体育英语:科比超乔丹 NBA历史得分榜排第三


Kobe Bryant has surpassed Michael Jordan on the NBA's all-time scoring list, and moved into third place behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone.


The Los Angeles Lakers star, now in his 19th season, passed the Chicago Bulls legend (32,292 points) and the player to whom he has long been compared with a free throw in the second quarter against the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Target Center.

Bryant, 36, entered Sunday's 100-94 win eight points shy of Jordan's mark. He finished with 26 points on 7-of-20 shooting to go along with six rebound1 and two assists.

Bryant says that he owes a debt to Jordan for his success.

"Well, I try to learn so much - from him in particular. He's been such a huge part of my success and my career, giving my advice and offering mentorship and things like that so that relationship has meant everything to me."

For Bryant, the milestone2 is no small feat3, as he forged his Hall of Fame career in Jordan's shadow, with every achievement measured against his idol4, almost since the day Bryant entered the league in 1996 at the age of 18.


1 rebound



The vibrations accompanying the rebound are the earth quake.伴随这种回弹的振动就是地震。

Our evil example will rebound upon ourselves.我们的坏榜样会回到我们自己头上的。

2 milestone



The film proved to be a milestone in the history of cinema.事实证明这部影片是电影史上的一个里程碑。

I think this is a very important milestone in the relations between our two countries.我认为这是我们两国关系中一个十分重要的里程碑。

3 feat



Man's first landing on the moon was a feat of great daring.人类首次登月是一个勇敢的壮举。

He received a medal for his heroic feat.他因其英雄业绩而获得一枚勋章。 4 idol



As an only child he was the idol of his parents.作为独子,他是父母的宠儿。 Blind worship of this idol must be ended.对这个偶像的盲目崇拜应该结束了。


第二篇:科比 5300字

Dear students :

Hello everyone !

Black Mamba is a deadly poisonous snakes have , why do I get this name? Because once I entered the stadium , I was deadly , like the black mamba same. So the next scene , I can joke , but once I entered the stadium , I'll be like a new person , like , engrossed on the pitch.

I am now 35 years old, went to be the second half of his career, like some of the injured are also commonplace. Once injured , you think the world stopped, regardless of knee injuries, shoulder injuries , and so on . I know a lot of people have ruined the whole career , and some people even depressed , can not even return to the stadium. When that moment happened, I would look at himself in the mirror , "said Bryant , what would you ? If you experience such pain you what will happen ? " You know, every time I see someone hurt, I saw a lot of people come back after the injury , I looked at himself in the mirror muttering , "is not it quit ? should not stop playing it?" I do not know yet whether the return game. I sit here and tell you now , I want a full recovery back on the court . But I can not promise , because a lot of the time I still have some doubts , but I think , this is to meet the challenges of significance .

To seize every opportunity to prove yourself to everyone , to prove that you can meet the challenge. To those who say you can never succeed , you will fail to prove , and this is my opinion. If someone says you are the injured , to slump , and for me, if someone suffered this injury might quit , but Kobe can not do this . Others say it under your die, I would say that you so that you may quit . So I have to prove it to them , especially to my fans who support me , love , I have to win their own , to win the pain , can return to the game . So as to allow those who doubt me rethink what is the impossible becomes possible. The importance of these scars is reflected in here , these scars are my shift reflects growing .

As a player, I was born with a passion to succeed , you want to win. But also the most important thing in life the hardest thing . As a player , you want to go to the stadium to meet the biggest challenge , I think the biggest challenge is to bring people into the team like a man as to constantly , constantly win, this is the biggest challenge the team of athletic competition , this is exactly my passion . For me personally, the most important thing is to continue to meet the challenge, and never afraid of challenges is extremely important.

But more important to maintain a constant curiosity of things , such as how to play better , how to improve the skills , how what is learned from others . In fact, I grew up to now has been looking for factors that inspire me from all aspects , not just from the body of Michael Jordan , Earvin Magic Johnson from the body, but also from Michael Jackson , Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci, Bruce Lee's body, these who gave me great motivation, let me forward, so this is the spirit of the black mamba . Not that you have to constantly attack others , but to never stop you from moving forward . Life is a life-long learning , so it is extremely important to keep learning . You have to keep learning , study and study again , and talk to people , to understand , to learn, and not feel that you know everything . The only way you can become a better person , in order to further improve your skills . Finally, there will be a by-product , to become a champion , become better yourself. For me, this is the spirit of the black mamba , my source of spiritual lies. So if I am able to pass this spirit to all of you , whatever you want to do, to become a basketball player , a writer or a presenter, no matter what your dream is , you must adhere to the dream of success from the front people who learn from the experience and knowledge to the success of all walks of life , some of them have in common makes them stand out, be successful, this is what I want to convey

to you today positive energy .




我现在35岁了,算是走到了职业生涯的后半程,像这样一些受伤也是司空见惯了。一旦受伤,你就觉得世界停止了,不管是膝盖受伤,肩膀受伤等等。我知道很多 人因此而把整个职业生涯都葬送了,有的人甚至一蹶不振,甚至无法返回赛场。当那个时刻发生的时候,我会看着镜子中的自己说,“科比你会怎么样?如果你经历 这样的伤痛你会怎么样?“你知道我每次看到别人受伤,我见到很多人受伤后回不来,我看着镜子中的自己喃喃自语说,”是不是应该退出了?是不是应该停止打球 了?“我自己都不知道还能否返回赛场。我现在坐在这里告诉你,我要完全康复回到球场。但我不敢打包票,因为很多时候我也有疑问,但是我觉得,这才是迎接挑 战的意义所在。

要抓住一切机会,向所有人证 明你自己,证明你能够迎接挑战。向那些说你永远不可能成功,你一定会失败的人证明,这就是我的看法。如果有人说你这次受伤,要一蹶不振了,对我来说,如果 别人受了这种伤可能就退出了,但是科比不能这样。别人说这下你不行了,我会说,你这样你才可能会退出。所以我必须要证明给他们看,尤其是给那些支持我,热 爱我的粉丝们,我一定要赢了自己,要赢了伤痛,能够重返赛场。这样才能让那些怀疑我的人重新思考,什么叫将不可能的变成可能。这些伤疤的重要性体现在这 里,这些伤疤就是我成长转变的体现。

作为一个球员,我与生俱来的激情就是想要成功,想要赢。同时也是人生最难却最重要的事情。作为一个球员,要到球场上去迎接最大的挑战,我觉得最大的挑战就 是要把全队的人变成像一个人那样,要不断地,不断地取得胜利,这就是团队竞技比赛的最大挑战,这也正是我的激情所在。对我个人来说,最重要的事是不断地迎 接挑战,而且永不畏惧挑战极为重要。

但更重要的是要对事物保持不断的好奇心,比如说怎么样打得更好,怎么样提高技巧,怎么样从别人身上学到什么。其实我从小到现在一直从各个方面寻找激励我的 因素,不仅仅从迈克尔·乔丹身上,从魔术师埃尔文·约翰逊身上,还从迈克尔·杰克逊,贝多芬,达芬奇,李小龙身上,这些伟大的人给了我激励,让我前进,所 以这就是黑曼巴的精神。并不是说你要不断进攻别人,而是要永不停歇你前进的脚步。人生是学无止境的,于是不断学习就显得极为重要。你要不断地学习,学习, 再学习,和别人交谈,了解,学习,而不是觉得你自己什么都懂。只有这样,你才能成为一个更好的人,你的技巧才能进一步提高。最后才会有一个副产品,成为冠军,成为更好的自己。对我来说这就是黑曼巴的精神,我的精神的 源头所在。所以如果我能够把这种精神传递给在座的各位,不管你想要做什么,成为一个篮球运动员,一个作家或者是主持人,不管你的梦想是什么,你们一定要坚 持梦想,从成功的前人身上汲取经验和知识,各行各业的成功人士,他们身上都有一些共性使得他们脱颖而出,取得成功,这就是我今天想要传递给各位的正能量。


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