Summary of the Text Blackmail


The Summary of the Text

The Duke and the Duchess occupy a luxurious suite in a large hotel in New York Orleans. On Monday evening while driving with his wife from a gambling house, the Duke knocks down a woman and her child. Both are killed. The Duke and the Duchess, however, drive away. The hit-and-run becomes top sensational news in the city. The hotel’s chief house detective Ogilvie notices the battered car when it comes back. He does not go to report this to the police; instead, he comes to the couple’s suite and has a talk with them. He promises to keep quite about what he knows and asks for a large sum of money in return for the favor. The Duke, now totally at a loss as to what to do, has to let his wife handle the problem. The Duchess, a clever woman, first pretends to know nothing about what the detective says and denies the fact that they have killed the woman and the girl, but later admits it after the detective has produced a lot of evidence. She understands that to get themselves out of this mess, the car has to be driven out of the south where people are alerted about the hit-and-run. So she offers to pay Ogilvie twice more than he has asked on condition that he drives the car to Chicago up in the north. The greedy detective accepts the offer under the imposing air and the lure of money. At one o’clock Thursday morning, Ogilvie got the car out of the garage. He was seen leaving by one person only, by Peter McDermott, the assistant general manager. Though it struck him as odd, Peter didn’t link

this up with the hit-and-run until late that afternoon when he witnessed the funeral of the two victims of the accident. He contacted police headquarters right away.

By this time, Ogilvie had crossed Louisiana and Mississippi, driving by night and concealing the car by day.

This elevator which had been out of order for some time and badly in need of repair broke down. As it went down, one set of clamps held and the other failed. The elevator car twisted, buckled and split open, throwing the Duke 9 floors down to the cement ground. He died instantly. The Duchess is the protagonist of this story, and her language is refined and elegant due to her noble blood and her good education. In contrast to her, the antagonist namely the house detective is ill-mannered and unscrupulous. The language he uses is coarse, ungrammatical and slangy.

第二篇:The drama of blackmail(by Charley) 5600字

by Charley 祁亚林



?Characters of the drama:?Ogilvie: chief house detective

?the Duke of Croydon: newly appointed British ambassador to the United States

?the Duchess of Croydon: wife of the Duke

?a prostitute called lady friend by Ogilvie


?The Duke of Croydon was an

internationally famous statesman and the newly appointed British ambassador to Washington. They

occupied the best suite of the hotel---the Presidential Suite.

?Monday evening, the Duke went to the gambling house. Later, his wife pursued and found him. On their way back, the car Jaguar knocked down a woman and her child. Both killed......

?In a luxurious suite of a hotel, the Duke and Duchess are waiting for

someone nervously. Duke (sits down on a seat and thinks uneasily): Who is that man? Nobody could see it in such a dark evening!

?(the bell rings)

?Duchess(opens the door,with a fruit knife in her sleeve): you must be the witness? Tell us what you know.?Ogilvie: yeah, so I am.(slips into the room without permission)

?(Duke stands up, Duchess closes the door and leans on it.)

?Duchess(indubitable and haughty): now you can say all the things.

?Ogilvie:I'm a detective of this hotel. so drop down your weapons and don't try to murder me. Or I can't ensure others won't speak it out.

?(Duchess puts the knife on table)?Ogilvie(sits in the bed): what a comfortable bed.(His gaze moved on to sweep the spacious, well-appointed room.)

?Duchess:that's enough.I imagine you did not come here to discuss décor.?Ogilvie:No, ma'am, can't say I did. I like nice things, though. Like that car of yours. The one you keep here in the hotel. Jaguar, ain't it?

?Duke(intranquil):how could you know it?

?Ogilvie(ignores him and speaks slowly):is it in this hotel?

?Duke(sweaty):so you really saw the whole process?

?Ogilvie:Actually, I imagined it in my mind.

?Duke(takes a deep breath and says slowly):you mean you didn't see it!? that's great!

?Duchess(laughes loudly):imagined it? get out here, I don't want to negotiate with a lunatic.if you want sth, show us your sincerity.

?O:ok, last night, your husband went to a public house for wenching...

?Duchess:that's enough.What are you talking about?

?Ogilvie:Don't play games, lady. This is for real.You saw the papers. There's been plenty on radio, too.

?Duchess:What you are suggesting is the most disgusting, ridiculous...

?Ogilvie:You listen to me, your high-an'-mightiness. This city's burnin' mad –cops, mayor, everybody else. When they find who done that last night, who killed that kid an' its mother, then high-tailed it, they'll throw the book, and never mind who it hits, or whether they got fancy titles neither.

?Duchess(panic):You unspeakable blackguard ! How dare you!

?Duke(crestfallen):It's no go, old girl. I'm afraid. It was a good try.What you accuse us of is true. I am to blame. I was driving the car and killed the little girl.

?Ogilvie:That's more like it.Now we're getting somewhere.

?Duchess:What is it you know?

?Ogilvie(complacent):Well now, I'll spell it out.Last night, early on, you went to Lindy's Place in Irish Bayou.

?Duchess:Get on with it!

?Ogilvie:well, the way I hear it, you won a hundred at the tables, then lost it at the bar. You were into a second hundred –with a real

swinging party –when your wife here got there in a taxi.

?Duke(sweats drop down):How do you know all this?

?Ogilvie:I won't tell you. that's my livelihood to make a living.

?Duchess:I see.

?Duke:What do you propose to do?

?Ogilvie:I was hoping that you folks could suggest something.

?Duke(confused):I don't understand.?Duchess:you came here to blackmail us!?

?Ogilvie:Whatever names you call things, ma'am, don't matter to me. All I come for was to help you people out of trouble. But I said I got to live too.

Duchess:You'd accept money to keep silent about what you know?

Ogilvie:I reckon I might.

Duchess:How much do you want?

Ogilvie(surprised):Well ... I figure you people are pretty well fixed.Duchess(cold):I asked how much.what's the amount that can shut up your mouth ?

?Ogilvie(laughes loudly):Your Excellency,you're wise.(eyes blink)Ten thousand dollars?!?Duchess:Assuming we paid this grotesque amount, what would we receive in return?

?Ogilvie:Like I said, I keep quiet about what I know.

?Duchess:And the alternative ?

?Ogilvie:I go down the lobby. I pick up a phone.

?Duke(unequivocal)(to his wife):No,We will not pay, him.

?Ogilvie:Now listen, lady...

?Duchess:I will not listen. Instead, you will listen to me.(Her eyes were riveted on his face, her handsome, high cheek boned features set in their most imperious mold.)We would achieve nothing by paying you, except possibly a few days' respite . You have made that abundantly clear.

?Ogilvie:That's a chance you gotta...?Duchess:Silence!(deep breathing, decisively)We will not pay you ten thousand dollars. But we will pay you twenty-five thousand dollars.

?(the detective is totally tunned and his eyes are bulged with greediness)?In return for that,you will drive our car north.Ten thousand now. Fifteen thousand more when you meet us in Chicago.

?(Still without speaking, the fat man licks his lips. His beadyeyes, as if unbelieving, are focused upon her own. The silence hangs.suddenlyhe gives the slightest of nods.)

?Ogilvie:That's the bargain.The

money,uh, and your car's key.Then I think we shall discuss details on the route, destination, time to meet in Chicago and how to deal with your car......

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