beriberi脚气病 lymphocyte淋巴细胞 inflammation炎症 cod-liver oil鱼肝油 wheat bran 麦麸 asthma哮喘

inflame发炎 anesthetics麻醉剂 nettlerash/hives荨麻疹 turnip萝卜

sedative镇静药 vomit呕吐 deficiency disease营养缺乏症 hypnotic安眠药 dizziness头晕 rickets佝偻病

narcotic中枢麻醉药 decompose分解 riboflavin核黄素,维生素B2 volatile oil挥发油 discolour褪色 nutrient营养的 stimulus刺激 dosage form剂型 degeneration变性,变质 Spine脊柱

ingredient要素 antioxidant抗氧化剂 to contract pneumonia感染肺炎 analgesics镇痛药

carcinogen致癌物质 nauseate恶心

rheumatic diseases风湿性疾病 antagonize中和 nitrous oxide一氧化二氮 stomach upset消化不良 colon结肠 ethylene乙烯 psychic dependence精神依赖rectum直肠 chloroform氯仿 性


regain consciousness苏醒 physical dependence生理依赖epidemiologist流行病学家 lose consciousness失去知觉 性

esophagus食管 self-prescribed medicine自主用opiates鸦片 estrogen雌性激素 药

cocaine可卡因 Flavonoid类黄酮 ad-hoc committee特设委员会 amphetamine安非他明 folate叶酸

hydroxide氢氧化物 barbiturates巴比妥酸盐 gastrointestinal tract胃肠道 jargon行话

hallucinogen迷幻药 immune system免疫系统 paracetamol扑热息痛 amino氨基 incidence发病率 ferrous sulphate硫酸亚铁 amine胺 macrophage巨噬细胞 senna番泻叶

amide氨基化合物 pancreatic cancer胰腺癌 non-proprietary name非专利商Ammonium铵盐 polyp息肉 品名

restlessness坐立不安 retinoid类维生素A

unwanted effect不良反应


One of most studied antioxidants in vegetables and fruits though to protect against cancer is beta-carotene, concentrated in deep green, yellow and orange vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach.


The value of anesthetics to mankind cannot be overestimated. Before anesthetics or other sedatives were used, the operating rooms of hospitals were ghastly places where hideous screams and groans of the patients were the rule rather than the exception. No one can even guess the misery and suffering which men have been spared by the discovery and use of anesthetics.


Drug dependence may be defined as a state resulting from the interaction of a person and a drug in which the person has a compulsion to continue taking the drug in order to experience pleasurable psychic effects and sometimes avoid discomfort due to its withdrawal.


Tolerance, in which increasing doses are required to produce the same effect, often develops with drugs causing dependence.


This drug which lowers blood pressure prevents the rise of noradrenaline in the brain which occurs when opiates are withdrawn and is responsible for many of the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.


pyrexial发热的 mumps腮腺炎 cure-alls万能药,万应灵药 sepsis化脓 measles麻疹 narrow-spectrum窄谱 septicaemia败血症 fungi[复]真菌 broad-spectrum广谱 sterile无菌的 chemotherapy化疗 antibiotics抗生素

addiction上瘾 antimicrobial agent抗菌药 acquired resistance获得耐药性 elation欣快感 staphylococcus葡萄球菌 allergy变态反应,过敏症 euphoria欣快 erythromycin红霉素 prescription drug处方药 alcoholism酒精中毒 bactericidal agent杀菌剂 a doctor’s orders医嘱 heroin海洛因 bacteriostatic agent抑菌剂 purgative泻药 sniff闻 isoniazid异烟肼 side effect副作用

cannabis大麻 aseptic measure无菌措施 a course of treatment一个疗程 cirrhosis肝硬化 prevalence普遍,流行 diabetics糖尿病患者 endocarditis心内膜炎 anaphylactic reaction过敏反应 insulin胰岛素 hepatitis肝炎 tetracycline四环素 parlance说法;用语 virus病毒 chloramphenicol氯霉素 phenylbutazone保泰松 mucosa粘膜 precaution预防,防备 indigestion消化不良 ulcer溃疡 diarrhea腹泻 contraceptives避孕药 ataxic运动失调的


streptococcus链球菌,链球菌noradrenaline去甲肾上腺素 cross-infection交叉感染 属

methadone美沙酮 super-infection双重感染,继发bacterium细菌 drowsy昏昏欲睡的 感染

rheumatic fever风湿热 nystagmus眼球震颤 streptomycin链霉素 recurrence再发生;复发 epileptic癫痫的 complications[复]并发症 a rule of thumb一条经验 resin树脂

tuberculosis结核病 to the letter逐字逐句的 disorientation不辨方向 long-range value长期范围值 compliance 顺应性;屈从 personal experience亲身经历 currently available medicine当bursitis粘液囊炎,滑囊炎 ointment油膏,软膏



What information is essential depends primarily on the medicine and the purpose for which it is used, although the culture setting of its use and the educational attainment of user must be take into account.


The project reported here was undertaken to find out whether an international consensus could be reached on what constitutes the minimum desirable information for self-treatment.

这个方案在这里进行了报道,保证弄清楚有关构成自我治疗最低限度要求是否能够达成一个国际共识。 Researchers found that the level of vitamin C stored in the body of the vitamin with a common cold fell drastically and was close to the level of the people suffering from scurvy.


Vitamins produce no energy but play an essential role in the transformation of energy and on the regulation of metabolism.


The disease which develop from the absence of vitamins are known as vitamin deficiency diseases .For example, a lack of vitamin A brings about night blindness; a deficiency of vitamin D results in reckets.

由于维生素缺乏而引起的疾病叫做维生素缺乏症,力图,维生素A缺乏出现夜盲症,维生素D缺乏导致佝偻症。 In addition to the general nutrients, another two groups of nutrients, vitamins and inorganic, or mineral, salts are also required by the body.


Most nutrients contain more than one nutrient, but no single food contains all the nutrients in the amounts you need. 大多数食品含有多种营养素,但没有哪一种食品囊括人体所需的所有营养素。

Over whelming statistical evidence shows that smokers are more likely to develop cancer of the lung, throat, and

tongue than are non-smokers.


Fruits and vegetables are chock-full of a variety of antioxidants which can snuff out oxygen free radicals, substances that are thought to make cells more susceptible to cancer.


Animals studies show that garlic blocks carcinogens that have been linked to colon and stomach cancer. 动物实验表明,大蒜有抑制结肠癌、胃癌等癌症的作用。

A diet of more fruits and vegetables will undoubtedly play a major role in reducing cancer incidence as well as the number of deaths caused by the disease.

毫无疑问,多吃水果蔬菜将在降低癌症发病率和癌症病死率方面发挥重要作用。 It’s not many years since a man who had to have an operation felt all its pain. 不得不经受手术的人们得忍受着全部疼痛,这种情况距今并没有多少年。

It’s attributable to the discovery of anesthetics that surgeons can now perform all kinds of operations without causing pain.


Narcotics are applied to those drugs which are sedative in their action upon the body but which also produce insensibility to pain.


Contray to what one might think,, it’s only 50years or so since penicillin, the antibiotic once regarded as the wonder drug, came into being.

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