1.《Recession-proofing your career》

To keep a threat awareness in mind and acting for your career are the primary idea of this article. The author develops this text into 2 parts: the necessity for recession-proofing your career and strategies for protecting your career.

First, know yourself,including the key skills and the areas of competence. This is the first and a necessary part before embarking on entirely your career. Then, marketing yourself. No one willing to refuse a Mr.right in the career,so do you .Finding right platforms ,you can realize your value. The author also throws out a problem:if you lost main source of income tomorrow ,could you fine an alternate source to replace it? In addition to pursue learning and development opportunities, we also can create a fallback position and stay culturally current to ensure your employability in the future. Moreover,as all we know, we could not hold one career without any obstacle. Rather than being defeated by failure,we must learn from those setbacks and use them to your advantages in the future.

Finally ,act type A,think type B, that is thinking and recognizing yourself once again and again. It seems a cycle from knowing yourself to recognize once again in the whole career life.

Nowadays, with the fast-shifting of the economic, we are really all living and working in a Temp World. Preparing before happening never is not a wise idea.


“Lies” is a typical critical article about whether we can tell lies in our daily life. The author uses abundant examples to convey the existence and necessity for lies and shows his own opinion —mankind must have lies and the bigger the better. To understand this attitude,we must look at the way the author how writes the passage. The author began the essay by telling the fact that although people usually have many negative views about lies,but we tell lies form time to time. Then the body gives us lots of reasons why we need lies sometimes,such as in order to maintain the stability of society,ruling the religion etc.

I was impressed by the sentence—“Art is a lie that tells the truth”.if someone is not willing to admit he/she have told lies,the facts itself is a lie. People must have told lies for different reasons and in different environments in our past ages. We know the choice between lies and truth decided mainly bases on our purposes. And we prefer to believe lies ,because truth may be frightening. But I just agree the author’s views in a certain degree. Because lies can make the betterment of the world,but can never make the world.


Summary and comment (unit2) ------the pleasures of ignorance The author began this essay by telling the experience of waking in the morning and finding a fact that he knew practically nothing about anything. The quantity of

the things he knew was limited except his own experience. However he felt no depress about his ignorance,believing that ignorance would be the greatest help to one. Because sometimes memory is not reliable, ignorance does work at this time,for the ignorant man seldom make inaccurate judgment without making an investigation first. So the ignorance would lead us to learn more. As we know, the author’s attitude is solely and optimistic. But should we feel ashamed or pessimistic while realizing that we are ignorant? Undoubtedly,one’s knowledge can be out at elbows sometimes, but we can look up in a textbook or the encyclopedia etc. The information can be quickly accessed in various means. What’s more, there is no need to remember too much detail things,such as the mathematical formula, names. If we always pay attention on those things,they will never be our prides but burden! So the answer of the question mentioned above is obvious.


----Rags and to comment rags,riches (unit to 4) riches From this essay,“American Dream”is gradually fading with the development of economy,rather than opportunity as the crux, especially for the native. The idea that American is exceptional in its material opportunity is deeply lodged in the culture. And this also has brought so much motivation for the poor. But now pessimistic spirit has come to dominate the national consciousness and the stiffening of America’s economic is worse than the culture. what’s

more,America’s dominant position among those western counties is also becoming unobvious, which also lead challenges among peers depend on their parents. So the real focus of an effort to restore social and economic opportunity in America is to get out of poverty. The author’s advice is paying more attention on education. A kind of culture held in esteem has its irreplaceable advantages. Such as American dream, struggle,risk ,self-determination and material progress are its representations. So the sate that rich children stay rich whereas poor children still stay poor can change. However,with the development of the society ,the change of the environment, the culture is hard to keep. What we need to do is to look for means to maintain the culture in order to be ladders out of poverty. I agree with the author’s advice——improve education.Because it’s effective

Summary and comment(unit 5) although we need several generations. ---------teaching our children about evil The author began this essay by asking how to understand the definition of “evil”. In the body, creative and destructive potentials were raised,which would effect people’s behaviors greatly.our creative potential is to enhance and enrich life,but destructive potential has the opposite result.In the end, with such what’s about evil, the author concludes the text by offering some hows as to teaching our children about evil. According to my understanding, on one hand, there is no absolute good or absolute evil. A thing

can be good or evil or both at the same time;On the other hand, good and evil have no difference in size. We can’t deny a thing is good just because it’s too small, such as picking up the rubbish on the road. Or we can’t say a thing is not evil just because it is a small thing, such as spitting everywhere. Finally, I think good and evil can be transformed sometimes. We can’t say one is good or evil forever. In a word, good and evil is a complicated term. The relationship between them is so difficult to define.we should regard them from an overall aspect, don’t treat a thing or a person as good or evil too roughly.

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