1, L: Ladies and gentlemen, attention please!

2. L+C: Welcome to our English corner tonight!

3, C: Good evening, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to our English Corner organized by ENGLISH FANS OSSACIATION. It's my great honor to be one of the hosts tonight. .My name's 陈 爽. You can just call me Kris. And standing here beside me is my partner, 李文婷.

4, L: Thank you, Baby. Good evening, ladies and gentle-men. I'm honored to co-host English Corner tonight. I hope all of you will have a nice time here. Now,Let’s warmly welcome our honored guests. Welcome! 大家掌声欢迎!

5, C: TO start with, we would like to briefly introduce the whole process of today’s activities. The first part of the activity is our performance, Now it's time for us to enjoy the performance for this English corner, our English fans association have made some elaborate[i'l?b?r?t, i'l?b?reit] preparation .So we are sure we will be able to enjoy excellent performances tonight.

L: Good! The applause being used first enthusiastically by us is welcomed coming on the stage XXX!

The program that they bring about is: XXX.

Now Let us give them warm applause.


6, L: Next, the other part is playing games. First is the English riddle.

1. What day of the week is the best for having fried foods?

2. What kind of dog has no tail?

3. What keys wont open doors?

4. When can you run as fast as a horse?

5. I begin with T and end with T, and I am full of T. What am I?

6. Why is "heat" faster than "cold"?

7. Why is "SMILES" the longest English word?

8. In CHOCOLATE, there are three things to drink. What are they?

9. I get dirty when your face and hands become clean. What am I?

10. When is a blue book not a blue book?

11. Why do birds fly south for winter?

12. What kind of cake do small boys dislike?

13. Twelve girls were standing under a large umbrella. Why didnt any

of them get wet?

14. What is there between sea and sky?

15. What goes up but never comes down?


1. Friday

2. hot dog

3. monkey, donkey, turkey

4. When I am riding on horseback.

5. teapot

6. Because you can catch a cold.

7. Because there is one mile between S and S.


9. towel

10. When it is read.

11. It is too far to walk.

12. A cake of soap

13. It wasn’t raining.

14. and

15. your age

9.C:Next, boys and girls ,let’s play another game, we can named it(just do it我猜我猜我猜猜(make a guess)Be active!

Let’s welcome my partner李文婷 to make an example. welcome!掌声欢迎)~~~~ 工作人员用动作比划,观众分组参与,根据动作猜单词。


7,C:It's the show time!And we hope all of you can enjoy yourself!



10, C: (串场)well, thank you XXX, now, Let’s have a try! Who want to have to have a try! Come here! Please!


11, L: What a lovely game it is: OK. Boys and girls, let's get into our topic now! our topic is Things and memories about exam. Please share with us!

next, a free talk will meet your need .now i would like to introduce the topic of this section. today our topic is Things and memories about exam.

You can talk about it in different aspects .such as ...and so on. Don't be afraid of losing face! just let us enjoy English and enjoy life !

15,A:Fatastic,ladies and gentlemen, the English Corner tonight will come to the end. I'm certain that we have got a nice time here. We hope all of you have learned something or make new friends here.

16. B: Ladies and gentlemen,It's our great honored to share the night with all of you. Thank you for coming. Thank you for joining us. Let’s look forward to the next week’s English corner. Good night and good luck! See you next week!

17.A: See you!

第二篇:英语角主持稿 2600字


A:胡鑫然(没写错吧,(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……) B:吴悠

Part 1 A,B在室内,。(背景音乐CCTV新闻联播。)(语气:假正经)

A: ladies and gentleman!

B: 同上。

A:attention please!

B: please attention!

A,B: English corner ,we , are coming!

音乐响起,室外开场舞。结束。这时 B 和群众在室外。

A(在门口):B(你英文名哈),where are you?

B招手: I’m here,A(英文名)!

A:come on quickly!

B; O~K! hey,boys and girls ,let’s go! (大家都一起进去了)

Part 2 室内(开场白)

A:Good evening, ladies and gentleman!

B;Good evening!

A:I’m tonight’s host ~ and the beautiful girl beside me is ~

B:No,A, let me introduce myself tonight. Good evening, my fellow friends.my name is吴悠,and you can just call me ~ tonight. Hey,A,don’t you think the dance just now is really really wonderful ?

A: yeah , and there will be some more excellent and interesting shows tonight.

B: really , why not welcome them here now ,I just cann’t wait to see them !

A; Hold Your Horses(别急),B。you see, we have so many honored guests tonight,.

B;yeah,you see, I ‘m just so excited nearly forgot that . let’s warmly welcome their coming. (分别介绍嘉宾,用中文)

B:thanks for your coming and enjoy yourself tonight !

Part 3 (演讲与吉他弹唱)

A:ok, now let’s warmly welcome our elder sister ~and she is going to give us a speech (这段介绍可改成中文)演讲可能是我的哈,呵呵,内容呢,谈了一下责任感。所以,演讲后你们就可以根据我讲的稍微小点评一下,点评用中文还是英文,再说哈)再接-外语学院余咪吉他弹唱,主持词待定。 (这段是你们俩都上还是上一个,是中文还是英文,先酝酿一下,我们再定夺)

Part 4(毛老师致词)

A;thank you ,thank you for bring us such a beautiful song .(这可以互聊一下关于吉他啥的)。Next,let’s warmly welcome our honored teacher Mr.mao to give us a speech. Welcome ! Part5 (游戏—猜四六级词汇)

B:thanks for Mr.mao’s attractive speech. and I think all of you can have a deeper knowledge of our college English association now.

A;yes,and we believe with the lead of Mr.mao , our college English association will become better and better.thank you!

B;O~K。my fellow friends. here comes our quize show. You perform-

A;and I guess.好的,接下来请允许我简单介绍一下游戏规则。。。

Part 6(民族舞)

B:ok,ladies and gentlemen, considering of the time,our game is come to an end. Now ,comes our next show. A really really charming dance. O~k Music!



刚采访的小盆友继续:now ,let’s welcome our elder sister 肖智娟(会长)to give us a speech.welcome!

Part 8(绕口令)


Part 9(会员发表新生感言)

Part10 (大英干部,一起大合唱 my love )


A:ladies and gentlemen ,

B: ladies and gentlemen ,

A;the happy time goes by in a flash !

B:our party is coming to the end.

A:thank you for your coming.and see you next time.

B:see you.


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