Good morning. I am glad to be here for this interview. First let me introduce myself. My name is Dongzhanji,I am twenty-five years old. I come from zibo city of Shan dong Province. I graduated from Shandong university of technology in July, 20xx. In the past one year I have been preparing for the postgraduate examination while I’ve been working in a paint factory as Research and Development person. And the 2 years of work experience let me know that I need to promote myself by the Stage of postgraduate study. Beijing Institute of Technology is my first choice.

Like most of the Shandongpeople,I am a straightforward person. In my spare time, I like reading books and playing basketball. I am a diligent student during my college studying ,and In my college, I actively response to the call of the college, take part in all kinds of useful activities and get scholarships for many times.

I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning. Of course, if I am given a chance for advanced studies in this famous University, I will stare to effort to master a good command of advance my capability.

早晨好。我很高兴能为这个面试。首先让我介绍一下自己。我的名字是Dongzhanji,我今年二十五岁。我来自山东省淄博市。我毕业于山东工业大学20xx年x月。在过去的一年我一直在准备研究生考试,而我一直在研究和开发人的涂料厂工作。和2年工作经验让我知道我需要的方式增进自己的研究生学习阶段。北京理工大学是我的首选。 Shandongpeople最喜欢的,我是一个直爽的人。在我的业余时间,我喜欢看书和打篮球。我是一个勤奋的学生在我的大学学习,在我的大学,我积极响应,学校的号召,参加各种有益的活动的一部分,并多次获得奖学金。我始终相信,人会很容易落后,除非他不断学习。当然,如果我有一个在这个著名的大学深造的机会,我会盯着与努力掌握了我的能力好前进的命令。



Mount Tai is the most famous tourist attractions in Shandong Province, each year many people across the country come here to play, a lot of people put mount tai as a blessing.They hope that their children admitted to the University, wish their family happyness, and the family-member in good health. Before I take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools I came there one time and I think I should find a suitable time to redeem the wish.

3 介绍一下自己的大学

山东理工大学是山东省属重点大学,创建于19xx年,是国务院批准的首批具有学士学位授予权的高校之一。学校坐落在历史悠久的齐文化发祥地——山东省淄博市。现有学生数40000. 以工科为主。

Shandong University of Technology was founded in 1956 and was one of the first public colleges certified to confer the bachelor's degree by China 's Department of State. The university is under the direct leadership of the Shandong Provincial Government and is located in Zibo city

where the ancient and profound Qi culture originated.The number of the students is 40000 now。She is an engineering-oriented shool。

4 为什么要考研?


2 years of word experience let me know that, I need Stage of postgraduate study to promote myself.Because the kownledge I have owned can’t meet my needs.

5 你的工作经历

我毕业后在一家涂料厂从事实验室研发及检验工作。该公司的主要产品是水性乳胶漆。 I have been employed to a paint factory after graduated from my college,and my main task is do some research and development works in the lab.

The main products of the factory is Water-based latex paint.

6 介绍一下你的家庭

There three members in my family,my father my mather and me. My father and my mather are peasant,and they are all diligent.I love my family I love my father and mother.


7 介绍一下你的家乡

潍坊市位于山东半岛中部是著名的世界风筝都、中国优秀旅游城市、国家卫生城市、国家环保模范城市、全国科技进步先进市、 全国双拥模 范城市,荣获中国人居环境奖(水环境治理优秀范例城市)

Weifang located in the middle of Shandong Peninsula , Renowned as the world’s kite metropolis, Weifang has won the titles including China’s Excellent Tourism City, State-Level Clean City, Model City for Environmental Protection, Outstanding Model City of Aquatic Environment Treatment and One of "China Top 50 Cities for Informatization".

7 读研期间的计划

If luckily I got the chance to Tianjin university of technology ,I will concentrate on the study and research in this field. If possible, I will go on with my study for doctorate degree.





Good morning. I am very glad to be here for this interview.


First let me introduce myself. My name is LiShuai, and my English name is Jacky Lee. I've finished my undergraduate education in Xidian University, Majoring in Electronic Science and Technology in the college of Technical Physics.


I am open-minded, willing and have broad interests like basketball, reading and especially in engineering such as software programming, website design, hardware design. For example, during the past four years, I have accomplished two websites: one is the website of our school, and the other is the website of the doctor forum of china 20xx. Furthermore, I am interested in C plus plus programming language and have written some application programs. In July in the last year,I finished my graduate project with flying colors,which was a software application about Image Process . In addition, I have also finished some projects about embedded system by using MCU when I was a junior.


Although I have broad interests in many aspects and grasp the essential knowledge of the major, but I think at present, I can do many things in a superficial level, but not be competent to do things professionally owing to lack of ample knowledge and ability. So I think further study is still urgent for me to realize self-value.

The major that I hope pursue for my further education is IC design. Because I find integrated circuits are playing a more and more important role in our modern society. And nowadays in China, with the recognition by the government, our domestic integrated circuits industry is growing rapidly and that may provide a lot of chances

to us.

I plan to concentrate on study and research in this field in my graduate time. And I hope I can form a systematic view of micro electronics and IC design technology and make a solid foundation for future profession after three years study here.


OK, that’s all. Thank you very much.

考研复试英语自我介绍范文8: ( For the On-Job Candidates)

Respected Professors,Good afternoon! I'm great honored to meet you here.Now allow me to give a brief self-introduction.

I'm ,26 years old , born in city , Province.In the year of ,I entered University, majoring in Machincal Designing and Producing. During those 4 years'study,I worked hard and I was always active in various activities. I gained the first scholarship for four times and I joined the Communist Party at the college. After my graduation in June ,I worked in company. I got a position in the Technology Department the first year and I was involved in several internet projects, such as the one for College student Recruitment in Henan Province and the one for Computer Center in Mathmatics Department in Zhengzhou University. Owning to my hard work ,I was awarded the Best Newcomer Prize in the year . The next year, I was transferred into the Principal Customer Department, responsible for developing and strengthening a good relationship between the principal customers and my company. Two major customers, Henan Provincipal Department of Transportation and Henan Provincial Department of Personnel, are under my work.

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