A or B?

Traveling by Train or by Plane When we go on a business trip, we will be faced with the choice between traveling by train or by plane. Before we make the right choice, we had better make a close comparison and contrast of them. First of all, a train will take us to our target railway station. Also, a plane will take us to the target airport. Second, in a train we can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the countryside. Likewise, in a plane we can command a good view of fields, buildings, mountains and even clouds below. Despite their similarities, traveling by train and by plane are also different in the following aspects. First, a train ticket is cheap. Most of us can afford it. However, a plane ticket is about twice as expensive as a train ticket. Most of us grudge paying for it. Besides, it is safer to travel by train. If the train gets into some trouble, we may survive by jumping out of it. On the contrary, if we travel by plane, we have to ask God to bless us. Finally, it takes us longer time to

travel by train than by plane.

Therefore, it depends which transportation tool we should choose. If we just want to save money, we will travel by train; but if we want to save time, we will turn to the plane.

Advantages and Disadvantages of…

On Computers Nowadays, computers are very popular around us. Like everything else, computers have both favorable and unfavorable aspects. Generally, the advantages can be listed as follows. First, computers can calculate. They can make work more efficient for they have a high speed of calculation. Besides, people can communicate with each other by e-mail, which costs people less money and less time. Most important of all, computers create wide communication around the world. People can communicate with each other by joining Internet. They can make friends all over the world. But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. To begin with, since computers can do a lot of work for us, such as calculation, we may rely too much on

them and become lazier and lazier. To make matters worse, although it is convenient for people to communicate with each other by e-mail, the original warm relationship may become cold, for people will have fewer opportunities to talk to each other face to face. Worst of all, computers will have virus caused by electronic hackers so that a lot of important information will be lost. Now the conclusion is self-evident. The positive aspects outweigh the negative ones. Therefore, I believe, computers will have a bright future.

How to…

How to Solve the Problem of Heavy Traffic

With the booming of the motor industry, there are an increasing number of vehicles on the roads. As a result, traffic jams often occur. Many ways can contribute to solving this serious problem, but the following ones may be most effective.

First of all, roads should be broadened to lower the degree of congestion and to speed up the flow of heavy traffic. Another way to solve the problem of heavy traffic is to open up more bus routes to reduce bicycles and automobiles. Finally, more underground passages should be developed so that people can

commute by metro.

These are not the best and the only three ways we can take. But it should be noted that if the government takes some action to alleviate the traffic problem, all of us can enjoy free traffic.

My View on Donating Blood

People’s views on donating blood vary from person to person. Some people think that it is glorious to donate blood. They hold this view because those who are in urgent need of blood can be saved. But others hold that it is foolish for people to donate blood. In their opinion, blood is very precious and losing 200ml or more may do harm to their health. As to me, I agree with the first opinion. The reasons of my choice are as follows. First, while it is true that loss of too much blood is dangerous to one’s health, it doesn’t mean that donating a little blood is also harmful. On the contrary, doctors say that donating a little blood can promote metabolism. Second, there are many people who need our help. If my little blood can pull back somebody on the way to death, will there be

anything that can make me even happier? Therefore, donating blood is glorious.


Why Is there so Much Traffic Congestion in Big Cities? For the past ten years traffic jams in big cities have been more and more serious. There are many causes for traffic jams, but in general, they come down to three major ones.

For one thing, with the rapid development of motor industry, too many transportation tools are brought into use, especially automobiles that are responsible for a remarkable number of traffic jams. For another, the traffic systems in big cities were mainly established in the 1940’s. The roads are too narrow to bear such heavy traffic. Perhaps the prime reason is that the thick population has become even thicker with the coming of rural laborers into the big cities so that roads and streets are full of pedestrians. From the foregoing, traffic congestion is a problem that needs immediate attention. The government should take some enough measure to solve it. The sooner, the better.


1. 开头


I’m sorry I’ve not written for so long.


I haven’t heard from you for a long time. I hope you are well. 表示“收到你的信很高兴。”

Thank you very much for your email.


I’m terribly sorry that I’ve been so slow in answering your letter.

2. 结尾


I am looking forward to hearing from you.


With best regards.


With kind regards to?

3. 感谢

表示“非常感谢??”,“请接受我真挚的感谢??” Thank you very much for?


Thank you once more.

4. 道歉


I am sorry indeed that ?, but if you learn the reason, you will forgive me.


I hope you can pardon me for this matter again.

5. 邀请


I hope that you have no previous engagement and can join us for the English Evening at 7 on February 1st.


We should be very pleased if you could come.

6. 请求


I’m extremely sorry to trouble you. Would you please??


I shall consider it a great favour if you will kindly? Thank you in advance.

7. 投诉



I really hate to complain, but one thing really disturbs me recently.

I have been your customer for years and I always appreciate your good service. But I have to say you disappointed me this time.


I highly suggest that you take some steps to?


I hope you could solve the problem in two days.





1. How to Overcome Difficulties in My English Study// Difficulties in Studying English

2. My English Study

3. How to Learn English Well?

4. Why Do Students Learn English?

5. Why I Study English// Why I Like Learning English

6. My Favorite Course // The Course I Like Best of the Long-distance Education

7. The Course I Hate Most of the Long-distance Education

8. Self-study

9. My Study Plan(我的学习计划)

10. How I Use My Dictionary

11. School life

12. My Expectation of the Long-distance Education

13. How to Achieve Success of Distance Learning


1. Talking about Yourself

2. My Family Life // My Family

3. My Beloved Grandparents

4. My Mother // The Person I Feel Most Grateful to

5. My Father // The Man I Love Most in My Life // The One I Love Most

6. My Teacher in High School // My Teacher of English // My Favorite Teacher//

A Good Teacher to Remember

7. My Best Friend // My Close Friend //My Best Classmate

8. My Best Workmate (我最好的工作伙伴)

9. My classmates


1. My Favorite Sport // Sports// The Sports Activities I Like Best

2. My Favorite Hobby// My Hobby

3. The Job I Like/My Ideal Job

4. My Dream

5. My Hobbies //My Interests // My Activities in Leisure Time// How I Spend My Spare Time

6. My Favorite TV Program

7. My Favorite Food(我最喜欢的食物)

8. My Favorite Season//The Season I like Best

9. My Favorite Means of Getting Information

10. The Book I Like Best/My Favorite Book

11. My Favorite Piece of Music

12. My Favorite Form of Entertainment


1. My Opinion on Cell Phones // Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mobile Phone

2. Can Money Buy Happiness?// On Money

3. Should the University Campus Be Open to Tourists?

4. On Private Cars // Private Cars in China// Buy a Car or Not?

5. Is Stress a Bad Thing?

6. City Life and Suburban Life // Where to Live

7. My View of the Country Life and Town Life

8. Failure Is the Mother of Success.

9. Honesty Is the Best Policy.

10. Interest Is the Best Teacher.

11. East or West, Home Is Best.

12. Choosing a Job

13. Which Means of Transportation Do You Prefer?

14. Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet // My View on Surfing the Virtual World

15. My View on One-child Family

16. About Health and Wealth

17. Ideal Friend / Friendship

18. Parents Are the Best Teachers

19. My View on Luck


1. Changes in My Life

2. An Unforgettable Day // A Day to Remember// An Unforgettable Experience

3. My Hometown

4. My Travel Plan// My Plan for a Trip

5. My Plan for the May Day Holiday (适合4月份考试)

6. My Plan for the Summer Vacation (适合9月份考试)

7. My Plan for the National Day Holiday (适合9月份考试)

8. My Plan for Spring Festival (适合12月份考试)

9. 根据内容提示写作文:游公园

10. My First Year at College大学第一年

11. My Job


1. The Digital Products

2. Bad manners in public

3. Smoking is Harmful

4. Health and Eating Habit

5. How to keep healthy // How to Keep Fit// Ways to Keep Fit

6.The Way to Success

7. Water and Life/ Water Pollution

8. Energy Sources

9. Plant More Trees

10. About Doing Physical Exercise关于进行身体锻炼

11. Newspaper

12. Television

13. About TV Ads

14. The Computer

15. The Internet

16. The Chinese New Year / Spring Festival in China

17. Living in a Big City

(七) 书信、通知、便条等

1. Ask for a Sick Leave

2. Visit the Science Museum

3. Help Me to Buy a Spoken English Book

4. 讨论:学生要不要参加体育锻炼

5. 介绍“乐施会毅行者”(Oxfam Trailwalker)

6. 给网友的一封信

7. 写通知:英语老师将举行晚会

8. 一封感谢信

9. 给朋友的旅游建议

10. 寻书启事

11. 谢绝朋友的邀请

12. A Get-together on May 1st (五一节聚会)


1. How to Overcome Difficulties in My English Study

I have difficulty in pronunciation. So every morning, I read a passage aloud for half an hour to try to pronounce every word correctly with a recorder. And then I will spend half an hour listening to English radio programs on VOA to improve my listening ability. Since I also have trouble in English grammar, I attend an English class to study grammar. The teacher who teaches English grammar recommended me to buy a grammar book—Concise English Grammar. It is a great help to me.

1.我是如何克服英语学习中的困难的 我在英语学习上取得了很多进展。我克服困难的方法如下。 我在发音上有困难。于是我每天早上都大声地读上一篇文章,时间为半个小时,尽量随着录音机读对每个单词的发音。然后我花上半个小时的时间,收听美国之音的英语广播节目,以提高我的听力能力。由于我在英语语法上也存在困难,我参加了一个英语学习班学习语法。教英语语法的老师建议我买一本语法书——《简明英语语法》。它对我的帮助很大。 这些就是我克服英语学习中的困难的做法。

2. My English Study

I have made a lot of improvement in my English study.

I have difficulty in pronunciation. So every morning, I read a passage aloud for half an hour to try to pronounce every word correctly with a recorder. And then I will spend half an hour listening to English radio programs like VOA to improve my listening ability. Since I also have trouble in English grammar, I attend an English class to study grammar. The teacher who teaches English grammar recommended me to buy a grammar book—Concise English Grammar. It is a great help to me. 2.我的英语学习 我在英语学习上取得了很多进展。我学习英语的方法如下。

我在发音上有困难。于是我每天早上都大声地读上一篇文章,时间为半个小时,尽量随着录音机读对每个单词的发音。然后我花上半个小时的时间,收听美国之音的英语广播节目,以提高我的听力能力。由于我在英语语法上也存在困难,我参加了一个英语学习班学习语法。教英语语法的老师建议我买一本语法书——《简明英语语法》。它对我的帮助很大。 这些就是我在英语学习中使用的方法。


3. How to Learn English Well?

In the process of globalization, English is becoming more and more important in international communications. To learn English well, there are several ways for us to follow.

First, we should remember some new words and phrases every day. Second, we should listen to native speakers as much as possible and try to imitate them. Third, reading aloud is very helpful. Fourth, writing some sentences each day can make our English exact. Last, we should pay attention to English grammar.

All in all, we should learn English as often as possible. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.






4. Why Do Students Learn English? First, English has become a world-wide language. It is used on almost every international occasion. Obviously, a good command of English can provide with advantages in the competitive job market. Second, most information is written in English. If master English very well, can get first-hand information from other countries. Third, if can use English freely, can go anywhere in the world without difficulties in communication.

4.学生们为什么学英语 学生们学习英语乃事出有因。第一,英语已经成为世界通用语,几乎每个国际间的场合都要用到英语。显然,英语掌握得好,可以使我们在竞争激烈的职场上拥有优势。第二,大多数的信息是用英语写成的,如果我们的英语好,我们就能从其他国家得到第一手信息。第三,如果我们能自如地使用英语,我们就可以环游世界而没有交流上的困难。


5. Why I Study English

First, English has become a world-wide language. It is used on almost every international occasion. Obviously, a good command of English can provide with advantages in the competitive job market. Second, most information is written in English. If master English very well, get first-hand information from other countries. Third, if can use English freely,can go anywhere in the world without difficulties in communication.



的,如果我的英语好,我就能从其他国家得到第一手信息。第三,如果我能自如地使用英语,我就可以环游世界而没有交流上的困难。 所以我要抓住每个机会练习英语。

6. My Favorite Course // The Course I Like Best of the Long-distance Education

1) 我最喜欢的课程;

2) 喜欢的原因;

3) 我还要努力学习其它课程。" First, English has become a world-wide language. It is used on almost every international occasion. Obviously, a good command of English can provide me with advantages in the competitive job market. Second, most information is written in English. If I master English very well, I can get first-hand information from other countries. Third, if I can use English freely, I can go anywhere in the world without difficulties in communication. 6.远程教学中我最喜欢的课程 // 我最喜欢的课程 远程教学中我最喜欢的课程是英语。第一,英语已经成为世界通用语,几乎每个国际间的场合都要用到英语。显然,英语掌握得好,



7. The Course I Hate Most of the Long-distance Education

I like most courses that the long-distance education provides because it is very convenient for us to get information from our teachers.

However, I hate some of the courses, especially English Listening and Speaking. The listening and speaking skills are very important when we communicate with foreigners. To improve these skills, we need to have English conversations with our teachers and classmates face to face, which the long-distance education can hardly provide at present.

I hope we can practice our English listening and speaking skills through long-distance education in the near future.



然而,我也讨厌一些课程,特别是英语听说。当我们和外国人交流时,听说能力是非常重要的。要提高这些技能,我们需要面对面地和老师、同学进行英语会话,这是目前远程教育很难做到的。 我希望在不久的将来,我们能够通过远程教育就能够练习英语听说。

8. Self-study

For a student, the amount of time spent in classrooms with teachers is very limited. Therefore, it is very important for a student to make good use of his time for self-study.

To make self-study successful, some rules should be followed. First, one must make a study plan and try to carry it out firmly. Second, one should preview his lessons before a class starts. Third, one should review his lessons immediately after a class when his memory is still fresh.

In a word, studying one’s lessons regularly is very important in self-study.






9. My Study Plan(我的学习计划)

I believe it is very important to make a study plan to improve my English. First, I will read a passage in English for half an hour every morning. I will look up every new word in the dictionary and try to remember them. Second, in the work hours I will try to use every chance to practice my English. Third, in the evening I will practice my oral English for half an hour. And then, I will summarize what I have studied each day. I hope my English will be improved a lot with my efforts.


10. How I Use My Dictionary

Dictionary is an important tool in my English learning.

Whenever I come across a new word, I look it up in the dictionary. I can find the Chinese explanation as well as the English explanation. Besides, there are also some sample sentences which are helpful for me to

understand the meaning of that word. Apart from the word itself, I also learn some related phrases and expressions.

Dictionary has really helped me a lot in my English learning. I cannot learn English well without a dictionary. 10.我怎样使用词典




11. School life

I have a lot of sweet memories about my school life.

I still remember my first year in the college. Being far away from home, I missed my parents and my old friends very much. But soon I made a lot of new friends. We played basketball together, and we stayed up late talking about our future. The study in college was much harder than expected. I had to read many books and took many exams.

My school life contributed a lot to my success in the days that followed. I miss it very much.





12. My Expectation of the Long-distance Education

I’m a student in a long-distance learning college. I have learned a lot with this learning mode. It is really convenient. We are able to learn our courses wherever and whenever we can get online. The only disadvantage is that we are not able to communicate with the teachers and classmates face to face. So I hope that the technology of long-distance education can be further improved in the future. Therefore, we students can have more chances to discuss with each other.

This is my expectation of long-distance education.




13. How to Achieve Success of Distance Learning

As students of distance learning, we should follow some rules to achieve success.

First, read the teaching program and use it as a guide, because the teaching program contains a lot of information that help you to know better about the courses. Second, keep pace with all the courses and hand in your homework on time. Third, check the resources in the learning system every week, for our teachers may upload new learning resources to the system.

Distance learning can be a little confusing sometimes, but I’m sure these rules will help you achieve success of it.






1. Talking about Yourself

an excellent student. I have formed a good habit of thinking and solving problems by myself.

English is my favorite subject, yet I think all the courses I have learned will help me in my future life. In my spare time, I like listening to music.

I am quite optimistic about my future, for I am confident to be successful.





2. My Family Life // My Family

There are five people in my family. They're my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and I. My father is a businessman. He's busy working every day and travels to different places in China. He always has

something nice for everybody in my family when he comes back home. My mother is a housewife. She does all the housework such as cooking meals and washing clothes. I am a part-time student. I am as busy as a bee with my lessons. My grandparents have both retired and enjoy their life very much. They all love me and help me in many ways. I live a happy life in my family.



3. My Beloved Grandparents My grandparents are very old now. They have experienced a lot of hardships and enjoy a peaceful life now. I admire them very much. But not only that, I also take them as good friends. They are kind people and they understand me better than my parents do. Grandma usually makes delicious dishes for me and grandpa often takes me fishing. When I have

problems, they always offer me their good advice. I am lucky to have

them as my grandparents and I love them very much.







4. My Mother // The Person I Feel Most Grateful to

In my eyes, my mother is the greatest person in the world.

She has given me life and taken care of me since my birth. No one

loves me more than she does. She always tries to make me feel

comfortable. She is a typical traditional woman whose life revolves

around her son and household chores. She works hard to support our

family though she failed to have a good education when she was young.

She loves me and our family deeply and her love is unconditional.

She is the person I feel most grateful to.






5. My Father // The Man I Love Most in My Life // The One I Love


My father is fifty years old. He has been an English teacher for over twenty years since he graduated from college. He has devoted all his time and energy to teaching. He is capable of making his lessons lively and interesting, and all of his students like his lessons. He is very strict with his students and me, but he shows us great concern. He offers us help whenever we need it.

He is not only my good father but also my close friend. He is the man I love most in my life.

5.我的父亲 // 我最爱的人



6. My Teacher in High School // My Teacher of English // My Favorite


(注意:此文的一部分内容与上文相似,但需要使用过去时) In high school, I had a wonderful teacher whose name was Li Ming. He was thirty year old then. He had been teaching English since 2000. He devoted all his time and energy to teaching. He was capable of making his lessons lively and interesting, and all of us liked his lessons. He was very strict with us, but he showed us great concern. He offered us help whenever we needed it. He was not only our good teacher but also our close friend. He was my favorite teacher indeed.



7. My Best Friend // My Best Classmate

I have a best friend named He is also my old classmate. We’ve been friends since we were in primary school. He is very kind and always ready to help others. He presently works in a joint-venture company, which has cooperative relations with the company I work in.

Therefore, we have many opportunities to see each other and talk about our work and our life. We both like traveling very much. When we are free, we will travel together at least once a year. I hope we will be good friends forever.



8. My Best Workmate

My best workmate is a very nice young man. His name is Peter. We cooperate with each other very well in our work. When having a new task, we have a discussion first. After discussion, we make a detailed plan and decide what we should do separately. Peter is very hardworking and careful. He always accomplishes his task perfectly. We work together very happily and we always do a good job. It is really a happy thing to have him as my workmate.




9. My Classmates

I have many classmates. I would like to introduce some of them. Alice is very cute. She’s always ready to help others. Mary is forgetful. She always forgets to bring her textbooks to class. Mike is the most talkative boy in our class. He has a great sense of humor. Linda is a quiet student. She is good at every subject but she never shows off. Allen is a very tall boy. He plays basketball very well. These people are lovely and interesting. I like them very much.

9. 我的同学们





1. My Favorite Sport // Sports

提示:①你喜欢什么运动。 ②你如何喜欢上这种运动。 ③运动对


. First, swimming can keep me fit. After swimming, I am always full of energy and work more efficiently. Second, swimming can enrich my life. I usually go to the swimming pool with my good friends. We always have a good time together. Last but not least, when I feel upset, swimming can cheer me up.

Every time I go swimming, I try to swim as fast as possible. Swimming has become part of my life.

1.我最喜欢的体育活动 我最喜欢的体育活动是游泳。我从第一次跳进游泳池起就喜欢上这项体育活动了。我最喜欢游泳,这有好几个原因呢。第一,游泳可以使我保持健壮。我游泳之后总是精力充沛,工作效率更高。第二,游泳可以丰富我的生活。我常常和朋友们一起去游泳池,我们总是一起玩得很开心。最后一点,但并不是最不重要的一点,我不开心的时候,游泳可以使我振作起来。


2. My Favorite Hobby

. There are several reasons for this. First, swimming can keep me fit. After swimming, I am always full of energy and work more efficiently. Second, swimming can enrich my life. I usually go to the swimming pool with my good friends. We always have a good time together. Last but not least, when I feel upset, swimming can cheer me up.

Every time I go swimming, I try to swim as fast as possible. Swimming has become part of my life.

2.我最喜欢的业余爱好 我最喜欢的业余爱好是游泳。这有好几个原因呢。第一,游泳可以使我保持健壮。我游泳之后总是精力充沛,工作效率更高。第二,游泳可以丰富我的生活。我常常和朋友们一起去游泳池,我们总是一起玩得很开心。最后一点,但并不是最不重要的一点,我不开心的时候,游泳可以使我振作起来。


3. The Job I Like/My Ideal Job

There are several reasons for this. First, swimming can keep me fit. After swimming, I am always full of energy and work more efficiently. Second, swimming can enrich my life. I usually go to the swimming pool with my good friends.

We always have a good time together. Last but not least, when I feel upset, swimming can cheer me up.

Every time I go swimming, I try to swim as fast as possible. Swimming has become part of my life.

3.我喜欢的工作/我理想中的工作 我喜欢的工作是当一名职业游泳选手。这有好几个原因呢。第一,游泳可以使我保持健壮。我游泳之后总是精力充沛,工作效率更高。第二,游泳可以丰富我的生活。我常常和朋友们一起去游泳池,我们总是一起玩得很开心。最后一点,但并不是最不重要的一点,我不开心的时候,游泳可以使我振作起来。


4. My Dream . There are several reasons for this. First, swimming can keep me fit. After swimming, I am always full of energy and work more efficiently. Second, swimming can enrich my life. I usually go to the swimming pool with my good friends. We always have a good time together. Last but not least, when I feel upset, swimming can cheer me up.

Every time I go swimming, I try to swim as fast as possible. Swimming has become part of my life.




5. My Hobbies //My Interests // My Activities in Leisure Time with my friends. I like doing physical exercise in the fresh air such as roller-skating and swimming.

In addition, I am interested in drawing pictures, listening to music and singing songs. At present, I'm learning how to play the guitar. Finally, I enjoy learning English because I like speaking with foreigners and I like watching Disney cartoons.

My hobbies keep me busy and excited. And I'm always looking for new

things to do.

5. 我的爱好//我的兴趣//我的休闲活动





6. My Favorite TV Program

1) 你最喜欢什么电视节目?2) 你为何喜欢这种电视节目?

My favorite TV program is news. There are some reasons for this. First, news is useful. Through the news, I get to know the policies of our governments. Second, I get to know what is happening at home and abroad every day and keep up with times. There is good news and bad news, which helps me understand the society better. Third, news introduces interesting people and things that seldom appear around us. For the reasons above, I watch TV for news every day.

6. 我最喜欢的电视节目


7. My Favorite Food(我最喜欢的食物)

My favorite food is egg. Firstly, it is soft, delicious and nutritious. It is good for the old, the young and the weak. Secondly, it is easy to cook. Even when I was in primary school, I Somehow got to know how to cook

eggs for my parents, and they were moved a lot. I knew how to make steamed eggs, boiled eggs, fried eggs and egg soup. Thirdly, it is useful. We can use eggs to make cakes, noodles and other food. I like eggs very much.


8. My Favorite Season//The Season I like Best


I like winter best. When it snows, everything turns white and bright. Trees and houses are all covered with thick snow. How beautiful the world looks! After a snowfall, my friends and I usually make snowmen and throw snowballs at each other, which give us much pleasure.

Although snowing days become rare, I’m still longing for the winter to come, just in hope of a beautiful snowfall. Besides, winter gives me a feeling that spring will not be far behind.

8. 我最喜欢的季节



9. My Favorite Means of Getting Information


In modern society, there are many means of getting information. For example, we can get information by reading books, newspapers and magazines, by listening to radio and watching TV. However, my favorite means of getting information is by using internet.

Internet has many advantages. First, it gives us information in a great volume and at very fast speed, which helps us learn knowledge—our wonderful distance education is a good example. Second, it provides a platform for us to communicate. Third, it provides many kinds of entertainment to us at any time. With all the advantages above, I use internet almost every day.

9. 我最喜欢的搜集信息的方式



10. The Book I Like Best/My Favorite Book



The book I like best is a novel entitled “Dream of the Red Mansion” by Cao Xueqin. The book tells us a love story that happened between Jia Baoyu and Lin Daiyu in Qing dynasty. When I read the book, I was deeply moved by the true love in the story.

From this book, I also get to know the noble people’s life in Qing Dynasty and learn some life philosophies from it. So this book is very valuable to me. It’s my favorite book.

10. 我最喜欢的书




11. My Favorite Piece of Music

My favorite piece of music is “Moon River”. I have enjoyed listening to it ever since I was a high school student.

Unlike other classics, it is easy to learn and understand. Its melody(旋律) is very soft. It can help me to stay in good mood. When I am not in high spirit, I will listen to this piece of music. Then after a short while, I will be cheered up again.

“Moon River” has become an important part of my life.


我最喜欢的乐曲是“月亮河”。从中学开始我就喜欢听这首曲子。 和其他的经典曲目不同,这首曲子易懂易学。它的旋律轻柔,能使我处于良好的情绪状态。我兴致不高时就听这首曲子,过不了多久我就会又高兴起来。


12. My Favorite Form of Entertainment

提示:①现代人越来越重视娱乐; ②娱乐方式丰富多彩,而我最喜欢的是?③我选择的原因。

In modern society, people pay more and more attention to entertainment than before.

There are many forms of entertainment, but my favorite form of entertainment is watching TV in my spare time. After a day of hard work, I look forward to a good relaxation and watching TV is a good way to relax. The pleasant music on TV can keep me away from tension, and the exciting movies and TV play series show me different kinds of life. In a word, watching TV really entertains me a lot.





1. My Opinion on Cell Phones // Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mobile Phone

提示:1) 使用手机的好处; 2) 使用手机的弊端; 3) 我的看法

The advantages of cell phones are so obvious that people can hardly live without them. First, cell phones have made communication easier than ever. Second, cell phones can be used to store information, play games, listen to music and even take pictures.

However, cell phones have their disadvantages as well. First, cell

phones are harmful to our health because they create radiation. Second, the use of cell phones will distract our attention when we are crossing a road or driving a car, which may cause traffic accidents.

Despite all these disadvantages, there is no denying that the cell phones have become an important part of our daily life.





2. Can Money Buy Happiness?

1) 不同的人对金钱能买来幸福持有不同观点。2) 我的观点。

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Can Money Buy Happiness? The answer varies among people. Some believe that money is the source of happiness, because with money people can buy such things as food, clothes, and house, which are the basic elements of happiness. While others hold that money is the root of evils, because money may drive people to tell lies, and even murder other people.

In my opinion, money is necessary but it is not almighty. With money you can buy a house but not a home; you can buy a bed but not sleep; you can buy medicine but not health. It’s true that money can make our life easier, but happiness is a state of mind, not something that can be bought with money.



3. Should the University Campus Be Open to Tourists?



Should the university campus be open to tourists? Different people have different opinions on it. In my opinion, the university campus should not be open to tourists. The reasons are as follows.

First, universities are places for academic activities such as learning and doing researches. These activities must be done in quietness. If tourists keep visiting the campuses, they might disturb the quietness. Second, tourists may cause pollution. It will be difficult to keep the campuses clean if many tourists come to visit.

The university campus is a place for study, not for tourism. It should not be open to tourists.





4. On Private Cars // Buy a Car or Not?


1. 一些人认为应鼓励私人购买汽车;2. 另一些人认为应该控制私人购买汽车;3. 你的看法。

Some people maintain that people should be encouraged to buy private cars. There are two obvious advantages. First, private cars enable the owners to go where he wants to quickly and easily. Second, the car industry in China can develop fast.

However, other people believe that the number of private cars should be limited. For one thing, private cars will have a negative effect on the natural environment in the long run. For another, they place a heavy burden on the crowded traffic system and the parking lots in downtown areas.

I believe there are more disadvantages than advantages in having a private car. Therefore, I will never buy a car.








5. Is Stress a Bad Thing?

In modern society, stress is the most common thing. Some people

think stress is a bad thing because it makes them nervous and they cannot

put up with it.

However, other people don’t believe stress is a bad thing. For

example, bosses usually think stress can make their employees work

harder and improve their ability.

In my opinion, stress is a good thing if it is handled properly.

Moderate stress can make people more competitive. But remember not to

have too much stress. Otherwise, you will break down.









6. City Life and Suburban Life // Where to Live

提示:1.有人喜欢住在城市;2.有人喜欢住在农村;3.我的看法。 Some people like to live in the city because city life is convenient in many aspects. For example, city people can often go shopping in a big shopping mall and have fun in a park; and they can enjoy a more colorful nightlife.

However, other people prefer to live in the suburban area because there isn’t much noise and air pollution in the country. Besides, it is much cheaper to live in the country.

In my opinion, suburban life is a better choice.

6. 城市生活与市郊生活//住哪里好

一些人喜欢住在城市,因为城市生活在很多方面都很方便。比如,城里人可以常常在大卖场里购物,在公园里游乐,夜生活也丰富多彩。 然而,其他人则喜欢住在市郊,因为那里没有那么多的噪音和空气污染。此外,在乡村生活也便宜得多。


7. My View of the Country Life and Town Life




Some people believe that town life is better than country life. I don’t agree with this view.

It’s true that town life is convenient in many aspects. For example, town people can often go shopping in a big shopping mall and have fun in a park; and they can enjoy a more colorful nightlife. But there are also some disadvantages in town. For example, the noise and air pollution in town are more serious than those in the country. Besides, it costs more to live in town. Therefore, I prefer country life.




8. Failure Is the Mother of Success. (失败乃成功之母)

Everyone in life might experience failure. It is something that we can hardly avoid. Some people welcome it and think it a necessary step to success; others consider it harmful and cannot live with it.

Failure can be a good teacher. It tells us where we should spend more time and energy. In this way, failure teaches us to be better the second time around.

Therefore, there is some wisdom to be learned from failure. Failure is the mother of success and success that comes after failure is sweet.

8. 失败乃成功之母




9. Honesty Is the Best Policy. (诚实乃上策)

In the society, some people are not honest. They try to get what they want by cheating. But sooner or later, their dishonesty will be discovered and they will surely pay a price for it. Lincoln once said, “You may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

We should be honest in our daily life. Honesty can help us win trust from other people. As a proverb goes, “Honesty is the best policy”.



10. Interest Is the Best Teacher. (兴趣是最好的老师。)

Interest is the best teacher for people to learn whatever knowledge. When you are interested in something, you become highly motivated because what you learn can give you much pleasure. For example, I like learning English very much. So I catch any chance to practice with my teachers and classmates. When I learn more words and expressions I can use them to communicate better with my foreign friends, and then learn more from them. Therefore, I have really enjoyed the process.

My English has improved a lot during the last few years. My best teacher is nothing but interest.

11. East or West, Home Is Best. (金窝银窝不如自家的草窝。) As the old saying goes, east or west, home is the best. I think that is commonly agreed by most people.

A home is where we grow from a baby to an adult. We spend so much happy time with our family there. And when we are away from it, we still feel a strong sense of belonging. When we are tired or sick, home is the ideal place to take a good rest. When we feel frustrated, home is the best place to help us pick up courage again.

In one word, home is special and nothing else can take its place.


12. Choosing a Job

提示:1. 别人选择工作时的考虑;2. 自己在选择工作时考虑的因


3. 为什么自己是这样考虑的。

There are many choices for a future job. When choosing a satisfactory job, people usually consider factors such as their ideals, their interests, high salary, or their personalities.

When I choose a job, I will mainly consider my interests and knowledge. First of all, if I am interested in a job, I would like to spend my time and energy on it, and I will not feel tired. Second, I will be very happy if I can use the knowledge that I have learned in the past.




13. Which Means of Transportation Do You Prefer?

内容需包括以下方面:1. 哪一种是你最喜欢的交通方式;2. 阐述你的理由;3. 作出结论 。

Many people may like to travel by bus or by car, but my favorite means of transportation is by bike. It is a healthy way.

When I travel by bike, I get more freedom. I can choose my own route. I can stop wherever I like. And I can see things and people that I might miss when I travel on a bus or in a car.

Although buses and cars are faster and more convenient, I still prefer to ride a bike. I get much pleasure from it. 你最喜欢那种交通方式




14. Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet /

My View on Surfing the Virtual World

The internet has many advantages. First, the internet gives us

information in a great volume and at very fast speed. Second, it provides a platform for us to communicate. Third, it provides entertainment to us and helps us learn knowledge.

However, the internet has some disadvantages. First, some people upload unhealthy news or pictures online. Second, some teenagers may get addicted to the web, playing QQ or online games all day long, affecting their lessons and health.

In my view, we should make good use of the internet and make laws to avoid its shortcomings.





15. My View on One-child Family

China has been carrying out "one -child family" policy for many years. Many people believe this policy can solve our country's problem of overpopulation.

However, other people find this policy has some disadvantages. For example, when the only child in a family grows up and gets married, the couple must take care of four old persons. Besides, there will be fewer youngsters in the future as a result of this policy, and it's dangerous for our country.

In my opinion, this policy used to be necessary in the past, but with the development of China, we can make some changes and adopt a new policy of family planning to suit the new condition.





16. About Health and Wealth

Some people prefer wealth to health, holding that one can do nothing without money. In order to get more money they can do anything. However, other people regard health as more important,

insisting that it is no use having a lot of money if health is lost.

In my view, we should keep a balance between health and wealth. On the one hand, we must have enough money to keep healthy. On the other hand, we should try to keep healthy when we work hard to make money.

In a word, we shouldn’t achieve wealth at the cost of health.





17. Ideal Friend / Friendship

To me, an ideal friend should meet the following standards. First, he will stand by my side and support me when I am in trouble. As the saying goes, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Second, he should be honest. If I make a mistake, he can point it out to me and helps me to correct the mistake. Meanwhile, if he makes a mistake, I hope he can admit it and correct it. Third, he should have much knowledge so that I can learn something from him.

I hope everyone has an ideal friend like this and enjoys true friendship.




18. Parents Are the Best Teachers


We may have many teachers in our life. But our parents are always the best teachers for us.

Parents are the ones who welcome us to this world and support us through most of our lifetime. With all their love and caring, they teach us how to walk and speak, teach us the basic sense of right and wrong, and show us what is honest and kind behavior.

No one else ever has more impact on us than our parents. Parents are the best teachers, indeed.






1. Changes in My Life

Great changes have taken place in my life these years.

Three years ago, I was a twenty-year-old boy who played video games day and night at college. After I left the college, I started to look for a job, but failed again and again. I decided to make some changes. I attended the long-distance education to improve myself. Later, I got a job and worked very hard. Now, I have got promoted in the company. I like the changes in my life. If you want some changes in your life, be sure to believe in yourself and work hard.



三年前,我还是一个20 岁的男孩,在大学里整天玩电子游戏。毕业后我开始寻找工作,但是一次又一次地失败。我决定做些改变。我参加了远程教育的学习来提升自己。后来我得到一份工作,我非常努力地工作。现在,我已经在公司中升了职。


2. An Unforgettable Day // A Day to Remember

提示:1.难忘的一天是某年某月某日; 2.为什么这一天是难忘的一天;


One hot summer day, my father and I went to the swimming pool. While my father was away, I slipped into the pool! The water kept coming towards me and I drank a lot. I tried very hard to keep my head above the water. I was so afraid that I shouted.

Just then, my father saw me and seemed to be shocked. He said, "Calm down, and just move your arms and legs like that!" I did as he told me and finally learnt to swim!

From this experience I learn that one's power is unlimited. And I always stayed calm when I was in trouble or in danger. It is really an unforgettable day.

2. 难忘的一天


正在那个时候,我爸爸看见了我,似乎大吃一惊。他说:“别慌,就那样划动你的手臂和腿!” 我照他说的做了,最后,我学会了游泳! 通过这次经历,我学到了一个人的力量是无限的。并且,在遇到困难或危险时,我总是保持沉着。那确实是难忘的一天。

3. My Hometown


My hometown is ______. It is one of the economic centers in south China. It is a large city. There are about ____ million citizens in my hometown. It is a modern city. We can see lots of high buildings of different styles in downtown areas and numerous cars on the streets. It is very beautiful. We can see green trees and grass and all kinds of pretty flowers all year round. With its great history and natural beauty, my hometown attracts many visitors every year. Though it is very hot in summer, I love my hometown very much.

4. My Travel Plan// My Plan for a Trip

提示:1.说明你想旅游的地点; 2.说明你为什么选择这个地点; 3.描述你的旅行计划。

I plan to make a journey to Jiuzhaigou in Si Chuan province. I choose this place because it’s a nice place with fresh air, beautiful natural scenery like waterfall, lake and high mountains. It is a very famous place at home and abroad. Many films and TV series have been made here.

I plan to stay there for a week and travel with some friends. I will take a lot of pictures there and do a research on the local culture. I believe I will enjoy myself very much.

5. My Plan for the May Day Holiday我的五一节计划

How time flies! The May Day Holiday will come soon. I have been expecting it for a long time! I plan to make a trip for this May Day Holiday. I will go to Qingdao, a famous city with beautiful views of the vast sea. I love the sea because it looks like the sky. I'll take a long walk along the coast with my friends. My friends told me that Qingdao has the best seafood in China. I won't miss it. I hope I will have a good time in the May Day Holiday.

6. My Plan for the Summer Vacation我的暑假计划

How time flies! The summer vacation will come soon. I have been expecting it for a long time! I plan to make a trip for this summer vacation. I will go to Qingdao, a famous city with beautiful views of the

vast sea. I love the sea because it looks like the sky. I'll take a long walk along the coast with my friends. My friends told me that Qingdao has the best seafood in China. I won't miss it. I hope I will have a good time in the summer vacation.

7. My Plan for the National Day Holiday我的国庆节计划

How time flies! The National Day Holiday will come soon. I have been expecting it for a long time! I plan to make a trip for this National Day Holiday. I will go to Qingdao, a famous city with beautiful views of the vast sea. I love the sea because it looks like the sky. I'll take a long walk along the coast with my friends. My friends told me that Qingdao has the best seafood in China. I won't miss it. I hope I will have a good time in the National Day Holiday.

8. My Plan for Spring Festival我的春节计划

How time flies! Spring Festival will come soon. I have been expecting it for a long time! I plan to make a trip during Spring Festival. I will go to Qingdao, a famous city with beautiful views of the vast sea. I love the sea because it looks like the sky. I'll take a long walk along the coast with my friends. My friends told me that Qingdao has the best seafood in China. I won't miss it. I hope I will have a good time in Spring Festival.

9. 根据内容提示写作文:游公园



get up late; call; get to; many people; do exercise; read; lake; fly

Last Sunday, I got up late. After breakfast, I called my good friend Jack and asked him to take a walk with me in a park. I worked too hard these days. I needed to relax a bit anyway.

We soon got to the park. It was a nice day. We found that there were many people in the park. Some people were doing physical exercise. Some people were singing songs together. A few people were reading newspaper. Some birds were flying around the lake. We took a walk first, and then rowed a boat on the lake. We really had a good time that day.

10. My First Year at College大学第一年

My first year at college was very exciting and rewarding.

I still remember that I visited many places the first day I arrived at the campus. When the new students gathered in the classrooms to attend lectures, I was very happy to see so many new faces. And later, some of these people became my good friends.

I also met new teachers here. All the teachers at my college were very kind. They never forced me to do anything. And the teachers here were very knowledgeable. They not only taught me the knowledge in the textbooks, but also showed me how to be a nice person. I really learned a lot in the first year.

Besides getting good education here, I also took part in many after-school activities. For example, I often went swimming with my friends. I became much stronger than before.

I will never forget my first year at college.

11. My Job

In my childhood, I wanted to be a teacher, a doctor, or a scientist. But to tell you the truth, I am a businessman now. I do business with foreign companies. With the development of market economy in China, there are many chances in business. So I work very hard in my company. In order to get myself qualified for my job, I am now studying business courses in a college of continuing education. I wish I would be a successful businessman like Bill Gates in the future.



12. Happy Things in My Childhood童年趣事


1. The Digital Products

1) 如今数字化产品得到广泛的使用,例如……。

2) 数字化产品的使用对人们生活所带来的影响。

The Digital Products

Nowadays, digital products are enjoying growing popularity among people. For example, people check text messages and read the latest news with digital cell phone, listen to music with digital MP3, take pictures with digital cameras. With digital technology, you just sit in an arm chair at home, booking a room in a hotel, or an airline ticket for a certain flight through internet.

Digital products have brought about great changes in our lives. They are making our lives more comfortable and convenient. We are now entering an age of digital technology.

2. Bad Manners in Public

1) 列举人们在公共场所的不良现象。2) 对其中某一种现象陈述你的看法,并简单说明理由。

2. Bad manners in public

Although we regard ourselves as highly advanced beings in a civilized society, bad manners can still be found here and there. For example, some people run against red traffic lights; many passengers litter the ground with waste paper and plastic bags in public places; and some tourists scrabble in tourist attractions, let alone spit on the street. In the cinema, some audiences talk loudly on cell phones in front of others. I’m strongly against talking loudly in the cinema, for this behavior shows no respect at all to others; what’s worse, it upsets the audience who are in the mood of having fun.





3. Smoking is Harmful

Many people enjoy smoking. The smokers think that smoking is a pleasure,and believe that it can refresh themselves. In fact, smoking does great harm to the health of both the smokers and non-smokers. It causes many kinds of diseases such as lung cancer. Besides, it is a great waste of money and many fires are caused by careless smokers.

Today, more and more people are beginning to realize the harm of smoking and decide to give it up. If you are not a smoker, don't start it.

4. Health and Eating Habit

Our body needs food to work for us. Eating the right kind of food and having good eating habits are very important.

However, it is easy to get into bad eating habits. For example, you may eat your breakfast in a hurry, or you may eat too much for dinner. All these bad habits will do harm to your health.

Eating habits and our health are closely related. If we get rid of the bad eating habits and keep the good ones, we can enjoy good health.


我们的身体需要食物。吃合适的食物和好的饮食习惯非常重要。 然而,很容易养成坏的饮食习惯:你可能匆忙地吃完早餐;你也可能晚餐吃得过多。所有这些坏的习惯肯定会对你的健康造成很大危害。


5. How to keep healthy // How to Keep Fit


Being healthy is the foundation of living a happy life for everyone. To keep healthy, we should pay attention to the following points. First, we should have good diets. Every day, we must eat some meat, chicken or fish, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, enough rice, noodles and bread. Second, we must keep away from crowds and usually wash our hands. Last but not least, we should keep in good mood and take an active part in sports.

If we want to enjoy your life, the most important thing is to keep healthy.





6.The Way to Success

内容包括以下方面:1. 每个人都试图在事业上获得成功;2. 获得成功的要素;3. 我坚信?

Everyone wants to become successful in his career. Some realize their dreams and others don’t. The reason is clear: successful ones continue their effort till the end by working hard enough, while others tend to give up easily.

Where there is a will, there is a way. Strong will and hard work are the keys to success. A man of strong will and hard work always sticks to his work no matter how difficult it is.

I believe everyone can enjoy his success one day if he keeps working on his goal.






7. Water and Life/ Water Pollution

① 随着工业化(industrialization)的推进,水污染严重,地球上的淡水(fresh water)越来越少;

② 生命没水就要消亡(disappear),因此人类要珍惜(treasure)淡水; ③ 应该保护水源,再利用水。

7. Water and Life/ Water Pollution(水与生活/水污染)

With the progress of industrialization, the water on the earth has been seriously polluted. But many factories still keep pouring dirty water into rivers and lakes. As a result, fresh water is becoming increasingly scarce. As we all know, fresh water is very significant to humans and all other living things. Life will disappear without water. Therefore, mankind should treasure fresh water.

The whole society should take some measures to save water. First, our government should develop industries that consume less water. Second, waste water must be recycled. Finally, everyone should do his bit to save





8. Energy Sources

提示:①能源包括不可再生能源(nonrenewable energy sources)和再生能源。

②如今人类面临能源短缺(energy shortage)的严重问题。 ③必须采取一些措施尽可能地节约能源(save energy as much as possible)。

8. Energy Sources能源

Energy sources are providing power for our life and social activities. Energy sources include nonrenewable energy sources like oil, coal and wood and renewable energy sources like wind and solar energies.

With the rapid growth of world economy, we are using greater amount of energy than ever. Energy sources are becoming less and less. Today mankind is facing a very serious problem of energy shortage.

Something must be done to find new energy sources and save energy as much as possible in our daily activities. Human beings can’t sustainably develop on this earth unless we successfully solve the problem of energy sources.




9. Plant More Trees

提示1) 树是一种重要的自然资源;2) 树有利于环境的改善;3) 让我们多种树。

Trees are an important natural resource. They can be used in many ways such as in construction and manufacture. If you have a look around and you will find that a lot of things are made of wood.

More important, trees are good to the environment. Besides making air cleaner, trees can produce oxygen, protect wildlife and soil, and prevent sandstorms from happening. They can help to keep the natural environment in balance.

We can not live well without trees; therefore, we must plant more trees.




10. About Doing Physical Exercise

Doing regular physical exercises is the key to a healthy life. The benefits are as follows.

Firstly, physical exercise improves or maintains our health. Frequent and regular physical exercise strengthens the immune system, and helps prevent many kinds of diseases. Secondly, physical exercise improves mental health, helps prevent depression and promote or maintain positive self-image. Last but not least, doing physical exercises together with other people is a good opportunity to make new friends.

All in all, physical exercise benefits us a lot. So we’d better do physical exercise every day.





11. Newspaper

A newspaper is a medium that tells the news of the day as it happens. You can be more knowledgeable and better educated if you read a good newspaper each day. A good newspaper should have well-trained and reliable people working for it. It’s the reporter’s job to make sure that the facts are checked before they are printed. Some reporters do not always bother to do this. A newspaper may also give some comments on the news, which can help you understand why the stories happen that way. 报纸是宣布当日新闻事件的媒介。若能日读一份好报,你可以增进知识,接受教育。一份好报纸应该有训练有素、可靠可信的人为之工作。记者之责在于当报纸印刷前确认新闻的真实性,而某些记者却不常这样做。报纸也可以对新闻事件加以评论,从而帮助你理解事件为何那样发生。

12. Television

Before the television was invented, many families enjoyed listening to the radio when they were free. Since the television was invented, it has become one of the most popular ways of entertainment for most people.

We can listen to music, see movies, and watch all kinds of sport events on TV. And the television programs are more exciting than before. It brings us a lot of fun. Furthermore, we can acquire every kind of knowledge from the television. Nowadays, television has already become an important part of our life.


13. About TV Ads

Almost everyone has the experience of watching his or her favorite show on TV while suddenly interrupted by some TV advertisements. With the development of economy, TV ads become very common these days. Since almost every household has a TV set, TV ads is one of the best ways to get a product known to people. However, in order to create a good image for their products, some makers often advertise them in a misleading way.

TV ads help us to know more about new products, but I hope there are fewer annoying interruptions while I’m watching a program.






14. Computer

Nowadays, computers are becoming more and more popular. Computers can help different people in different ways. They can help students with their lessons and homework. They can help scholars do calculations, analyze data and present the latest achievements. Furthermore, they can assist engineers and experts in the design of a mold, a bridge or a spaceship. Besides, computers can offer fun and entertainment to us with the internet games, movies, etc. Indeed, computers have become a good companion of human beings.




15. The Internet

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that connect millions of people. It consists of millions of private and public, academic, business, and government networks that are linked by copper wires, fiber-optic cables, wireless connections, and other technologies. The Internet carries vast information resources and services. Via the Internet we can send a message to anyone in a distant place within seconds; we can do shopping without going out; we can do business with foreign companies at home.

In a word, the internet is the information highway.




16. The Chinese New Year / Spring Festival in China

The Chinese New Year is a traditional holiday in China. It is on the first day of the first month by Chinese lunar calendar. It is the biggest and most important festival in China. We celebrate this festival with all the members of a family together. All friends and relatives greet each other and wish for bigger success and better luck in the New Year. All children put on new clothes and set off fireworks to express their happiness. This is our Chinese new year.

16.中国新年 / 中国春节


17. Living in a Big city住在大城市里

In recent years, many people have streamed into big cities. Big cities have special attractions for many people. First, in big cities, people can easily get a job to make a living. Second, many modern facilities in big cities can make people’s life convenient. Third, people can get the latest information from any field, which will make them wiser.

However, big cities are facing some problems and the biggest one is

traffic jam. There are too many people and cars. The traffic is heavy, especially during the rush hours. People spend a lot of time moving from one place to another. So traffic is really a serious problem in big cities.


(一)假如你叫张琳,你昨天(4月7日)在放学回家的路上发生了交通事故,你从自行车上摔了下来,被好心人及时送到了医院,医生叫你卧床休息三天,特此请假(ask for a sick leave)




August 11,


Dear Mr. Zhang,

I am writing to ask for a sick leave.

Yesterday I met a terrible accident on my way home and broke my leg. It happened like this. I rode my bike home as usual on Beijing Street. But yesterday the street was under construction and there were rocks and sand everywhere. I was not able to control my bike and fell down onto the ground. My leg got badly hurt and I was not able to walk. A kind-hearted man sent me to hospital immediately. The doctor advised me to rest for at least three days.

I hope I would not miss too many lessons. I will be back to school as soon as I am able to walk.

Best regards,

Sincerely yours,

Zhang Lin


(二)写通知:明天(星期五)全班同学将去参观科学博物馆(the Science Museum),由你(班长)通知全体同学。(通知的开头和结尾已给出)。具体内容如下:






要求:1. 不要逐句翻译;2. 词数80个左右。

Fellow students,

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Thank you!

Fellow students,

All the people in our class will visit the Science Museum tomorrow, Friday. We will gather together at the school gate at 8 a.m. We will go to the museum on foot. Please remember to bring a pen and a notebook so that we can write down the things we are interested in. When we visit the museum, please don’t take pictures, be sure to keep quiet, and listen and watch everything with great attention. After the visit, each of us will write a report about the visit and hand in the report next Monday. Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

(三) Help Me to Buy A Spoken English Book

1) 介绍你的近况。2) 请他帮你买英语口语书。3) 欢迎他方便时来访。 Sept. 11, 2010

Dear Lily,

I haven't heard from you for a long time. Is everything going well with you?

I am now working in a multinational company in which English is very important in daily life. I study English in my spare time. The most difficult thing for me is oral English. Would you please buy a good oral English book for me?

We haven't seen each other since last summer. Why not come to

Shanghai for some days when you are free? We will spend a happy time together then.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Best wishes


Mike --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



40%的学生 1. 锻炼浪费时间 1. 应该每天进行体育锻炼

2. 做早操、打乒乓、打篮球、但不要时间过长 2. 锻炼使人疲劳

3. 锻炼能增强体质,减少疾病

Sept. 11, 2010

Dear editor,

My name is Li Hua from a college. Currently, my classmates are having a discussion on the topic “whether students should do physical exercises”. I’d like to introduce different ideas in the discussion among my classmates.

According to our statistics, 60% of my classmates hold the idea that students should do physical exercises every day. They can do morning exercises, play table tennis, play basketball and so on, but they shouldn’t spend too much time on it. The supporters believe that physical exercises can improve our physical condition and reduce the chances of being ill. However, 40% of my classmates think that the students are wasting their time in doing physical exercises, and that doing physical exercises is very tiring.

I’d like to have your ideas about doing physical exercises. Thank you for your time.

Best wishes


i Hua


(五)Oxfam Trailwalker(乐施会毅行者)是一个非常著名的慈善机构。假如你是Lucy,现在要写封信给你澳大利亚的好友,向他介绍你哥哥和他的朋友们上个星期参加乐施会毅行者活动的情况。信中要包括以下内容,信的开头和结尾已经写好。

词数80左右。 YL




自从1981以来是香港最大的资金募集活动之一。 帮助香港以及亚洲(Asia)、非洲(Africa)其它地区的穷

Sept. 11, 2010


How is everything with you?

These days, I have been very busy helping my elder brother with his Oxfam Trailwalker activity. Through such activities, Oxfam Trailwalker has raised the largest sum of money in Hong Kong since 1981. Oxfam Trailwalker is a charity institution whose aim is to help the poor people in Asia, Africa and other areas.

Last week, my elder brother and his three friends took part in the Oxfam Trailwalker activity. It was a very exciting and challenging team work. They had to walk 100 kilometers in 48 hours without time to sleep! They encouraged and helped each other and finally reached their destination within time limit. They were tired out, but raised a lot of money. Do you like to take part in this activity next year?

Best wishes


Lucy 亲爱的 ,



上个星期,我哥哥和他的三个朋友参加了乐施会毅行者活动。这是一个非常令人兴奋的团队活动,富有挑战性。他们必须在48小时内横越100公里,没有时间睡眠! 他们互相鼓励互相帮助,终于在限定时间内到达了终点。他们累极了,但募捐了不少钱。你想明年参加这个活动吗?


1. 李华,在职学生,家住上海。

2. 喜欢集邮和运动。

3. 对英语很感兴趣,会唱不少英文歌曲。

4. 班里同学也很想找网友,希望得到帮助。

5. 想去英国看看。

注意:1. 开头部分已写好,只需接着写。 2. 词数:80个左右。 致以良好祝愿

Dear David,

I'm very glad that we get to know each other through Internet.

I live in Shanghai. I'm now a student of long-distance education. Meanwhile I work in a company. I am fond of collecting stamps and doing sports in my spare time. I am also interested in learning English, and can sing many English songs. It's wonderful that I can communicate with you in English. My classmates admire me very much, and are eager to have net pals from English speaking countries. I wonder if you could help them.

By the way, I plan to visit the U.K. in a few months. I hope I can meet you there.

Best wishes,


Li Hua




顺便说一下,我计划几个月后去英国,希望到时候能够见到你。 致以良好祝愿






1. 我们的英语老师将举行晚会,请全班同学参加。

2. 晚会时间:晚上六点;地点:在102教室。

3. 请每个同学准备唱一首英语歌曲或用英语讲一个笑话。

Sept. 11, 2010

To improve our English and make us understand the western culture better, our English teacher will hold an English party in Room 102 at 6:00 this afternoon. All the students in our class are invited to take part in the party. Everyone has to prepare one performance, such as singing an English song, telling a joke in English or reading an English poem. There should be a lot of fun. Welcome to take part in the party on time. Thanks. The Student Union



为了提高我们的英语水平,让大家更好地了解西方文化,英语老师将在下午六点在102教室开一个晚会,我们班的每个同学都受邀参加。每个人准备一个节目,例如,演唱英文歌曲,讲英文笑话,或朗诵英文诗歌。肯定会非常有趣的,欢迎准时参加。谢谢。 学生会


(八) 感谢信



Sept. 9, 2010

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your invitation to your home for dinner yesterday. It was a beautiful night. I enjoyed the food and the music very much. This Saturday is my birthday. There will be a birthday party at my place, and I will invite some close friends to have dinner at my home. I do hope you can come to join us. One of my friends will play the guitar. We can sing and dance to the music. It would be fun. Please be sure to come. I am looking forward to having you at my party.

Best wishes


(九) 给朋友的旅游建议 Lily



Sept. 11, 2010

Dear Mike,

I'm glad to get your letter and know you want to make a tour in China. Now I'm living in Shanghai, and there are so many famous places here. I have made a plan for your visit in Shanghai. First we can go to the Peoples' Square, the most famous place in Shanghai. Then we can go to Yuyuan Garden, where you can see traditional Chinese buildings and buy some typical Chinese souvenirs. In the evening, we may have dinner at my home and you are welcome to stay at my home for several days. I'm looking forward to your coming to Shanghai. I am sure you will like this


Best wishes





Dear All,

I lost a book at 5 pm on December 29th in room 210 of Wenxin Building. The title of the book is 《Advanced English Grammar》. This book is very important and helpful to me, for I am not very good at grammar. The final examination is getting nearer and nearer and I am worried about my English exam very much. Anyone who finds the book please contact Li Ming on 137xxxxxxxx. I will be very grateful to you and your kindness. I am looking forward to your calls.

i Ming


你的朋友邀请你参加他/她的生日聚会,告诉对方你不能接受他/她的邀请。你应包括下列内容: 1.告诉对方你不能接受他/她的邀请;

2.对对方的邀请表示感谢; 3.说明无法接受邀请的原因。 Dear Lisa, L

Congratulations to your coming birthday. Thanks for your invitation, but I am sorry that I am afraid I am not able to attend your birthday party. You know, our company will hold an important meeting in our Paris branch to talk about the recent trouble appearing in business. I am the one who needs to make a presentation. I am terribly sorry for that. I hope you will have a good time in your birthday party. Remember to show me the pictures taken in the party when I come back from business trip.

Best regards




(十二) A Get-together on May 1st (五一节聚会)


Dear Wang Hong,

How is everything getting along with you? It is almost one year since we graduated from university. I miss you very much. What have you been doing all these days?

I have been a middle school teacher in my hometown since graduation. Teaching always keeps me busy, but I like my students and I love teaching, you know. So everything is fine here. There will be a

former classmates’ getting together during this May Day holiday at my school.

You are my best friend. I never forget those happy days we spent together. I hope you can come to my school when the time is due and you are free.

I am looking forward to your reply.


Yours Li Hua

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