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第一部分 上节课作业讲解、在家背记情况

第二部分 词类语法点巩固


1.一般情况下,直接加s,如:book-books, bag-bags, cat-cats, bed-beds.

2.以s,x,sh,ch结尾,加es,如:bus-buses, box-boxes, watch-watches.

3.以辅音字母加y结尾,变y为i, 再加es,如:family-families, hobby-hobbies.

4.以f或fe结尾,变f或fe为v, 再加es,如:thief-thieves, knife-knives.



6.不规则变化,如:man-men, woman-women, child-children, foot-feet, tooth-teeth.

7.不可数名词有:bread, juice, tea, coffee, water, rice等。(不可数名词相对应的be动词是is/was)





1.一般情况下,在名词的末尾加’s构成。如:Tom’s book

2.以―-s‖结尾的复数名词的所有格,只在其末尾加’。如:our teachers’ books


如:Su Hai and Su Yang’s bedroom

冠词:a, an和the的用法

1. an umbrella, an uncle, an unpleasant trip, an unusual boy, an ugly girl, an MP3

2. a uniform, a university, a unit, a UFO, a useful book, a European country

3. an hour, an honest boy

4. an ―a‖( e, f, h, i, l, m, n, o, r, s, x) , a ―b‖( c, d, g, j, k, p, q, t, u, v, w, y, z)

5. a one-year-old baby, an eight-year-old boy, an eleven-year-old girl

6. (无冠词)Children’s Day, May Day, the Spring Festival

7. —I lost the book I bought last week.— Is it a black one?

8. Do you know the boy next to Mary / the man in white?


1. An elephant is (very, quite, so, too) big(原级).

2. A friend of mine is as heavy(原级) as me. He is not so/ as tall(原级) as her.

3. much+比较级, more+原级: He is much fatter that her.

He is much more confident than her.

4. 一些特殊的句型:

1) Jim is the taller of the two (boys).

2) Our school is much (far/ still/ even/ a lot/a little) (比较级) more beautiful than yours.

3) The earlier, the better.

4) When summer comes, the weather gets hotter and hotter.

5) If you do sports every day, you will become healthier and healthier.

6) Today English is becoming more and more important.

7) He is 2 kilos heavier than I am.

8) Paris is one of the liveliest cities in the world.

10) .The Yellow River is the second longest river in China.(序数词+最高级)



1.one--first, two--second, three--third, five--fifth, nine--ninth,


twelve--twelfth, twenty-twentieth, forty-one--forty-first. 序数词前一定要加the.



如:seventh第七,tenth 第十,thirteenth 第十三;

(2)以y结尾的基数词,变y为ie,再加上th,如:twentieth 第二十.

(3)不规则变化,如:first 第一, second 第二, third 第三,fifth 第五, eighth 第八, ninth 第九,twelfth 第十二.

(4)基数词―几十几‖变为序数词时,表示―几十‖的基数词不变,只把表示―几‖的基数词变成序数词,如twenty-first 第二十一。

3.序数词的缩略形式是由阿拉伯数字和序数词的最后两个字母构成的, 如:1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th。


1. 人称代词的五种基本形式:

2. 人称代词的基本用法:

主格:用作句子的主语,放在动词前(疑问句式放在特殊动词后); e.g

She lives in Toronto, Canada. Does he speak English?




Yesterday my mother bought me a new bike. I usually go to movies with her on weekends.


e.g This is my book. That’s his book.

名词性物主代词相当于一个名词词组,之后不能带名词(其代换的名词需在前文中出现); e.g His book is much newer than mine(= my book).



She teaches herself English.



1.用在某范围或某空间内,如:in the desk

2.在一段时间内,如:in the morning

3.以,用……方式,如:in English



in, on, at的区别:

in, on, at都可以用来放在时间前面,但是in后面一般是morning,afternoon,

evening,月份.年份.季节或者指某一段时间内;on用在具体某一天,如:on Sunday morning;at一般用在某个假期期间(不是指具体的某一天),它还可以用在具体的时间,如:at Spring Festival, at five o’clock.


in, on, from, of, by, about, for, under, behind, after, before, with, near, off, at, to, around, nearby等。



zoo__________sheep __________thief __________woman__________

mouse__________ box __________peach__________ boy __________



strawberry__________tomato__________potato__________tooth _________ Englishman __________child __________deer__________


1. The woman is a nurse.(改为复数句)

The ______ ______ ______ .

2. There are some old cars behind the house.(改为单数句)

There______ ______old ______ behind the house.

3. He has a new book.(改为复数句)

______ ______new ______.

4.Is there a sheep on the hill?(改为复数句)

_____ there ______ ______ on the hill?

( )1.This bag isn’t mine, it’s _______, I think.

A.Mary B.Mays C.Mary’s

( )2.How many__________ are there in the zoo?

A.sheep B.monkey C.fish

( )3.Children’ s Day is in_______.

A.June B.July C.May

( )4.Two____and three _____will come to visit our school tomorrow .

A. Americans,Japaneses B. Americans,Japanese C. American,Japanese

( ) 5.--What are they? --They are _____.

A. nurse B. nurses C. a nurse

( ) 6.There aren’tbooks on the table.

A.some B. any C. a



1.Who can help _____ (she) to carry the box?

2.Mum, we are very hungry. Give _____ (we) some bread, please.

3.Open the door for_____ (I), please.

4.Today is ___ (she) birthday of 6. David got a computer from __ (he) parents.

5.This is your classroom. ____ (we) classroom is next to the teachers’ office.

6.My uncle has a daughter. He loves _____ (she) very much.

7.Tommy has a cute cat. _____ (it) name is Ketty.

8.-- I like collecting coins very much. -- ____ (I) too.

9.-- Whose books are these? -- They’re _____ (they) books, I think.

10.-- Is that man _____ (you) father? – Yes, ______ (he) is.



1.Mike is 45kg, I am 45kg. So I am _____ heavy _____ Mike.

2.Which monkey is _________ ________, the yellow one, black one or little one? (strong)

3.Who is ______, your father or mother? (thin)

4.Summer is the _______ (hot) season in a year.

5.Beef is ______ _______ (delicious) than pork.

( )6.The killer whale is heavy. The sperm whale is _______, too.

A.the thinnest B.heavy C.heavier

( )7.Mike is _______ than all his classmates.

A. the thinnest B.thiner C.thinner

( )8.The house is________ cheaper than the one we saw yesterday.

A.more B. much C. many

( )9.I think rose is_______________ than that one.

A.many more B.more much C.much more

( )10.The story is _____and _______ than that one .

A.shorter, funnier B. short,funnier C. long, funnier

( )11.Alice was ill last week, but she becomes ______ and ______ now.

A.gooder, better B. good, better C. better, better

( )12.He is ____ tallest _____ the three.

A. the; of B. \; of C. the; on D. \; in

( )13.Which is_________, an elephant or a shark?

A.big B.biger C.bigger

( ) 14.The smile on the boy’s face showed that he was_______.

A.sad B.angry C.excited

( )15. Jack studies English very_______.

A .good B hard C .careful.


( Christmas Eve?.

A. on B. in C. at

( )2.There is _____ ―s‖ in the word ―is‖.

A. a B. an C. the

( )3.Mother’s DayMay

A. in the B. in C. is in

( friend of mine.There is _______―u‖ in the word ―umbrella‖. umbrella is behind the door.

A.a,a,an,An B. an,a,an,An C. an, a,a,An

( )5.I have got MP4 player.

A . a B. an C. the

( ) 6. By way,can you tell me how to go to the library?

A. a B. an C.the D. /


( )1.Children’s Day is in the (six)month of a year.

( A. three B. the third C. third

( )3Mr Green is my English teacher .

A one B the first C first

( )4.I am in _______.

A. Class 5 B. 5Class C. Class 5th

( )5._______people visit our school .

A. Hundred of B. Hundreds of C.Seven hundreds D. Seven hundreds of

( ) 6 There are _______ months in a year.

A. twelve B. twelfth C. Thirteen D. twelfths


( ) 1.Mother’s DayA. in the B. in C. is in

( )2.What do you do Monday morning?

A.on B.in C. at

( )3.What are you going to do Christmas Eve?

A on B in Cat

( )4.I like hamburgers French fries , but I don’t like fruit A.and ,or B.or,and C.and,but

( )5. She has a son.

A. four years old B. four-years-old C. four-year-old

Tom doesn’t wake upnight. air.

I bought a pen my home. I like travelling and I want to go What’s the time ? It’s half ten.

I am a schoolboy. I have lessons from Monday to Friday. On Sunday morning, I usually get up very late. I wash my face and then go out to do morning exercises. It is about nine o'clock. After I eat my breakfast. I often go to the park with my parents. The park is not far (远) from our home, so we go there by bike. It takes us about ten minutes to get there by bike. There are many people in the park. They are men and women, old and young. Parents must look after their children. There is a big lake in the middle of the park. Some children are swimming, some are boating with their parents. I like boating very much. I want to boat, too. My parents buy three tickets. We have a good time there. How happy we are!

( )1.I have lessons ______days a week.

A.four B.five C.six D.seven

( )2.I often ______ on Sundays.

A.go to school B.get up early C.get up late D.go to bed late

( )3.On Sundays, there are _______ people in the park.

A.much B.very much C.a little D.lots of

( )4.I like ______ very much.

A.playing basketball B.boats C.swimming D.boating

( )5.I'm boating in the park with my ______.

A.good friends B.father and mother

C.classmates D.teacher

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