①Failure is unavoidable in our lives. ②It’s a failure not to pass an examination. It’s a failure for us to be refused by others while asking for help. It’s also a failure to miss our goals. ③In a word, failure is not uncommon to everybody.

④When it comes to failure, different people hold different attitudes towards it.⑤Optimistic people believe that failure is the mother of success. They regard failure as part of their lives and insist on trying until they succeed. In contrast, once the pessimistic people fail, they feel frustrated and lose confidence. As a result, they give up trying. ⑥From my perspective, failure is not necessarily a bad thing. ⑦First, in my mind, what really counts is not failure itself, but what we can learn from it. Indeed, failure keeps our mind clear and offers pressure and power to persist, so I am not afraid of failure. ⑧Moreover, it is often suggested that if we encounter failure with courage and confidence, success is not far away.

2.Emerging from the cartoon is a

thought-provoking scene: a son told his father “Dad, I’m a bit worried about disposing of nuclear waste.”, but his smart father responded to him “If you can empty the dustbin here, you can do anything.” By this scenario, the cartoonist is revealing a truth to us that we should start doing small things before undertaking something big.

This obvious truth can never be overlooked. As an old saying goes, you cannot sweep the world before you sweep your own room. If you do anything small well, you can improve your confidence, and prove that you have your abilities improved. In our society, however, many people dream to succeed overnight. Now consider Warren Buffett, the richest man in the world. He peddled(兜售) chewing gums and orange juice when he was a little kid.

Do you aspire for success? Of course, you do, as everyone does. But, have you finished your work today? Have you reached your goal today? Stop imagining or worrying and just do it now. Just as what the cartoon

connotes, making a big splash (引申为:取得成功) must start from doing small things.

3.The Importance of Literature

①????Literature is acknowledged as the most precious product of human civilization and wisdom, especially by our teachers. So they always ask their students to read as many as literary works. Just as the drawing shows above, a teacher gives a literary work to her student, saying: “Just think of it as if you’re reading a long text-message.”

②It is of great significance for us to appreciate literature due to the following reasons. Firstly, a good literature can get you to know a life experience through the eyes of someone other than you.? ③The more experience you gain, the more knowledgeable you are. Secondly, a good literature allows you to learn about history in a

personalized way. The stories told in the works can act as mirrors and help you adjust your own behaviors. Lastly, a good literature is an effective way for relaxation. The beautiful and moving scenes shown in the literature are helpful for one’s mental health.

In short, literature is indispensable in our life.④ ?We, students, should spare more time to read more literatures.

The Overusing of Cell Phones

The thought-provoking drawing mirrors a

common phenomenon of overusing mobile phones in contemporary society. As is subtly shown in the picture, while crossing the street, people are so much addicted to cell phones that they use walking sticks to see the road.

Nowadays, with the advancement of economy and technology, it is a plain truth that an increasing number of people overuse cell phones in daily routine. It is no doubt that indulging in mobile phones exerts a negative impact on wholesome mentality. First and foremost, overusing mobile phones is detrimental to physical health, which definitely impairs one’s eyesight. Moreover, suppose that a man is addicted to cell phones in whatever situation, it will be extremely

disadvantageous for him to concentrate on his work, learning, or even daily life. Last but not least, it is no exaggeration to say overusing cell phones imposes restrictions on the relationship among people.

From my perspective, it is absolutely

essential to take measures to change the present situation where people overuse cell phones. Consequently, there is no doubt that we should limit the excessive use of cell phones. Moreover, placing more emphasis on other entertainment such as reading and sports is also conducive to alleviating the issue.

be detrimental to: 不利于;

definitely: adv.清楚地

impair: vt.损害;mirror: v.反映;

thought-provoking: 发人深省的;

subtly: adv.巧妙地;

wholesome: a.健全的;

extremely: adv.极其,非常;

impose restrictions on: 施加限制;

it is absolutely essential: 完全有必要;

alleviate the issue: 缓解问题;

it is no exaggeration to say: 毫不夸张地说; it is a plain truth that: 形式主语It的使用; with the advancement of economy and technology: 介词短语,随着经济和科技的发展。


Diligence Helps to Achieve Success

①As the famous saying goes, "Genius is 99%

perspiration and 1% inspiration. "②If one intends to succeed, he must spare no efforts to strive for his goal with diligence.

③Diligence plays a very important role in one’s success. ④As far as we know, at the age of 19 months,

Helen Keller lost her sight and hearing, which is a big obstacle to learning. ⑤However, instead of bending to her physical disability, she was hardworking and diligent in learning everything. ⑥As a result, she became a well-known writer and educator in the

nineteenth century who has acquired a large stock of knowledge and mastered English, French, German, Latin as well as Greek. ⑦Some people saw wonderful dialogues in David Copperfield and realistic description of the social background in Tales of Two Cities. ⑧How did Dickens achieve this? It is due to his diligence. ⑨In conclusion, diligence is not only a positive approach towards life but also the most reliable way to guide us toward success. ⑩Diligence is a key to success.


Whom Do You Turn to When in Trouble?

①Just as the saying goes, life is not all roses, and all of us will need someone else’s help to deal with problems that we may encounter in our life. ②Here comes

the question: whom will you turn to for help? ③Some say they will ask their classmates or friends for help, because they are peers, thus they can understand each other easily.

④However, others have different choices when in trouble. ⑤They are inclined to tell their teachers and parents the difficulties they are faced with. ⑥In their opinion, teachers and parents, who are much older than them, can give them a hand with their rich experience.

⑦As for me, close friends are always the people who come to my mind firstly when I am intrigued by something that cannot be solved by myself. ⑧If we cannot figure out a solution by our joint effort, I will go to my teachers or parents for help. ⑨With their suggestions or instructions, I can finally find the best way to cope with my troubles.


deal with/cope with 处理??

encounter 相遇,碰见;

be inclined to do sth. 想要干??,倾向于干?? give sb. a hand 给予某人帮助

intrigue 用诡计取得;激起??的兴趣 figure out 计算出,解决;弄明白;合计 joint effort 共同努力

instruction 授课;教诲;传授的或获得的知识,课程

亮点句① In their opinion, teachers and parents, who are much older than them, can give them a hand with their rich experience.

亮点句② As for me, close friends are always the people who come to my mind firstly when I am intrigued by something that cannot be solved by myself.

亮点句③With their suggestions or instructions, I can finally find the best way to cope with my troubles.


Dear Mr. President,

I am Li Ming, a junior majoring in International Trade in this university. I venture to write you a letter concerning the canteen service on campus, which has given rise to many complaints among students.

The focus of the complaint is the poor quality of the food. For one thing, the rice is hard, the steamed bread is usually sold cold and vegetables are often

overcooked. For another, the prices of the food are surprisingly high. Honestly speaking, the dining environment having been improved since last year, there is still not enough space and seats for us to have our meals there. Besides, the attitude of the canteen staff is not hospitable at all.

All in all, there is still much room for the

improvement. I do hope we will not suffer another year. Thank you for your time and kind consideration. I look forward to your prompt response.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to apply for a student loan. As a sophomore from the Chemistry Department, I have much financial difficulty in continuing my study.

My father is the only breadwinner, while my mother was laid off two years ago. My grandmother has been suffering illness for many years. My younger brother is now studying in a high school. To support the study of my brother and me, my family has witnessed a sharp increase in the debt to an unbearable amount of

¥130,000 in the past two years. I took part-time jobs during the summer vacation, but what I have earned is far from enough for me to pay the required tuition fees. In order to continue my study, I have to apply for a student loan.

If my request is granted, I will make good use of the money and put my mind to study. I will definitely pay back the loan according to the requirements. I am

already eagerly awaiting your reply to the first letter.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming

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