New employee orientation training summarization


As newly-employed personnel in JISCO, for better and faster understanding the culture and spirit of JISCO and adaptation to be a new worker, we have been trained systematically by the human resources department for almost about one and a half month after we got off the train and stepped on the holy land named the bright jewel in north-west China.

Process and content

The whole training primarily is made up of four modules: lectures in The Grand Theater, courses in the college, military training, practice and experience.

1. Lectures in the Grand Theater

In the theater, we have learnt the developing history and the spirit of Iron

Mountain, and have been badly shocked by the people who were the very first to create life facilities and buildings and to mine .Especially when I got the story about the 25 years girl Miss FENG who was the first group to explore the iron ore and died dropping out from the top of a very high mountain named after her name now, Tears was held in my eyes so that nobody could see me. In that moment, I seemingly suddenly understood the core meaning and its origin of the JISCO spirit.

In addition, we have understood the regulations and human resources policy of JISCO so that we can make our career planning in advance, have known that the development strategy and its planning in the twelfth five- year plan, and this lead us to make up our mind to grow up with JISCO. What’s more, this training let us

understand and get to enjoy the culture and life style and scenery of North West China.

External hired teacher has taught us for about five days about how to deal with relationship with colleagues and leaders, how to plan our own every daytime and how to arrange our career and our dream. Through such lectures we have had a clear route about our future.

2. Teaching in college

In college, we were taught systematically about the knowledge of safety,

sanitation, law and production process of the whole iron and steel making of this company, so that we can better make bigger progress to adapt to this corporation. Teamwork, discipline, and the importance of enterprise culture is what we got impressively in the courses.

3. Military training

For nurturing and carry forward not being afraid of hard condition and

surroundings, the human resources department arrange us a military training. During the fifteen-day training, we had suffered from the hot days and strong sun rays. Face

color gone to black, and skin was off from face for the strong ultraviolet rays, but nobody held back because of the hard times.

By the hard work of coaches and with our persistence, finally we were through the test and completely overcame the training.

4. Practices and experiences

We went to the Mirror Iron Mountain alternatively during the military training, named for its smooth surface without any vegetation or earth because the lack of rainfall and strong wind. Our first impression on this place was dry, lifeless, and narrow. Actually I felt down and depressed at first, and was very worried about my physical safety, but when I saw the people, our brothers working there, I was totally touched and influenced by the spirit and character of theirs. I felt in my bones that their temperaments were built by the desert surroundings and the big cold and not a word machines. In the meanwhile, I was thoroughly influenced. I told myself that the men working there are heroes.

This place is the origin of a company, a city, and is also the economic power of the GanShu province. I just want to say, that is the miracle of nature.

The second part of the practices was to visit the plants. In the morning, we visited the stainless steel workshop, the sanitation and working condition there has always been standard, which impressed us most, and then the iron making plant was our next destination. The condition in iron plant is well-known not so good, and so is the JISCO’s, air smelt pungent because of the SO2, facilities were old and cold like many miserable vicious Souls hiding behind somewhere. Right that is where I work that is so funny. So what, whatever, that is life.

Impressions and Gains

The pre-service training let me have a deeper understanding of the company, promote a lot of knowledge. the important thing is to let me have a new

understanding of the importance of teamwork and persistence, and I also have had a whole fresh acquaintance of myself, and get to know what I should really do and what I really want here.

第二篇:新进大学生培训总结 900字





在最后一天,我们在农博园进行了拓展活动。在一天的活动中,我们通过风趣的游戏领悟到了如何做人做事的道理。 空中断桥:作为拓展训练的标志性的项目,断桥有着天然的优势。尽管断开的部分其实并不长,但是在三层楼的高空中跨过这看似不大的一步,却需要很大的勇气。这个项目更多的是一种自我的挑战与升华,跨过了断桥上的这一小步,也同时跨过了人生的一大步。 背摔:背摔要求每个人双手捆住,交叉放于胸前,背向倒在由全体队员组成的人垫之上。这个项目其实是考验背摔者的勇气以及他(她)对其他队员的信心。只有对其他队员抱有高度的信任,才能义无反顾的倒向他们,将自己的安危交给他们。而当其他队员高声的喊出:“准备好了。”这句话时,一个坚定的信念也同时传递给了背摔人,整个动作才能一气呵成。通过这个项目,队员们相互了解,并且建立了相互之间的信任。

勇闯雷阵:这是一个需要耐心和团队配合的项目。在一次次的原路返回之后,我们才明白,人生路上有时候要以退为进。在一次次队友的提醒和帮助之后,我们懂得,集体的力量是强大的。在最后走出雷区的时候,我们知道了创新的思维在前进的路上必不可少。 总之,这个培训让我受益匪浅。最后,要特别感谢人事部门的领导为了这次新员工的培训付出极大的努力。

王 彬


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