How 'The Voice of China'rose to success

This year a new TVreality show became an instant hit with audiences and forever changed thelandscape of Chinese television broadcasting. Within a few hours of its firstlive broadcast on July 13, "The Voice of China" managed to capturethe viewers' attention and hearts.

"The Voice ofChina", China's adaptation of a Dutch reality talent show, sees itshopeful contestants going through a blind audition, with four

celebrityjudges/coaches picking their teams of singers who will then go on to competefor a recording contract and a highly publicized concert performance. The show turned out to bean unexpected success, especially at a time when the TV market is basicallyoversaturated due to the large numbers of reality talent shows similar towestern programs that are coming to viewers on a daily basis, like"American Idol," "X-Factor" and "You've Got Talent."




rock/pop/jazz/classical/rap/R&B/country/blues/traditional/folkmusic 摇滚/流行/爵士/古典/说唱/节奏蓝调/乡村/布鲁斯/传统/民族音乐

composer 作曲家

lyric 歌词

melody 旋律

hit 节拍

instrument 乐器

piano 钢琴

guitar 吉他

flute 笛子

violin 小提琴



.It is …enough for me to….

Ilike reading comic books very much. It is interesting enough for me to enjoy. .If there is one thingthat delights me, it’s….

If there is one thingthat delights me, it’s the country music.

.I am satisfied with….

I am satisfied with thefood cooked by my mom.

.… would be one of my bestchoices.

Reading books on sciencewould be one of my best choices.

.I couldn’t ask for better… than ….

I couldn’t ask for betterhobby than shopping.

【Part1相关问题】 1. Do you like music, andwhat type of music do you like? 2. Have you learned toplay any musical instrument? 3. What kind of music ispopular now in China? 4. How does music affectpeople’s lives? 5. Do you want to be asinger? 【Part2相关话题】 Describe a song that has special meaning for you You should say: what song it is when you first heard it what the song is about and explain why this song has special meaning for you. 【Part3相关问题】 1. Why don’t older peoplelike pop music as much as young people? 2. What do you think arethe benefits of learning to play a musical instrument? 3. What can we learn fromforeign music?

第二篇:20xx雅思口语素材 21700字

We know that people do best at the work that they enjoy doing.

The Internet has connected people at every corner on the planet

I love my neighborhood…I know virtually everyone. We had a parade, bbq, field day event and more bbq’s and fireworks on the 4th

We live in a rare neighborhood where our whole block is friendly and known to each other. Everyone is great and we all seem to have a lot in common. Problem is… it’s all too friendly. It’s the main reason we’re moving away. I can’t seem to step outside the house without finding someone who wants to chat and visit. For someone with a blog, I’m surprisingly private. I spend a lot of time outside and I want to be in my yard without having to visit. I’m also worried that some of the female relationships on the street have already shown signs of strain. It’s off to the country for me!

1.Are there many people living near you?

Yes, and they will say hello when they bump into each other anyway. But it can be annoying because gossip gets out everywhere here and everyone will know about it so it kinda sucks sometimes.

3.How often do you see (or talk to) your neighbours?

I live in north east Scotland and i have good neighbours. we all chat over the wall and sometimes stand there for ages talking. Some we nip in and out of for coffee now and then. We are never in each other's faces all the time but we look out for one anothers houses if we're on holiday or such like.

Of course the smaller the town the better. In my town you can't go down the street without meeing a few people you know.

4.Do you think it's important to know your neighbours?

Yes. I would prefer to stay at a place where even if people know each other but still respect each other's privacy and do not gossip or snitch about each other.

6.Do you think it's important for a person to have a good relationship with their neighbours?

My neighbours are all grown up and are very kind. The benefits of having a good relationship with my neighbors is that we can make a new friend, share stories about our lives to improve them, to learn from them, etc. Not everyone can enjoy their neighbors, some people have strange, loud, neighbors. I would rather have older people as my neighbours because I like the peacefulness in a neighbour hood. I don't like all the ruckus.

7.What do you think of your neighbours?

My neighbours are great, we all get on very well and often socialise together, if one of us has a barbecue we invite one another around but we don't live in each other's pockets. This is a fantastic place to live, I got lucky when I moved in here.

9.Do you spend much time socializing with your neighbours in your neighbours' homes?

Almost never. We have terrific neighbors and we want to keep it that way. We chat in the yard and gather outside. We help one another with the shoveling in the winter. We loan out our garden tools to one another. We even bring each other cookies at the holidays. But we don't visit in one another's homes often.

11.What are the benefits of having good relationships with one's neighbours?

You have to co-exist with them so why not be friendly. They can be a natural support to you and yours when and if needed, and vise versa. You have a community that shares life with you.

12.What sorts of problems (conflicts) can people have with their neighbours?

There are many: rave music full-blast till 6am, gangs fighting in the streets, throwing glass bottles at neighbours, throwing furniture through the windows...

13.In what ways can neighbours help each other?

By keeping an eye on each others properties for signs of trouble (break-ins).

Taking in the mail for a neighbor when they're away on vacation.

Helping with odd jobs around the yard.

Sharing things with each other (tools,garden equipment,household stuff...etc.).

Starting up a neighborhood watch program.

14.Have you ever asked a neighbour for help?

Never. I am too shy to go and ask my neighbors, because I don't like when people say no to me in front of my face.

15.Would you prefer to have young people as your neighbours, or old people?

Older people normally don't give too much trouble for neighbors because they don't listen to loud music, they don't throw big parties, they use to bring us a piece of cake when they bake it (it's really nice!) and when neighbors are younger or just have kids you're vulnerable to all sort of unexpected things, such as their music, parties, fights, but to compensate that they bring a lot of joy to the block. In fact, I think the problem is not really if the neighbors are younger or older, but if they are respectful and have consideration for the others living around. I have three neighbors, three young men who start party on Thursday and it goes until Sunday. The problem is not their party, but their bad taste for music and the fact that they have only one CD that they play a thousand times in a row. Nobody deserves it!

I prefer email. No stamps to buy or worrying about forgetting to mail it. I also like the fact that it will get to the person in a few minutes or hours instead of having to wait days or weeks for it to go through the regular mail system. As long as the person you are emailing checks their email every day, the email

system is a lot faster. I also like the fact that using email instead of writing letters cuts down on the use of so much paper. It is a good thing when you can cut down on the amount of paper used because it saves trees and reduces the amount of waste that would eventually find its way into our landfills...

I can remember a time that I, myself, didn't have the internet. I didn't get my first computer until 1999. I graduated high school in 1996. We used computers for some things at school, but we only had computers in a few rooms, and none of them as far as I know, were hooked up to the internet. We only used them for typing reports and things like that. It wasn't until a few years later, when I attended a technical college in 1998, that I was introduced to the internet. Growing up in a small town in rural Georgia, it was often hard to really realize that there was a really big world out there. It often felt like that small area was all there was, and some of us ever wondered if we would ever get away from there. The internet helped to bring the rest of the world to us. I would have never met my wife had it not been for someone I knew from a chat room introducing us to each other, and I probably wouldn't have the life I have now. I surely don't think I would have ended up living in Florida.

The internet has made life better for a lot of people. Unfortunately, it has brought a lot of negative things into people's lives as well. I guess anything can be used for good or bad. I guess it all depends on the person making use of it...


Describe a time when you were caught in a traffic jam.

You should say:

when it happened

where it happened

how you passed the time while waiting

and explain how you felt when you were in that traffic jam.

我遇到了塞车! I was tied up/held up in traffic.

早晚上下班时间,大都市freeway的车速比一般道路还要慢,无数车辆拥上来,造成bumper-to-bumper traffic(车的保险杆相互碰撞的交通状况),这时的车速叫snail-paced traffic(蜗牛步行的交通);或者干脆slows to a halt(动弹不得).这种塞车现象可以叫做traffic jam

或traffic congestion;更严重的交通状况称为gridlock(严重塞车,僵局)

素材库 Where&When it happened?

I was caught in a traffic jam and showed up late to a movie.

I was stuck in a traffic jam on the way home from work. I listened to my favorite singer's album almost two whole times.

One day I was tied up in a traffic jam on my way to an appointment in City Center. I got increasingly frustrated sitting there as my mind started replaying all the mistakes I made last week.

The Longest time I got stuck in traffic was about a year ago. I am living in Beijing and the traffic jams are quite very normal for people living around. So one hour to two three hour traffic jams are quite average but i was stuck in a traffic jam once from 9 pm till 4am. I slept in the car on the main road.

This is something I really hate. To get stuck in a heavy traffic. When I was still employed, I got stuck in a heavy traffic for several times. The usual 1 and a half hour's trip to the office took me almost 4 hours and it was really traumatic.

It was a Sunday, but I was caught in a traffic jam. I was in the heart of the district of HaiDian. Rather than lose my cool and curse myself for having been at the wrong place at the wrong time, I was in a good mood and was a bit more reflective than usual.

I was caught in a traffic jam, believe it or not, the almost 20 minutes I was caught in a traffic jam really, really did disappoint me, it really did. Not that I wanted to stay inside that bus for the rest of my life.

素材库 how you passed the time while waiting?

I like waiting, even in traffic jams. It gives me a chance to listen the wonderful variety of radio programming available. Watching other drivers in the jam and wondering what their cell phone conversations are about is also entertaining. Come to think of it, waiting is sometimes better than not waiting.

During traffic, I usually talk on the cellphone, text message, play with my dog, eat a burger with fries, block my dog from my burger, do some palm reading.

I usually roll down the windows, turn my music up, bob my head side to side, and belt out. At least I'm entertaining to the other poor folks stuck in the jam with me.

I listen to the radio, make phone calls to my girlfriend or clients or family. If it's stopped, I do news paper word puzzles.

I usually channel surf the radio, comparing different traffic reports. When I get bored with that, I check out the drivers next to me and imagine what their life story is all about!

I dream about the day I can leave this place, move to a city where I can buy a house for what it's truly worth and where traffic doesn't dictate your ability to get anywhere at anytime in a decent amount of time.

I usually check out all the other drivers in their cars to see how they match up with the kind of car they drive. Maybe silly, but you can't very well do much else that's legal.

素材库 how you felt when you were in that traffic jam?

I have never been happy in a traffic jam; it's a pain in the neck. I want to jump out of the car and walk along the tops of all the other vehicles. If I'm in a Taxi, I will worry about the taxi fare.

I had a full tank of gas one time in traffic, and I was by myself, no kids, and I just sat there and relaxed and listened to my music. When there's nothing else you can do, there's the phone. It was actually nice! It doesn't bother me in the least, unless I’m trying to meet a deadline where other people are dependent upon me......

I hate them if I am busy. But love them if I have time. Especially if I have a friend in the car because that's a classic time to sing loudly.

I don't see much point in losing my cool over a traffic jam. I sigh, pick some music that I like out of the CD collection and either try to figure a way around the jam or wait it out.

I hate traffic jam. It seems like it is taking longer very day to get to work and to go home. It is just getting worse. A year ago it took me 35 minutes to get to work and now it takes me 50 minutes to 1 hour to get to work. It is driving me nuts. I guess it is due to the construction everywhere and the city population is growing rapidly. I have seen some aggressively drivers were speeding and illegally driving the wrong way trying to get to work on time. One driver cut in front of me without turning the signal on. I was close to an accident

I absolutely HATE when this happens! O.K. that said, generally I first turn up the music and pray for something really good to listen to, then as I crawl along toward the next exit I think of where I am, where I'm going and whether it's worth it to get off there. I often take the alternate route. So I learned to be patient by listening to the radio, or call someone on the cell phone. Sometimes I don't turn on the radio at all and go deep in thoughts or pray.

Part 3

1. When do traffic jams usually happen?

Watch out for traffic jams - especially in the middle of the city (around Siam Square) and around peak hours (morning and evening rush hour traffic). You can be jammed up really tight and everything will come down to a crawl if not a complete stand still.

Try not to take taxi during peak hour and on weekend night. You will easily be trapped for 1 hour inside a cab.

2. What are the causes of traffic jams?

rush hour, slow moving trucks, construction on the roads, cars with trailers, crash incidents, many pedestrians walking across a street after some sort of large meeting, bad weather, traffic lights malfunctioning, bike gangs, some sort of celebration taking place on a major road involving many vehicles and prohibiting vehicles not included in the celebration to get through, bad road planning, crime scene area prohibiting cars and pedestrians to pass by, many others.

what cause traffic jams everybody leaving at the same time and heading the same direction

Lots and lots of cars. Lot and lots of people who sit in the traffic jams and never learn that they are a major cause and insist on taking the same jammed roads at the same damned time. Poorly designed roads allow people to do stupid things in traffic that cause accidents. Stupid people who do stupid things in traffic regardless of the road design.

3. Do you think the problem of traffic congestion will be eased in the future or will it become worse?

population is increasing, children are growing up to teenagers and teenagers are growing up to adults, they get older they drive. People are relying on cars too much, this problem will become more and more serious.

4. What would you suggest as possible solutions to the problem of congested traffic?

1. reeducate all drivers, especially PUV drivers. strictly disapprove licenses of those who will fail exams.

2. make PUV drivers salaried employees, not paid based on the number of passengers.

3. instill road courtesy.

4. government should have an efficient flood control program.

5. computerize traffic lights.

6. instill discipline for both drivers and traffic enforcers.

7. improve road conditions.

1. Widen roads, build more skyways.

2. Build more overpass/underpass for pedestrians

3. Restrict buses, jeepneys and tricycles from highways or main roads.

4. Strictly enforce traffic rules and regulations

5. Mandatory driving tests to all driver's license applicants

6. Traffic policemen should know how to drive before they are eligible to direct traffic.



Describe a long journey you enjoyed.

You should say

where you went

when and why you went there

what landscapes you saw

and explain why this was such an unforgettable trip.

A long journey

One journey I went on that was very long indeed was my trip around Europe last summer, travelling by train.

I went for a whole month, going all around Europe from my home country of England east until I got to Eastern Europe, and then back in a loop to Italy. I went so I could see the rich history and culture of the continent, which was practically on my doorstep. I felt it was high time I embarked on a long trip to experience some more of the world and its people.

Travelling by train I kept myself occupied by looking out of the window at the landscapes as they flashed by. The countryside was mostly fields, but once I got to the Alps then it became beautiful. There were towering cliffs of rocks with fast-flowing rivers cutting between valley walls. I could even see a castle on one of the hillsides. Each city I visited brought a new style of architecture and type of person on the street. I saw medieval cottages, baroque cathedrals and shabby, modern apartment blocks. The landscape varied with each country I came to.

I’ll never forget this trip because it was the first time I was travelling without a home base. I went with a good friend and we spent a lot of time together. We had memorable conversations on the long train journeys about live, society, religion... all very deep stuff. I also had the chance to see some of the world’s most famous sights like the Eiffel Tower and the Dom cathedral in Cologne. It was fascinating waking up on a moving train knowing that the next stop I got off at was going to present me with a whole new country with many surprises. It was a unique experience.

Lexical resource 词汇

all around: 到处

in a loop: 绕一圈

continent: 洲

doorstep: 门口

embarked: 进行

occupied: 被占据

flashed by: 飞过

the Alps: 阿尔卑斯山脉

towering cliffs: 高耸的悬崖

fast-flowing rivers: 急流的河

hillsides: 山腰

style of architecture: 建筑风格

medieval cottages: 中世纪风格的小屋

baroque cathedrals: 巴洛克风格的教堂

home base: 本垒 大本营

Eiffel Tower: 柏林大教堂

fascinating: 迷人的

unique: 奇特的



Describe a wild animal in your country.

You should say:

what animal it was

what it looked like

where you saw it

and explain what people in your country feel about this animal.

One never tires of watching lovely red-crowned cranes. 优雅的丹顶鹤令人百看不厌。

Red-crowned Crane is snow white with a black neck, black patches on its wings and red on top of its head. It stands almost five feet tall and has long legs. It has a long pointy beak for spearing its prey. 丹顶鹤雪白的身体,有黑色的颈,黑色的翅膀边缘以及红色的头顶。它几乎5英尺高,有长长的腿。丹顶鹤有一个锋利的长喙,能够戳穿食物。

Cranes are regarded as a bird of good luck in China. In Chinese culture, cranes have existed for over 3,000 years. Then there have been a lot of legends and stories about cranes. Red-crowned Crane can live as long as 60 years. So it is the longest-living of all bird species. For centuries, cranes have been revered in China as symbols of longevity. 在中国人心目中,鹤是一种吉祥的鸟。在中国文化中,鹤已经存在了三千多年了。 有不少关于鹤的传说和典故。丹顶鹤的寿


The image of the Red-crowned Crane can be seen in many places in China. People often draw red crowned crane and pine together. The lifespan of both pines and cranes are very long. So people use them to symbolize longevity. Red-crowned cranes dance the most beautiful dances in the world of birds. While dancing, they half-open their wings, and they jump around and sing for each other. That's why peopele consider crane as elegance. 丹顶鹤的图案可以在中国很多地方看到。人们经常把丹顶鹤与松树画在一起。松树和仙鹤的寿命都长。所以人们就拿这两样东西来象征长寿。丹顶鹤是在鸟类中跳舞最美的。当它们起舞时,半展翅膀跳跃,互相歌唱。这也是为什么人们视它作优雅的象征。

Red-crowned cranes are one of the world's most endangered species. Despite protective laws, poaching continues to remain a problem. 丹顶鹤是世界上濒临灭绝的物种之一。尽管有动物保护法存在,但非法狩猎仍然是个问题。


With the price of cellphones and digital cameras more and more cheap, more and more people have them, which makes our lives conienient and fun. I like take photo very much. Every time I go to travel, I will take a lot of photos come back for the occasion. I would be concerned about interesting things, and take them down for my life. Do you like photos? I would like to make friends with you if you like them.

I enjoy taking photos too, especially when I am traveling. I love the fact that you can cherish a special moment forever by just one click on the camera. The best part is when you find old photos you haven't looked at in a long time and it can mentally bring you back to the time when they were first taken. It gives you a chance to experience that moment all over again



? I like hangin' with my friends. (Do you actually do anything with those friends, or do you just take up space on our little planet?) I do Facebook in all my free time. (This is true for many students, but too much online time is a major source of poor academic performance in college) I like partying. (Another activity that, if a abused, has caused many students to fail

out of college)



? I watch lots of TV. (Many of us watch too much TV; don't highlight that fact during your interview) I don't have any free time. (This answer is true for some highly involved students, but it is an evasive answer; what would you do if you did have free time?) I've been reading all of the Greek classics. (Good for you, but really? Colleges

like good scholars, but they also want students who occasionally take their heads out of their books)

I was seven when I entered grade school,

I was 14 when I started highschool in the Phil.

I would have to say that my favorite natural sound is that of rainfall. There are many degrees of rainfall, from light rain to torrential downpour, to thunderstorm, and I love them all. I also enjoy the way in which the sound of rain varies depending upon where you are, for example inside of a building, in a car, or under an umbrella. I particularly enjoy listening to a thunderstorm from my room late at night. It makes me feel calm and puts me right to sleep.

I hate everything that creates noise in a death silent morning. I don't like any type of sound in morning time

I’m not very keen on the sound of traffic. Hearing the sounds of honking horns, running engines, and screeching brakes all bother me quite a bit. I find traffic to be generally chaotic and stressful, and more of a combination of noises than anything that could be considered musical or melodic. I have further distaste for traffic because I associate the sounds with people being rushed and angry.

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