20xx年四川省高考英语作文 满分作文 夏继超

第三节 书面表达(共35分)


1. 考试日期与科目;

2. 考试准备情况;

3. 考试时的状态;

4. 对试题的感受;

5. 可能的考试结果。


1. 词数120左右;

2. 开头语和结尾语已为你写好;

3. 可以适当增加细节.以使行文连贯;

4. 文中不能出现考生真实姓名和学校名称。

参考词汇:college entrance examination

Dear Sam,

Thank you for your concern. Now, I am writing to share with you the experiences in taking the college entrance examination.

The exam was due to begin on the morning of the seventh, June. The required subjects in exam are Chinese, English, math, physics, chemistry and biology. In order to get high grades in all subjects, I worked very hard to achieve my goal. Therefore, I had made a full preparation for it.

In spite of this, I first felt a little nervous because of some knowledge I was not familiar with. But after a deep breath, I told myself that I could make it and I was able to. After a while, everything went smooth for me. Once again, I regained my confidence, and it worked out well. When I finally went out of the exam spot, I felt relieved and a sense of achievement. So I am confident that I will get my ideal grades.

I am glad to receive your letter and thank you again for your concern. And I am waiting for your experiences in study and exam. Wish you a happy day!


Li Xia

第二篇:20xx年高考英语天津卷满分作文 1400字

丝路教育 2014高考英语天津卷满分作文 夏继超

第二节: 书面表达(满分25分)

假设你是晨光中学高二(1)班的班长李津, 得知美国学生Chris 作为交换生, 下学期将到你班学习。 请你根据以下提示, 给他写封邮件:

(1) 表示欢迎

(2) 介绍与本地生活相关的信息(如天气, 饮食等)

(3) 介绍本班情况

(4) 希望Chris做哪些事情, 以增进中美学生之间的了解和友谊


交换生 exchange student

Dear Chris,

I’m Li Jin, monitor of Class One, Grade Eleven. I have heard that you are to come to our school as exchange students, and I, on behalf of our class, welcome you warmly and sincerely. Now, I’d like to introduce some details about the weather, food, and our class.

The weather in fall is very pleasant. It is neither too hot nor too cold, and neither too dry nor too humid. The temperature here is at about 20 centigrade. Moreover, the food in Tianjin is delicious, including the Eight Great Bowls and The Four Great Stews, and some snacks such as Goubuli, a kind of steamed bun with filling. I am sure you will enjoy them.

Our class is a very warm family. There are 60 students in our class, containing 35 boys and 25 girls. You will find it easy to join us since we all want to make friends with you. Then, you needn’t worry about the life here, because the girls and boys in our class are very friendly and helpful. Whenever you get in trouble, they are ready to lend their hands to you.

At last, I personally advise you to learn some basic Chinese, in order to communicate with local people and it is much easier for you to get on with teachers and classmates by speaking Chinese. We are looking forward to seeing you.


Li Jin

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