Our dream is China Dream (演讲稿)


Find our own dream, that’s my China Dream

Dear Colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

While I was preparing for today’s speech, I simply wanted to google some articles from the internet as the contents of my speech. And that’s exactly what I did as my first attempt. However, after reading so many articles from all kinds of people such as university professors, celebrities, college students, and even junior high school students,I found that none of them has anything to do with my own dream, and none of them reflects my real thoughts. Well, to be honest, I think evensome of the guys who wrote those articles do not believe in what they said. So, I wonder why?

Anyway, after my ‘google’ strategy didn’t work out, I gave up the idea and started to think what do I want from the bottom of my heart because I believe what I want is what I dream. China Dream is about finding our own dream, and go for it. When all of our dreams converging into one great river, that’s the culture of the company. When all these rivers converging into the sea, that’s China Dream. One world one dream, and thenwe have the ocean of mankind.

Last year President Xi said,

“We must forge ahead on the path of China Dream, thus no difficulties or obstacles can impede the course of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

By the 2050, China will take the road to modernization in every way. China Dream is everybody’s dream, as a saying that goes, “where there is dream, there is future.” As former Premier Wen said that I have deep love for this country. I love every inch of its land. I love every river that flows on this piece of earth with deep passion and deep affection. No matter what you do, no matter how you do, no matter when you do, keep it in your mind, that you are wealthy means the country is wealthy.

I was so deeply moved by our premier’s speech. So furthermore, I believe that we have dream means China has dream.We must first of all start to be ourselves find our own dream instead of talking clichés. And then, by doing what we are good at, we make contributions to our dear country, with pride.

OK now,when it comes to my own dream, I’m going to talk about the two important things.

First of all, passion.

When I was in primary school, I had a dream. I want to invent a device which could bring you from one place to another in no time at all, something like Doraemon’s AnyDoor.And I gave it up till I went to high school, because back then, my dream was to study hard and get into a goodcollege. And when eventually I got into college as I wanted to, my dream was to graduate and get a job, find a girlfriend, buy a house, get a car, blablabla. However, I found my dream was getting closer and closer to reality while on the other hand further and further from satisfaction and happiness. Like there’s something missing in my life, it is passion that’s missing.

"We believe that people with passion can change the world for the better." said Steve Jobs.

Passion is in all of us, and undeniably part of who we are.Passion has changed me. As long as it can change a person, it will change the world, since everyone makes a difference.

Passion is the fire in your heart. Find your inner fire, and live that passion daily. You will be changed, everyone will be changed, I believe, then, our great nation and even the whole world will be changed!

And the other important thing is Kindness.

People may wonder why kindness has anything to do with dreams. The answer is kindness is the basic of anything, just like passion, it’s something deep in our hearts and needs to be found and valued. Do not hesitate to show your kindness, even though it seems rather small. What you have done to the people who are in need can really make a difference. Take an example to show about this idea. Once upon a time, a boy who wandered about the seaside found that there were numerous fish washed out to the shore. He picked up the fish and threw them back into the sea; ignoring the laughing from other kids. He had a strong belief that his action can be important to every fish struggling against the death. Besides, we can also learn that though we may not do great thing every day, but we can do the small thing with our noble mind. We are born into this world like a blank canvas. And each person that crosses our path takes up the brush and makes their mark upon our surface. And when we take up the brush, which color will we choose? My choice is kindness.

Finally, I hope all of us can be the ones that have passion, show kindness to others. And simply this is mydream and my ChinaDream.

Thank you!

第二篇:Our Chinese Dream 1800字


Our Chinese Dream

Good evening , my friends and honorable judges!

I’m Zhou Yuanquan from Class 1 of Resource Exploration Engineering. Today, I would like to share my idea of our Chinese dream with you.

When I first heard of the phrase, “Chinese dream”, I had no idea what it exactly was. “Is it similar to American dream? ” I wondered. By looking up several news items , now I’ve understood the meaning of Chinese dream. Defined by President Xi, it means achieving the great rejuvenation of our country.

Wow, the Chinese dream sounds really excellent! “What’s your opinion on Chinese dream?” I asked people around me. Mom said, “as for me, I hope my family becomes more and more prosperous. ” According to my roommate, if every single man’s dream comes true, our Chinese dream is sure to be realized. I can’t agree with them more. As university students, what can we do for our Chinese dream? enjoy our campus life and make ourself well-prepared for the future.

Last September, when I first entered the Wuhan Campus, seeing the new teaching building, eating at the luxurious cafeteria and enjoying the comfort in my dorm, everything was exciting. Besides learning, I signed up for the recruitment of the student union and luckily became its member. Every other week, I took bus to downtown with my friends to have fun.

However, life wasn’t always so wonderful. I felt gloomy when I had too much burden and when I didn’t get on well with others. By adjusting my attitude, never did I give up myself. Soon, everything went smoothly again! Now, I’ve learned a lot and made many new friends! How is your life in the new campus? I hope you enjoy it very much.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s live a meaningful life! Never lose your heart! Only everyone’s dream comes true will we achieve our Chinese dream. Wish you a happier life and our country a better future!

Thank you!

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