【Situational Dialogue】

A: How's it going with the travel arrangements, Rachel?

A: Rachel,外出的安排情况怎样?

B: I've managed to book flights at the time you wanted, and I've found you a hotel in Paris for three nights. Frankfurt is more of a problem. There's a big trade fair going on there next week. All the hotels are fully booked.

B: 我已按你要求的时间订好了班机,也找到了你在巴黎住三天的旅馆。法兰克福还是个问题。下周,那里要举行大型经贸交易会。所有的旅馆都已经预定满了。 A: You can find me something, surely?

A: 你一定会给我找到一个住处的,对吗?

B: Maybe, but it'll probably be out in the wilds.

B: 有可能,不过也许要到荒郊野外的地方才能找到。

A: Well, keep trying. I managed to persuade quite a few people to see me, and I must keep the appointments. Are you having any language problems? A: 哎,继续努力找吧。我好不容易说服了那么多人和我会面,我必须守约呀。你有语言方面的困难吗?

B: No, all the hotel receptionists speak good English. Finding a room is the problem.

B: 没问题,旅馆接待人员的英语都说得很好。问题是找不到房间。

A: Try some of the smaller hotels.

A: 找小点的旅馆试试看。

B: I already have.

B: 我已经试过了。

A: Well, if necessary I'll book for something when I'm there. A: 噢,如果需要的话,我到那儿时自己找吧。

B: You might end up walking the streets.

B: 你可能到时候只能遛马路。

A: I've just thought of something. My first appointment is with Mr. Schmitt. His secretary was particularly helpful when I spoke to her. It might be worth giving her a ring and asking if she has any ideas.

A: 我刚想到一个办法。我的第一个约会是和Schmitt先生会谈。我和他的秘书通话时,发现她特别乐于助人。给她打个电话,问问她有什么办法,说不定能解决问题。

B: Okay, I'll give it a try.

B: 好吧,我试试看。


1. How's it going with sth./sb. 表示“某事进行得如何?/某人近况如何?”。我们平时跟熟人打招呼时可以说"How's it going (with you)?",这是非常口语的表达,意思相当于How are you doing?(你近来如何?)

2. more of 是“更多”的意思,more of a problem 就是说不仅仅是一个问题,换句话说就是个大问题。

3. keep one's appointment 表示“守约”,appointment 相当于 engagement(约会)的意思,其他词组还有:break one's appointment 违约,by appointment 按照约会的时间(地点)

4. walk the streets 这个短语要当心点啊,它除了有“在街上走”的意思外,还能表示“做妓女”。

第二篇:旅行话题 2200字

八年级英语上学期期末作文专项 出题人:卜霜霜 审题人:李雅婕

作文专项(一) 旅游话题

一、旅游景点回顾: 北京:颐和园The Summer Palace 紫禁城The Forbidden City 长城The Great Wall 北海公园Beihai Park 美食:老北京炸酱面the noodles of Beijing 北京烤鸭Beijing roast duck 哈尔滨:太阳岛the Sun Island Park 索菲亚教堂Sophia Church 中央大街Center Street 美食:哈尔滨红肠Harbin sausage


1. I’d like to travel to sp. by+ 交通方式

2. The sp.is one of the most famous Chinese gardens.

3. Traveling to different places not only a good way to open our eyes to see the world, but also enrich the


4. I spent my holiday visiting sp. with sb.

5. As soon as I arrived here, I went to…

6. Although we felt very tired, we enjoyed ourselves very much.

7. Beijing is the city which lives in the north of China. It’s the capital of China.

8. Harbin is the city which lives in the northeastern part of China.




1. 介绍你的旅行方式(乘火车)

2. 介绍北京 位置:在中国的北部,是中国的首都

名胜:紫禁城(The Forbidden City),北海公园 Beihai Park


3. 旅行途中发现环境污染严重,呼吁大家在旅行的同时也要保护环境。


Dear classmates,

Traveling to different places is not only a good way to open our eyes to see the world, but also enrich the knowledge. I spent my summer vacation visiting Beijing with my friends. I’d like to travel there by train.

As soon as I arrived here, we ate the noodles and the roast duck of Beijing. It tasted so delicious. We went to the Beihai Park. Beijing is the city which lives in the north of China. It’s also the capital of China. The Beihai Park is one of the most famous Chinese gardens. In the park, we saw the colorful flowers and the beautiful scenery. After that, we gathered together to the most wonderful palace—The Forbidden City. What an amazing palace! There were a lot of palaces and rooms there, we saw the canal of water. They were so amazing! I saw the Dragon Throne which the emperors sat on by myself. Although we felt very tired, we enjoyed ourselves very much.

Even though there were a lot of beautiful scenery, we found the environment got worse and worse. “ Take away nothing but your smile, and leave behind nothing but your footprint.” I believe that we all love our earth. Let’s take actions.


Zhang Ming

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