篇一 :批改网作文总结

标题:Team Work

字数: 不低于100字并且不高于500 字

满分: 100


Directions: For this part, you'll have to write an essay entitled Team Work. You should write at least 120 words following the outline given below.

1) 为什么我们要学习团队合作;

2) 你是如何在大学加强自己的团队合作能力的;

3) 学会团队合作的关键是什么。

As we all know, teamwork plays an important part in our success. However, what is teamwork? Without doubt, what is called teamwork means each person on the team should work within a group of people, which is number of people greater than one. Certainly, even if there are only two people in the group, they can be called a team. Therefore, it is an essential requirement of any employment that any potential employee is a team player.

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篇二 :批改网高分作文


Who Are Teachers’ Pets, Boys or Girls?


Nowadays, a growing number of people tend to think about a question: who do teachers like more?

Reading this table, we can get some information and analyse the result via the figures. Obviously, teachers favor girls over boys in primary school. As far as I concerned, the most indispensable reason is that girls are quiet, smart and well-behaved during that age. While in junior middle school, hat might seem to be no difference between boys and girls. In a word, there is no prejudice and gender discrimination at that time. Nevertheless things are getting change when coming to senior high school. The most

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篇三 :句酷批改网作文范文2

标题:How to Improve Your English

字数: 不低于100字并且不高于500 字

满分: 100



English is an important language to communicate with individual from other countries. Therefore, it is our obligation to improve English if we are eager to develop our ability to communicate with foreigners. My suggestions about improving English as follows.

In the first instance, you ought to read more English books in place of Chinese books. It is a wonderful ideal for you to increase vocabulary and expand vision from foreign literature. My brother was absorbed in foreign literature in university and read a large number of books about it. He can communicate with foreigners in daily life fluently even he will work in the United States next month.

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篇四 :句酷批改网作文范文


字数: 不低于100字并且不高于500 字

满分: 100


For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled College Students Should Take Part in Social Practice following the outline given below. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

1、 很多大学生缺乏社会实践

2、 大学生应该参加社会实践

3、 我的观点

范文:According to a survey, in recent years, many universities ignored the phenomenon that college students did not have enough chance to take part in social practice leaded to they lacked the ability to adapt to society in the future. When we asked college students whether they had engaged in social practice, most of them said no. I take it for granted that social practice can bring many benefits to college student. In the first instance, social practice can offer students adequate chance to meet various people in society. They can accumulate enough experience and use it in the future career. The second thing that must be taken into consideration is that it is a great opportunity for them put theory into practice and improve their In a word, I take the attitude that social practice is a critical thing for university students and they should also learn how to balance between study and work.

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篇五 :批改网90分作文

Read or do

While it's quite obvious that there are good many advantages brought by doing, virtually, thoughts of people with not much reading can't be elevated by doing in some way.

People taking actions to alter for the better surround us all the time. Significant passion in running small business, such as selling packed meal and directly delivering fresh fruits to the dormitory, is evident. And many colleges seriously love to be a part of the association activities, even have no idea of what's going on in the activity. Whereas many of them who act instead of reading more make little advancement both in their mind or knowledge, for almost everyone give their concentration on their external activities, ignoring the insight of their hearts. Nevertheless, it is of more importance to reach the mind's pinnacle, and only by this way, difficult matters in the frustrating life become nothing.

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篇六 :英语批改网作文

The person I love/ admire most


1. No less than 90 points by Pigai.

2. No less than 26o words.

3. Deadline Nov. 3.

作文号:357928 教师:邵春 字数:260~500 满分:100



For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Attitude by commenting on the famous saying, “A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm .” You should write at least 260 words but no more than 500 words.

作文号:357929 教师:邵春 字数:100~500 满分:100


The person I love/ admire most

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篇七 :批改网的作文题目:what is the best way of learning about life

Life is a treasure , and it contains many interesting and colorful things . We gain a lot from life , in the meanwhile the life teach us plenty of things that involve many aspects . So the problem of what is the best way of learning about life has aroused people’s concern in recently years.

Some people believe that the best way of learning about life is by listening to the advice of family and friends.They've done a lot of learning in their lives , so they can give you suggestions before you make a decision,even set you examples in school,family,enterprise and other aspects.

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篇八 :初中作文批改评语范例



A、书写清秀、整洁,犹如海滨小城的街道一样,找不到一点脏??端端正正的字迹, 让人看了真舒服??你的字像印的一样漂亮??


的字东倒西歪,是不是今天风太大,才刮成这样的??我不相信你的字写不好,永远就这么 潦草??认真耐心地写,你会写的比我还要棒??



、这般丰富的内容,简直和作家写出来的差不多呀??你的习作有血有肉,读起来真 是一大享受??你的作文内容具体,我读的十分过瘾












想像丰富,构思奇特且不脱离生活的真实,扎跟于生活的联想,拓宽了读者的思维, 让人觉得生动有趣。



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