Australia’s unemployment fails to 5.8%, the lowest rate for 20 months

“The number of people with jobs rises 71,400, November’s statistics show, defying expectations of an overall loss of 10,000 jobs.”

Contrary to the expectation that 10, 000 jobs are to be lost in Australia, the statistics of November, 2015 show that the number of people who are holding jobs has increased by 71, 400.

“Full-time employment rose by 41,600, and part-time jobs were up by 29,700.”

This is for both full-time jobs and part-time jobs.

“Australia’s unemployment rate has fallen to 5.8%, the lowest level in 20 months,following the strongest two-month period of jobs growth in 28 years.”

Australia’s unemployment rate has declined to the lowest level after the strongest jobs growth.

“Unemployment at 5.9% something to sing about – or is it too good to be true?...”

However, there is doubt that the seasonal adjusted figure could be unreal.

“Despite widespread concern about the reliability of the data…“

Although the figure maybe unreal, it is still worthwhile to congratulate those who obtained a job and the companies that created the jobs.

“The Australian dollar spiked back above US73c on the news before falling back slightly to US72.86 at 5pm AEDT.”

The Australian dollar raised again on the news.

“The participation rate, which refers to the number of people either employed or actively looking for work, rose to 65.3% from 65% in October, the ABS said…. “

According to ABS, the participation rate has also raised.

“The employment figures represent the strongest two-month period of jobs growth since December 1987 and January 1988…. “

The figures indicate that the Australian economy has been performing better than expected since the mining investment boom.

“However, analysts cautioned that the data was volatile and noted that the ABS said that 52,700 of the job gains…”

Analysts questioned the soundnessof the data and the way it was sampled.

“The jobs market seemed nevertheless to be strengthening, economists said…“

According to economists, the job market has been improving after all.

“The economy has struggled over the past year amid a fall in mining


The Australia economy has been struggling while a boom helped to avoid a long-term recession.

“The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has cut interest rates twice this year to encourage non-mining sectors…”

RBA turned down interest rates to encourage the economy recovery of the non-mining sectors, but the outcome was contrary to the expectation.

“NAB economist Tapas Strickland said he expected strong jobs growth to continue into the newyear…”

NAB economist pointed out that strong jobs growth is expected in 2016 according to the jobs ads.

“The picture was varied across the states. Unemployment fell to 5.2% in New South Wales and to

5.9% in Queensland…”

This condition varies in different states. Unemployment in QLD, NSW and SA has fallen while in VIC and WA it has increased.


The unemployment in Australia in 2015 has declined after the mining investment boom. Australia has seen strong jobs growth.

Although the figures maybe questionable, the people who found a job are still to be congratulated and there is indication the economy is improving after all.

This varies in different states. However, the overall circumstance in Australia is prospective.

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Unit one

“The End of Something", by Ernest Hemingway, is a short story about two young people who witness how time can change the world and the people in it. Hemingway uses this story to convey how this change happens all the time, and however desperately you cling to the "present", the present only lasts for that one, fleeting moment you realize it is there, then it is gone, past, and it can never be present again. To understand this message, one must look at the way Hemingway writes this story, how he uses the fish's not striking, and the characters in themselves to tell us a story far beyond what we read.

Thus the story ends with a different couple; Nick and Bill are left at the end, whereas Marjorie takes the boat and rows her way out of the story. The past has become past, the rods remain slack; the past will not strike.

It is as Hemingway conveys through this story: the present will not remain present for long, and one must look beyond what was and look at what is in order to be truly happy.

Unit two

The author began the essay by telling the experience of waking in the morning and finding him practically ignorant of anything. The author felt pitiable yet not necessarily so depressed about his current store of knowledge after many years of costly education:Apart from the immediate personal experiences, he has a limited range of knowledge and the inadequate understanding of the major phenomena of the world. And the reasons may be that ignorance seems to do him no harm in his daily life, and his inadequate memory of knowledge may deceive him and even cause severe mistakes of misquoting. However, it suddenly occurred to him when he has gone his way serene and happy, he may be the only one who is ignorant, for anyone may harbor the same psychology of remaining to be a happy ignorant person.

Some say ignorance is bliss, and some say ignorance is the root of all evil. But to the author, he was happy to be ignorance. We can learn the optimistic way which the author treated knowledge from this essay. Being a happy ignorant person is not shameful.

Unit three

Nowadays research suggests that we should think there is deep link between body and mind health in order to achieve happy state of mind. In this way, exercise is a state of mind.

In this article, the author uses scientists’ experiments as evidence to show that exercise has exerted great effects on people’s mind health. Regular exercise can improve your mood, decrease anxiety, and raises self-esteem through inducing biological changes. Exercise is also a pretty good antidepressant which can relieves and prevents depression through regulating mood and storing memories. On the other hand, exercise is under genetic control. Genes can influence both people’s physiological responses to exercise and people’s subjective experience of exercise. In the end, the author advises that we form the habit of exercise.

The author shows us if we can stick with any program for at least two months, we are giving ourselves the best chance to feel better. We needn’t spend too much and the type of exercise doesn’t matter. Continuing exercise and motivation to exercise are good to our body and mind health.

Unit four

“Opportunity is the crux of the American ideal.” People in the American society used to think that with hardworking and self-determination, they are sure to succeed and realize their dreams. But in this article, the author considers that America is already a middle-aged country, and pessimistic spirit has come to dominate the national consciousness. Most important of all, the economic mobility in America is getting lower and lower as compared to any other western country. The idea of the “American Dream” is starting to fade since rich children stay rich whereas poor children still stay poor.

As the author’ mind, children previously from lower-income families have few chances to get good education but the wealthy one do not. As we all know, education is a barrier for some individuals because if they do not have or can not obtain an education, then the chances of being left behind at the bottom on the economic or income ladder is much greater. As a result, the society will become “Rags to Rags, Riches to Riches”. So we should change this situation and give the poor much more chances to get education to improve their life.

Unit five

It is probably safe to say that every language has a pair of words expressing good and evil, for it is generally believed that a sense of moral judgment and a distinction between good and evil or right and wrong are cultural universals. But what really is good, and what really is evil?

As Plato observed, there are relatively few ways to do good, but there are countless ways to do evil, which can therefore have a much greater impact on our lives, and the lives of other beings capable of suffering. For this reason, some philosophers maintain that preventing evil is more important than promoting good in formulating moral rules and in conduct.

To prevent evil, the author of this article argues, we must first know what is truly “evil”. Beginning with the recognition that neither good nor evil exist outside the human personality, the author distinguishes creative and destructive potentials, and then finds social forces that may activate destructive potentials. With such what about evil, the author concludes the text by offering some how as to teaching our children.

Unit six

The massive intrusion of government into national economics could spark disastrous protectionism. Nowadays, the heightened dangers of protectionism have been universally recognized among economic officials, economists or global business leaders. But for various reasons, little effort is made so far to curb the trend other than mere talks. With the breaking out of the economic and financial crisis recently, governments even risk reinforcing trade protectionism, which might incur a world-wide trade war. It is beyond imagination what a heavy blow the crisis, together with a trade war, may bring to world economy. Efforts must be made now to deter any protectionism.

Article in this unit as an example, describes the trading strategies should be taken under the environment of financial crisis. The article elucidated that the banking crisis and decreasing growth have already brought a heavy strike to globalization, if any trade war breaks out, it could be deadly to world economy.

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