My name's( ).我的名字叫( )

I'm in Class( )Grade six of( )school.我在( )学校6年级()班级

I'm tall(short).I'm ( )centimeters.我很高(矮),我()厘米。

I like English very much.我非常喜欢英语

Beacuse English is interesting.因为英语很有趣。

So my English is very good.所以,我的英语很好。

I acquire many award.我获得过很多奖项。

I hope that every of you will love me。希望大家能喜欢我。

Hi, boys and girls, good morning, it is my plearsure to take this change to introduce myself, my name is ***, i am 10 years old. About my family, there are 4 people in my family, father, mother, brother and me, my father and mother are all very kind, welcome you to visit my family if you have time!


I am a very outgoing girl(boy), I like reading、playing games and listening to music, of course, I also like to make friends with all the people in the school, I hope I will be your best friends in the sckooe life. 我是一个很外向的男孩(女孩),我喜欢阅读,玩游戏,听音乐,当然,我也喜欢与学校里所有的人交朋友,希望在以后的学校生活中,我能成为你们最好的朋友。

hello, everyone, it's my honor to stand here introducing myself.

大家好, 很高兴有机会在这里介绍我自己。

My name is xxx, from Class 2, Grade six,xxxx Primary School.


I'm doing well in my study, besides I'm the monitor of my class and I get on well with my classmates.


I'm a happy and talented girl. I'm good at drawing and many of my drawings have won prizes. At the same time, I like telling stories.


I'm interested in learning English very much, and I believe that I will do well in future. I won't let you down!


Thanks for your listening.


Hello everyone. My name is XXX(姓名) I am XXX(岁数) years old. I am a pupil from XXX(学校名字) school. My hobby is XXX(兴趣). I like it because it is interesting. My favourite subject is XXX(最爱的科目) and I like it because I found it very easy and interesting. There are three people in my family: my mum, my dad and me. I like my dad because he is very funny and I like my mum because she is very kind. The place I wanted to go the most is XXX(最想去的地方) because it is a very beautiful and famous place. When I grow up I want to be a XXX(想做的工作) because you can help the others and it is well payed.


My Chinese name is Yuke. My English name is Vencent. I’m a boy .I’m nine years old. I’m from Ruian Xincheng Experimentation primary school.

I’m in Class three Grade four. I’m clever. I’m a good boy. I’m helpful. I often help classmates. My best friend is Caichenglai. He’s nine years old too. We eat play and read together. We learn each other.




I like swimming,roller-skating and computer games

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1 Hello,everyone. My name is (你的名字),I'm (你的年纪) years old. I study in (你的学校名) Primary School.I'm in Class (你的班级), Grade (你的年级). I like football and English very much,and i often play football with my classmates after schoo.My ,she/he(女的选she,男的选he) is very nice to us,I like her/him(女的选her,男的选him) a lot.

(There are three members in my family:my father,my mother and I.Both of parents love me and I love them ,too. )

That's all,thank you!

2 我介绍英语作文

I am One of my favorite stars is Liu Xiang because he is the fastest runner in the world and a pride of our country. I have love fruits like watermelon, grapes, banana, and so forth. When I have time, I like watching TV, playing games on my computer, surfing the web, and reading. I have a lot of friends and we often play football together.

3 Hello, everyone. My name isI am years old. I like reading books very much,And sometimes I also like watching TV. There are three people in my family.There are my mother,my father and me. I like my family very much. How about you?Can you tell me?

4 Hello, everyone . I’m glad to be here . Let me introduce myself . I’m O , one of the twenty-six letters in English . I have 25 sisters and brothers . We live together in a city called “ Letter city” . It is not very big , but it has seven rooms . A. H .J and K are good friends, so they live in a nice room. B. C. D. E. G. P. T. V are lovely and warm-hearted each other, they live in the biggest room. F. L. M. N. S. X. Z live together next to them . Y and I are twins , of course . They are both happy every day . U .Q .W are brothers, they live in a room to look after each other . Only R and O (It’s me) live alone in the two smallest rooms . Every day have a lot of things to do . We get together and make lots of words , we never feel lonely.

People like us , so they make an A.B.C song for us . We are proud of ourselves . Dear friends , welcome to our “ Letter City”. Please don’t forget me . I’m O , and I’ve leaned English for only about 2 years . I think I’m really OK . Do you agree ? Thank you!

5 like Coke,orange juice,cake and milk .I live in Chengdu. This is me. Let's be friends !My QQ is 937457064.

6 I am a very good boy. I am 12 years old. I like playing basketball and eating hamburgers . I don't like running, eating noodles and playing football. Do you like them ?

I live in a big family. My mother is 35 years old .She likes going to the park with me . My father is 38 yeas old .He likes going fishing . This is my big family, I am very happy! This is me!


7 is my birthday.

I'm in Class Grade . I go to school on foot . I like reading books and Listening to muisc.My favourite food is beef , my favourite fruit is banana and my favourite colour is red .

This is me! A

8 Hello! My name is Bai Xinman. I am 12 years old. I have long black hair and two bright eyes.. I'm a happy girl in my friend's eyes. I like drawing, because it is fun. I like reading, too. Because books are good teachers and helpful friends. I have read many famous books. Do you want to be my friend?

9 Hi,everone,my name is am a optimistic person. I often helping each other to classmate,we study together and improve together. We live in the same class collective, we are like the brothers and sisters each other. There are a lot of my interest,example:reading,watching at the film,play by ancient Zheng and so ons.....I especially like watching at the animation, particularly watching Japanese animation,the animation which I like is <prince of tennis>.

This is about me,what about you?

10 twelve years ago, the sun was shining brightly. We all know that we don't often see such fine weather in February. So my mum said my coming to the world brought everyone happiness.

I also have an English name, "Sunday". I gave it to myself alter I studied English for a year. My parents hope that my life will be full of sunshine.

11 ,I have long/short curly/straight black hair.I have big eyes and small nose.I am mediun heigh and medium build.I am strait and a little bit quiet.I like playing sports and reading.On weedend,I often visit my grandparents and watch TV.I an friendly to my friends. This is me!

12 Hello,my name's Annie.I'm thirteen years old. I live in Chengdu.I have long hair and two small ears.I have a pair of big eyes. And I have a small nose and a small mouth. I'm very tall and thin. I'm in Class One, Grade Six. My birthday is on January the first .I like sport. My favourite sport is play tennis.I can play tennis very well.My favourite subject is Chinese.I often help my classmates.I'm a sunny girl.

13 I am a thand eating hanburger . I don't like running, eating noodlles and playing footboll. Do you like them ?

I am very happy! This is me! 春节作文 2











例:春联代表着欢乐祥和。在我们中国,每逢春节,无论城市还是农村,家家户户都要精选一副大红春联贴在门上,为节日增加喜庆的气氛。一幅幅春联不仅带来了吉祥和祝福,还带来了中国古老的浓浓的文化气息。瞧!“大地春光好,长天晓日红”、“岁岁皆如意,年年尽平安”、“江山万里如画,神州四时皆春”、“春风送春处处***美,喜鹊报喜家家喜事多”…… 幅幅春联让千家万户喜气盈门。春联的种类比较多。按照使用场所,可分为门心、框对、横批、春条、斗方等。因此,贴的位置也不同,如“门心”贴在门板上端中心部位;“横批”贴在门楣的横木上。


例:记得去年元宵节的晚上爸爸妈妈带我去工人体育馆看烟花。八点整,只听见几声沉闷的声音,一个个烟花带着红红的火星窜上了天空,几声脆响,夜空 3






“李伯伯,新年快乐”“王阿姨,工作顺了”“刘奶奶,身体健康”〃〃〃跟所有的长辈们拜过年之后,妈妈提议说:一会,去街上看看,感受下新年的气氛。 一上街,街上可就更热闹了。人们手里有提着大袋大袋的菜,身边的孩子手上握着一大把小花炮,蹦蹦跳跳地跑着。看!我左边的一位四、五岁左右的小女孩,跑到前面去。一下子又转过头对一位满手是鼓鼓的袋子的大人喊着:“爸爸,快点!我要回去放炮玩呢!”。有拿着那边超市发的小气球的,红的,黄的,绿的,还有蓝的。也有三五成群,手挽着手说说笑笑的姑娘们,小伙子们,忙绿了一年,辛苦了一年,我想这个时候应该是大家最放松,最高兴的时候。你看,路灯上还挂着两个小红灯,喜气洋洋的。就像在说,“我们也要过新年,我们也要过新年”。

一进菜市场,那才更热闹呢!人流窜动,一眼望去,什么也看不见,全是人。还有那翠绿的黄瓜,可真新鲜哪,你看,那金黄色的小花在太阳的照射下显得多么的生机勃勃啊。那鲫鱼,鲢鱼,青鱼,草鱼等等在水里游来游去,真是印证了我们中国的老话:年年有鱼(余)!黄的韭菜,红的番茄,黑的木耳,白的萝卜〃〃〃真是要什么有什么呀。“哎哟!可真够挤的。”我嘀咕了一句。跟着妈妈买了几个我爱吃的菜,结完帐就走出了菜场。超市里的收银台前也早已排起了长龙。 傍晚时分,街上,又渐渐安静下来。店主们把店子关了,超市也比往常早了些许关门。大家都提着东西回家过年去了。





“当、当、当”新年的钟声敲响了,家家户户的门上早已贴上了或火红或金黄的对联,每一家的老老少少都乐得合不拢嘴。兴奋的孩子们有的目不转睛地盯着电视,品尝着一年一度的晚会大餐――春节晚会;有的急着给自己的长辈拜年,发短信,打电话,所有新年的祝福话语仿佛怎么也说不完;调皮的孩子正在向自己的父辈们 “讨要”压岁钱;屋外的鞭炮声此起彼伏,炸开了锅,五彩的烟花更是把这个特殊的夜晚点缀得绚丽多姿。







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