Part I Writing

I’m fond of delicious food myself. It’s my great pleasure to visit restaurants and enjoy various kinds of foods with my friends on weekends. And, I’ve developed a keen taste of foods all over the metropolis Beijing. Therefore, I’m entitled to give you a tip on the most famous restaurant here in Beijing. For now, I’m proud to recommend Xizhimen Restaurant, which enjoys great popularity among local Beijingers.

The reasons why I put my finger on Xizhimen Restaurant as the most prestigious restaurant in this city go as follows. Firstly, it provides its customers with a superb environment for having a meal, with great classical Chinese music, and occasionally with crosstalk performances. Secondly, the restaurant excels in offering foods with local features, which attract both local residents and foreign guests. Thirdly, it has a good location, at the center of the city, and it’s accessible by all kinds of transportation, such as bus, subway or taxi.

I’m certain that you will love the restaurant once you come and have a meal there. Maybe you find the foods there are a lot different from foods back in your country. However, you’ll find them delicious in taste and artistic in content and color of the dishes.

Part II Listening Comprehension

Section A

1. W: My birthday is coming soon. I wonder how my birthday party will go a few days later.

M: Relax. I’ll see to it that everything is under control. What you do is just get prepared to enjoy your time.

Q: What does the man imply?

2. W: Come on, Bill, help me with this. I want to reserve a mobile phone of the latest model on this website. I’ve tried many times, but it seems I can’t get connected to the webpage for reservation. M: Why bother? Why not go to the mobile phone shop around the corner to get one? Q: What does the man most probably mean?

3. M: Angela, it seems you’re heading for that supermarket. You have many groceries to buy, don’t you?

W: Yes, a lot. I have to buy enough food for my husband and kids. I’m going on a business trip tomorrow. I need to make some preparation for them.

Q: What do we learn about the woman?

4. W: Learning English words really gets me bored to death. I hope I can speak fluent English in a minute.


M: Memorizing a considerable amount of English words is just the first step. You’ll have a long way to go before you can speak English fluently.

Q: What does the man suggest the woman do?

5. W:Lionel, I thought you had turned in your term paper yesterday. But, I couldn’t find it in my inbox.

M: I’m awfully sorry. I did send it at 12 o’clock yesterday. I’ll check my email account, to see whether I have sent to a wrong email address. Anyway, I’ll see to it safe in your mail box.

Q: What do we learn about the man from the conversation?

6. M: I thought you would love soap operas produced in Korea. So, I downloaded some from the Internet for you. But, it seems you don’t like them.

W: I’m thankful for what you’ve done for me. But, I have more important things to do, and I can’t afford to waste my time like watching those operas.

Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

7. M: I really enjoyed the movie we saw last night. It’s the best movie I’ve ever seen in my entire life. W: It seems we have a rather different definition of “the best movie”.

Q: What do we learn from the conversation?

8. M: How many books should I buy for the class in the new term? There’re 35 students on my list. W:You’d better wait. You may get an accurate number after the first class meeting. You know, perhaps, some of the students have got one second-hand book for themselves.

Q: What are the two speakers talking about?

Conversation One

M: All my life, I’ve been told that college life would be the best years of my life. I would have total control of my life. And to some extent, that’s so true.

W: So, you must feel happy and satisfied with you college life. Am I right?

M: Sort of. I eat what I want, when I want. If I feel like cleaning, I can choose to do it or not. And my bed is unmade more often it’s made.

W: It seems you enjoy your school life very much.

M: However, in one aspect, I don’t have control. To be honest, I hate attendance policies at school. In high school, I was told that if I didn’t want to go to class in college, no one would force me to attend classes. That’s kind of true. No one will force you go to a class.

W: Is it real that others don’t care about that?

M: But, the trouble is, the professors will deliver a failing grade, if you’re absent for too many times.

W: What if you’re ill or something urgent happens to you?

M: In fact, in many cases, I am allowed a certain number of absences before my credit is lost. Sometimes the number is as high as nine, other times as low as two. Some professors differentiate between excused and unexcused absences. Excused absences include university sports, a death in the immediate family, and illness with a doctor’s allowed note.

W: In my opinion, attendance policies at your school are fair. Don’t complain anymore. There’s


never complete freedom under any circumstance.

Questions 9 to 11 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

9. What misconception does the man have about college life when in high school?

10. What’s the outcome of being absent from class for too many times?

11. How could one be excused from class if he’s ill?

Conversation Two

W: I did a part-time job at the Lucas Public Library as an assistant librarian. That’s what I did during our summer holiday.

M: So, you must have a busy day collecting books and putting them on the right bookshelf.

W: I was busy, but I felt happy. I was happy to be one part of the Library to serve all the members of the public in the community. I felt proud that my job has a positive impact on people’s life, enriching their lives through reading and continuous learning.

M: Wow, I know you’re not exaggerating. Do you want to be a professional librarian after graduation from college?

W: Being a librarian will be great. You know, as a librarian, it doesn’t mean that you have to face tons of tons of books every day.

M: What’s it like to be a librarian? What else did you do back in the library?

W: I was an assistant librarian. So, I just tried my best to support professional librarians’ work. Most of the time, the professional librarians have to deal with people. For example, providing training in information retrieval for the public, teaching user education programs, and providing reference service to the public. Most importantly, they have to learn much knowledge in order to use different kinds of information tools and manage those electronic resources.

M: That’s hard. To do that well, one must have much knowledge about books, good oral and writing communication skills, and strong organizational skills. It seems you have a lot to learn in the rest days of your college life.

Questions 12 to 15 are based on the conversation you have just heard.

12. What did the woman do during the past summer holiday?

13. What did the woman feel proud about in her work?

14. What do professional librarians do as their daily routine?

15. What qualities may make an excellent professional librarian?

Section B

Passage One


Math tends to be one of those subjects that can bring out the worst in a student. Without the proper knowledge and understanding, students can be understandably frustrated by mathematics. In fact, the majority of college students claim that math is their most difficult subject. Unfortunately, many of these same students are convinced that it is simply a subject that they’ll never understand, but that is not the case. With just a few minor changes to their outlook and study habits, these students can excel.

Firstly, focus on the concept, not just the equation. Many people find that they have an easier time in math if they actually understand what they’re doing and why. Don’t spend a lot of time drilling formulas and equations, but rather look at each problem and contemplate what it is asking of you.

Secondly, stay positive. It’s easy to become frustrated and negative when you are uncertain about a problem, but those feelings will only add more stress to the situation. Instead, remind yourself that you can do the problem if you stay focused.

Thirdly, keep it fun. After hours of staring at math problems, the brain can become a little confused. Try to strengthen your math skills through various card games and other fun activities. You can find them, along with other similar games, on the web.

Fourthly, work the problems out in your head or on paper. Avoid the temptation to use the calculator or computer for problems that you can solve without them.

Questions 16 to 18 are based on the passage you have just heard.

16.How do most college students view math?

17. Why does the speaker advise not to drill formulas and equations?

18. What’s the use of card games in learning math?

Passage Two

Travel can be one of the most rewarding experiences in our lifetime, whether the goal is to see the world or to visit long-distance friends and family. However, when we travel with our elderly loved ones, we may be faced with challenges we don’t anticipate.

Our loved one may not be mobile without a wheelchair, or they may have a specific health condition such as a stroke or heart problems; any of these can make vacationing much more complex.As with any other vacation, preparation is key: plan ahead for some of the most common senior travel needs so that you and your family will be able to enjoy a worry-free trip.

The all-important first step is making sure your loved one is permittedfor travel by his or her primary care doctor, especially if you’re accommodating a health condition such as heart disease. Make sure the chosen destination is appropriate to your parent’s limitations, and ask the doctor for specific travel tips as well as any necessary medicine.

If your loved one needs a wheelchair at the airport, advance boarding of the airplane or train, or special seating in a disabled row or near a restroom, get in touch with the airline personnel or travel company to make sure these are available upon arrival. Contact the airline in advance to arrange for


special screening if your loved one has disabilities or special needs, and contact hotels to check on things like shower bars and accessible rooms.

Questions 19 to 21 are based on the passage you have just heard.

19. What is the key to a worry-free trip with elderly parents?

20. What kind of destination should you choose when traveling with the elderly?

21. Who could help if your elderly has some special needs during the trip?

Passage Three

Sheldon Adelsonis an American business giant, investor and philanthropist. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. At June 2015, Adelson was listed by Forbes as the 18th richest person in the world.He is a major contributor to Republican Party candidates, which has resulted in his gaining significant influence within the party.

Sheldon Adelsononce said, “A businessman is born with the mentality to take risks, though there are several important characteristics: courage, faith in yourself, and above all, even when you fail, to learn from failure and get up and try again.”

Adelson was born into a poor family and grew up in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.His father drove a taxi, and his mother ran a knitting shop.He started his business career at the age of 12, when he borrowed two hundred dollars from his uncle and purchased a license to sell newspapers in Boston.At the age of 16, he had started a candy-vending-machine business.He attended trade school to become a court reporter and subsequently joined the army.

He established a business selling makeup tools after leaving the army then started another business named De-Ice-It, which sold a chemical spray to help clear frozen windshields.In the 1960s, he started a charter tours business.He had soon become a millionaire, although by his 30s he had built and lost a fortune twice. Over the course of his business career, Adelson has created over 50 of his own businesses.

Questions 22 to 25 are based on the passage you have just heard.

22. Why does Sheldon Adelson have a powerful influence with the Republic Party?

23.In Adelson’s view, what’s the most important quality in an enterpreneur?

24.How old was Adelson when he started his first business?

25.What business did Adelson enter into when he left the army?

Section C

In order to communicate well with people from other cultures, you should adopt a flexible 5

“do’s and dont’s” of that culture.

In your heart, you should also be prepared for differences. Different cultures will speak at “small talk,” and exhibit otherBesides, you should be ready to understand hierarchies. When communicating with a different you may come from a culture where men and women are expected to communicate equally with each Last, you may come across difficulties in communication. If you could not understand someone, but patiently explain the problem. It’s usually better to becommunication go undressed, since there may otherwise be bigger problems later.


Part II Listening Comprehension

1. D 2. C 3. A 4. B 5. C 6. D 7. C 8. B 9. D 10. A

11. D 12. C 13. B 14. D 15. A 16. A 17. B 18. B 19.B 20. D

21. C 22. D 23. A 24. A 25. B

26. beforehand 27. basic 28. volumes 29. dissimilarities 30. aware of

31. unwritten 32. interact with 33. age groups 34. offensive 35. frank

Part III Reading Comprehension

Section A

36. M 37. C 38. A 39. N 40. H

41. B 42. L 43. D 44. F 45. O

Section B

46. G 47. F 48. H 49. N 50. I

51. L 52. E 53. J 54. D 55. K

Section C

Passage One


56. A 57. A 58. B59. C60. B

Passage two

61. D 62. C63. B64. A65. D

Part IV Translation

In 2011, the “free lunch” campaign launched by non-governmental organizations raises public concern over food and nutrition for students of compulsory education in rural areas across China. To solve this problem, the Central Government decided to start the nutrition improvement programmes for students receiving compulsory education from the autumn of 2011. In 2012, the Ministry of Education has issued detailed rules to ensure the effective implementation of the plan. By the rules, the “free lunch” should be based on meat, milk and eggs as the main food, and the provision of meals should be done by school-run canteens, gradually stopping the provision of meals by off-campus foodstuff companies, in order to ensure food safety.


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