1. checking their understanding

2. reflective on information

3. unfamiliar

4. the reading materials

5. comprehensive and organized

6. constant monitoring

7. judge

8. blame others

9. poor performance

10. active learning


1. A.Better education → greater mobility → more choices.

2. D.Job security came second according to the poll results.

3. B.The way in which the questions were designed.

4. C.Psychological reward is more important than material one.

5. B.Chances for advancement.


6. B.passengers.

7. D.Renters can take a shower inside the box.

8. C.Police's preventive measures for the carnival.

9. B.early malnutrition and heart health.

10. D.In 2007.


11. C.The appearance of advertising in newspapers.

12. D.More people are involved in finding,discussing and distributing news.

13. B.Planning the return to coffee-house news.

14. A.optimistic and cautious.

15. C.the participatory nature of news.

16. B.condescension.

17. C.There are more good restaurants to choose from.

18. D.can be happy if they want.

19. B.its implications for life.

20. B.thoughtfulness.

21. D.Geographical location.

22 A.the government's determination.

23. C.Denmark's energy-saving Success offers the world a useful model.

24. B.the country's previous experience of oil shortage.

25. B.Energy saving cannot go together with economic growth.

26. A.Shops try all kinds of means to please customers.

27. C.Over-friendly.

28. C.Customers have learned how to bargain.

29. D.have more doubts or suspicion.

30. D. The practice of frugality is of great importance.


31 . B.The Commonwealth of Australia.

32 . D.its heavy industries.

33 . A.two-year programmes.

34. C.1997

35 . B.Safe and sound.

36. D.George Bernard Shaw.

37. A.novel.

38. B.Government.

39 . A.Onomatopoeia

40 . D.directive


1. production改成producing

2. 去掉the

3. 去掉accurately前面的so

4. looking改为look

5. we前面加that

6. 去掉colleague后面的has

7. their改成his

8. anyone改成someone

9. evolved改成involved

10. were改成are



将它握在手中观察,它的暗红有血的感觉,那正是生命的痕迹。 抿一口留在口中回味,它的甘甜有一丝苦涩,如人生一般复杂迷离。





Life is like a glass of red wine. Wonders never cease for those who truly enjoy it. If you hold the glass in your hand and observe the wine carefully, the dark red color is just like our blood, a symbol of life. Take a sip and hold the wine in your mouth for its aromas and flavors as bittersweet as your life is complex and confused. Swallow the wine and let the aftertaste permeate every cell in your body and stay there enduringly. It is true that the older the vintage is, the better the wine tastes. Likewise, the richer one’s life is, the better it becomes. When you are in your twilight years, it’s just like a bottle of fine wine to be opened, deep and quiet in its color yet abundant in generosity and wisdom in its flavor.


联合国大会,中心政治论坛,由193个成员国组成,几乎包括世界上所有国家。其三分之二的成 员国为发展中国家,约占世界总人口的四分之三。通过决议非常困难,尤其是按照惯例,所有协议必须达成一致才能通过。结果就是,重要的协议总是被狭隘的特殊利益所挟持,并且大部分协议都只是用来使自己的利益最大化。但真正的问题是世界上的主要国家是否愿意看到民主最大限度地开展。联合国安理会负责和平和安全,处理最为重要的政治问题。安理会只有15 个成员国,所以能经常会面并处理危机。安理会曾一度由于冷战对立而无效,但它目前已经重新获得了《联合国宪章》赋予的很多权力


Is a sound social environment necessary for people to be good to others

Helping others has always been a virtue in traditional Chinese culture, but nowadays many people dare not offer help to those in need, for fear of getting into trouble. The issue has aroused public debate over the climate of morality and credibility, and many people sigh over the moral degeneration. In my opinion, while social

environment is necessary for people to be good to others, each individual should try his or her best to do good deeds and be sympathetic with others, instead of waiting for the environment to improve.

There is no denying that some tragic events turn out to be traps by people with evil intentions, so people are becoming more risk-conscious and are more wary of traps and deceits. some people even wonder, ‘Is our society hostile to good people?’ The question may sound ridiculous but many people apparently think so. They believe that our current society provides a bad environment for good people doing good things, and good people pay a high price for being compassionate. In fact, such kind of things only accounts for a pretty small percentage, but massive media coverage

makes the situation seem serious. Actually, most people around me are kind, warm-hearted and helpful, and I am quite delighted in their company. So I believe media should pay more attention to publicizing good people and exemplary deeds to enhance our confidence, rather than exposing disgusting behaviors.

At the same time, as John Donne puts it, “No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” Since everyone of us is a

component of the society, it is each individual’s conducts that form social morality. Just imagine it is you who need help, what would you feel if everyone watches

indifferently or suspiciously? So, put yourself in other’s position and be sympathetic. If we do nothing but wait for the environment to improve, nothing will happen. Only by removing the fence around our kind consciousness can we reverse the regress of social ethics, and make our world full of warmth and happiness. Therefore, if help is needed, never hesitate to lend a helping hand. It will make you happy and feel better about life.

In sum, I contend the idea that while social environment is necessary for people to be good to others, it is each individual’s responsibility to offer help to those in need, and together we build up a more harmonious society.

第二篇:20xx年英语专八参考答案最新完美整理版 4000字




1. physical

2. a demand

3. blood pressure

4. Category

5. a job

6. signals

7. body or mind

8. advantage

9. Accept

10. reasonable speed


1. To work out a plan…

2. was much worried…

3. To take prompt…

4. Refugees returning to normal…

5. talk to different…


6. Cancellation of flights…

7. Three human fossils

8. It supported..

9. some international…

10. Surprised


11.A have

12.C to offer

13.B to provide

14.D decide

15.A cultuer


17.D similar

18.D easy

19.B unapproachalbe

20.D sociable

21. B say

22.B sociabel

23.A young

24.D extroversion and introversion have similar personafity trait profiles

25. C humorous

26. D role

27.C effects

28.B offer

29.D exercise

30.A features


31.C montral

32.A maoris

33.D the Anglican church

34.C 1776

35.C hemingway's

36. B George


38.C bare

39.D Mary

40.B lion's


1. a前加also

2. possessed 改为captured,

3. one前面加as

4. adults前加that

5. 去掉language前的the

6. 去掉the

7. attempts改成attempting

8. or 改为 and

9. involing改为involved


20xx年3月专八翻译汉译英答案 After I graduated from primary school, relatives and friends all suggested that I should drop out and learn a trade to help my mother. Although I knew that I ought to seek a livelihood to relieve mother of hard work and distress, I still aspired to go on with study. So I kept learning secretly. I had no courage to tell mother about the idea until admitted to a normal school which provided free uniforms, books, room and board. To enter the school, I had to pay ten Yuan as a deposit. This was a large sum of money for my family. However, after two weeks’ tough effort, mother managed to raise the money and sent me off to school in tears afterwards. She would spare no pains for her son to win a bright future. On the day when I was appointed the schoolmaster after graduation, mother and I spent a sleepless night. I said to her, "you can have a rest in the future." but she replied nothing, only with tears streaming down her face.





作文题目:my views on working from home



按照专八写作的套路我们思路可以如下写作思路提示:文章可分为三部分,第一部分,提出问题,有些公司给员工提出方便,在家任务,在家任务视乎很温馨,自己自由支配时间,但实际上在家任务远没有想象的那么好,第二部分,剖析在家任务的弊病。容易懒散,需求自控才能较强,第三部分指出在单位任务的优点,我们需求与人沟通,协作,需求提升,自己的任务得到别人的认可第四部分总结一下。 Working from Home

Certain companies, especially some small-scale businesses, start to encourage their staff to work from home or use home as a working base for at least part of the week nowadays. Some offer some form of remote working support to their workforces, such as equipping them with laptops and installing broadband, and others pay for the telephone bills for these workers.

This work pattem is popular because it’s clear that there are a number of benefits for these companies. First, it helps retain employees, especially highly- qualified working parents with childcare responsibilities. Second, it brings higher productivity because the employees have fewer interruptions and less commuting time. Last but not least, it offers savings on premises and other facilities.

However, there are some potential drawbacks. For one thing, there is difficulty of managing home workers and monitoring their performance, and difficulty of maintaining staff development and upgrading skills. For another, it may create a sense of isolation among home workers and it can be harder to maintain team spirit. Therefore, enterprises should weigh the pros and cons before permitting their employees to work at home.

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