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November 20, 2012

Summary of Mary Astell and Some Reflection Upon Marriage

Mary Astell was an important figure in the history of ideas of the early modern period. Not only is she famous by her literature works but also known as a feminine writer. She is a philosopher, theologian, and educational theorist. Astell enjoys great fame at that time. She is the center of the women like her who are well-educated, pious, unmarried. The educated women of that time were willing to be her friends. What’s more, Marry Astell argue for the founding an all-famale academy, where unmarried women might develop their reason ,deepen their knowledge ,and nurture their faith free from the distractions imposed by social convention.

In her famous book “Some Reflection upon Marriage”, she holds an idea that everything and every people are equal. So in a marriage relation, the husband and the wife share the same rights. Traditionally, men think he has the prerogative right in marriage. But they are the same both from relegations and nature. In addition, she is best known for the famous question which prefaces her Reflections on Marriage: “If all men are born free, how is it that all women are born slaves?” She is claimed by modern Republican theorists and feminists alike. Astell was not alone in her views; rather, she was part of a cohort of early modern women philosophers who were important for the reception of Descartes and who grappled with the existential problems of a new age.

第二篇:Mary couldn 12200字

.Mary couldn’t make herself _______ attention to because her classmates made so much noise.

A. paid B. to pay C. pay D. paying

答案解析:此题容易误选C, 其实此题应选A。 pay attention to


2.Was it through Mary , ____ was working at a high school , _____ you get to know Tom ?

A. who, who B. that, which C. who, that D. who, which 答案解析: 此题应选C,


强调句型It be + 被强调部分 + that (who)?中,who (that)前不能有逗号。 上述两点是对的,在此句中Was

it?that?也的确是强调句型,但句中的两个逗号不在强调句型中,它的作用是把非限制性定语从句who was working at a high


3.Every minute is made full use of _______ our lessons.

A. studying B. to study C. study D. being studied


we make full use of every minute to study our lessons.。是不定式作目的状语。

4.I agree with most of what you said, but I don't agree with _____.

A. everything B. anything C. something D. nothing

答案解析: 此题容易误选B,生搬硬套不定代词用法规则:something用于肯定句,anything用于否定句或疑问句。其实此题应选A,注意前文的I

agree with most of what you


1. Mr Wang made up his mind to devote all he could ______ his oral English before going abroad.

A. improve B. to improve

C. improving D. to improving

1.此题中包含固定短语devote?to,其中to为介词,后面应接动名词。动词devote后接的宾语为all,all又为先行词,后又包含一个定语从句he could (do)。此题很容易以为could后应接动词原形;而误选A项。答案为D项。

2. Everything he ______ away from him before he returned to his hometown.

A. took B. had been taken

C. had had been taken D. had taken

2.此题应该首先把句子结构分析清楚。句中Everything既作句子的主语,又作先行词,后接定语从句(that) he had,而had been taken是过去完成时的被动形式作句子的谓语。此题意为:在他返回家乡之前,他所有的一切都被拿走了。故选C项。

3. Before he went abroad, he spent as much time as he _____ English.

A. could learning B. learned

C. to learn D. could learn

3.此题中包含句型结构spend?(in) doing sth,其中题申spent的宾语为much time,much time作为先行词,后又接定语从句he could (spend)。故选A项。

4. You can never imagine what great difficulty I have ______ your house.

A. found B. finding

C. to find D. for finding

4.题中difficulty为先行词,后接定语从句(that) I have,构成固定句型:have difficulty (in) doing sth。因为in可以省略,所以选B项。

5. The person we spoke to ______ no answer at first.

A. making B. makes C. make D. made

5.此题中也包含一个定语从句we spoke tO,the person既作先行词,又作句子的主语,横线处应填人的是句子的谓语,根据句子的需要,应用过去时。本题中的to为陷阱,实际上它属于定语从句,而不影响主句的谓语动词。故D项正确。

6. The person we referred to ______ us a report tomorrow.

A. giving B. will give C. gave D. give

6.同上题一样,句中包含定语从句we referred to,所缺成分为句子的谓语,又根据句中的tomorrow可知应用将来时。故选B项。

7. The days we have been looking forward to _______ soon.

A. coming B. will come

C. came D. have come

7.此句中的定语从句包含短语look forward to,虽然to为介词,但并不影响主句的谓语动词,它只是一个陷阱而已。又根据句中的soon,应用将来时,故选B项。

8. The person we talked about ______ our school last week.

A. visiting B. will visit

C. visited D. has visited

8.句中包含的定语从句we talked about中about虽为介词,但不影响主句的谓语,又根据后面的时间状语为last week,故应选C项。

9. The man whose songs we are fond of ______ in our city next week.

A. singing B. to sing C. will sing D. sang

9. 此句也包含定语从句whose songs we are fond of,其中of虽为介词,但不影响主句的谓语动词,而句中时间状语为next week,故选C项。

10. Not only ______ the jewelry she _____ been sold for her son’s gambling debts but also her house.

A. is; has B. has; had

C. has; has D. 不填; has

10.此题中由于Not only置于句首,故用部分倒装结构。第一个has为助动词,是句中谓语动词has been sold中has的提前。第二个has属于定语从句;为实义动词,表示“有”的意思。本句的意思为:不但是她所有的珠宝,而且还有她的房子都被卖掉来还她儿子的赌债了。答案为C项。

11. ______ in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him.

A. Losing B. Having lost

C. Lost D. To lose

11.此题为省略句。Lost in thought相当于Because he was lost in thought。短语be lost in表状态,意为“陷入;—?”。故选C项。

12. The research is so designed that once nothing can be’ done to change it.

A. begins B. having begun

C. beginning D. begun

12.此题为省略句;连词once后省略了主语the search,从句once begun相当于once the search is begun。答案为D项。

13. — What do you think made the woman so upset?

— _______ weight.

A. As she put on B. Put on

C. Putting on D. Because of putting on

13.此题是一个省略答语,完整的回答是:Putting on weight made the woman so upset。此句是用动名词短语作主语。故选C项。

14. Time should be made good use of ______ our lessons well.

A. learning B. learned

C. to learn D. having learned

14.此题选C项,考查的是不定式作目的状语。此句是利用被动结构设置陷阱。本句转化为主动形式是:(We) should make good use of time to learn our lessons well.

15. It was only with the help of the local guide ______.

A. was the mountain climber rescued

B. then the mountain climber was rescued

C. when the mountain climber was rescued

D. that the mountain climber was rescued


. Never ______ time come again.

A. has lost B. will lose C. will lost D. lose

16.本题考查的是倒装结构。正常语序为:Lost time will never come back again.其中lost为过去分词作定语,意为“失去了的时间”。故选C项。

17. — ______ was it ______ they discovered the entrance to the underground palace?

— Totally by chance.

A. What; that B. How; that

C. When; how D. Where; that

17.首先根据回答Totally by chance可知,问句是问有关方式的问题,故第一空应填how;其次,问句是强调句型的一种特殊疑问句形式,强调的是方式状语how。故选B项。

18. I have nothing to confess. ______ you want me to say?

A. What is it that B. What it is what

C. How is it that D. How it is that


19. Is this factory ______ you visited the other day?

A. the one B. that C. where D. when

19.本题可以改为:This factory is ______ you visited the other day.句中is后面无表浯,定语从句也没有先行词,故应填入既能作表语又能作先行词的the one。所以答案为A项。

20. Was it _____ she heard with her ears really made her frightened? A: what; that B. it; that

C. that; which D. what; 不填

20.此题考查的是强调句型中又包含主语从句的情况。What she heard with her ears是由what引导的主语从句。第二空中的that则为强调句型中的that。故答案为A项。

21. ______ what the six blind men said sounded!

A. How foolishly B. How foolish

C. What foolishly D. What foolish

21.此题为感叹句。句中系动词sound后面应接形容词。该句可改为:What the six blind men said sounded foolish.故选B项。

22. It was ______ the old clock that the old man spent the whole morning at home.

A. repair B. repairing C. to repair D. in repair

22. 本题考查的事是强调句型。该句型可还原为: The old man spent the whole morning at home (in) repairing the old clock.故选B项。

23. Is this hotel ______ you said we were to stay in your letter?.

A. that B. where C. the one D. in which

23. 此题与第19题相似,但第19题中的visited为及物动词,而本题中的stay为不及物动词,in your letter中的in不可与stay连用。此题可改为:This hotel is where you said we were to stay in your letter.实际上是由where引导的表语从句,而不可看作由the one作先行词的定语从句。答案为B项。

24. Please tell me the way you thought of ______ the garden.

A. take care of B. to take care of

C. takinq care of D. how to take care of

24.此题是以插入语设置陷阱。you thought of为插入语,不影响to take care of作the way的定语。答案为B项。

25. A fast-food restaurant is the place _______, just as the name suggests, eating is performed quickly.

A. which B. where C. there D. what

25.句中just as the name suggests是插入语,把它去掉后发现是由where引导的定语从句,先行词为the place。故选B项。

26. The film brought the hours back to me ______ I was taken good care of in that far-away village.

A. until B. that C. when D. where

26.此句中定语从句的先行词the hours被back to me隔开。先行词在定语从句中充当状语。故选C项。

27. The professor has written another book,________ of great importance to computer science.

A. which I think it is B. and I think is

C. which I think is D. when I think is

27.答案选C项。I think是插入语。答案A项中的it是多余的。

28. — Where do you think ______ he ______ the computer?

— Sorry, I have no idea.

A. had; bought B. has; bought

C. did; buy D. 不填; bought

28.此题中do you think是插入语。但在有do you think的特殊疑问句中,虽是疑问句,句子却要用陈述语序。故选D项。

29. We should do more such exercises in the future, I think, _____ those we did yesterday.

A. as B. like C. about D. than

29.本题中I think是插入语。exercises被more修饰,故应选than,构成比较结构more?than?。不能受such的影响而选A项。答案为D项。

30. He will tell you _____ he expects will win such a match.

A. why B. whom C. which D. who

30.此题中he expects为插入语,去掉后发现宾语从句中缺少主语who。故答案为D项。

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31. In New Zealand, I made lots of friends _____ a very practical knowledge of the English language.

A. get B. to get C. getting D. got

31.该题中不可把made理解为使役动词,而误选A项。实际上made lots friends意为“交了很多朋友”,答案为B项,不定式to get在句中作目的状语。

32. I’m busy now. I’m sorry I can’t help _____ the flowers.

A. watering B. watered

C. waters D. to water

32.答案为D项。此题中的can’t help并不是表示“情不自禁做某事”的意思,根据上文可知其意为“不能帮助做某事”,其结构为can’t help (to) do。

33. Who would you rather ______ the report instead of you?

A. have write B. have to write

C. write D. have written

33.此题考查的是结构:have sb do sth。可以把它变成陈述句来理解:I would rather have Tom write the report instead of myself.再就Tom提问就变成了Who(m) would you rather have write the report instead of you?故选A项。

34. We must stop pollution ______ longer.

A. living B. from living

C. to live D. live

34.此题并不是考查我们熟悉的结构stop? (from) doing sth,而是不定式表目的,此句的意思为:我们必须阻止污染以便活得更长。故选C项。

35. — Was it under the tree ______ you were away talking to a friend? — Sure. But when I get back there, the bike was gone.

A. that B. where C. which D. while

35. 此题很容易误以为是强调句型而选A项。做好此题的关键是正确理解句中it的意思。从上下文的语境来看,it是代词,指代the bike,故用while来引导时间状语从句。本句可以理解为:“当你离开去同朋友谈话的时候,你的自行车是在这树下吗?”“当然,但当我回来时,自行车就不见了。”故选D项。

36. Not far from the club there was a garden, ______ owner seated in it playing bridge with his children every afternoon.

A. whose B. its C. which D. that

36. 答案为8项。此题的关键是理解seated这个词,它是过去分词,而不是作谓语的过去式,它不能在句中作谓语。所以后面句子不是一个非限制性定语从句,而是一个独立主格结构,故选代词its。

37. Wang Ling was elected ______ all he is the tallest.

A. because B. because of

C. for D. as

37. 本题很容易误选A项,其实正确答案应为B项。此题并不是考查because of这个短语,而是of alI(在所有当中)这个短语。句意为:“王凌被选中了,是因为在所有的人里面他是最高的。”

38. We’ll be free tomorrow, so I suggest ______ to the history museum.

A. to visit B. visiting

C. we should visit D. a visit


39. I like swimming, while what my brother enjoys ______.

A. cooking B. to cook

C. is cooking D. cook

39.此题容易误选A项。实际上what my brother enjoys是主语从句,不影响后面的成分。故选C项。

40. Thank you for the trouble you have ______ to help me.

A. paid B. taken C. had D. asked

40. 此题考查固定短语:take the trouble to do sth,表示“不辞辛劳地去做某事”。所以答案为B项。

41. Who is it up _______ decide whether to go or not?

A. to to B. for for C. to for D. for to

41.答案为A项。第一个to属于be upto这个短语,第二个to为不定式表目的状语。

42. We keep in touch ______ writing often.

A. with B. of C. on D. by

42.本题容易误选A项。误以为是考查固定短语keep in touch with,其实考查由by引起的方式状语。答案为D项。

43. — How long have you been here?

— ______ the end of last month,

A. In B. By C.At D. Since


44. You should treat him (in) the way ______ suits him most.

A. that B. in which C. 不填 D. why

44.此题中先行词the way后面的定语从句中充当主语。故只能选A项。如果先行词the way在从句中充当状语,则可以用that,which或省略。

45. He insisted that the sky ______ clear up the following day.

A. would B. should C. 不填 D. be


46. He is a strict but kind-hearted father, ______ the children respect but are afraid of.

A.不填 B. that C. for whom D. one whom


47. Mr Smith is ______ a good teacher ______ we all respect.

A. such;that B. such; as

C. so;that D. so; as


48. ______ nice, the food was all eaten up soon.

A. Tasting B. Taste

C. Tasted D. To taste

48. 此题答案应为A项taste为系动词,tasting nice在句中作原因状语。

49. — You haven’t been to Beijing, have you?

—______. And how I wish to go there again!

A. Yes, t have B. Yes, I haven’t

C. No, I have D. No, I haven’t


50. He was sentenced to death ______ what he has stolen from the bank.

A. that B. since

C. because D. because of

50.不要误选C项。实际上what从句从本质上相当于一个名词。what he had stolen=the thing(s) that he had stolen。故选D项。

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