1. A brief introduction


姓 名:莫言(管谟业)


出 生 地:山东省高密一个穷苦人家



教育经历:19xx年毕业于解放军艺术学院( PLA Academy of Arts) ;

19xx年毕业于北京大学并获文学硕士学位 (Master’s Degree of Arts) 。 主要成就:20xx年凭借《蛙》获中国最高文学奖“矛盾文学奖”;

20xx年获诺贝尔文学奖(Nobel Prize in Literature)。


Born into a poor family in Gaomi, Shandong Province on February 17,1955, Mo Yan, whose original name is Guan Moye, showed great interest in reading and calligraphy in his early years. What?s more, not only is he outgoing but he also has a strong sense of humor.Having graduated from the PLA Academy of Arts in 1986, Mo Yan went on further education and received a Master?s Degree in Arts from Beijing University five years later. With a talent for literature, he won China?s highest literary prize, Mao Dun Literature Prize by his book Frog in 2011. To all Chinese?s excitement, this year he became the first Chinese writer to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, which will certainly make great contributions to the development of Chinese literature.

2. Scenic spots




Dear sir,

I am very glad to introduce my trip in Xi? an,the capital city of Shanxi Province. What impress me deeply are its natural scenery and long history.

First,as is known to the world,Xi? an has a long history and is the origin of Chinese civilization.The cultural and historical significance of the area,as well as so many historical sites,help Xi? an enjoy the title of ?Natural History Museum?. Just take Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses for example. It is praised as‘the eighth major miracle of the world’.Second,it is in a favorable geographical location surrounded by water and hills, for example, to the north of the city stands the Qinling Mountains and to the north lies the Weihe River. I have also climbed Mountain Huashan, one of the five best?known mountains in China, which is famous for its breath?taking cliffs and its unique characteristics.

It is really worth your visiting. I am looking forward to your coming.

Yours, Li Ming

3. Chart

以下是某英文报联合你校对你市(Kangming City)19xx年到20xx年家庭消费变化的图表,请据此写一篇短文,作一文字说明。

图表1 图表2

The average family income in our Kangming City increased from 8,000 yuan per year in 1998 to 20,000 yuan in 2008. In the meantime, the structure of the average family expenses has changed, too. These graphs show the change clearly.

The biggest part of the average family expenses is housing. In 1998, the average family spent 25 percent of its income on housing. In 2880, expenses on housing rose to 42 percent. Food and drink are the second biggest part of the average family expenses. In 1998, about 18% of the average income was spent on this item. In 2008, the figure grew to 30%. As a result of such increase in the expenses on housing and food, expenses on other items have been reduced from 57% in 1998 to 28% in 2008.

Thus, a conclusion can be drawn that as income increases, people can improve their living step. But still the average family has to spend a large part of income to meet the basic needs.

4. A notice



活动内容:1.去博物馆看《人与自然》的展览。 2.参加泉山植物园。


集合时间:1. 4月25日上午乘校车前往;





注意: 1.通知时间:4月24日 2.生词:植物园the botanical garden; 报名sign up for; 学生会the Students' Union


The students of Senior Grade One and Grade Two will go out for a visit on April

25. We'll first go to the museum to see an exhibition of Man and Nature. When you?re in the exhibition hall you should keep silent and make careful notes because we?re going to have a discussion after we come back. After that we plan to visit the botanical garden on the Quanshan Hill and have a picnic on the top of it. So please bring lunch and some drinking water with you.

Our school bus will take us there. The school bus will leave at 7:20. Please gather at our school gate at 7:00 a.m.

Those who want to take part in the activity should sign up for it at the Students?

Union before Thursday.

The Students? Union April 24

5. Spring outing

假设你是红星中学高三一班的学生李华,为校刊英语园地写一篇题为“Our Spring Outing” 的英文稿件。请根据以下四幅图的先后顺序,叙述上周你们班从准备春游到春游结束的完整过程。

提示词: 游乐园 amusement park 垃圾箱



After a week of hard study, we decided to have a relaxation for the weekend. We discussed where to go in our class meeting. Some of us advised to go to the amusement park, some others suggested going boating, there were also some students believing climbing mountains is a great choice due to its great benefits for our health. Finally, we all agreed to climb mountains.

On the Saturday, we started climbing mountain very early with bright sunshine and gentle breeze greeting us. When arriving at the mountain top, we were shocked to see a great deal of rubbish scattering every where. We were surprised by the scene and angry with irresponsible ones who threw about the rubbish and pollute the environment.

We classified the rubbish on the way down the mountain, and then put some of them in the recycled bin and the others in the un-recycled bin. Although we were tired

out, the meaningful experience will last forever in our mind.

6. Making a Speech

假设你是星光中学的李华,将参加主题为“Let's Ride Bicycles”的英语演讲比赛。请撰写一份演讲稿,主要内容包括:



参考词汇:低碳生活(low-carbon life);节能(energy saving

Good morning, everyone!

I am Li Hua from Xingguang Middle School. The topic of my speech is“Let's Ride Bicycles”.

As is known to all, with the improvement of people's living standards, cars have become a popular means of transport, bringing great convenience to our life. However, they have also caused some problems such as air pollution and traffic jams.

How can we solve the problems then? As far as I'm concerned, riding bicycles is a good solution. For one thing, bicycles don't need any petrol and they are energy-saving. For another, bicycles are environmentally friendly because they won't give off waste gas. What?s more, riding bicycles is a good way for us to exercise and it is beneficial to our health.

Therefore, let's take the responsibility to build up a low-carbon city by riding bicycles. Come on and join us!

Thank you !

7. Language acquisition

假定你是李华, 你的英国朋友Peter来信向你咨询如何才能学好中文. 请你根据下列要点写回信.

要点: 1. 参加中文学习班; 2. 看中文书刊、电视;

3. 学唱中文歌曲; 4. 交中国朋友。

Dear Peter,

I? m glad to receive your letter asking for my advice on how to learn Chinese well. At first, you need join the learning Chinese class where you can grasp the emphasis of Chinese, which makes you know Chinese is not hard as a whole. Secondly,I am sure you are interested in reading Chinese book and watching Chinese Center TV, which not only makes you know great Chinese culture and history, but also helps you improve your Chinese skills quickly.

Thirdly, learning and singing Chinese are interesting for you, especially the Beijing Olympic songs. For example,there are a lot of stars who sing a song called welcome to Beijing, and I can introduce some superstars: Li Yuchun from Mainland China, and Cheng Long from Honkong, China, and Cai Yilin from Taiwan, China. At last, if you want to learn Chinese in word and deed, you should make friends with Chinese, which makes you study well in the end.

Best wishes!

Li Hua

8. A letter

假设你是李华,作为选派的交流学生在美国某中学学习了一年,寄住在Mr. Brown家里,刚回到国内。回国后,你发现自己的一本英语词典遗忘在他家,因此给他写了一封信,请他帮助寄回词典。信的主要内容如下:感谢在美国期间他所提供的帮助, 一本英语词典忘记带回, 词典是美国老师送的,非常珍贵。词典很可能丢在卧室的书架上。邮资自己付。 参考词汇:邮资-postage

Dear Mr. Brown,

I'm now safely back home. Thank you very much for all the kindness I got from you during my stay. Hope everything is fine with you there.

Now I wonder whether I could ask you a favor. When I came back, I suddenly realizes that I had left my English dictionary behind at your place. It is a precious gift from mu American teacher. Would you please be so kind as to send it back to me?I'll pay for the postage. The dictionary must be on the bookshelf in my bedroom. It is the one with a red cover. Thanks and all the best.

Yours, Li Hua

9. The Internet

目前,一些诸如GG, MM, Xia Mi 等网络语言在青少年中极为盛行,并且出现在家庭作业报告,甚至全国入学考试的作文中。请你以“Should Internet Slang Be Prohibited (禁止)?”为题,根据下表内容用英语写一篇短文,并谈谈你自己的看法。

一些同学认为:网络语言生动、时尚,网络语言充满幽默与智慧,使网上聊天更快捷。 另一些同学认为:网络语言缺乏思想性,没有被大部分人理解、接受,过多使用使人不解,甚至误解?


注意:1. 短文开头已经给出,不计入总词数;2. 词数:100左右

3. 参考词汇:生动的vivid;智慧intelligence

Should Internet Slang Be Prohibited ?

At present, Internet Slang, such as “GG, MM, Xia Mi”, has become popular among the teenagers.

There are different opinions on Internet Slang. Some students think Internet Slang is vivid, fashionable and full of humor and intelligence. Besides, it makes chatting on the Internet quicker.

However, some other students think Internet Slang lacks depth of thought and is too simple. Also, it is hard to understand and not accepted by most people. The words sometimes might make people confused, even resulting in misunderstanding.

Every coin has two sides. In my opinion, living in the Information Age, if we don?t know the Internet Slang, we seem to fall behind the times. It will be OK as long as these terms are used correctly in proper situations.

10. Sports






(a)不懂锻炼方法者 (b)场地远、不方便

(c)缺少场地设施 (d)缺少时间





Recently we made a survey of the people on physical training.Only 35 percent of the surveyed people have had sports but the rest have never.

Do you know why ? There are several reasons for this.

More than 10% of them don?t know how to train.More than 10% of them think the places where they can do exercise are so far away from their houses that it is not convenient for them to do exercise.Over 30% of them complain that there is not enough space or facilities.Even more than 10% of them say that they haven?t got enough time.

Lack of physical training will not keep people healthy. It is necessary for people to realize the importance of physical training.Some measures should be taken to

provide people with training facilities and places.

In a word everyone should take part in physical training in order to keep himself healthy.

11. Transportation

Traveling by Train or by Plane

1. 我们出远门总要坐火车或飞机;

2. 坐火车和坐飞机各有什么利弊;

3. 你的结论如何?

When we go on a business trip, we will be faced with the choice of traveling by train or by plane. Before making the right choice, we had better make a close comparison and contrast of them.

First of all, a train will take us to our target railway station. Also, a plane will take us to the target airport. Second, in a train we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside. Likewise, in a plane we can command a good view of fields, buildings, mountains and even plains of clouds. Despite these similarities, they differ in the following aspects. First, a train ticker is cheap. Most of us can afford it. However, a plane ticket is about twice as expensive as a train ticket. Most of us grudge paying for it. Besides, it is safer to travel by train. If the train gets some trouble, we survive by jumping out of it. On the contrary, if we travel by plane, we have to ask God to bless us. However, it takes us longer time to travel by train than by plane.

Therefore, it depends which transportation tool we should choose. If we just want to save money, we will travel by train. But if we want to save time, we will turn to the plane.

12. School life

假如你是李华,是华文中学的学生会主席,为了丰富同学们的业余生活,提高同学们的英语水平,学生会组织了一个English club,请你写封邀请信,邀请同学们参加,内容应包括:

1. English club设立的目的 2. English club 要开展的活动

3. 邀请大家参加 English club

注意: auditorium 礼堂

Boys and girls,

I?m the chairman of Student Union, Li Hua, and I have big news for you. To enrich our life on campus and improve our English, we, Student Union, set up an English club. Obviously, besides study, there are also other things beneficial to us. It is believed that the club can make our campus life colorful and rewarding. There goes the plan.

It is arranged that we will see English films in the auditorium on Tuesday evening. Apart from that, there is going to be an English debate or discussion on Saturday evening; yet, the specific topics haven? t been settled. If you have wonderful ideas and suggestions, please let us know.

I?ll highly appreciate it if you are actively involved in the club. You will never regret joining us. So, just do it.

Student Union

13. Growing pains

假定你是李华。在一个英文网络论坛上, 你看到一个名叫Grown-up的中学生发帖(post)寻求帮助, 请根据帖子内容, 写作要点和要求回贴。

写作要点: 1. 告诉Grown-up要理解母亲;

2. 给Grown-up提出解决问题的具体建议。

Hi, Grown-up!

As a student of your age, I understand your situation. The problem you are facing is common among our teenagers. However, it should be wise not to do anything that may hurt her feelings. Here are a few suggestions.

First, it?s advisable to talk more with your mom. Heart to heart talks help you understand each other better. They are also opportunities to let her know your ideas of and attitudes toward many things.

Second, you should learn to do your own things well, proving to your mom that you are already a “Grown-up”. It?s even better if you could share more of the housework, such as cleaning, washing and cooking.

14. Tourism

就“游客可付费在仿造长城上涂写留言”发表看法, 以约120个词写一篇短文,就“游




It is reported that tourists to China?s Great Wall can now leave their mark on a fake wall recently built near the real wall in Badaling if they pay 999 yuan.

In China, many visitors have the hobby of carving graffiti on places of interest, especially on some famous cultural relics. Last year I went to the Great Wall and found many people had left names and ugly words on the Wall, which destroys many historic bricks. In my opinion, such people should feel ashamed of leaving their marks on the great relics which were created by our ancestors.

So personally I quite agree with this brilliant project though it has caused criticism from some people. The Great Wall would be ruined one day if we didn?t take any steps to protect it. The fake wall is a really good idea because it will protect our relics as well as making profits from the project.

15. The Positive and the Negative Effects of Advertising

In the modern information era, one can't avoid being surrounded by various kinds of advertisements. They serve as a direct bridge between manufactures and consumers. By advertising, manufactures can easily introduce their products and attract the attention of consumers. On the other hand, consumers will have more opportunities to get to know more about the things they are interested in.

However, there are still lots of people who complain that many of the words in advertisements are rather misleading. Some manufactures spend far too much money on advertising their products without trying to promote the quality of their goods. To make things worse, some people even use false descriptions in their advertisements for the sake of making money.

Perhaps it is not advertising that should be blamed rather we need to strengthen advertising law. Only under the firm control of government, can advertisements benefit people in the broadest sense.