Dear sir: I am writing to complain about one of your bus drivers,who was so rude to the passengers. Yesterday,I was taking the bus No.133 to school.It was about 9:30 in the morning.It was not the rush-hour and there were not many passengers on the bus.But the driver drove so fast and he didn't slow down even when the bus turned round street corners.One of the passengers asked him to drive slowly but he did not listen.When the bus reached the next stop ,a man stood up and walked toward the door.The driver stopped the bus so suddenly that the man could not keep his balance and fell on the floor.The driver didn't make an apology and asked him to get off the bus right away. I think that pubilc bus system should serve the public whole-heartedly.The safety of passengers should be the major concern.It is my sincere hope that proper measures ought to be taken to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Yours sincerely Liu Yuan

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第二篇:第八讲 商务信函写作——投诉信 3200字

第八讲 商务信函写作——投诉信一.投诉信简介 1. 投诉原因 业务关系并非总能顺利发展,有时会出现差错,或者发生意外的事 情。生产效率不高或没有及时安排生产就会造成延误交货,质量控制不严 就会引起客户对产品质量的不满,搬运不当又会使产品受到损坏。所以投 诉事件时有发生。以下是商务活动中最常见的投诉原因:货物受损或有瑕 疵;延误交货;质量没有达到要求;单据有误;交货有误(数量有误、货 物不符或未经订购而收到货物)。 二. 个案分析 例一:(货品质量没有达到要求)Dear Sirs, We are very sorry to inform you that your last shipment is not up to your usual standard. The goods seem to be too roughly made and are inclined to be inferior and out of shape. By separate mail we have sent you a sample of this article so that you can compare it with your original sample and see the inferiority of the goods dispatched.简明扼要地摆出投诉的原由,描述货物的残次情况同时寄样品供对比说明We have always been able to rely on the excellent quality of your goods, and we are all the more disappointed in this case because we have to supply these articles to new customers. We ask you to let us know immediately what you can do to help us in overcoming this difficulty. 强调对方的失误造成不便,表明要求对方采取行动来挽救这一局面 Yours faithfully, Mary Jackson Mary Jackson例二:货物受损或有瑕疵Dear Sir or Madam PLASTIC TABLEWARE-Product nos. 0821 (forks) and 7234 (bowls) We have used your company as a supplier to our restaurants for several years, and until recently the quality of your products has always been good. 对过去的情况作简单的回顾,礼貌的肯定双方的交易,也与投诉情况作对比








1. 投诉信一般包含四个要素:

① 摆明事实

② 提起投诉

③ 提出解决办法

④ 表明立场



? 摆明事实即在信中说明货物或#5@p已经收到,或说明曾经下订单,同时


? 这一段内容通常对过去的情况作简单的回顾,说明投诉的背景,以便对



这部分要简明扼要地摆出投诉的原由,并详细注明订单/#5@p编号,交货日期等等。其它能使投诉更具说服力的细节也应包括在这部分的内容之中。 第二部分应强调对方的失误给你造成不便,必要时还应指出公司因此蒙受损失,但要避免使用过激或侮辱性的言辞。

A. 货物受损或有瑕疵:要描述货物的破损情况。

B. 延误交货:就货期延误提起投诉时,经常会用到一些表示时间的介词。

C. 账单有误:具体指出账单的错误。

D. 品质低劣:是指设计拙劣,做工粗糙等。


? 交货有误,是指收到的货物或货物数量与订货不符,或指收货方收到了未经订购的货物。

? 每一封投诉信都要向对方表明,他们的过失给你带来了不便。可以直


? 或者具体说明对方过失造成的不良影响。

(3) 提出解决的办法



四. 方法和策略


(1) 确保投诉有利于解决问题。

(2) 投诉要有根有据。

(3) 避免使用消极斥责的语气,保持乐观、客气的态度。

(4) 强调问题对公司和你所造成的不便。

(5) 不要拿自己并不打算去做的事情威胁对方。




1. one month, but

you did not do this.

2. May.

3. 18 January, and they still

have not arrived.

4. July because of your promises.

5. 7 March. However, it has not yet arrived, and it is now May.

two months.



1. Quite clearly, your packaging is useless.

That’s why my vases arrived in the state

they did.

2. We have waited absolutely ages for you

to deliver the machinery we need.

3. Half of the consignment that we received

yesterday was either smashed beyond

recognition or it was defective.

4. Why should I have to pay for your gross


5. With your service, you deserve to be



练习一: 1=(with) in; 2=in, by; 3=on; 4=since; 5=on, by; 6=for


1. Your packing is inadequate. That explains why my vases arrived in the condition they did.

2. We have waited a long time for you to deliver the machinery we need.

3. Half of the consignment we received yesterday was either in pieces or it was defective。

4. You should not pass on the cost of your inefficient work habits to your customers.

5. If your standard of service does not improve, you will lose all your customers.

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