in the news day and day.

III. Every one of you must have heard of this word “inflation” especially after the economic crisis happened.

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