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日前,你校英语俱乐部以“If I could do one thing to change China for the better, what would you do?”为话题向全校学生征文。请你写一篇英语短文参加此次征文活动。


1. 词数100左右


One possible version

If I could do one thing to change China for the better, I would make every effort to protect our environment.

To begin with, I would rather do everything I can to shut down the polluting factories in no time, which can prevent the situation going from bad to worse. Moreover, it?s time that people?s environmental awareness should be raised. In the long run, however, only if we develop our country in an efficient and scientific way can we improve our environment thoroughly.

In reality, it is our joint efforts that we can depend on to change our motherland for the better. I sincerely hope that we can devote as much as possible to making a more beautiful and harmonious China!

(2)2015乌鲁木齐高考模拟英语作文 在英文单词I和you之间填入不同动词

在英文单词I和you之间填入不同动词,会表达不同的意义,如I trust you;I forgive you;I promise you;I understand you;I support you;请从以上五句话中选出你最喜欢的一句作为题目,用英语写一篇短文。


1 你对该句话的理解

2 结合相关事例说明你喜欢这句话的理由

3 恰当的结尾

One Possible Version:

Among the sentences listed above , which we often come across in our life, stands out “I trust you”. It helps people get rid of depression. Few things help an individual more than letting him know that you trust him..

Whenever I am faced with difficulty and almost lose heart, my parents often say “I trust you ”, which gives me a lot of encouragement. Also, my teachers show a strong belief in me by smiling at me and offering practical assistance. Thanks to their trust, I achieve more, even beyond their expectation .

Trust can really make a difference, so don?t forget to pass the message “I trust you” on to others.

(3)2015赣州市高考模拟英语作文 对毕业典礼的看法




One possible version

There is no doubt that a graduation ceremony is a significant event in the life of a young 1

person. It provides an occasion for reflecting on the previous few years, your hard work during that time, and the relationships you have formed with classmates and teachers. It is also a turning point to the future, whether you will go to college or not.

Though it represents a serious moment in your life, I do think a graduation ceremony should always be a lighthearted and joyful event. Besides handing out diplomas, it should include songs, jokes, and anything else that the students and their families might enjoy. Such a significant day in any person?s life deserves to be a memorable one.

(4)高考模拟英语作文 申请到美国大学就读英文自我简介


姓名 李华 性别 男 年龄 18 e-mail lihua@qq.com


1.学习特长:2.英语水平;3.业余爱好; 4.课外沽动.

注意:1.词数100左右. 2.可以适当增加细节,使行文连贯。

One Possible version:

Dear sir /Madam:

As a Chinese high school student to graduate this year, I sincerely apply for a chance to study in your university. I'm eighteen and will finish my three years of study in high school soon. I study Chinese, English, math, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, politics and history and other subjects, of which science subjects are my favorites. I'm also good at English. I can communicate fluently with native speakers in English.

Besides, I go in for various out-of-class activities. I like playing football, table tennis, and so on I'm also a member of many clubs for music and opera. I'm a volunteer in my neighborhood I'm looking forward to your reply And please contact me by e-mail:lihua@qq.com.

Yours sincerely

Li Hua

(5)2015湖北十校联考英语作文 People are always looking for someone to look 请根据以下提示,并结合事例,用英语写一篇短文。

People are always looking for someone to look up to and imitate. You can set the example by becoming the person that people want to be like. You can help change the world by changing yourself.







Such is human nature that people tend to look for an idol in their life, holding the belief that they can become better by following the example of their idol. However, we can set the example by changing ourselves and becoming the person we want to be.

I can?t help recalling the time when I first entered high school. Having failed the entrance exam, I was admitted to an ordinary high school, which disappointed me a lot. I was very bitter and rude, looking down upon everyone at school. Then one day I told myself I couldn?t be like this any longer. Maybe I shouldn?t look for someone to admire but should change myself first. I 2

tried to improve myself a bit and tried to be friendlier to others. As a result, I found myself a lot happier and I was even awarded the title of “Excellent Student” at the end of term.

Life is a constant exercise in self-improvement. Changing yourself to a better self is definitely better than looking for someone better to imitate. Change yourself, and you will make the earth a better world day by day.

(6)2015韶关高考模拟英语作文 介绍皮影戏的英语短文










参考词汇 皮偶puppet 纸板 paper board


Shadow puppet play, also known as “shadow play”, is one of China?s famous folk opera forms of storytelling and entertainment. During the performance, a player usually holds/manipulates three to four puppets made of animal skin and paper board behind a curtain. With the light on, the shadows of those figures are reflected on a curtain, and then various effects can be achieved by moving both the puppets and the light source. Originated from the Han Dynasty, shadow puppet play enjoys a long history in China. During the Yuan Dynasty, it was introduced to many countries and attracted many foreign audience. Nowadays, it is a popular form of entertainment for both children and adults in many countries around the world.

(7)2015邯郸高考模拟英语作文 谈谈高三生活的感受和启迪

假设你是李华,你的美国笔友Terry很关心你的近况,请给他回一封邮件,描述一件在你高三的学习生活中给你留下深刻印象的事情。谈谈你的感受和你受到的启迪。 注意:




One possible version:

Dear Terry,

I am really glad to receive your letter. Thanks for your concern. Talking about the most impressive moment in my life in Senior Grade 3, I still remember the speech contest which I took part in months ago. I worked hard on it. But when it?s my turn I felt so nervous that my mind went blank. I was about to give up when my English teacher came to me with a reassuring smile “Believe in yourself and you can make it.” Taking a deep breath, I started my speech and it went unexpectedly well.

Being nervous is part of human being. However, with full preparations and confidence, it?s possible to overcome nervousness in any situation.


Best wishes.


Li Hua

(8)2015山西高考英语模拟作文 My Chinese Dream英语演讲稿

假如你是星光中学的学生李华,将参加主题为“My Chinese Dream”的英语演讲比赛,请撰写一篇演讲稿,主要内容包括:


2.山区偏僻,教育落后;3.父母和朋友都反对; 4.我会......

注意: 1. 词数100左右;2. 开头和结尾已为你写好。

One possible version:

Good morning, everyone!

I?m Li Hua from Xingguang Middle School. The topic of my speech is “My Chinese Dream”. As we know, the education of rural areas is falling behind other areas. And the children there are longing for knowledge. Therefore, the problem about the lack of teachers is especially serious. It puzzles me that parents and friends aren?t in favour of my idea of being a rural teacher. And they think I am foolish. I understand their thoughts and feelings, but I think the children in rural areas are in great need of me. I will study hard to go college, thus realizing my dream.

I won?t regret my choice. I will struggle for my dream. Come on and join me!

Thank You!

(9)2015广东揭阳高考模拟英语作文 被误解该怎么办


I?d like to share an experience with you in which I was misunderstood in the beginning. It happened on my way to school last Monday. I was riding to school when I heard a sharp call for help all of a sudden. Following the voice, I caught sight of a girl struggling helplessly in the river. Without a moment?s hesitation, I hurriedly got off my bike, took off my clothes and jumped into the river. After a few minutes? efforts, I managed to pull the girl up eventually. Afterwards, I informed the girl?s parents of the accident and then continued to head for school. But I was still late for class. Not knowing the truth, the teacher criticized me severely for missing the class.

In the very afternoon, the girl?s parents came to my school and thanked me for saving their daughter. Having learned the whole story, my teacher made an apology to me sincerely and appealed to all my classmates to learn from me.


1. 以约30个词概括短文主要内容;







Possible versions:

The author saved a girl from drowning on his way to school and thus was late for school, for which he was criticized by his teacher. Later, when knowing the truth, the teacher apologized to 4

him for misunderstanding him. (39)

I really think highly of the author, who rescued the girl in danger regardless of his own safety. He sets a good example to us all and is truly worth learning from.

Like the author, I was once misunderstood by my best friend, Mike. Last year,as a member of the Student Union in our school, I was actively involved in the preparation work for the New Year party and even presented several good suggestions. However, Mike misunderstood me, saying that I was just showing off. Though sad and annoyed, I tried to calm myself down and later had a talk with him. Finally, I managed to convince him that I was just doing my best to ensure the success of the party. Mike realized he had misunderstood me and apologized to me.

When we are misunderstood by our friends, the best strategies are to stay calm and clear away the misunderstanding through communication. When we are calm enough to get our anger under control, we can be clear-minded about the situation and find a way out. Besides, communication helps each other see things from the other?s point of view, which will naturally eliminate the misunderstanding. So try to explain the problem patiently and objectively, and friendship will be regained. (210)

(10)2015安庆高考模拟英语作文 参加十八岁成人仪式发言稿





参考词汇 成人仪式 a growing-up ceremony 宣誓 make an oath

One possible version

Good morning, dear teachers and schoolmates!

It?s my great honor to be standing here to share with you my feelings and wishes at such a vital occasion.

Our school is holding a growing-up ceremony and we?ve turned a new page in our life. It was just a few minutes ago that we made an oath, which means from now on we should have a sense of social responsibility. Meanwhile, we should thank our parents for the hardships they have gone through to bring us up and our teachers who have been so patient to teach us. More importantly, we should build up more confidence and work harder than we used to. Only in this way can we reach our goals and realize our dreams in the future. In a word, we?re sure to have benefited a lot from today?s activity, which I will never forget in my life.

Thank you for your listening!

(11)2015唐山高考模拟英语作文范文 中国游客在海外的不文明行为

近来,中国游客在海外的不文明行为倍受热议。假设你是李华,一名国际旅游社的导游,就此写一篇短文在一份英文报纸上发表自己的观点。请根据下面的提示完成短文。 1 列举不文明行为 2 指出其影响 3 提出建议


1 词数100左右 2 可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯 3 首句已给出,不计入总词数 One possible version

As a tour guide of an international travel agency, I find it so embarrassing to see many Chinese tourists behave badly abroad. They speak loudly in public places, carve characters on tourist attractions, throw rubbish, spit everywhere, and even cross the road when the traffic lights 5

are still red. Such bad behavior overseas has caused damage to the country?s reputation.

Measures should be taken to stop this. First, before going abroad, tourists should be trained to obey social and public order, and respect local religions and customs. Besides, kindergartens and primary schools should do more to teach the kids to be responsible citizens. Last, laws should be made to punish those who behave badly in public places. I hope soon tourists overseas will change their behavior and win respect for themselves and our country.

(12)2015桐城高三一模英语作文范文 熬夜学习的利弊



赞成者 反对者 自己的看法

效果更好。 应该学会平衡分配时间。 ??

充分利用时间。 熬夜对白天听课效果不利。

同学都在加班加点,自己心慌,怕落后。 ??

注意:1 .词数 120 左右。文章开头已给出,不算字数。

2 .可适当有效拓展以使行文连贯。


Dear editor,

With the College Entrance Examinations approaching , the students of Senior Three are focusing much more on studying. Many of them even begin to stay up studying. A heated discussion was held to argue about the advantages and disadvantages of it.

Some students have their own reasons for studying late into night. Firstly, the quietness in the night will result in better effectiveness. Besides, the examinations are only 200 days away so it's high time they made good use of every minute. What?s more, seeing others studying so hard, they will feel anxious if they don?t take action.

Some others, however, hold the opposite view, saying that a sensible senior student must know how to balance his time between study and leisure. As everyone knows, staying up late will naturally affect the next day's performance in class.

As far as I?m concerned, different people have different habits. If you can hold it, it?s your own business when to study and when to sleep.


Li Hua

(13)2015汕头一模英语作文 如何面对困难When Faced with Difficulties


I felt nervous when reading the email that I was being asked to do a live broadcast to over 8,000 workers. As a complete shy person, I had a lifelong fear of the camera and public speaking. I knew I had to say yes. First, I could not disappoint my manager; she is an outstanding woman who has done more to support me than anyone else in my entire career. Additionally, I believed I was the very person for the job. Months of discussions with our workers helped me to understand how to contact them and how we could help. Finally, during my whole life, my fears had stopped me from making decisions.

In order to accomplish the challenging job, I searched for useful information about what to 6

speak and turned to others for help as to how to speak in public with no fear. Most importantly, I found every chance to speak bravely so as to build up my confidence.

In the end, I felt proud to have really made it. To this day, when I am out in the street, I am greeted by people whom I have never met telling me how much they enjoyed my speech. To this day, it still means a lot to my career and future.




(I )读完这篇文章后你的感悟,(2 )列举自己或他人的一次面对困难的经历,







When Faced with Difficulties

When asked to speak in public, the author felt nervous at first but decided to accept it for various reasons. He did all he could to practice speaking loudly and finally succeeded, which affects his life.

After reading the passage, I can?t help admiring the author for his great courage . Had he chosen to refuse to speak in public, he could never have dared to express himself before the others. On our life journey ,it?s out of the question for us to keep ourselves free from difficulties and troubles. What matters much is to accept them and then do everything in our power to find an effective solution.

The inspiring story above reminds me of my best friend Tom . Tom was always suffering from poor English . In order to change such a tough situation, he spent time and energy on English learning, remembering new words, reading passages, doing English exercises. Little by little, his great efforts paid off. Not only has he made amazing progress but he has also found much pleasure from learning English.

As senior 3 students, we naturally meet with problems and difficulties of different kinds in learning. In most cases, I prefer to deal with them independently, which is always painful but usually worthwhile especially when I find the solutions to them with my own efforts. If necessary, I will turn to my classmates and even the teachers for help.

In short, in the face of difficulties, we are supposed to face up to them and more importantly thrive to conquer them.

(14)高三英语作文范文 Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass 请认真阅读下面的引语(quotation).按要求用英语写一篇短文。

"Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. " John Ruskin


注意:1.短文开头已给出,不计人总词数;2.文中不能出现考生的具体信息;3.词数不少于120个. This quotation from John Ruskin tells us that--------------------------------------------------------------


This quotation from John Ruskin tells us that it is necessary for us to set a suitable goal whatever we are doing. Otherwise, we would be wasting our time, achieving nothing at all. Your goals determine what you are going to be.

My experience at the beginning of my high school life has left me a deep impression. During that period, it never occurred to me what I was going to be or what kind of life I'd like to live. I always wasted my time chatting online and playing computer games. It was my poor grades in the mid-term exams and my head teacher's inspiration that made me realize the importance of setting it goal. Without an aim. I was just like a boat sailing without a compass. From then on, I made up my mind to get admitted to a famous university and devote myself lo research work. Guided by my dream, I found myself making great progress and achieving success.

As another famous saying goes, "nothing seek, nothing find”. Only if we have certain goals in mind and stick to them whatever difficulties we may come across can we make a difference and live life to the fullest.

(15)潮州高二期末考英语小作文 中学生的健康状况

你所在的研究性学习小组对“中学生的健康状况”进行了一次调查,请根据以下信息写一篇英语短文,在英文校报上投稿。内容包括:学生的健康现状、原因及专家建议。 现状:身体素质逐年下降,肥胖人数增多






参考词汇:下降:decline;超重: overweight;



Last week, some of us made a survey about middle school students? health.


Last week, some of us made a survey about middle school students? health.

The survey shows that the general health of middle school students is declining year by year, with more people having the problem of overweight. One of the reasons could be that they have a heavy load in their study so that they seldom do physical exercises. What?s more, they don?t do labor work like housework and they don?t have a balanced diet. To solve the problem, experts advise that we should not chat on line so often so that we can have enough sleep and we should do sports for at least one hour a day. Besides, we?d better eat more fruits and vegetables and refuse junk foods.

(16)2015赣州高考模拟英语作文 给加拿大的志愿者的感谢信





1.词数 120左右,开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。2.可适当发挥,以使行文连贯。 One possible version

Dear Jim,

My name is Li Hua, one of the students you taught last term. I?m writing to thank you for donating the basketballs to our school and teaching us how to play basketball.

We know you come a long way from Canada, and this is the first time that you have volunteered in China. I would like to tell you that all of us enjoy your teaching very much, for your class is so interesting and lively. We not only learn the knowledge related to basketball, but also learn a lot of skills about it, which benefits us mentally as well as physically. We have begun to love playing basketball. All the students and their parents are thankful to you for your hard-work. We do hope you can come and visit us in the future.

Best wishes!

Li Hua

(17)2015北京丰台高三二模英语作文 去地坛公园认养树木的过程



2015北京丰台高三二模英语作文 去地坛公园认养树木的过程

One possible version:

On Friday evening, I was watching TV with my parents when a piece of news caught our attention. The park called on people to adopt trees. That was exactly what we had been thinking about. So the next morning, we went to the park. A worker there gave us a detailed introduction and showed us to the pine woods. We chose a beautiful pine tree and the worker tied an adoption card on it. Seeing my name on the card, I was so proud and felt responsibility at the same time. To memorize this exciting moment, we took photos with our new family member---the pine tree. In the photo, we all smiled from bottom of our heart.

(18)英语作文范文 中学生是否应该参加志愿者活动

下面是中学生对志愿者工作的看法的调查表,请根据下面所给的信息写一篇英语短文讨论中学生是否应该参加志愿者活动(voluntary work)并阐明你的观点。字数120左右。 Different students have different attitudes toward voluntary work.____________

One possible version:

Different students have different attitudes toward voluntary work. 70% of the students approve of doing voluntary work. They consider that it can make a contribution to society and that it is a worthwhile job to help others. It can also bring personal benefits and will contribute to their future because they can gain valuable experience and skills for their future career. Voluntary work often opens up opportunities for them, build up confidence, self-awareness, good communication skills and leadership ability.

25% of the students disapprove of doing voluntary work. They think the work is done without payment and it is a waste of time. The rest of the students don?t have clear attitudes towards it, nor do they care about it.

I think each of us should make a contribution to society. No matter how small it is, it will help make a difference.

(135 words) 9

(19)英语作文及范文 Top Meal of the Day吃早餐的重要性

最近的一项调查表明,大约有30%的高中生养成不吃早餐的习惯。请根据表格内容用英语写一篇题为“Top Meal of the Day” 的短文刊登在英语学习辅导报上。

原因: 1.晚上学习太晚,不吃早餐可多睡一会儿;



结果: 1.整天昏昏欲睡, 记忆力下降; 2.上课注意力不能集中; 3.考试成绩不理想。 建议: 1.早餐不可少,它提供全天所需能量的30%,且有助于创造能力的培养;

2.青少年健康应从早餐抓起。3. 自己的建议(至少2点)

注意: 1.短文须包括所有要点,但不要逐字翻译;可以适当增加情节,使内容连贯。

2.词数:120左右 ;文章的开头已给出,不计入总词数内。

3.参考词汇: 创造能力 creative abilities

One possible version:

A recent study shows that nearly 30 percent of the high school students do not have breakfast . As a result, they tend to feel sleepy all day and have poor memories. What?s worse, it is impossible for them to concentrate on their studies and to get high marks in all kinds of tests . Some students who study late into the night choose to miss breakfast so that they can have a few extra minutes in bed . Others are given money to buy their breakfast on the way to school because their parents are too busy to prepare it for them . To our surprise, in order to stay slim and lose weight, a few school girls and boys often go to school without breakfast .

In fact, the morning meal plays an important part . It can provide 30 percent of the whole day?s energy . For creative abilities and better judgment, school kids should start their days with a regular breakfast. (147words )

(20)2015宁德市高三质检Popularization of Campus Football

目前,教育部提出要把足球纳入学校体育课程教学体系,作为体育课必修内容。某英语报以Popularization of Campus Football为题,向中学生征文。请你根据以下内容要求用英语写一篇短文应征。内容包括:

1. 足球进校园的意义;2. 学校存在的问题(如场地,设施,师资等);3. 你的看法。 注意:

1. 根据提示内容可适当发挥,使行文连贯;2. 短文的开头已为你写好,不计入总词数。

3. 词数120左右。4. 文中不得使用真实姓名、校名。

5. 参考词汇:设施facility 校园campus 普及popularize

Popularization of Campus Football

China’s Ministry of Education has promoted popularization of campus football in the country’s schools. It is of great significance to popularize campus football. Firstly, football training in schools will help teenagers to build up their bodies. Secondly, it will enable teenagers to lay a solid foundation of football at an early age, which makes it possible for the national team to select excellent football players in the future.

However, ahead of us lie some difficulties. At present, the majority of the schools in our country have no football facilities, like standard football fields. Also, qualified coaches are in great need.

As far as I am concerned, in order to popularize campus football and realize China’s 10

football dream, I strongly advocate that we should make joint efforts to contribute to the youth football progress and that local governments at various levels should take effective measures to support the youth football development. (136 words)

(21)2015天门高三四月调考英语作文We all know that Silence is golden


We all know that “Silence is golden”, but in most cases, good communication can help wipe out misunderstanding and build a good relationship.

注意:①无须写标题;②除诗歌外,文体不限;③内容必须结合你生活中的具体事例; ④文中不得透露个人的姓名和学校名称;


One possible version:

As is universally acknowledged, good communication is what it takes to build a harmonious relationship.

When it comes to this, unforgettable memories crowd in my mind. One day, I was about to go home after school when it rained cats and dogs. Without an umbrella, I called my deskmate walking in the rain at a distance to share hers, but she didn?t stop. From then on, every time she tried to talk to me, I turned around and ignored her, assuming that she did it on purpose. Things didn?t get better until I found a message saying “whatever happened, please let me know. We are more friends than deskmates.” Only then did I realize I misunderstood her, so I rushed to talk with her and make an apology without hesitation, which contributed to a much stronger friendship between us.

If she hadn?t left me a message and if I had kept silent all the time, I would have lost a best friend. It is good communication that has wiped out our misunderstanding, thus saving our friendship.




4、主要结构正确,信息完整,一个或一个以上拼写错误扣0. 5分,不累加;

5、主要结构正确,信息有遗漏扣0. 5分;6、主要结构正确,添加无关信息扣0. 5分;



2、同类小错误扣分不累加;不同类的小错误累加,三个以上不得分。3、大小写错误不扣分。 短文写作 短文写作要求:夹叙夹议

观点:As for “the way to success”, Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.





(22)2015高考模拟英语作文 高中生考入大学后是否要配备笔记本电脑




1.是对子女奋发努力取得好成绩的肯定和奖励 2.方便今后的学习,随时随地地可以上网查阅资料 反对者

1. 给有些家庭增加了经济负担 2.大学学习条件比较优越,有足够的计算机房供学生使用 你的看法(至少两点)??

注意:1. 对所给要点逐一陈述并适当发挥,不要简单翻译。


作 文:

Is it necessary for freshmen to have a laptop when they go to university? Different people have different ideas.

The supporters think that students deserve a laptop as an award for their great efforts and achievements. In addition, having a laptop in hand will bring more convenience to their studies and easier access to the Internet, which will in turn absolutely benefit them.

The opponents believe it would add to the financial burden of some families. Besides, many universities are equipped with modern facilities, providing students with adequate computers for use.

As far as I am concerned, it is not necessary to buy a laptop for freshmen. The reason for this is that they can have free access to the computers in universities. Furthermore, they may be addicted to computer games because of lack of self-control, which will have a bad effect on their studies and health.

(23)2015湖南高考模拟英语作文 It doesn’t really matter whether your glass is… Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below.


It doesn?t really matter whether your glass is half empty or half full. Be thankful that you have a glass and that there?s something in it.




In our journey of life, it?s our great fortune to meet with something or someone. Be grateful for what they bring us and cherish what we have. Just like our drinking glass, whether half full or half empty, we are lucky to have such a glass and own what there is in it.

Take Helen Keller, a famous American writer as an example. She became disabled when she was young. Instead of feeling depressed and complaining “Why Me”, she chose a positive attitude to life and regarded what she encountered as the best gift God gave her. Bearing gratitude for life , she met with her lifelong teacher Sullivan and finished her famous novel Three Days to See. It was the painful times of her life that made her stronger, wiser and more loving.

Though pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Be grateful for our life with all its lessons and blessings, and success and happiness is just around the corner!

(24)长沙高考模拟英语作文Do trust us-a generation born in the 90s

90后出生的学生,思想特殊、行为方式和价值观令人担忧。假如你是一名90后出生的学生刘林,请根据下表中所提供信息以"Do trust us-a generation born in the 90s"为题写一篇英语演讲稿,以消除人们的忧虑。





Good afternoon, everyone!


The topic of my speech today is “Do trust us—a generation born in the 90s”.

Living in an environment full of fierce competition, we, a generation born in the 90s, are faced with more problems in entering higher schools and getting employed. Under these circumstances, we are developing our special manners and values, which has raised people?s concern.

They worry we care too much about ourselves and are unwilling to cooperate with others, which makes it hard for us to achieve success in whatever we do. Besides, they consider us as lacking in perseverance, and this is what it takes to do any job well. Without it, we may easily give up in time of difficulty. They are also concerned that we are so eager to win instant fame that we follow fashion blindly, which will in turn ruin our values and future.

However, we, a generation born in the 90s, have our own advantages despite some weaknesses. Firstly, we have the courage to meet challenges and take risks, which helps realize our dreams. In addition, we are quick-minded and creative. We can do our work more efficiently. Of course, we still need to learn more from those experienced. Please do trust us!

Thank you for your listening!

(25)2015合肥三模英语作文 申请参加学生会志愿者活动


注意:1.词数10左右。2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。3.短文中不能出现与本人相关的信息。 One possible version :

Dear Miss Liu,

I am a student from Class 2 Senior 3. The moment I saw your poster for recruiting volunteers, I knew I should try my luck. I am always a strong advocator for environmental protection. Besides, my hometown is by Chaohu Lake, which not only provides abundant resources but also is a popular tourist attraction.

In terms of my character, I'm happy to tell you that I'm an outgoing and committed person with a good team work spirit. I've learned a lot from participating in some volunteer programs in the past, such as cutting hair for empty nesters and collecting rubbish on the river at weekends. I am very confident that my involvement in this project will make it very different.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

(26)英语作文范文 如何保持身体健康

假如你是李华, 你的笔友Jane最近总是感觉身体不适,因此写信向你询问如何保持身体健康, 请你根据以下要点提示用英文给他回信。要点提示:

1. 合理饮食,避免吃脂肪高及含糖多的食物,多吃新鲜蔬菜和水果;

2. 锻炼身体,合理锻炼有助身体健康;3. 保证充足睡眠,不要熬夜;

4. 你的其他建议??



I'm glad to receive your letter , But at the time, I'm sorry to hear that you are not very well these days. In your letter you asked me how to stay healthy. Here is my advice.

Firstly, you should keep a balanced diet. You should avoid eating food high in fat and too much sweet food. You'd better eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Secondly, taking exercise every day helps build (up) a strong body. Why not take more exercise in your spare time? As we all know, regular exercise is an important part of keeping us healthy. Finally, make sure you have enough sleep and you mustn't stay up too late at night.


By eating properly and exercising regularly, you can keep your body at a proper weight and stay healthy. I truly hope my advice is helpful and you'll get well soon.

Best wishes!

Yours sincerely,

Li Hua

(27)高三英语作文An unforgettable experience in my high school

某校校园网准备为高三毕业生开辟一个英语专栏,现面向全校征稿。请你以“An unforgettable experience in my high school”为题,用英语写一篇短文,记述自己高中课余生活中的一件有意义的事并谈谈感想。

注意:1.开头已为你写好, 不计入总词数;


An unforgettable experience in my high school

How time flies! It will be only a month before I graduate from high school. But there are some experiences I will never forget. Here I would like to share some with you. In recent years, the school clubs are developing vigorously and I also joined one of them, the writing brush calligraphy interest group.

Every Thursday after school, we gather in our school library. After being handed out paper, writing brushes and ink, we begin to observe the teacher?s demonstration attentively, and imitate every character written on the blackboard. Sometimes we have a heated discussion to learn from each other among the group members , and every week we copy out some ancient poems.

In the past three years, I have made great progress in writing with a brush .Some of my assignments have been exhibited and I was often praised by my teachers. In a word, not only does the calligraphy practice give me a lot of physical and mental pleasure, but also offers me a chance to have a better understanding of traditional culture.

(28)2015东城高三二模英语作文 周末生活方式变化的经过

假设你是红星中学高一(1)班的学生李华,下面四幅图描述了你周末生活方式变化的经过。请根据图片的先后顺序,为校刊“英语园地”写一篇短文。词数不少于60。 2015东城高三二模英语作文 周末生活方式变化的经过



One possible version

I used to play computer games almost every weekend. Computer games were so appealing to me that I was totally addicted to it. After some time, my eyesight became weak. Meanwhile, I gained a lot of weight. With the situation getting worse, I had to go to see a doctor. The doctor gave me a physical examination and I had my eyes examined as well. The doctor advised me to do some exercise in the open air as much as possible. To improve my health, I accepted his advice and began to ride bicycle every weekend. And now I?m feeling much better.

(29)2015衡阳高三三模英语作文 Returning to My Alma Mater重返母校

假设你在参加你校校刊举办的主题为的Returning to My Alma Mater(重返母校)英语征文比赛。写作内容如下:1.母校的变化 2.看望老师 3.你的感想。注意:词数不少于120个(文章的标题与开头已给出,不计入总词数)

One possible version:

Returning to My Alma Mater

Ten years later after my graduation, I returned to my Alma Mater. What have impressed me deeply are the changes that have taken place in the school. The previous shabby brick houses have 14

turned into large and tall buildings, and a spacious plastic sports ground has been set up in what used to be a wasteland. There are all sorts of e-books in the library. Students are like the sunshine, warm and energetic. My Alma Mater is now taking on a new look.

I also paid a visit to my teachers, who had made painstaking efforts for us naughty students. During the conversation, my teachers asked about my career and family, and I also mentioned my present difficulty in my work. Patient and sincere, they gave me much encouragement and advice. It was their unconditional love for students that encouraged me to move on.

Reluctantly I left my Alma Mater again. Everything is changing. But my emotion and feeling to my Alma Mater and my teachers will never change, no matter where I am and no matter who I am. My Alma Mater, I wish you better and better.

(30)2015南京高三三模英语作文 对比芭蕾舞者的双脚

This is a picture of a ballet dancer whose left foot looks shockingly different from the right one. Some even jokes that the left foot represents how elegant ballet dancers look. On the contrary, the right one reveals the nature of those dancers? life. One can hardly imagine how much time and effort have been devoted to endless practice.



1. 以约30个词简要描述图片的内容;2. 以约120个词谈谈你的看法,内容包括:



1. 可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不得直接引用原文的句子;

2. 作文中不能出现真实的姓名和学校的名称3. 不必写标题



The dancer’s left foot is elegantly wrapped in her ballet shoe, tied to the ankle with a silk ribbon. The shoeless right foot, however, looks horribly different. Bruises and scars occupy every inch of her toes. (36 words)

I can only imagine the untold hardship the dancer must have endured for the endless hours of practice to look so glamorous on the stage. Likewise, behind every seemingly stunning success, there can be failures, disappointments, and embarrassments. When the whole world is crazy for JK Rowling?s Harry Potter stories, rarely do people know it was after the books had been turned down 12 times by the publisher that they finally came out. Nothing is difficult to a willing heart. However, when we admire others? success, we should remember it is not from nowhere.

I have imagined the dancer to be my friend. I will, instead of telling her how awesome her dancing is, ask her to take good care of herself, for health is the real elegance of life. (130 words)

(31)2015河南六市高三第二次联考英语作文 让朋友帮忙租房的电子邮件



Dear John,

How are you doing? I am writing to ask you for doing me a favor. I have changed my job and the company I will work in is in your city. Therefore, I plan to rent a house near your community. However, I am not familiar with your district, so I will be really grateful if you could help me. I want to rent a 80-square-meter house where the fee is about 2500 yuan per month and where there is basic furniture. If everything is OK about the house, I will rent it for two years.


If you find such a house, please reply to me, and I will move into it as soon as possible. Now, I am looking forward to your good news.


Li Hua

(32)2015海淀高三二模英语作文范文 我最喜欢的春游地点


注意:1. 词数不少于60。

2. 短文的开头已给出,不计入总词数。

提示词:植物园botanical garden

2015海淀高三二模英语作文范文 我最喜欢的春游地点

Recently, I have conducted a survey on “My Favorite Spring Outing Spot”.

One possible version

Recently, I have conducted a survey on“My Favorite Spring Outing Spot”. I aimed to find out the best place for the spring outing.

Only 16% of the students surveyed prefer botanical gardens. The reason they give is that they can get closer to nature, admiring the flowers and appreciating the natural environment.

Even more popular than botanical gardens is the Happy Valley. Not only do they say that the transportation is convenient, but also that it will be a breathtaking experience.

However, the most popular spring outing spot is Miaofeng Mountain, with 51% of the students choosing it as their preferred place. This is because it will give them a chance to do some outdoor camping and challenge themselves.

According to the results, my suggestion is that we choose Miaofeng Mountain as our spring outing spot.

(33)2015雅安高三三诊英语作文 对于陪读现象的看法








One Possible Version

Should Our Parents Accompany Us in Studying at School?

In recent years, many parents choose to accompany their children in studying, which has aroused a wide concern.

These parents are willing to leave their hometown, even quit their jobs to follow their children into the campus. Most of them rent an apartment nearby so as to take good care of their children. Parents consider it necessary to offer a better living condition to the kids.

Meanwhile, it can allow them to keep track of the kids? academic performance.

Nevertheless, what they?ve ignored is that it will get their kids into the habit of being dependent. Thus, they will never develop the ability of self-control in the future.

Trust leads to independence. So it seems to me that parents should create room for children?s growth and study in order to ensure their overall development.



1. 陪读现象已蔚然成风。2. 简要描述陪读现象。

3. 父母陪读的原因之一:照顾孩子,提供较好的生活条件。

4. 父母陪读的原因之二:及时了解孩子的学习情况,帮助孩子学习。

5. 父母陪读的弊病:养成了孩子的依赖性等。

6. 你对此的看法:家长应留出空间,培养孩子独立生活能力。

(34)2015岳阳二模英语作文 学英语用电子词典还是传统的词典

Directions: Write an English composition according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

内容:Do you have a dictionary? Which do you prefer when learning English, an electronic one or a traditional one? Write an English composition about your choice, giving at least two reasons. 参考词汇:电子词典 electronic dictionary


One version:

In recent years, all kinds of electronic dictionaries have been developed. Admittedly, they do bring much convenience and spare a large amount of time for students? study as well as their life. So some of them come to the conclusion that electronic dictionaries can fully replace heavy traditional dictionaries. However, I can?t agree with this view.

Firstly, they can only give us direct translation, which is not in accordance with original articles in logic and meaning. In this way, We English learners can only acquire Chinglish. Secondly, so much do we depend on electronic dictionaries that we have difficulties improving language learning skills. ?More haste, less speed.? It takes time to conquer English.

In a word, I?m convinced that electronic dictionaries can not replace traditional dictionaries, but they are really a good complement. Therefore, we should combine them wisely.

(35)2015鹰潭二模英语作文 疾病捐款倡议书


注意:1.词数:100左右; 2.倡议书的开头为你拟好,不计入总词数。

Dear fellow students,

As we all know, Li Ping is a very excellent student in our school. He studies very hard and has been highly thought of by his teachers. Unfortunately, recently his mother has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

As far as I?m concerned, it will cost too much to recover herself from such a serious disease. What?s worse, his family isn?t a rich one. If too much money has been spent on cure, there?s no doubt that Li Ping will be forced to drop out of school.

As chairman of the Students? Union of Xingguang Middle School, I?ll spare no efforts to give Li Ping a hand and donate some money to him. Here I also call on all of us to do the same to him. I just hope that our limited effort will make a difference to his family in need.


Wang Hua

(36)2015西城二模英语作文 参加奥林匹克森林公园健步走活动的过程

假设你是红星中学的学生李华,请按照以下四幅图的先后顺序,用英文写一篇周记, 记述上周六你和父母一起参加奥林匹克森林公园健步走活动的过程。




(37)2015西城二模英语作文 参加奥林匹克森林公园健步走活动的过程

Last Saturday, I went to the Olympic Forest Park with my parents to take part in an activity called “I Walk, and I?m Fit.”


One possible version:

Last Saturday, I went to the Olympic Forest Park with my parents to take part in an activity called “I Walk, and I?m Fit.”

Arriving early in the morning, we were surprised to find many participants of different ages already waiting excitedly at the registration place. We joined them. Then, we gathered at the starting point, stretching arms and legs to prepare ourselves for the coming long distance walking. Soon, a signal was given and off we went along the walking route, which ran around the park. Some people walked briskly, while others just took their time to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful natural scenery.

After more than one hour?s walking, we finally reached the finish line. The 5km journey was challenging but really enjoyable. My parents and I cheered each other for our success. Regular activities like this not only keep us fit, but also help get us closer to each other and to nature.

(38)2015西城二模英语作文 写信给外教转达对英语课的希望

作为班长,请你根据以下内容给新任外教Mr. Smith 写一封信, 向他表示欢迎并转达同学们对英语课的希望:

1. 介绍西方文化;2. 组织多样活动;3. 关注学生发音。

注意: 1.词数不少于50;

2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;3.开头和结尾已给出,不计入总词数。 One possible version:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I?m writing on behalf of my class to extend our warm welcome to you. Here are some of our expectations for your English class.

First, we?d like to have topics in class about Western culture. We are all very interested in knowing more about culture behind the language. Besides, we?d appreciate various activities to get everyone involved in speaking English. Last but not least, please give us some guidance and training in our pronunciation, because we all hope to speak English fluently and clearly just as you native speakers do.

Thank you very much. Looking forward to meeting you!



(39)2015西城二模英语作文 写信给外教转达对英语课的希望

作为班长,请你根据以下内容给新任外教Mr. Smith 写一封信, 向他表示欢迎并转达同学们对英语课的希望:

1. 介绍西方文化;2. 组织多样活动;3. 关注学生发音。

注意: 1.词数不少于50;2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;


Dear Mr. Smith,

One possible version:

Dear Mr. Smith,

I?m writing on behalf of my class to extend our warm welcome to you. Here are some of our expectations for your English class.

First, we?d like to have topics in class about Western culture. We are all very interested in 18

knowing more about culture behind the language. Besides, we?d appreciate various activities to get everyone involved in speaking English. Last but not least, please give us some guidance and training in our pronunciation, because we all hope to speak English fluently and clearly just as you native speakers do.

Thank you very much. Looking forward to meeting you!



(40)20xx年南平市质检英语作文范文 暑假即将来到宅在家看书

暑假即将来到,是宅在家看书还是出去四处走走,见见世面?不同的人有不同的选择。 请认真阅读下面的谚语,按要求用英语写一篇短文,表达您的观点和看法,

Traveling thousands of miles is better than reading thousands of books.

一 Chinese Proverb




1.短文开头已给出,不计入总词数;2.文中不能出现考生的具体信息:3.词数:120左右 Possible version Two

This Chinese quotation means to tell us that it is better for us to go traveling often than stay at home reading all the time.

Compared with going for a travel, I prefer to spend my time reading. Firstly, books are good teachers to me, providing me with various knowledge and skills from someone who has experienced a lot. Reading saves me a lot of mistakes on my way of growth. Secondly, books are devoted friends for me, always keeping me company and never giving me away. Characters in books are all easy to make friends with for a shy boy like me. Finally, books are time machines, keeping me informed of what is going on around the world, what happened in the history and making me dream of future.

To sum up, reading makes my holiday quality time. (131 词)









1.短文必须包括所有内容要点,可适当发挥; 2.词数:100左右。

3. 参考词汇:state of mind 心态

Dear Rose,

I?ve received your letter, in which you mentioned you wanted to lose weight by dieting. It is only natural that young girls at your age hope to look beautiful. However, in my opinion, health is more important than beauty. As a student, studying is the first thing to consider while appearance is the second. So do not let others? opinions affect your normal life.

If you do want to lose weight, it is a good idea to do it by getting more exercise and changing 19

unhealthy eating habits. The most important thing is that you keep a healthy state of mind, which will not only help with your studies, but also help you overcome difficulties in dieting. I hope my advice will be helpful to you . Wish you happy and healthy.


Li Hua

(42) 申请参加澳大利亚生态游

假如你是光明中学高一学生李明, 澳大利亚环保协会组织一次为期两周的“澳大利亚生态游”活动, 作为一名环保志愿者, 希望得到这次机会。请按以下提示向该组织写一封申请信:

1. 个人情况介绍(如性格,业余爱好,语言优势等)

2. 申请理由(参观野生动物自然保护区,了解澳大利亚环保情况)

3. 对本次活动的期待??

注意: 1.字数100字左右,信的开头和结尾已给出.(不记入总字数)



I feel delighted to know that Australian Environmental Council will host a two-week eco-tour to Australia. As an environmental volunteer, I sincerely want to take part in this activity and introduce myself as follows:

I?m a senior one student, studying in Guangming High School. I?m an easy-going and hard-working boy. What interests me most is eco-tour. I have taken part in many activities, which give me a deep impression. At the same time I can speak English fluently and can easily communicate with local people.

The aim to apply for this activity is to understand how to develop eco-tour in Australia. And I hope I?ll have the chance to pay a visit to the wildlife nature reserves and have a better understanding of environment protection . I?m sure I will benefit a lot from this two-week eco-tour. I?d appreciate it if you can take my application into consideration.

Look forward to hearing your reply.


Li Ming

(43) 推荐参加篮球协会或英语俱乐部的理由

你的朋友王林刚转学去了一所新学校,学校的各个学生社团(associations)正在纳新。面对众多的选择,王林没了主意,写信向你求助。假如你是李越,你认为可以考虑参加篮球协会(the Basketball Association)或者英语俱乐部(the English Club)。请你用英语给王林写一封100—120词的信,推荐这两个社团,并分别说明推荐理由。注意:信的抬头与落款已给出(不计入词数)。One possible version:

Dear Wang Lin,

In your letter, you have asked me for my advice on how to choose a proper association in your new school. Thanks for trusting me and I?ll try to make some suggestions.

I feel that it would be wise if you could join the Basketball Association since you love it so much. Not only can it satisfy your interest and give you relaxation from heavy school work, it can also promote your friendship with your new companions. Besides, the English Club is also a wonderful choice. Apart from improving your English study, their activities are helpful in many aspects. For instance, your skills of communication will turn out to be better than before. By the way, maybe it is a good chance to make friends with English native speakers.

I hope you will find these suggestions helpful. If you have any more problems, please contact me at any time. I?m willing to discuss with you whenever you need.


Yours sincerely, Li Yue

(44)2015皖南八校三模英语作文 高考之后的暑假对高三学生来说既清闲又忙碌 高考之后的暑假对高三学生来说既清闲又忙碌。有些同学频繁地聚会, 甚至喝酒; 整夜上网,打游戏;睡懒觉, 甚至到中午。请你用英语写一篇短文, 谈谈你对这种现象的认识及打算。

注意: 1. 字数120左右;2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯;

3. 开头已给不计入总词数。

The summer vacation after the College Entrance Examination is a time for senior three students to get relaxed.



The summer vacation after the College Entrance Examination is a time for senior three students to get relaxed. Many students are so happy to get away from their studies that they go to one party after another and even drink a lot of beer, they play games online throughout the night and they oversleep even till noon.

As far as I'm concerned, these things are meaningless and even harmful to their health. We should make the most of the special time to do some meaningful things. First I want to have a good rest to recover from the tiring examination. Then I'm going to have a tour with my parents to Mount Huang, where I can breathe fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. After that, I will stay at home reading some books to acquire more knowledge. Besides, I will make some preparations for my further studies.

In a word, this period of time is so valuable that none of us students should waste it. Let's make full preparations for our future.

(45)2015景德镇高考模拟英语作文 高中三年的得与失

假如你叫李华,是一名即将参加高考的高三学生,你校校长安排你就“高中三年的得与失”给高一、高二年级的学生做一次演讲。内容包括:1.高中三年的收获和遗憾;2.大学生活中将面临的挑战;3. 对高一、高二学生的建议。





Dear schoolmates,

Good evening! As I am graduating, I?d like to look back on my unforgettable years here.

In the past three years, I?ve benefited a lot from my school education, which helps me grow into an independent thinker and an efficient learner. However, I was too concerned about my study to get actively involved in the extra-curriculum activities.

Looking ahead, I think the biggest challenge in my college life will be adapting to a life away from my parents and taking care of myself. But I?m full of confidence that I?ll get used to it soon. I also want to make some suggestions to you, my dear schoolmates. Time and tide wait for no man. We teenagers should make the most of our valuable time at high school and realize our full potential.

Good luck to all of you!

(46)高考模拟英语作文The people around you might make or break your life 请你根据以下提示,并结合具体事例,用英语写一篇短文。


The people around you might make or break your life. So choose them cautiously and wisely on your life journey.

注意: ①无须写标题;②除诗歌外,文体不限;





As an old saying goes, a man is known by the company he keeps. So it is of great importance to associate with those who may have a positive effect on you.

My experience in junior middle school convincingly demonstrates the point. It was at the beginning of the autumn term that I made Henry?s acquaintance and became a friend of his. One day, he said to me mysteriously that he would introduce me a new world. That was the first time I had been exposed to the computer game. From that day on I was frequently dragged into the Internet bar by him, leading to my addiction to it. I still remember the occasion when I was caught skipping class to play computer games and was required to go to my head teacher?s office. There he had a deep conversation with me, without which I wouldn?t have determined to break up with Henry and returned to the normal route.

A friend can influence your behavior in a positive or negative way. On no account can you afford to make a casual choice. Therefore, see to it that you choose your friends cautiously and wisely.

(47)2015潮州二模英语作文 为庆祝改革开放以来所取得的伟大成就演讲稿




参考词汇:改革开放 reform and opening up


1. 只能使用5个句子表达全部所给要点;

2. 报道中不得提及考生所在学校及本人姓名。




To celebrate the great achievements since reform and opening up,a speech contest organized by Students’ Union was held in the hall of our school on the morning of March 28/th, 2015. More than 1000 people were lucky to listen to the speeches on the spot, including all the teachers and students in Senior 2, the leaders of our school and parents of some students. Eighteen contestants / candidates from different classes in Senior Two delivered wonderful speeches very fluently. Some of them talked about the great changes which had taken place in our country and sang high praise for the wise policy of reform and opening up. This activity has made us more self-confident and proud of our country and we all have made up our minds to study harder to make our country more beautiful.

(48)2015天津高二英语作文范文 邀请美国朋友观看梁山伯与祝英台






参考词汇:越剧:Shaoxing Opera 《梁山伯与祝英台》 Butterfly Lovers

天津大剧院Tianjin Grand Theater


I have good news to tell you. A world famous Shaoxing Opera play , Butterfly Lovers, will be put on in the newly built Tianjin Grand Theater at 2:00 p.m. on 5th, August.

As far as I know, you are very familiar with Chinese culture, especially Chinese Opera. So you are sure to know well about the play, which is about a touching love story between a young man, Liang Shanbo, and a young girl, Zhu Yingtai. It?s said that it is performed by some famous Shaoxing Opera actresses. As a result, not only can you enjoy the beautiful story but also their attractive voices. Are you interested in it? If so, I can book tickets for you in advance and let?s go and appreciate it together, will you?

In addition, there is a museum near the theater. Therefore, after the play, we can go there for a visit as well.

Looking forward to your reply.

(49)2015揭阳高三二模英语作文 就中国足球这个话题谈谈你的看法


For Chinese football fans, the new year 2015 is already an unusual one. China won three games in the 2015 Asian Cup, which is a big success and a new record for Chinese football. After years of frustration, we were disappointed with the national team because of the bad performance and failures in Asian Cups from 2007 and 2011 and the three World Cups since 2002,which made the national team something of a laughingstock (笑柄) among fans. So the Chinese team had already given many Chinese football fans a pleasant surprise and people enjoyed watching the team for the first time.

After bowing out of (退出)the Asian Cup, now the Chinese national side should reflect on“Where can Chinese football go from here? ”Football may be China’s most popular sport, but the country lags behind South Korea and Japan on the field, despite having a much larger population.


The government has approved the country's “football reform plan”, and says “Grasp the development opportunity as babies.” just like President Xi Jinping?s words “China should start training babies if the country is to be successful at football.” Thus, it will expand its “China School Football Programme”(校园足球方案). Undoubtedly, more football schools, more football pitches(足球场), experienced coaches, and more funding are needed to make the change. To develop footballing infrastructure(基础设施), coaching and training are important as well.













It?s a new record and a surprise that China won three games in the the 2015 Asian Cup, after which, the government reflected on “Where does Chinese football go from here?” and approved the country's “football reform plan??.(37words)

I?m in favor of the China School Football Programme for the following reasons. For one thing, it provides us students with a good chance to learn how to play football, which is also beneficial to building up our body just like other kinds of sports. For another, it?s important for the development of Chinese football because it will not only make it popular with more and more people but also cultivate more excellent football players who may even become football stars. From my point of view, there are many difficulties in carrying out the program. First of all, not every school is big enough to provide a football pitch where students enjoy it. What?s more, there?s a lack of football teachers because our PE teachers now are not good at football or don?t know how to play it. Last but not least, it needs a large sum of money.

To overcome these difficulties, I?d like to give some suggestions. First of all, the government should invest a lot of money in building football pitches and developing footballing infrastructure. Besides, football teachers should be hired or PE teachers should be trained as quickly as possible.

(50)2015文登二模英语作文 美丽中国美在行动倡议书





A Letter to High School Students

Dear friends,

As we know, “ Beautiful China” is the goal of our Chinese Dream.





A Letter to High School Students

Dear friends,

As we know, “ Beautiful China” is the goal of our Chinese Dream.

Do you want to live in a beautiful world? So it is our obligation to maintain the ecological balance. To fulfill this task, we should bear the following ecological codes in mind. First, we should stick to the habit of walking to school. It?s also important to recycle everything recyclable and cherish our school?s environment by picking up any litter and turning off the taps and the lights. What?s more, we can also persuade our friends and family members to form environmental life style and good habits.

Let?s all take action now and contribute to the goal to make our country more and more beautiful.



(51)2015呼伦贝尔二模英语作文 Be a Civilized Chinese做文明中国人

随着中国人生活水平的提高,选择到国外去旅行已成为中国人盛行的度假方式之一。但是,有些中国旅行者的不文明行为却给广大的中国人丢尽了脸,如乱丢垃圾、在景区乱写乱画、在公共场所大声喧哗、大声接打手机、在飞机上大打出手等等。请以“Be a Civilized Chinese”为题目,写一篇英语稿件,投给China Daily.


One possible version

Be a Civilized Chinese

With the improvement of Chinese people?s living standard, more and more people choose to travel abroad as a way of spending their holidays.

However, some tourists have uncivilized behavior when they are traveling abroad, which greatly makes all of us Chinese ashamed. For example, when they visit some world famous places of interest, they litter here and there. What?s worse, some even carve their names on the trees or statues. Besides, some tourists talk loudly in public places with each other or on their mobile-phones. Worst of all, some passengers on board even fight against each other or with the air-hostesses just because of some inconvenience. These actions show the low quality of some tourists.

As far as I am concerned, it?s the duty of every Chinese to protect the environment and public facilities, no matter where we are traveling. Only in this way can we be civilized Chinese who will win respect from all over the world.

(52)2015成都三诊英语作文 学生在校期间禁止到校外就餐的看法






3.参考词汇:食堂canteen [C]

One possible version

Dear editor,

I'm writing to talk about our school?s new rule that all students are forbidden to eat out during school days.


The school says, for one thing,the food outside the campus isn't healthy and its safety can't be guaranteed,and for another,if students have meals in the canteen,they may save money because the food there is cheaper.

However,some students are against the rule for two reasons. First,they dislike the food in the canteen because of its poor quality. In addition,the school seems to try to make more money if all students are forced to have every meal in school.

Personally,to make more students have meals inside the campus,the school should make the food taste nicer and offer them a larger variety of food,too. (129 words)

Best wishes!


Li Ping

(53)2015包头高三二模英语作文 手机的过度使用




1.词数120左右 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯

One possible version :

Mobile Phones Over Used

As the picture shows, many people talk over their mobile phones or play with their mobile phones even when they are walking, riding a bike or driving a car. Such a phenomenon deserves our attention.

Being addicted to playing with mobile phones is harmful to us. First, if we spend too much time on them, we are likely to ignore the people around us. As a matter of fact, many young people lack the communication skills to develop a pleasant relationship with others. Besides, it is dangerous to play with mobile phones while walking, riding or driving, which is a main cause of road accidents. At the same time, great harm can be caused to our eyesight if we stare at the phone screen all the time.

It is time to reflect on our behavior. The mobile phone is designed to help us

communicate with others conveniently, not to spoil our life.

(54)2015河南高考模拟英语作文 介绍学校英语学习社团的广播稿

假如你是李华,新当选的学校英语学习社团(English Club)团长,现在,请你写一篇介 26








1.词数不少于100 2.请勿提及学校真实名称3.可适当加入细节,以使内容充实、行文连贯


Boys and girls, attention, please!

Good news for you!

That?s all. Thank you.


Boys and girls, attention, please!

Good news for you! An English club will be opened on May 1, 2015. It aims to broaden the students? horizons and arouse your interest in English.

The Club is a platform where we can do many things. Firstly, we can discuss lots of things on our interest or the hot topic around us. What?s more, we can develop our understanding of the differences between the eastern and western cultures. In addition, kinds of English activities will be held regularly, such as English Speech Competition, English Debate Contest and so on.

I?m sure the club will be of great benefit to our English study. And every one of us is welcomed to join in it.


That?s all. Thank you.


观察所给的图画并根据你对该图画的理解写一篇英语短文 ,内容包括 :

( 1)简要描述图片,并说明该图片所揭露的现象 ; ( 2)分析该现象的利弊 (至少各一点 ) ;

( 3)提出自己的看法 。

要求 : 1. 词数 100 左 右 。开头已经给出 ,不计入词数 。2. 文章中不得提及考生所在学校及本人姓名 。 As is vividly shown in the picture, a boy is happy with the fact that

One possible version


As is vividly shown in the picture, a boy is happy with the fact that he can depend on the Internet to finish tasks without any difficulty. Nowadays, students can get convenient access to much information they need on the Internet.

On the one hand, students find it convenient to surf the Internet for useful information, where problems can be solved with the help of several clicks. On the other hand, turning to the Internet too much may cause students to use their heads less. As a result, it?s likely that students will not develop their potentials to the full, which is not beneficial to their overall development.

In my opinion, it is vital that students should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages. They should know clearly when and where to turn to the Internet. Most importantly, they should learn to be creative.


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