Book Knowledge vs. Experience

Knowledge can be acquired from many sources. These include books, teachers and practical experience, and each has its own advantages. The knowledge we gain from books and formal education enables us to learn about things that we have no opportunity to experience in daily life. We can study all the places in the world and learn from people we will never meet in our lifetime, just by reading about them in books. We can also develop our analytical skills and learn how to view and interpret the world around us in different ways. Furthermore, we can learn from the past by reading books. In this way, we won’t repeat the mistakes of others and can build on their achievements.

Practical experience, on the other hand, can give us more useful knowledge. It is said that one learns best by doing, and I believe that this is true, whether one is successful or not. In fact, I think making mistakes is the best way to learn. Moreover, if one wants to make new advances, it is necessary to act. Innovations do not come about through reading but through experimentation. Finally, one can apply the skills and insights gained through the study of books to practical experience, making an already meaningful experience more meaningful. However, unless it is applied to real experiences, book knowledge remains theoretical and, in the end, is useless. That is why I believe that knowledge gained from practical experience is more important than that acquired from books. 参考译文:



另一方面,实际经验能够给我们更多有用的知识。大家都说从做中学的效果最好,我也认为的确如此,无论一个人成功与否。事实上,我认为犯错是最好的学习方式。此外,如果想要有新的进展,就必须要付诸行动。想要创新,只靠阅读是不够的,必须要去实践。最后,我们可以将通过读书所获得的技巧和见解应用于实际经验中,使得原本有意义的经验变得更有意义。不过,除非我们能将书本知识运用于实际经验中,否则书本知识终究仍只是理论,毫无用处。那就是为什么我会认为从实际经验中获得的知识比从书本中所得到的知识更为重要。 20xx年8月6日

The Advantages of Saving Money

Everyone must work to live, but many people are fortunate enough to make more money than they immediately need. What should they do with this extra income? While it is tempting for people to spend it all on things they desire, I believe it is better to save at least a portion of the extra income for the future.

By saving money, people give themselves more security. They cannot predict the future; perhaps one day they will be jobless. At a time like this their savings can spare them a great deal of suffering and help to see them through the hard time. In addition, saving money allows people to build up a larger sum. They can then buy something more worthwhile than the small things they can but if they spend the money right away. For example, they may be able to buy a house with their savings. Finally, he practice of saving helps people develop the habit of setting goals and planning for their future. In this way they are bound to lead more meaningful and successful lives.

Most people would like to enjoy their money immediately. Nobody likes to wait for the things that he wants. However, if we learn to save our money, we can gain more advantages in the future. We will lead more secure and, thus, happier lives. We will also be able to buy the things we truly want but cannot afford right now.





大部分的人会想要马上享用手边的钱。没有人想等到以后再买想要的东西。然而,如果我们学会存钱,未来可以获得更多的好处。我们将过着更有安全感而且更快乐的生活。我们也能购买我们真正想要但现在无法负担的东西。 20xx年8月7日

Never, Never Give Up

We often hear people say, “Never give up.” These can be encouraging words and words of determination. A person who believes in them will keep trying to reach his goal no matter how many times he fails. In my opinion, the quality of determination to succeed is an important one to have. Therefore, I believe that we should never give up.

One reason is that if we give up too easily, we will rarely achieve anything. It is not unusual for us to fail in our first attempt at something new, so we should not feel discouraged and should try again. Besides, if we always give up when we fail, we will not be able to develop new skills and grow as people. Another reason we should never give up is that we can learn from our mistakes only if we make a new effort. If we do not try again, the lesson we have learned is wasted. Finally, we should never give up because as we work to reach our goals, we develop confidence, and this confidence can help us succeed in other areas of our lives. If we never challenge ourselves, we will begin to doubt our abilities.

In short, it is important that we do not give up when working for our goals. Whether we succeed in the end or not, we will learn something, and what we learn will help us to become better, more confident people. Furthermore, if we give up, we have non chance of attaining our goals, but if we keep trying, there is always a chance that we will succeed one day.







The Effects of Technology on Learning

The technological advances of the last few years have been amazing. Never before have students had such a wide variety of resources to help them in their studies. Those who can take advantage of these resources have the opportunity to learn about more subjects and to acquire more in-depth knowledge. In my opinion, students can indeed learn more and learn more quickly with the help of modern technology.

The piece of technology most important as a learning tool must be the computer. Paired with the Internet, it allows students to research topics more quickly and thoroughly and to write up their findings more rapidly as well. Furthermore, advances in many fields are being made so fast these days that it is impossible four textbooks to keep up. Technology allows students to keep abreast of the latest developments. Also, it cannot be denied that many students enjoy using such resources in their studies. Because of this, they are more likely to pursue subjects in greater depth. For all these reasons, I believe that technology is of great benefit to today’s students. Of course, it is still possible to learn without the aid of such devices, but I believe that those students who are fortunate enough to have access to technological resources should take every advantage of them.



近几年来,科技方面的进步相当惊人。学生从来没有过这么多各种各样的资源来帮助他们学习。能够利用这些资源的人有机会学习更多的课题,并获得更深入的知识。依我之见,有了现代科技的协助,学习确实能够学得更多,而且学得更快。 科技上最重要的学习工具非电脑莫属。电脑搭配互联网的使用,使得学生能够更快速、更彻底地研究他们的课题,也能更迅速地详细写出他们的发现。此外,目前许多领域都进步神速,教科书根本不可能跟得上,而科技让学生能够跟得上最新的发展。并且,不可否认的是,许多学生在学习时也非常喜欢使用这样的资源。这样,他们较有可能更深入地研究各种课题。



Saving Land for Endangered Animals

There is only so much land on the earth, and so what we can do with it is limited. Some people believe that human needs for farmland, housing and industry should come first, while others believe that some land should be set aside for endangered animals. I am of the opinion that we should reserve some land for the world’s animals for the following reasons. First, mankind’s need for land is constantly growing. If the demand is not checked in some way, humans will eventually develop all of the earth’s available land. At that time, mankind will have no more room to grow, and all the wild animals will have disappeared, as well as other valuable resources. Second, humans are able to innovate and can use the land that they already possess in more efficient ways. Animals are unable to do this. Once their land is taken away from them they will die. Third and last, endangered animals are an important part of the biodiversity of our planet. If they disappear, we cannot predict what the effect will be. Therefore, we should treat such animals as a valuable resource to be protected.

To sum up, the world’s endangered animals are an important resource and we should protect them by setting aside some land for them. Although mankind’s need for land continues to grow, people are intelligent and inventive enough to put the land they have to better use. In this way, we can have enough land for farming, housing and industry, and preserve the biodiversity of the planet at the same time.





类可以创新并且以更有效率的方式来使用已经拥有的土地,动物则无法做到这一点。一旦土地被剥夺,它们就会死亡。第三点,也是最后一点,濒临绝种的动物是我们地球上物种多元性的重要组成部分。如果它们消失了,我们无法预测将会造成什么样有影响。因此,我们应该把这些动物视为需要保护的珍贵资源。 总之,全世界濒临绝种的动物都是一项重要的资源,我们应该加以保护,并且保留一些土地给它们。虽然人类对于土地的需求在持续增加,但人类很聪明,而且具有创造力,能够更充分利用所拥有的土地。如此一来,我们会有足够的土地耕种、居住,并用来发展工业,而且能同时保持地球物种的多元性。 20xx年8月10日

An Important Skill

The world today is a very competitive place. Therefore, it is

necessary to develop some skills to increase one’s chances of success. Many skills, for example, leadership, a second language, and technical skills such as computer programming, are very useful today. However, I believe that the most useful skill is the ability to communicate well with others.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of good communication skills. In today’s society we have to work cooperatively with others.

A good communicator finds it easier to put forth his ideas clearly. In this way there will be fewer misunderstandings, which can lead to bad feelings as well as lost time and effort. In addition, a person with good communication skills is a good mediator and negotiator. He or she can play a valuable role in resolving disputes and enhancing cooperation. This means that a good communicator is often a natural leader. Finally, with good communication skills, it is easier to persuade others to accept your point of view. Having your views and plans approved of by others is a vital step on the way to success.

For all the above reasons, it is my belief that strong communication skills are the most important to have. Good communication is important in all situations, so a skillful communicator will always be in high demand.







The Influence of Television and Movies

There is no doubt that watching television and movies can influence the way that people behave. Moreover, it seems that people are spending more and more time watching some sort of visual entertainment, whether it is television, a video tape or a DVD. Therefore, the effects of visual media cannot be ignored.

One obvious effect of the these media is that watching them induces people to buy certain products. television advertising is widespread and, nowadays, even movie theaters permit advertisements. Another way TV and the movies affect people is that they give people either a broader view of the world or a distorted one, depending on what type of program they watch. Those who watch news and educational program can learn many new things while those who watch primarily entertainment shows may come to believe that most people in the world possess great wealth and good looks. It may make them become dissatisfied with their own lives. Finally, perhaps the most susceptible viewers are children, who may be unable to tell fact from fiction and may try to imitate acts that they see on TV or in the movies.

With the every-increasing popularity of video entertainment, society must pay attention to these effects. Television and movies, while

entertaining and informative, cannot take the place of real experience. 参考译文:






Living Longer

In the past it was not uncommon for a man to die at forty, having lived a full life. But now we consider a lifespan of forty years to be very short. It is not unusual for people to live into their eighties and nineties, and some even reach 100. What’s more, people are living long, healthy lives and are active well into their “golden years”.

Mankind’s longevity is due mainly to advances in science and technology. Medical breakthroughs have eradicated many fatal diseases that were once common. Perhaps more importantly, better general health means that people are less likely to contract infections in the first place. Better health also helps people prevent slowly debilitating conditions, such as heart disease, which can take their lives at an early age. And as civilization has advanced, our living environment and sources of food have become more sanitary. Furthermore, work is now safer and not as taxing on the human body. We do not wear out after just a few years of very hard work.

There are many reasons why people are now living longer than ever before. But what is more important is that they are living better as they live longer. It is my opinion that we have scientific and technological development to thank for this progress.



以前的人活到40岁就过完一生而死亡是很平常的。但是现在,我们认为40岁的寿命很短。人们活到八十几岁、九十几岁,有些甚至到100岁,是很平常的。而且,人们还能活得久而且又健康,精力充沛地迈入他们的“黄金时代”(退休期)。 人类会长寿主要是因为科学及科技的进步。医学上的重大突破已经根除了以前十分普遍的致命疾病。而更重要的也许是,大众健康的改善首先意味着人们不大可能得传染病。人们变得更健康也有助于预防罹患一些会使身体状况日益衰弱的疾病,例如心脏病。这些疾病常会夺走年轻的生命。又因为文明的进步,我们的生活环境以及食物来源已经变得比较卫生。此外,现在的工作比较安全,且对人体而言没有那么繁重。我们不会因为只辛苦工作几年就变得疲惫不堪。



The Media and Famous People

In almost every form of media, including television, newspapers and magazines, a great deal of attention is paid to the personal lives of celebrities. It seems that the public cannot get enough of this kind of news. However, I believe that the media have a responsibility to present a balanced view of the world, as well as respect the lives of public figures. Therefore, I believe that the media pay too much attention to the personal lives of famous people.

For people who are fascinated with the lives of public figures there are some forms of media devoted exclusively to this topic. They can satisfy their curiosity by buying fan magazines and watching TV shows devoted to entertainment news. The general media should present all types of information because people have different interests. Furthermore, the practice of dwelling on the private lives of celebrities can lead people to pay more attention to these matters than they otherwise would. Perhaps most importantly, the media should respect the privacy of every individual, including public figures. They may have chosen to be in the public eye, but that does not give the public the right to know everything about them. Moreover, many stories about celebrities are untrue; they are only gossip reported to increase sales of magazines and other media. They are unfair to the famous and mislead the public.

For all of these reasons, I believe that the media should pay more attention to matters other than the private lives of public figures. In this way, they can appeal to a wider audience and encourage people to develop other interests. In my opinion, the media currently pay too much attention to the private lives of public figures.







Human Activity and the Earth

There is no doubt that human activity has an effect on the planet. We see the evidence of mankind’s endeavors all around us. While some of man’s accomplishments, such as the building of transportation systems and the consistent supply of potable water, have made Earth a better place for people to live, they have not come without cost. Overall, it seems that human activity harms the Earth more than it benefits it.

For example, the transportation systems that benefit mankind also create pollution and use up valuable energy resources. While we cannot do without transportation these days, we cannot ignore the fact that it has an adverse effect on the planet. Furthermore, those advances that benefit people do not benefit al the life on Earth. Deforestation

endangers many animals, and mankind’s great thirst for water and other resources leads to the extinction of many plant forms. In addition, accomplishments such as the supply of potable water to a community are only response to problems that mankind created in the past. It was man that made the water unfit to drink in the first place. Finally, the damage that human activity causes will eventually have a negative effect on

people. They will also suffer the effects of pollution and diminishing natural resources.

In conclusion, it seems apparent that man’s activity benefits primarily himself, not the Earth. Moreover, those benefits are only short-term advantages, and man will also suffer the negative effects of his activity in the future. The Earth does not have an inexhaustible supply of resources, so every effort should be made to conserve resources and limit the impact of human activity on the planet.




例如,运输系统对人类有利,却会制造污染,并用尽珍贵的能源。现在我们虽然不能没有运输工具,却也不能忽视运输工具对地球有不良影响的事实。此外,使人类获益的这些进步不一定能使地球上所有生物都获益。砍伐森林危及许多动物,而人类对水和其他资源的需求极大,因而导致许多植物绝种。再者,像供应社区饮水的这类成就,就只是人类在为过去所制造的问题做出回应而已。是人类自己首先使水变得不适合饮用的。最后,人类活动所导致的损害终究会对人类本身产生负面的影响。污染及日益减少的天然资源所造成的影响也会使人类受害。 总之,人类的活动显然主要仅对人类自己有利,但却对地球不利。而且,那些益处是短暂的,将来人类还是会因自己的行为所造成的负面影响而受害。地球上的资源并不是取之不尽、用之不竭的,所以我们应该尽全力保存资源,限制人类活动对地球的冲击。

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