The collection of personal essay


The collection of personal essay

The important of studying

As an old saying goes that An idle youth,a needy age.what’s the importance of

study?Many people can stop themselves to wonder about this question.Some people think that studying is very important in our daily life which can help us to pursue our dream,but some of others hold the different ideas.Views on this question,vary from person to person.To my point of thinking,I think that studying is good for ourselves.For one thing,generaly

speaking,studying can help us to inherit our ancestors’experience.For another,studying can improve ourselves.Besides,studying can make us becoming competitive.

Studying is a way to inherit the knowledge from our forefaters.When we face all kinds of difficulties,our parents and our teachers would begin to teach us how to solve those

problems.From the study,we got the knowledge from our ancestors.and we begin to know right and wrong,guily and pround.That’s why we call ourselves standing on the giant’s shoulder.

Studying can improve ouselves.Everyone had borned as a blank paper,but after we study the knowledge which make us beginning to open our mind in the world of nirvana.We can soar from the south pole to the north pole through the studying of geography.Studying of history,we can travel from the bronze age to the modern society in the future.Even we can see a lifetime passing form the diaper to the shroud.Studying can upgrade our

knowledge.That’s why studying is good for us.

Studying can lead us to the successful destination and make us becoming more

competitive.According to Darwin’s natural selection is easy to us to find out the importance of studying.In Africa,the gazelle teach the cubs to run faster than the lions.If the cubs can’t learn from how to running form their parents as soon as possible.then they will face with the Azrael.As for ourselves,if we stop learning,if we stop studying.Then finally,we will be wash out from this high speed civilization.

From above,we can easily draw the conclusion that studying has a great effect on the human society.Apart from the inheritance,the self-improving and the root of

competition,there are probably many other important points about studying.There is an old saying says that it’s never to old to learn.


第二篇:A Personal Essay 1000字

A Personal Essay

When we talk about my personal essay,the first word most people I know would use to describe myself is friendly. I believe the old saying that “One for all, All for one.” Everything i will think about other people first. For example, when I was the primary school’s student, if my classmates met something sad, annoy, terrible and so on, I would give comfort to them, told them everything will be ok and don’t worry. I think being friendly is an important frait to have in life today.

Besides, passionate is the word that almost anyone who knows me well would use to describe me. And of course, I couldn’t agree more. I will put my all heart to do one thing which I should do. That is to say, I’m also a perfectionist. I want to make all things better. Sometimes maybe I will feel tired, but I still think that it’s important.

I am sensitive, too. I want to make friends sincerely,so I also want that my friends will treat me heart by heart. If my friends lie to me, I will feel sad, very, very sad .

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