满分托福作文范文大放送 下面的这篇托福作文的范文是一位考生的满分作文的写作回顾,现在奉献给大家,看看有什么优点可以让大家借鉴。作文的题目是should people sometimes do things that are not enjoyable?

Should people sometimes do something that they are not enjoying? Or should they never take part in such activities? As far as I am concerned, I think the first opinion is of more value for things that we do not enjoy are always necessities of our lives.

First of all, it goes beyond doubt that doing something that is not enjoyable may be a way to earn ones living. As is known to all, not all people are satisfied with their present career, in other words, they are not so in favour of the work they are doing. According to statistics of a widespread survey over my country, people in notable number, even has the tendency of increasing express that they do it for the simple reason that they have to. They feel obliged to choose that work to make money. For example, the work for a typist is no more than typing before computers, which is of course boring and repeating. Thus, it is a necessity in people’s lives.

Another compelling reason why I advocate that people should do something they do not

enjoy lies in the fact that they can get better trained in unfavorable activities. Participating in such activities gives us a chance to challenge our courage, our patience and our perseverance, which are all crucial qualities we can benefit from a lot later in our life. One need look no further than extreme sports players as examples. Compared to the professionals, they do it to challenge themselves. It is undeniable that these man with extraordinary courage have pushed the human limits to a new level which we can hardly imagine without them. So challenging and dangerous is this kind of sports that anyone who takes part in is a hero, from whatever perspective. It is these experience that make the players outstanding leaders who can undergo adversities in life more bravely instead of retreating shamefully.

However, a coin has two sides. Beneficial andnecessary as the unenjoyable things may be, its significance should not be exaggerated for it is not without its problems. One of the drawbacks concerns how much of such unenjoyable thing one could stand. As it varies from person to person, there will never be a standard for this. We should carefully control it not to let it disturb our daily life too much to destroy our hope and happiness. In such occasions, unfavorable activities may even be counterproductive.

I sum, according to the forgoing discussion, it is safe to draw a conclusion that taking part in activities we do not enjoy is a necessity in our lives. However, considerable though the

disadvantages that these unenjoyable things may brings about, they cannot compete with the 天道教育


benefits. Only with such things can we be better prepared for future and really enjoys the fruits of it.





第二篇:托福作文满分 3500字




The characteristics of formal writing.


I do not eat much.-->I am a light eater.

The clock on the desk reminds me of time.-->I put a clock on the desk as a reminder of time.

We once cried, laughed and disappointed.-->There were moments of tears, moments of laughter, and moments of disappointment.

注意:名词化趋势的句子当然还有动词, 目的是尽量把表达句子中心意思的那个词汇用名词表达.符合英文的习惯.



More and more young students studied further in the past two decades. -->The past two decades witnessed a growing number of young students for further study.

Looking out of the window, you will have a nice view.

-->A glance out of the window offers you a nice view.

注意: 名词化趋势和无灵主语常常是相结合的.



Great efforts should be made to…..

What can not be denied is that….


Main features of English sentences:


Love is patient and kind. It is never jealous, boastful, proud or rude. It keeps no record of wrong that others do. It always protects, always fruits, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails.




He who wants to save his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for me will save it.



三、Variety of sentences:

1. “-ing & -ed” groups


(1)Standing by the riverside, the Master sighed,” May time go on and on like this, never ceasing day and night.”

(2)Reviewing what one has learned and gaining new insights, one is fit to be

a teacher.

(3)Compared with the tradition, modernity is more dynamic.

2. “to do” groups


To spend too much time in study is sloth; to use them too much for ornaments is affectation; to make any judgment wholly by their rules is the humor of the scholar.

3. adverb

Simply, amazingly, absurdly, broadly, practically and so on


Intelligently applied to daily life, modern technology will surely bring benefits to the well-being of the human race.


In pursuit of, in spite of (注意平时自己的收集)


In pursuit of excellence, ever pushing up the limit, life consists in the hope born of despair.


e.g. What China needs is not more morals, but more prisons for politicians. 句子的变化还有 It is self-evident(adj) that…….和There be 这样的句子 6.倒装 (1)将一些否定性含义的副词和短语在句首,用倒装会使句子生色不少.

Never before has such a high standard been achieved.

Hardly had he arrived when she started complaining.

(2)为使描绘更加生动,与介词同形的副词可以移动到句首,而把主语放到谓语后面去. Following the roar, out rushed a tiger from the bushes.

In came a pretty girl he had never seen before.



1.先看一个小技巧:(对there be 句型均有效)

There is, recently, a debate amongst educators that……



Direct experience, a necessary means to recognize the world, which differs from knowledge acquired from books, is a major step to the cognitive world.


1.Television, one of the most pervasive and persuasive technologies, marked by the rapid growth and drastic change, has a profound impact on people’s lives.

2.Courage, a basic quality that every human being is supposed to possess when facing a dilemma, is highly cherished among young people.

3. Convention, generally accepted practice especially with regard to social behavior, has now been increasingly challenged.


Tip:对同谓语的解释尽量宽泛一些,有利于句子的拉长,对于在写TWE不知道如何漂亮开头的T友, 我强烈推荐用插入语加定语从句开头,就是说:将题目中的中心词拿出来,进行宽泛的解释。这一方法对很大一部分的考题都是有效的,以上就是我的一点总结,希 望对大家会有所帮助。

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