1. 外籍教师Lynne任教期满准备回国,学校答应派车送她去机场。她在临行前一天写了张便条提醒办公室李老师:

1).请检查(check on)明天的车是否落实,提醒司机(remind sb. of sth.提醒某人做某事)。

2).她之所以要确定一下,是因为太早不好叫出租车。 3).感谢费心,并感谢一年来的关心。


5).留下一些英语书给贵校图书馆,希望对学生有用。 字数:100—120个词。 Hi, Mr. Li,

Could you please check on the car to take me to the airport? Please remind the car driver of this. I want to be sure of this car, because it will be too early in the morning to call a taxi if the school car doesn’t show up. I am sorry to trouble you again. Here I thank you again for all that you have done for me during my stay in your school. I really enjoy teaching here, and will never forget the day I spent with my students. Probably I will come back some day. I leave some English books to your library. I hope they will be useful to your students.



2. 假设你是李华,最近国内一家英文报纸正在讨论北京动物园是否应迁出市区。以下是你所在班级讨论的情况。请你给该报写一封信,反映讨论结果。

赞成迁出: 反对迁出:

①.游客多,交通堵塞 ①.建于19xx年,中外闻名

②.郊区环境好 ②.搬迁易造成动物死亡



3).参考词汇: 郊区—suburb

June 3 ,2005

Dear Editor ,

Recently, our class have had a heated discussion about whether the Beijing Zoo should be moved out of the city . Some of my classmates are in favor of the move .They say large crowds of tourists to the zoo will result in traffic jams .They also say that once moved, animals will have more space and better living conditions in the suburbs. However, other students are against the idea, saying that the Beijing Zoo, built in 1906, has a history of 100 years, and is well –known at home and abroad. So it should remain where it is. What’s more, moving may cause the death of some animals. To move or not, this is a big decision which has to be made by people in Beijing. Yours truly,

Li Hua

3. 假设你的英文名为Jack,是英国诺丁汉大学的中国留学生。你负责为在该校就读的32名中国学生筹划圣诞节期间的苏格兰之行,为期7天,请你给诺丁汉的STA(Students’Travel Agency)经理Phil发一封电子邮件,联系有关事宜。要点如下:

(1)希望能够派车接送; (2)需要一名说标准英语,并非常熟悉苏格兰的导游;




(3)参考词汇:旅馆住宿accommodation;旅行日程安排itinerary;长途客车coach Hi, Phil,

I’d like you to organize a trip to Scotland for us. I have here a group of 32 Chinese students studying in Nottingham University, who want to go on a seven-day tour during the Christmas days. I hope we can have a coach which will take us to Scotland and then bring us back to Nottingham. We also need a guide who speaks standard English and knows Scotland well. I would be very grateful if you can work out an itinerary as soon as possible and tell me about our accommodation, meals as well as how much each of us has to pay. If you have any information, please either email me to Looking forward to your early reply.

Yours Truly.


4. 加拿大高中生David在互联网上登出启事notice,希望结识一位中国朋友,以便学习中国的语言、文化。假设你是重庆实验中学的李华,请在看到这则启事后,用英文给David发出一封电子邮件。主要内容包括:

①. 你怎样得知他的愿望 ②. 你愿意成为他的朋友

③. 你打算如何帮助他 ④. 你盼望他的回复 注意:词数:100词左右

Dear David,

I am LiHua. I am glad to read your notice on the internet and I know you want to make friends with a Chinese in order to learn the Chinese language and culture. I want to be your friend. Now I’d like to introduce myself to you. I was born in Chongqing in 1990,I study in the Experimental Middle School of Chongqing and I am good at English.

I think I can help you to know about China by sending e-mails.What’s more, we can have chats on the Internet in Chinese or English and I’ll tell you the customs,the festivals,the foods,etc. of the Chinese. I hope we can keep in touch with each other.

I am looking forward to your reply.



5. 假如你是一名大学生叫李华,对近年来大学毕业生就业情况颇有已见,请根据下面提供的信息向报社写信谈谈你的看法。字数100左右。开头已给出 。

学生心态 向往城市,不愿下乡。

就业现状 城市人才过剩;农村渴求人才。

就业前景 农村天地广阔,可施展才华。

Dear editor,

I am writing to you to talk about taking up occupations for college graduates. Nowadays many graduates are looking forward to obtaining employment in big cities, not willing to work in the countryside.

As a matter of fact, there are not enough opportunities to satisfy most of the hunters in big cities while in the countryside talented people are badly needed and a lot of posts are waiting for us. Rural areas are a vast world, where you can put your abilities to good use and you’ll be able to make greater contributions to the building of new countryside.

Therefore, I believe we can have as bright a future in the country as we have in the city. Yours,

Li Hua

6. 假如你叫王东,你的叔叔三十年前离开家乡去了美国。不久前,他观看China Report节目,得知中国决定加大建设社会主义新农村的力度,感慨万分,于是发了一份e-mail给你,询问近来家乡的变化情况。请根据email内容和提示要点,给你叔叔做简要回复。E-mail开头和结尾已经给出。


发件人:Wangguifu 收件人:

主题:T0 Xiaodong

Dear Xiao Dong

How are you doing?

The other day when 1 was watching China Report CCTV at home, I was excited to learn that the Chinese government is calling on her people to speed up the reconstruction of their countryside. The report at once took my thoughts back to the small village I once lived in.

The houses were old and low. The roads were muddy and narrow. Villagers had to go a long way on foot or by bike in order to do some shopping or see a doctor in town. Because of very small income, villagers lived quite a plain life, even without TV sets or telephones.

How time flies!. It is 30 years since I left my home village. It must have changed a lot. Would you please write and tell me something about its changes?

Remember me to your parents!


Wang Guifu

7.要点:①.叔叔离家后,家乡变化很大。 ②.生活条件愈来愈好。



⑥.买了拖拉机、卡车和汽车。⑦.学校教育良好。⑧.政府重视农村城市化建设。 要求:1)、词数:100左右。2)、可根据内容要点适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 Dear Uncle ,

I’m very glad to receive your email .

Great changes have already taken place since you left , Our living conditions are getting better and better. Villagers have moved into big and comfortable houses, and many live in well-equipped blocks of flats. Almost all have been equipped with telephones . They have not only bought color TV sets , but also washing machines , fridges, etc. Wide roads have been built to connect villages and towns. Some families have got their own tractors, trucks or even cars. Besides, children can now enjoy very good education.

Our government cares very much about the reconstruction of our countryside . We are speeding up the citifying of the villages .

I hope that you and aunt will come back and have a visit to the new village .

Best wishes .


Xiao Dong

8. 请以宿舍管理委员会的名义写一份通知,20xx年4月2日发出。内容如下: ① 时间:4月5日晚上7点。 ②地点:3号楼103房间。

③ 内容:学生宿舍安全问题:安全用电、火灾应变、防止失窃等。

④ 参加人员:每间寝室一名同学。

⑤ 要求:带笔记本,按时到场,做好记录,并传达给室友。


参考词汇:学生宿舍 dormitory,盗窃theft(n.)


A meeting is going to be held in Room 103 of Building 3 at 7 on the evening of April 5. Problems to be talked about at the meeting include the safety of the dormitories, proper use of electricity, what to do in case of fire, prevention of theft and so on. A member of each dormitory is required to be present. They should take notebooks with them and arrive on time. They should take notes carefully and after the meeting they are to inform their roommates of what is discussed and what measures will be taken.

The Dormitory Committee

April 2nd, 2007

9. 假如你叫李平,是一位成绩优秀的学生,你班班主任在安排座位时,让成绩好的学生和成绩差的学生作同桌,这在你们班成绩优秀的学生中引起了反响,团活课上大家就此进行了讨论。现在请你根据下表把讨论结果向班主任写一封信反映一下,并说出自己的观点。 赞同 反对 你的观点



3.通过帮助学习差的学生的学习从而使他们建立自信。 1.部分学习差的学生常常违反校规校纪,担心自己会受影响,养成坏习惯。

2.老是问问题,使自己不能专心学习。 ?



3.参考词汇:成绩差的学生:a slower student

Dear Mr. Zhang,

We have held a discussion about whether it is good or not for a top student to share a desk with a slower student.

Some are for the idea. As they know, everyone has strengths as well as weaknesses. Although they are not good at lessons, they might do well in other fields like sports or arts. Therefore, they can learn from each other, and they may develop a friendship. In addition, top students can help slower ones gain self-confidence by helping them with their lessons, which benefits them all. However, others don’t hold the same view. They think some slower students are always making trouble, such as keeping talking in class, breaking school rules, which may lead to them forming the bad habits. Besides, slower students often ask top students questions, which has a bad effect on their studies.

In my opinion, I’d like to choose to share a desk with a slower student so that we can learn from each other and make progress together.


Li Ping

10. 假如你是校报负责人,急需在学校内聘一位同学任英文版的编辑,请你用英文以“An English Editor Wanted”为题目写一则招聘启事。内容要如下:

⑴.该工作主要包括两部分:一是从英文报刊杂志及互联网上选择适合学生的文章;二是选择与编辑同学们的来稿。 ⑵.希望该同学满足下列要求:

① 乐意奉献出一些业余时间为同学们服务; ② 英文与美术皆好;能熟练使用电脑。 ③ 感兴趣的同学请在本周内与学生会(Students’ Union)联系。

注意:(1)词数100左右;(2)不要逐字翻译,要组成一篇通顺连贯的短文。 An English Editor Wanted

Our school newspaper is looking for an editor for its English edition.The job mainly includes two parts: One is to choose proper English articles from other newspapers, magazines or Internet for us students. The other is to pick out articles from those written by students in our school and edit them for use.

We hope that he/she could meet the following requirements: First, he/she is willing to devote some of his/her spare time to serving the others.Second, it’s necessary for him/her to be good at both English and fine arts. Besides, the ability to use the computer is important.

Those who are interested in the job, please get in touch with the Students’ Union this week. Students’ Union

11. 假定你是某市居民,名叫李华。你觉得该市出租车行业问题较多,请写一封信给该市市长,内容应包括:

问题 (1)停靠点太少,不易打的; (2)欺诈外地乘客; (3)车速过快,事故频频;

(4)仍有拒载者; (5)深夜聚集在娱乐场所外等客时制造噪音,影响他人休息。

建议 要求加强管理


2.参考词汇:绕道:take a roundabout route 不替别人着想的:inconsiderate (adj.) 行业:trade 加强管理:tighten control over…

Dear Mayor,

I’m a resident of the city. I feel there are many problems existing in the trade of taxi in our city. First of all, there are still not enough stops in the streets so it’s not easy to take a taxi. And taxis often run very fast, which causes many traffic accidents. What’s more, some taxi drivers still refuse to pick up some passengers without any reason. Another terrible thing which often happens is that deep at night taxis waiting around the entertainment places make much noise. Many people suffer from this inconsiderate action. A friend of mine living in another city once visited me, and she told me our city’s taxi drivers cheated her by taking a roundabout route. What will a guest think of our city after such a bad experience?

I think we must take actions to tighten control over the taxi trade. Maybe the first thing to do is raise the taxi drivers’ professional morality.

We are looking forward to your reply.

Sincerely yours,

Li Hua

12. 如你是学生会主席,请根据下面图表,用英语写一则关于春游的通知。

参加者 高中一、二年级的学生

活动内容 1.去博物馆看《人与自然》的展览。


集合地点 学校大门前

集合时间 1. 4月25日上午乘校车前往;


注意事项 1.参观展览时保持安静;并认真记笔记,准备回来后讨论。





2.词数:100左右。 3.通知时间:4月24日

4.生词:植物园the botanical garden; 报名sign up for; 学生会the Students' Union Notice

The students of Senior Grade One and Grade Two will go out for a visit on April 25. We'll first go to the museum to see an exhibition of Man and Nature. When you’re in the exhibition hall you should keep silent and make careful notes because we’re going to have a discussion after we come back. After that we plan to visit the botanical garden on the Quanshan Hill and have a picnic on the top of it. So please bring lunch and some drinking water with you.

Our school bus will take us there. The school bus will leave at 7:20. Please gather at our school gate at 7:00 a.m.

Those who want to take part in the activity should sign up for it at the Students’ Union before Thursday.

The Students’ Union

April 24

13. 假设你是浙江大学的老师,你将在开学典礼上向一年级的新生致辞。请你根据下面的提示写一篇演讲稿就大学的学习生活提出几点要求,并适当阐述其重要性。

①.合理安排学习和生活 ②.同学之间关系融洽 ③.积极参加校园社团活动 。。。。。。 参考词汇:大学一年级新生 freshman n. 社团 society n.


2).演讲稿的开头和结尾已给出,不计入词数。 3).词数:100—120

Good morning, everybody. Welcome to Zhejiang University!

As a freshman, you are going to have a completely new life. So here is something you should keep in mind.

First, arrange your time properly. You’d better make a timetable so that you will know what to do and how to do it and take advantage of every minute. It will make your work more efficient. Living in the university, sometimes you will face some problems that you can’t deal with all alone. Then help from others will make things easy for you. So get along well with all the people around you. Always be open-minded and warm-hearted. Don’t speak ill of others at will. You should always bear in mind that we are in a big family. At last, take an active part in societies. Societies at school are your second teachers. It will not only provide you more chances to make friends and challenge yourself, but make your school life rich and colorful as well.

Enjoy your university life!

14 下面是一个中学生给某报编辑部写的一封信,仔细阅读并就信的内容以编辑的名义给此中学生回一封信。

Dear editor.

I am an active girl, and I speak and laugh loudly in the classroom, like a boy. I don’t care about small matters. On the contrary, my neighbor, the girl who sits next to me, speaks quietly and dare not do the things I often do. I can understand this.

What I can’t stand is that she often gets angry with me about small things. How can I get along with her?




2).回信需就原信内容给出至少三条建议(如谈心,相互理解,参加他们的生日等活动,谈论共同话题,分享快乐等等); 3).字数:120左右。

Dear Sunny,

It’s very good that you want to be friends with this girl. In my opinion, you’d better first have a heart-to-heart talk with her, because understanding each other is very important for you two. And I also think it’s better for you to ask her to join you and your classmates in all kinds of activities, such as birthday parties, going out for a walk, discussing some fashionable topics, and so on. Besides, helping each other is also very important for both of you. Just share happiness and sadness with her. And I believe she will understand you in time and it is certain you two will be good friends in the future. Good luck to you.



15. 假如你是李华,针对目前有些中学生购买彩票的现象,给21st Century 报社编辑写信,并谈谈自己的看法,其中包括以下要点:




注意(1)信的开头和结尾已经给出; (2)必须包括以上要点,可适当发挥,但不要逐句翻译; (3)字数100左右,不包括开头、结尾。

Dear editor ,

At present , many high school students are addicted to buying lottery tickets and they seem to have good reasons . However , I’d like to talk about my views on the phenomenon.

In my opinion , its disadvantages are far more than its advantages, despite one of their reasons that they can do something useful for society in this way . High school students can’t support themselves financially but depend on their parents for the moment. Thus, in order to collect money with which to buy lottery tickets, they may try every possible means , even commit crimes .

In addition, if they put their minds on lottery tickets, their lessons will be more or less affected. And in the long run, lottery ticket purchasing may contribute to their wrong understanding that there must be a shortcut to every destination , which will surely do great harm to their future life. Therefore, I think it is necessary for them to keep away from lottery stations and concentrate on their studies for now.

Yours ,

Li Hua

16. 假如你是王林, 李明是你的好友, 他对布朗先生的公司感兴趣,打算到该公司谋职(apply for a position)。请根据下面李明的简历表,用英语为他写一封推荐信。


姓名 李明 性别 男 国籍 中国

出生地 重庆 婚否 已婚 出生日期 1980.8.21

通讯地址 重庆市人民路148号 电话 023-63335550

职业 律师 学历 大学毕业

外语水平 擅长英语, 懂一些日语、德语

其他 有三年工作经历,办事认真,待人诚恳,与人和睦相处

Dear Mr. Brown,

I’d like to introduce my friend to you, Mr. Li Ming, who is going to apply for a position in your firm. He graduated from college three years ago and has worked as a lawyerever since. He is good at English and knows some Japanese and German. He works hard and is careful in everything he does. He is honest, kind and easy to get on with. He was born on August 21st, 1980 in Chongqing, China. He is married and lives at No 148 Renmin Road, Chongqing city. His telephone number is 023-63335550. He shows great interest in your firm. If he is accepted, he will do his best. I’m sure he will be fit for the position.

I’m looking forward to your early reply.


Wang Lin

17. 假如你是业余气象员,你从电台天气预报节目得知了今晚和明天上午你处的天气情况,晚饭后6点钟在校广播室用英语向全体师生作天气预报,并提出忠告。要点如下: ①午夜至凌晨两点有强劲北风。 ②气温将下降5-8度。

③明天上午有阵雨。 ④要求同学们今晚离开教室时关好门窗。

⑤明天早上起床时多穿些衣服,以防感冒。 词数100在右。

Attention, please.

It is six o'clock in the afternoon. I'm now giving the weather forecast as usual. From midnight to 2:00 tomorrow morning there will be strong north wind blowing across our town and the temperature will drop by 5-8℃.Also there will be showers tomorrow morning. Therefore be sure to close all the windows when you leave your classroom tonight and when you get up tomorrow morning, please put on more clothes in order to keep yourself from catching cold.

That's all. Thank you.

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