一、 如何提建议—— 给交友有困难的同学提建议

I am sorry you are having trouble in making friends. 【引出建议】Here are some tips to help you.

【列举建议】, why not go and talk to people standing on their own. I agree this is difficult but that person may be lonely too. If you do this, I am sure you will soon have a new friend. , you can begin the conversation by asking about their likes and dislikes,【理由】which will make you find people with the same interests. , you should try to join in a discussion, 【理由】letting people know how friendly you are.

I hope you will find these ideas useful.

二、 列举个例 —— 良好饮食习惯

As we all know, we are what we eat. Therefore, it’s important for us to form healthy eating habits. However, some students have formed a variety of bad eating habits, like fish, meat, vegetables, fruits as well as rice, noodles, but also we should have the foods regularly and properly. 三、 举例说明 —— 和谐师生关系对你的影响

【要证明的观点】Actually, having a good relationship with teachers makes it easier for us to get along smoothly with our study 【引出例子】Take me for example. 【例子】My teacher is my good friend. When I fail in the exam, it is my teacher that first helps me to analyze the problem. She is patient enough to make me get over all the difficulties in my study. When I am unhappy she always listens to me carefully and then gives me some reasonable suggestions, so that I can focus on my study soon. Also, I have learned to be helpful and considerate. 【重申主题】 the good relationship with my teachers, I could not have made such progress.

四、 讨论或辩论 —— 禁止乞丐在地下人行道行气留宿

【引出主题】Recently, Guangzhou has passed a law to ban beggars from begging and sleeping in the subways and our class it last Monday.

【反对及其理由】56% of the students the idea a living and have to play music in the subway to survive.

【赞成及其理由】However, 44% of the students y. What’s more, some beggars are just taking advantage of people’s compassion to make easy money.

【个人看法】 it is a good idea to forbid beggars in public places and we should take some measures to help them.

五、 利弊对比 —— 网购的利弊

【点明主题】Nowadays many people prefer to shop for goods on line.

【罗列益处】Generally, its advantages can be seen as follows. First, it’s convenient for us to shop on line. Secondly, it helps save much time, with which we can do more other important things. 【罗列弊端】 One of the disadvantages is that we are not sure whether the goods we buy are in good quality. positive aspects of shopping on line negative ones.

六、 采访类 —— 中学生英语单词拼写的问题

Last Wednesday, I English word spelling among middle school students. Mr Wang, slightly more than half of the senior middle school students’ English handwriting is very poor and about 45% of them can not spell words correctly although they are able to speak. the causes for spelling problems are that there are no specific word spelling checks in exams, and there is not enough training. 1

students are lazy to memorize word spelling.we should, we should master skills while we are training ourselves.

七、 调查类—— 21世纪最令人担忧的问题

Last week, we 500 Senior Two students about the most worrying problems in the 21 century. most, earthquakes and floods have taken many people’s lives. 环境污染) is the most worrying problem to be the most worrying one. The percentage of(就业问题) is the same as that of the students who worry most (食品安全).

, food safety is the most worrying problem because it is linked closely to our health.

八、 心得体会 —— 诚实/ 勿以善小而不为

1. There is no doubt that people’s life and only those who are honest will be trusted and respected by people. (诚实)

2. Your small good deeds sometimes will get big returns or make a great difference! And they even contribute to a harmonious and stable society.

【总结】In a word, it is the trivial things in daily life that count. (勿以善小而不为)

九、 记叙事件经过或过程 —— 日记或游记

【总述】Today we visited Qinghua University.

【过程】 Early in the morning we arrived at the gate of Qinghua University, where we were warmly welcomed by an old professor, who showed us around the campus. rooms. , which interested us very much. Time passed quickly we knew we to say goodbye to the professor.

【结果】Since then, I have worked harder at my lessons than usual and made up my mind to be a student of Qinghua University.

十、 人物简介 ——用英语简介李敏同学

【姓名职务与特点】 Li Min, monitor of Class 1 Grade 2 (同位语), is healthy and lively. 【成绩与爱好】 She does well in all her 【事迹】 十一、 假设处境 —— 假如是你 或你当时在场,你会怎样做?

①If I were Jane, I would find time to have a face-to-face talk with Mary. I would tell her all about what I felt and what I more. ( 2012 深圳一模)

②If I had been on the spot, 湖北大学生为救溺水小孩死三人事件)



十一、基础写作训练 (2009广州二模 )

假设你在20xx年3月28日参加了“地球一小时( Earth Hour )” 活动,请你在校园网的BBS论坛中用英语解释这一活动并发表感想



Earth Hour

Earth hour, an annual international event held on the last Saturday of March , asks people to keep their lights off from 8:30 p.m-9:30 p.m at their local time. Its purpose is to raise people’s awareness of the environmental protection and climate change. Earth Hour first began in Sydney in 2007 and after that, it spread around the world at an amazing speed. This year, one billion people in more than 4,000 cities from 90 countries around the world have joined in the Earth Hour. Though it is a single mass event, people are contributing in their own way to saving our own planet and one hour’s going dark means a bright future.


地点简介 —— 介绍广州


Guangzhou, also known as Five-lamb City, Flower City and so on, capital city of Guangdong Province. This city 7, 434 square kilometers more than ten million. Guangzhou, a famous city more than 2, 200 years, is a starting port of the Silk Road on the sea in history. 十三、 邀请信 —— 邀请外籍老师参加学校新年晚会

the Students’ Union, the school meeting hall Many wonderful performances, the stage, the Chinese folk songs and dances, Chinese musical instruments, short plays of traditional style a good opportunity to obtain a clearer picture of Chinese traditional culture. our evening would be more cheerful if you could give a performance.


Li Ming


十四、 节日简介 ——介绍端午节

[时间] The Dragon Boat Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. [方式 Chinese people prepare Zongzi — glutinous(粘黏的) rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves. As the festival name shows, people have dragon boat races to celebrate it, especially in the southern places where there are many rivers and lakes. [意义] The Dragon Boat Festival is in memory of Qu Yuan, a great poet of ancient China.

十五、 兴趣爱好 —— 我最喜欢的运动是游泳

My favorite sport is swimming. 【喜欢的程度】I first

swimming in the river near my home even in winter. swimming enrich my life. 【最喜欢的运动员】In this sport, although I like Liu Yu, I admire Michael Phelps, who is one of the best athletes in the world and got 8 gold medals in Beijing Olympics. 【愿望】How I wish to be an Olympic champion some day!

十六、 通知 —— 举办“中学生才艺大赛”的通知


A “High School Students Talent Show” eight kinds of talents, type of talent at the show. have a try, please go to the TV stationApril 30. It’s a good chance for you to show your special talent.

The Students Union

十七、 分析原因 —— 分析极端天气出现的原因

[指出现象与引出原因] extreme temperatures [分析原因] , human’s activities like burning fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide, which make the globe warmer, causingpeople’ s cutting down trees that can absorb large quantities of carbon dioxide for furniture also earth, which gives rise to extreme temperatures.

十八、 问题解决 —— 建设绿色校园 build a green campus, 学校) 学生) take some classes to raise their awareness. our campus will be more beautiful if we work together.

十九、 说明重要性 —— 责任心的重要性

[提出观点] Responsibility us. [论证] (正面represents one’反面) Without responsibility, , you will be an annoyance and can’t do anything successfully. ,people will lose belief in you if you are irresponsible. [总结] only when we are responsible will we be respected and loved by others.

二十、 对比


注意:1. 词数100左右; 3. 标题已经给出。


With the development of communication technology, email has become much more popular than letters. And it is especially popular with young people. However, writing letters is still some people’s favorite. First, when people write to each other, they can express their friendship with emotion. Second, people can keep the letters they have received for a long time; and many years later, the letters can remind them of the old days as well as the old friends. Last, writing letter can help us improve our writing ability by practising writing to each other. something urgent, the best way is certainly sending an E-mail writing a letter and then posting it.

In my opinion, if time is important, email is particularly useful. If, however, you want really to touch someone,a letter is more personal.


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