Monthly Test II For Junior Two(IEC BV U6-7) II. Choice:


A. from...from...at B. From...between...in

C. between...from...in D. Between...between...at

12.Which of the following is a traditional Spanish dance?

A. Jazz B. Tango C. Tap dancing D. Flamenco

to devote a lot of your time and energy to it.

A.tiring B.pleasing C.promising D.demanding

effects of the 3D movie.

A.at...visual B. by...vision C.with...viewing D.about...sight

15.All the staff are in the offices of our company this year.

A.banned to smoke B. banned from smoking

C.made not smoke D. not allowed smoking

16. Which of the following statements is WRONG?

A. Please allow me to offer my heartiest congratulations to you.

B. Please give him my congratulations.

C. Let me congratulate you on your passing the driving test.

D. Congratulation to you my dear friend.


17. Which of the following statements is WRONG?

A.We lost the game although we all tried our best.

B.Even though we all tried our best,we lost the game.

C.We all tried our best,but we lost the game.

D.In spite we all tried our best,we lost the game.

18. .

A.elect John as our monitor of the class

B.choose John the monitor of our class

C.let John to be monitor of our class

D.make John monitor of our class

19. Poor Jack his car to work this morning,as the traffic for two hours. How he wished that he had taken the underground!

A.driving...was involved in B.to drive...was stuck in

C.driving...was stuck in D.to drive...was involved in

20. We don’lifting the luggage.

A.is able to B.is capable of C.has the ability to D.can

21. If the kid doesn’ A.look you in the face B.look at you in the face

C.see your face D.look your face and you

22. According to the gave Perseus three things to help him,including the magic wallet,the flying slippers and a special helmet. 2

A.Athena B.worried C.regretful D.nervous



A.bothered B.worried C.regretful D.nervous

A.which price B.the price of which C.its price D.the price of whose

company my father works has a good temper.

A.in whose B.in that C.in which D.whose


All over the world,people watch movies.Movies are an excellent source of entertainment and education.They allow us a look inside another world and escape our daily lives,if only for a couple of hours.

stories and special time and money go good movie and it’can teach us about someone’s life, a ,or a specific Hollywood movie studios, in America,produce some of the most popular movies in the world.Their popularity is increasing with many 3

into the story.The classical movie The Sound of Music is one of them The Sound of Music is a very old movie,many generations of people enjoy it because it is such a good story.


26.get take give pay

27.hearing looking watching catching

28.surprised amused fun interesting

29.a deal number amounts plenty

30.to make making being produced to produce

31.from to in for

32.from a country in history with a story on science

33.excited excite exciting excitation

34.that who whom they

35.Otherwise Or Although If

Paper Two

I:Word transformation:


1.We need to have several so we don’t make any mistakes during the final performance.


2.European artists have drawn ideas and from African and Asian arts.

3.Older people may seek their own friends rather than have too much dependence.

believed in “Women’s Liberation” and declared that women should have the right of equal pay and equal chances.

5.He looked in a bad mood—wife.

6.Professor Boffin taught his students a lot of methods in his science classes,which proved to be quite helpful.

person who goes to church every Sunday.

his strength.

10.All the time the old man is in doubt about the cause of his illness,he is

II.Fill in the blanks with the given verbs in their proper forms:


May has been traveling into space for more than 40 years.Even 5

30 per year.This is mainly because of the expense.It costs millions of US dollars to Russian space agency to go into space. He visited the tourist.

safely back on earth, Mr.Tito thought the trip was normal for anyone who has been in zero gravity.

Some people argue that you must be professional to go into space. allowed to go.

III.Fill in the blanks according to the first letters given:

. The comedies are playful and with marriage and the funny activities of ,like Orlando and Rosalind in As You Like It. These 6

comedies often tell many stories at the same time,like plays within plays. IV. Sentence transformation:

1. John Wilkes is the mayor of the city. People has elected him by voting. by people in the city.

2. The heavy traffic bothers Jimmy during the rush hours.

the heavy traffic during the rush hours.

3. The little boy survived in Ya’an earthquake.People considered that he was lucky.

The little boy who survived in Ya’4. Shelly bought her mother a bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day.

her mother on Mother’s day.

5. The company isn’t able to handle such a large order.

such a large order.

6. He had an argument with his father last night. He felt very regretful. an argument with his father last night.

7. He became the champion in the competition. I congratulated him.

the champion in the competition.

8. It takes her a lot of time to look after the baby.

her time.


V. Translation:




第二篇:20xx年上外英语语言文学英汉互译 4300字



The Ballet Dancer

Jane Mayhall

I remember when I was eleven years old and attended a ballet for the first time. It was held at the Memorial Auditorium, a large building in the town where I lived.

During the first group of dances, I sat up very high in the balcony with my family and the stage seemed too far away. It was a pretty show at such a distance, but the dancers with their bright dots of costumes appeared as small and no more alive than marionettes.

When intermission came some friends of the family suggested that I sit down in the second row orchestra with them. This was probably because they considered me a "nice little girl," a point of view to which I had no objection.

The world of second row orchestra was an immensely different one. The seats were softer and had slightly reclining backs. Here the members of the audience sat with much dignity, as if each had been appointed to a separate throne. A sweet flowery scent came from the ladies. As they settled into their places, one heard a faint sound of silk and fur.

Then the music began. Everyone leaned forward. The high arc of the curtain lifted as if moved by a hundred tiny unseen hands. The stage before us was forest, bathed in willowy green light. The backdrop was splotched with painted leaves and gawk-headed birds whose artificiality seemed, for some reason, particularly exciting.

The dancers stepped forward, the make-up sharp on their faces.

But how near, how human they were! Their eyes moved, their lips smiled. Rising together and beginning to twirl on the tips of their toes, they were much more admirable from here than from afar!

It was a warm night. The sky appeared to reflect a pleasant tropical heat. Men wearing sky blue jackets leapt to girls whose dresses ruffled like swans. Their smiles mingled, their arms embroidered the air with wonderful patterns. Several more dancers came forward, carrying garlands of green and yellow flowers into which they wove themselves. And all with such remarkable enjoyment! Surely something marvelous was going to happen.

And then it did.

Suddenly the music stopped. The only sound to be heard was a thin, somewhat unsteady tone of a violin. The gaily costumed characters moved back silently and made way for someone.

A little flap in the backdrop pulled opened. And a young man stepped forth.

The rest of the dancers departed and left him alone. The lights took on a white hue and one saw that the young man was very pale with dark-penciled eyes. He was dressed in a light blousing shirt and tight breeches of cream-colored stain.

Stepping forward, with causal grace, he began to dance.

At first, all I could realize of him was the delicate-footed motion, the coolness and lightness of the figure. He wore soft close-fitting slippers and the insteps of his feet were so beautiful and alive that I fell in love with them at once. He was small and perfectly formed, slender-hipped and probably quite typical of the ballet dancer. And perhaps there was something too mannered and too self-conscious in the face. His eyes were drawn to appear elongated, Oriental. The head was finely shaped, dark-haired. But the very self-conscious style of him seemed to add to the charm. What could equal the stance, the quick lightning movements of the body, or the severe control of its quietness?



中国哲学之精神 作者:冯友兰








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