Summary of “Explanatory and Exploratory Writing”

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In his paper “Explanatory and Exploratory Writing”, Maxine Hairston illustrates the differences between two major types of writing—explanatory and exploratory, both of which the writers should master and value equally.

There are various variables that have an influence to the work of writers, the most important of which is the type of writing. And the two major types of writing falls into explanatory writing, which focuses on information and exploratory writing, which focuses on ideas.

As for explanatory writing, it includes many forms. And what differs some forms, for instance, a movie review from the others is knowing the information or the source of the information. Because the writer often have understanding of what he or she is going to say and can find the existing materials to support the essay. Another typical feature of the explanatory is that writers usually make plans. And works of college students are often explanatory, as well as magazine articles and nonfiction books. And although it is often hard and casual to do an explanatory writing, the process can often be under control.

Exploratory writing also contains many forms. But it is the less of information and the more of idea that distinguishes some types of forms, for instance, a reflective personal essay from the others. In contrary to the explanatory writing, the writers usually do not know the potential audiences and it is hard to find the source information. Therefore, it is tough for a explanatory writer to make a plan or outline in detail. Even if the writer can start to put down a topic sentence, its idea of it many change or disappear. And papers of college students and magazine articles can also be exploratory. An important fact is that exploratory writing harder to plan rather than harder to do. Exploratory writing may be harder to organize to make an outline and have your own confidence at the same time.

All in all, there isn’t a clear boundary between explanatory writing and explanatory writing. The works can turn out to be a combine of it. There are several reasons. First, writing processes requires the writer to be fact-centered and speculative at the same time. Second, the combination of the two makes the writer more proficient and relaxed. Finally, the writers should bear in mind that the status of the two approaches is in parallel. It is recommended that the writer make a mix of the explanatory and exploratory writing.

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