Bitch! You've followed me for three days and three nights, because you're a woman I will not kill you, but you don’t think that I am afraid of you


Monkey, how can you talk to Guanyin sister in that way.


Shut up!


You scare me again!


There is no way to escape. The box is not useful now.


Monkey, you are really naughty! I told you not to throw things everywhere, throwing things is not right. Oh, I am not finished, you throw away the stick

again? The Moonlight Box is a treasure, throwing it will pollute the environment, how to do if it hurts kids? Even if it don’t hurt kids, hurting the flower or grass is not good too! ....


What’s up!


Let go!


Do you want it ah? If you want it, just tell me clearly, is that right? If you want it, I will give you, if you want it, I certainly will give you! It is impossible that You say you want but I will not give you or you do not want it but I insist on giving it to you, we reason it! Now I count three, you make it clear whether you want ... ...




Ha ha ha ha ha! See, this guy keeps talking all the time! Just like a fly, Om ... ... Sorry, not one, is a swarm of flies around you, Om ... Om ... Om ... Om ... flying into your brain, help ah!

悟空:所以呢我就抓住苍蝇挤破它的肚皮把它的肠子扯出来再用它的肠子勒住他的脖子用力一拉,呵--!整条舌头都伸出来啦!我再手起刀落哗--!整个世界清净了。现在大家明白,为什么我要杀他! So I catch that fly. Open its belly. Take out its intestine. Put its intestine around its own neck. Then I pull the intestine tightly. Everybody, the tongue comes out. I use a blade and cut! Wow! The whole world is quiet. Now you know why……Why I need to kill him.



Sister, this is your fault!

唐僧:悟空他要吃我,只不过是一个构思,还没有成为事实,你又没有证据,他又何罪之有呢?不如等他吃了我之后,你有凭有据,再定他的罪也不迟啊! He want to eat me, just an idea, not yet a reality, you have no evidence, what crime does he have? It is not late to convict him after that he have ate me and you have the evidence. 观音:唐三藏,你的罗嗦我早就听说过了,不过没想到你居然这么罗嗦!我给你的金刚圈让你用来制伏这猴子你居然不用! Zang, your wordy I have heard before, but did not think you could be so much wordy! I gave you a Diamond ring to subdue the monkey, but you did not use it!


The size of the Diamond Ring didn’t suit him. It made him very uneasy. After wearing it he couldn’t sleep well at night. It’s trouble me too. Although he is a monkey, but you can not do this to him, the officials will say that I do cruelty to animals! Speaking of the diamond ring, I pick a blacksmith up in ChenJiacun last year, his craft is very good and the price is fair, I can introduce him to you and make a new one now!


I have to do so, I need to report to Heaven Emperor.

唐僧:我不会使你为难的。请姐姐跟玉皇大帝说一声,贫僧愿意一命赔一命!正所谓我不入地狱谁入地狱?求姐姐你体谅我这样做,无非是想感化劣徒,以配合我佛慈悲的大无畏精神啊! I will not make you upset. please tell Heaven Emperor, I can sacrifice my life for him. It is just called “If I don’t go into hell, who go into hell”. Please listen to me. I just want to teach him in order to show my spirit.

第二篇:大话西游经典部分英文版 5300字

Big words of western tour (大话西游)

Chapter 1

Site:The wedding

紫霞:刘雨至尊宝:李繁牛魔王、唐僧: 孙通猪八戒、小妖: 沙僧、观音: 导演:何健


Aside: The story begins with a wedding. The Bull King is going to have a concubine.

牛:Today is my wedding. I am going to have a concubine. Ha ha ha ??.

妖:Concubine? Dose your wife agree to it?

牛:Oh! She is not lovely anymore. She’s right now at the Flame Mountain. She can do nothing about it!


牛:Let me introduce my brother to you! My bro!

Come here! This is my brother.


牛:Zixia, listen to me. I think I ‘ve fallen in love with you once I know you. I want to show my sincerity. So I request you to marry me in front of my bros. This Pandora’s Box is my gift to you. I hope you would say yes.

妖:I object!


妖:Zixia has a means to test her lover. If you can pass it, I will shout up!

至:What’s this? Really?

妖:This test is that she would marry the guy who can make her Magic Sword go out of the scabbard.


妖:Magic Sword?

牛:Let me do this!


紫:It’s not true! It’s just a joke. It is still meaningless even if you can put it out!


妖:King, Iron Fan Princess has come.



Aside: The monkey king leaves the front hall, running to back garden……

Chapter 2

Site: Bull King’s back garden

Characters: 至尊宝、紫霞


至:Why are you hiding here?


至:At this time, the blade is really close to me, 0.01 cm I think. But after a short period of time, 0.01 second I think, the owner of the sword will fall for me whole-heartedly. Because I’ve decided to tell lies, I’ve told many lies in my life, but I think it is the most wonderful lie!

紫:I’ll kill you if you come closer!

至:You should kill me! Kill me! I’d found my best love, but I didn’t treasure her. I left regretful after that. It’s the ultimate pain in the world. Just cut my throat, please don’t hesitate! If God can give me a chance, I will tell her there words. “I love you”. If God wants to give a time limit, I’ll say this love will last 10 thousand years!


紫:What can you tell your wife?

至:I have to tell her the truth. So I must get the Pandora’s Box back. Then go back with you and explain everything. But I hate myself that I can’t get the box back. I ??

紫:I help you!

至:No, it’s dangerous!

紫:You don’t want to?

至:I do! But ??

紫:I trust you! I’ll get the Pandora’s Box back tonight. Wait for me here at midnight.


至:Let me do something to my boss first. See you tonight.


Aside: The night ……

Chapter 3

Site: Dungeon

Characters: 至尊宝、猪八戒、沙僧、唐僧

猪和沙:Master, master


猪:We come to save you.

沙:We come to bring you out.

唐:I won’t go.

猪和沙:Stay here? Why?

唐:There’re full of obstacles in the way of getting scriptures. This is because we’re not united

enough. So we let the devils do bad to us. That’s fine. This prison has no difference with the outside world, to me; the outside world is just a bigger prison. You go out first. I have something to tell him.


唐:You come in and have a sit!

至:To be honest, I’m not your disciple. I don’t want to be your disciple. Master I know you’re a good guy. Please let me go!

唐:Do you know “dong , dong, dong ??”?

至:What is “dong, dong, dong”?

唐:“dong, dong, dong ??” is ??

(唐唱Only you)

至:Stop. Stop. I can’t take this anymore, please stop ??

唐:Ohoh ??

至:Damn you, you ? I’ve said I can’t take this anymore. Don’t disturb or I’ll kill you.

唐: Monkey King, you can kill me. Life and death are very minor. When you know why you should make sacrifices, you will come back and sing this song with me. Namonitabhaya ?


Aside: The Monkey King succeeds in escaping form the Bull King, and he reaches the Spiders’ Cave with the Grapes. Unfortunately, the Monkey King and his friends meet the Queen of Spider.

The Monkey have heard that if the blade slashed fast and accurately, the guy who’s cut open won’t die at once. He can still see. So he asks the Queen of the Spider to kill him as fast as she could and to tear his heart out and let him have a look.

After the Monkey King’s death, he appears in the Hole of Waterfall …

Chapter 4

Site: The Hole of Waterfall

Characters: 至尊宝、观音

至:Goddess. I’m about to understand your words. I used my eyes to see in the past. What I was dying. I started using my heart to see this world. Then I could see all things clearly. That girl ?has left a drop of tear in my heart. I felt her sorrow.

观:Have you given up all things in human world?

至:Yes! Life and death is just minor! ?? But I don’t understand why can human’s hatred last 10 years, 50 years, and even 500 years. What hatred is it?

观:So that Tang Monk went to the west and got scriptures, which clean out hearts.

至:OK, I want to stay here, there are many things waiting for me to do.

观:I want to warn you again. After wearing the gold ring, you’re no longer a normal human. You can’t have human desires anymore. If you do so, the gold ring will get smaller and smaller. It’s very uncomfortable.


观:Before wearing the ring, what do you want to say?

至:I had had found my best love, but I didn’t treasure her. When I lost her, I regret. It’s the most pain in the world. If God can give me another chance, I will say there words to her “I love you”! If there is a time limit, I hope, it is 10 thousand years!

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