To realize peaceful rise, China must express clearly to outside what kind of the identity she would be and what kind of the international image she would shape herself as.


On the other side, creative tourism product can attract and influence the world by culture and mentality, which accelerating growth of national soft power and peaceful rise of China.


China's peaceful rise has brought good opportunity for the development and prosperity of ASEAN and many other countries and areas.

中国的“和平崛起”为东盟及世界许多国家和地区的经济发展和繁荣带来了良好的机遇。 At the start of the 21st century, China's leaders articulated a policy known as the peaceful rise, an attempt to alleviate global fears about China's growing economic and political power.


1、出国以后擅长做哪些事情有助于你的教学,如怎样和外国人交往 Respect their customs

To be punctual

Learn more about thier native language in order to better communicate with them


More and more people around the world pay attention to China, a young country with an ancient cultural heritage that is approaching the world with unprecedented openness

Chinese traditional culture is very attractive

They are our national great cultural essence

In the spread of our traditional culture with the way they can understand and accept


I was born in Fuzhou and was brought up here. Though there are not as many bueautiful historic sites and scenery as other cities in China,you can find green banians everywhere.I also like the historical old streets. But what I want to talk about is the glory of our city,national hero Lin Zexu.

Lin Zexu is famous for his active fight against foreign-imported opium during the Qing Dynasty. In order to commemorate him,his descendants raise money to build a memorial hall. In which there are fishpond,rockery and it's quiet and beautiful .It is lacated in Road Aomen


I like many kinds of TV programs

the recreational program

The documentary



The soap opera

I feel relaxed and can learn something


1、Interpersonal relationships

Being sincere to others

Improve the ability of communicate with others

Pay attention to my behavior

2、More independent


4、save time

time is money and efficiency is the life.that is the motto I live by in my life .whatever I do,I always seize the day and attach important to efficient.

5、social practice

Take part in extracurricular activities 参加课外活动

Club activities 课外活动


Success is not necessarily the affirmation of the others about your accomplishments.

Success is you live the life you want, be yourself

Ignore the eyes of others

the most important is , Always have a dream No matter how old you are,and fight for it


Xiamen city

I have been there for about 5years,I studied there. I love the city very much. I think Xiamen is a rather nice place to live in, with its mild weather-not very cold in winter, and never too hot in summer.and it has a clean an beautiful environment,it is Convenient to go anywhere and has orderly traffic.And I prefer to go to the center of the city where I can go shopping easily ! in Xiamen City.I feel very comfortable......


It has wonderful beaches, tropical climate and superb food, Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world.

Thailand remains itself even when confronted with the huge number of travelers. It has a nice history and culture behind it and its people are renowned for their smiles. There are a lot of people that come to Thailand and decide to remain here

I like thai food.Thailand food is internationally famous And One of my best friend is there , When I heard the volunteers program, i applied for thailand without hesitate


1、I often search the latest news, and the Log in weibo To find how others evaluate this event Watching the documentary

Chat with friends by qq weixin or email.

2、Now the Chinese young people like to show individual character, Such as biking, extreme sports, Tours, etc. They often find like-minded people to form a group, such as cycling, travelling, drives, etc. they have same interests.

3、teacher 、journalist


desire to success





China is more developed .and the whorld is connected,china is play a key role in the world stage


Football swinmming


The Spring Festival is our Chinese people's festival.There are different names for each Chinese year.We call it the year of the dog,the year of the pig,the year of the tiger ...And the year of 2013 is the year of snake

Before the day of the festival,people are busy shopping and cleaning their houses.On the Eve, there is a big family dinner.After dinner,all the family stay up late to welcome the New Year.It is the middle of the night.We have dumplings.We can watch many kinds of parties on TV.On the

first day of the New Year,people put on their new clothes and go to visit their friends They say "Happy New Year"and some other greetings to each other.people have a good time during the festival.


1.turn off the light instead of leaving it on when you leave a room.

2.walk or ride a bike instead of taking a bus or a taxi if you travel a short distance.

3.take a cloth bag instead of plastic bags when you go shopping.

4.give your old colthes to the poor areas to reuse them.

First, we can stop driving our personal cars. We can go to school or work on foot or by bus. Not only can it protect environment, but also it is good for our health.

Second, we are not supposed to drop litter anywhere, we should put them into the trash bin. And its best to pick up the litter on the ground when we see them.Third, we should save the paper, the water, the food and so on.

Fourth, we should protect the trees and we should plant more trees.

I think if everyone does something to protect the environment, our world will be much better.


My Lucky Star Is a very romantic love story

It describes a spy and an innocent girl Complete a difficult task,and finally they succeed,and fall in love with each other.

The hero is wang lee hom. The heroine is zhang ziyi They are two of my favorite moive star. The plot is attractive and exciting.


My favortie teacher is Mr.Zhang in middle. He teaches us English.He is a tall man always with a smile on his face. He is strict with us in study. But after class, he is very kind to us and

often helps us with our life and study. We all think he is not only our teacher but also our friend.I like him very much, and I'm proud of having such a good teacher.


Human life cannot continue without science and technology. The development of science and technology has brought about many changes in peoples life. For example, the inventions of television and space rockets have opened a new era for mankind. Through the use of TV people can hear the sound and learn the events which actually happen thousands of miles away. Owing to the inventions of spaceships and rockets, the dream of mans landing on the moon, which was impossible several decades ago, has now come true. Science and technology also play an important role in our socialist construction. It is hard to imagine that the modernization of industry, agriculture and national defense of our country can be realized without the application of modern science and technology.

As the curriculum delivery shifts from software on disks to curriculum on the Internet, finally the task of integrating technology across the curriculum is meeting the needs of teaching and learning. Books are not the only source of information. The teacher is no longer the only voice of knowledge. The modern students know of several ways to check the information the teacher is delivering in the classroom. The information is freely available on the Internet or other electronic media and accessing and presenting the information requires the computer.


It must be admitted that Echo,whose Chinese name is Sanmao,was the most legendary Taiwanese author in the contemporary literitary in China.It is her writings that makes herself stand out as an independent female as well as paves the way to a more clear life for a host of readers,including me myself.

More surprising than the common adventures are the stories she told in book,and more surprising yet is her whole legend life itself.Setting out at a young age,Echo was one of the very earliest Chinese to study abroad and went through almost the entire world.Her experiences,especially the

ones in Sahara Desert are teeming with fabulous stories,which also lead us to think about life.

It is also her attitude towards life that fascinates the readers.Hard as the times was,she could be as cool as cucumber.She and her husband nearly created their own special and unparalled house in Sahara with hard working and the love for life.


Qin Shi Huang (or Shi Huangdi) was the First Emperor of a unified China, who ruled from 246 B.C. to 210 B.C.

In his 35-year reign, he managed to create magnificent and enormous construction projects. He also caused both incredible cultural and intellectual growth, and much destruction within China.

Whether he should be remembered more for his creations or his tyranny is a matter of dispute, but everyone agrees that Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, was one of the most important rulers in Chinese history.




fuzhou has a climate characterised by long, hot and humid summers and short, mild and dry winters. The warmest month is July, the coolest month is February. Spring, both humidity and sunshine, is the dampest season Summer and autumn are marked by comparatively sunny conditions, while autumn is warm and dry. Frost is very rare.


The limitation of 140 words in the microblog pulls the civilians and Shakespeare on the same level. The microblog provides free chances for the grassroots to voice their thoughts and show their gifts. And this phenomenon leads to the sharp increase of the original passages. And it also becomes a literature type. As the people who use Twitter said, social network brings us a

wonderful time that everyone can voice their opinions and be heard others.

Microbloghave lot problems. If we have to list them, the difficulty of protecting our secrets from spreading by others must be the first one. Second is the phenomenon that when you say something not satisfied others, they will rebuke you with a barrage of bad words. However, you can’t stop it, because they have their rights of voice…


When I saw this topic, my first reaction was that money does not equal to happiness definitely.

Yes, money is the basic of high quality of life. However, it’s not the whole of your life. We can get happiness from little things, such as play games with friends. Finish your homework or cook delicious food for your family. See, that’s the source of happiness, not money makes us happy. On the other hand, possess money will meet our needs and bring happiness to some extent. For example, you want to travel around; money can do you a favor.

Without happiness, people will feel empty(空虚的). At this time, you need inspiration or source of power. For me, that is love. You can get support, warm, happy from love. Money might give you these, but not all.


I hope I can become a good teacher,

the problem of cultural differences

To adapt to the local environment


we should develop the aging industry, one is according the actual conditions in China, to meet the need of the old material and spiritual life; the other one is to take the market as the guidance, in accordance with the law of economic and other three is to ensure that pension costs of fair use, improve the consumption ability of the elderly.

Lastly, it is important to speed up the aging system of laws and regulations. We should take measures to strengthen the enforcement of laws and regulations related to the old to speed up the

pace of legal system of the elderly, to carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation to respect pension.



top 1 because the writing system is ridiculous


it is absolutely true that chinese is hard because of the hugenumber of characters one has to learn。


and chinese is not very phonetic, which means that often youjust completely forget how to write a character, if there is noobvious semantic clue in the radical, and no helpful phoneticcomponent somewhere in the character。


top 2 because the language doesn't have the common sense touse an alphabet


the english is so easy because of the skills needed to masterthe writing system are 26 letters and they are written from left toright ,horizontally, across the page, with spaces to indicate wordboundaries。

相比之下,尽管中文也有组成汉字的那些共用的偏旁部首,却没有相应的字母。 in comparison, chinese has nothing that corresponds to analphabet, though there are recurring components that make up thecharacters。


it can be said that the components of chinese characters arearrayed in two dimensions, rather than in the neat one-dimensionalrows of alphabetic writing。


top 3 because even looking up a word in the dictionary iscomplicated


one of the most unreasonably difficult things about learningchinese is that merely learning how to look up a word in thedictionary is about the equivalent of an entire semester ofsecretarial school

汉语一定是地球上最精于运用字典的语言了,因为各种各样的字典实在太多。 chinese must also be one of the most dictionary-intensivelanguages on earth for there are various dictionaries。


top 4 because there's classical chinese (wenyanwen)


classical chinese really consists of several centuries ofesoteric anecdotes and in-jokes written in a kind of terse, miserlycode for dissemination among a small, elite group ofintellectually-inbred bookworms who already knew the wholeliterature backwards and forwards。


top 5 because there are too many romanization methods and theyall suck


perhaps that's too harsh, but it is true that there are toomany of them, and most of them

were designed either by committee orby linguists, or -- even worse -- by a committee of linguists。


top 6 because tonal languages are weird


it's one of the most common complaints about learning chinese,and it's also one of the aspects of the language that westernersare notoriously bad at。


as non-native speakers, you must memorize along with thevowels and consonants。 汉语的那些语调和强调习惯简直是与生俱来的,根深蒂固的,简直不可思议。 intonation and stress habits are incredibly ingrained andsecond-nature。


top 7 because there is culture difference


one of the main reasons chinese is so difficult for westernersis that the culture between the east and the west has been isolatedfor so long。


china has had extensive contact with the west in the last fewdecades, but there is still a vast sea of knowledge and ideas thatis not shared by both cultures。


when westerners and chinese get together, there is often notjust a language barrier, but an immense cultural barrier aswell。

1、 跨文化交际

(1) 怎么解释户籍制度

(2) 举办一个活动来介绍中国的瓷器、京剧文化

(3) 泰国同事聊天经常谈论关于中国的负面消息,怎么办

(4) 学校要举办一场文艺活动,其中你的任务是负责乐器演奏的节目,你不会怎么办

(5) 到国外如果孤独想家了怎么办

(6) 泰国学生因为在中国老被叫老外因而很苦恼怎么办

(7) 如果你在国外课时太多,工作量太大而导致你没有时间和同事或者当地的邻居有时间交流,从而让


(8) 作为一个汉语教师需要具备什么样的素质

(9) 春节快到了如何和学生过春节

(10) 举办关于灯笼的讲座

(11) 会在课后教学生什么

(12) 到陌生的环境如何适应

(13) 你认为各种文化是差异大于共性还是共性大于差异

(14) 怎样调节课堂气氛

(15) 户籍制度、养老制度、义务教育制度、计划生育问题

(16) 学生如果在课堂上闹怎么办

(17) 教了一段时间学生没有长进怎么办

(18) 你任教的区域发生自然灾害怎么办