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Review of Great

Expectations by Charles




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2010级 英教2班 朱琴 0401100208

About Great Expectations

Great Expectations, written by Charles Dickens in his late life, set in early Victorian England, is an autobiographical novel, in which Dickens’ life experiences are reflected. The original meaning of the work’s title actually is about a heritage, but not something really great. The novel is comic, satirical, critical, dark and sympathetic. It makes us mediate about self improvement, morality and social class. In this novel, Dickens used many ironic words and made it dramatic.

First of all, I would like to review the interesting plot. The hero Pip was brought up by his sister who was unpleasant as well as crude and her friendly blacksmith husband Joe. Though their life was hard, Pip didn’t wish to be an upper-class person and his aspiration was to be a blacksmith like his brother in law and take over the blacksmith shop.

One day, Pip was caught by an escaped convict with heavy chains hanging around his legs. The man threatened to cut Pip’s throat unless he took him a file to cut his chains. Little Pip was so frightened that he did just as the convict told him. What’s more, he stole some food from the kitchen for the poor stranger. The convict was shocked by Pip’s kindness, and he promised to reward Pip with his heart though he was brought to foreign countries by the police as punishment finally.

Several months later, Pip met Miss Havisham and her adopted 2

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daughter Estella. Miss Havisham was a very rich woman who had been abandoned by her lover on the day of their weeding. From then on she heated every man in the world and swore to revenge by Estella. Her adopted daughter was actually an instrument of broking men’s heart for her. And Pip would be the first boy to be hurt by Estella in her plan.

Pip loved Estella deeply though she was so proud and detested him because he was not a gentleman. On seeing this, Pip began to realize his ignorance and his wish of being a gentleman became stronger and stronger until he got the unexpected chance to inherit an inconsiderable fortune from an anonymous person.

Pip went to London and accepted education in famous law school. In order to deserve Estella, he bent himself to becoming a gentleman. Pip bought expensive clothes and furniture, and he always appeared in luxurious bars with his rich friends. However, he became ashamed of his poor background of his family where he was once brought up.

On a rainy night, an unexpected man visited Pip’s place and stated that he was the convict that once had been helped by Pip. The man made Pip know that it was he who gave him the heritage as a reward. Pip was shocked as well as full of hatred, because he held the conviction that it was Miss Havisham who gave him the money.

That the convict escaped back again to see Pip was out of law, so Pip had to hide him in his house. But during the process of sending him 3

2010级 英教2班 朱琴 0401100208

abroad the old man was attacked and lost his life and all the money he had earned in foreign countries. After this Pip lost everything he had inherited and became a common person. Fortunately, he realized his stupid thoughts of becoming a gentleman for vanity, because he changed a lot during that time. He once became vainglorious and even was ashamed of Joe, his affectionate brother in law.

According to my point, the so called Great Expectations in this novel may symbolizes temptations of something that unachievable but desired by most people, including money, fame and big fortune. But we have to realize that some of them are things that you may get it by chance, but not effort.

It is our vulnerability to compare unrealistically with people around us. If they own sums of money, we can’t bear without money. If they are as poor as us, we also ignore how poor we are. We will not care what we have lost if we have not possessed it once. Though little Pip had never been educated, he didn’t feel himself inferior. For him, it was just his real life. However, once he knew that he would have great expectations, he became upset and even lost himself.



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《雾都孤儿》读后感 最近看了一本很经典的书,名字叫〈雾都孤儿〉,是英国著名的现实主义作家查尔斯.狄更斯的作品。他生于英国朴茨茂斯的一个贫苦家庭,父亲是个海军小职员,

10岁时全家被迁入债务入监狱,11岁起就开始承担繁重的家务,12岁时被迫辍学到鞋油作坊当学徒,饱受侮辱,从而对工人阶级的生活和苦难有所了解,尤其对不幸的儿童产生了深厚的同情。16岁时,他在律师事务所当缮写员,走遍伦敦大街小巷,广泛了解社,后又担任法庭速记员和新闻记者,熟悉了议会政治中的种种弊端。当时他为伦敦几家报纸拟稿。狄更斯发表1836年底的第一部长篇小说、讽刺资产阶级民主虚伪性的〈匹克威克外传〉就取得了惊人的成就,使他一举成名。此后34年中,他共写了十几部长篇小说。24岁时和凯瑟琳女士结婚,由于性格和趣味上的差异,给他的创作,特别是晚年生活带来不幸。他一生除了刻苦写作外还喜欢戏剧,曾亲自参加演出和导演,举办过朗诵会。1870年6月他在写作小说〈艾德温。德鲁德之谜〉时,由于劳累过度,谇然逝世。葬于伦敦斯敏斯特教堂。 (教育博士网.欢迎您投稿) 狄更斯在小说中无情地揭露和鞭挞了资本主义社会的黑暗和虚伪。1838年和1839年,他发表了〈雾都孤儿〉和〈尼古拉斯。尼可贝〉,描写了资本主义社会穷苦儿童的悲惨生活,揭露了贫民救济所和学校教育的黑暗。狄更斯是英国最伟大的小说家之一,英国现实主义文学的杰出代表,对世界文学有巨大的影响。 〈雾都孤儿〉是狄更斯的第二部长篇小说,在世界文学史上占着重要的地位。小说的主人公奥利弗。特威斯特,是一名生在济贫院的孤儿,忍饥挨饿,备受欺凌,由于不堪棺材店老板娘、教区执事邦布儿等人的虐待而独自逃往伦敦,不幸刚一到达就受骗误入贼窟。窃贼团伙的首领费金千方百计,企图把奥利弗训练为扒手供他驱使。奥利弗跟随窃贼伙伴“机灵鬼”和贝茨上街时,被误认为他偷了一位叫布朗洛的绅士(恰巧是他父亲生前的好友)的手绢而被警察逮捕。后因书摊老板证明了他的无辜,说明小偷另有其人,他才被释放。由于他当时病重昏迷,且容貌酷似友人生前留下的一副少妇画像,布朗洛收留他在家中治病,得到布朗洛及其女管家比德温太太无微不至的关怀,第一次感受到人间的温暖。窃贼团伙害怕奥利弗会泄露团伙的秘密,在费金指示下,塞克斯和南希费尽心机,趁奥利弗外出替布朗洛归还书摊老板的图书的时候用计使他重新陷入了贼窟。但当费金试图惩罚毒打奥利弗的上时候,南希挺身而出保护了奥利弗。费金用威胁、利诱、灌输等手段企图迫使奥利弗成为一名窃贼,成为费金的摇钱树。一天黑夜,奥利弗在塞克斯的胁迫下参加对一座大宅院的行窃。正当奥利弗准备趁爬进窗户的机会向主人报告时,被管家发现后开枪打伤。窃贼仓惶逃跑时,把奥利弗丢弃在路旁水沟之中。奥利弗在雨雪之中带伤爬行,无意中又回道那家宅院,昏到在门口。好心的主人梅丽夫人及其养女罗斯小姐收留并庇护了他。无巧不成书,这位罗斯小姐正是奥利弗的姨妈,但双方都不知道。在梅丽夫人家,奥利弗真正享受到了人生的温馨和美好。但费金团伙却不能放过奥利弗。有一天一个名叫蒙克斯的人来找费金,这人是奥利弗的同父异母兄长,由于他的不肖,他父亲在遗嘱中将全部遗产给了奥利弗,除非奥利弗和蒙克斯是一样的不肖儿女,遗产才可由蒙克斯继承。为此蒙克斯出高价买通费金,要他使奥利弗变成不可救药的罪犯,以便霸占奥利弗名下的全部遗产,并发泄自己对已去世的父亲的怨恨。正当蒙克斯得意洋洋的谈到他如何和帮布尔夫妇狼狈为*,毁灭了能证明奥利弗身份的唯一证据的时侯,被南希听见。南西见义勇为,同情奥利弗的遭遇,冒生命危险,偷偷找到罗斯小姐,向她报告了这一切。 正当罗斯小姐考虑如何行动时,奥利弗告诉她,他找到了布朗洛先生。罗斯小姐就和布朗洛商议了处理方法。罗斯小姐在布朗洛陪同下再次和南西会面时,布朗洛获知蒙克斯即他的已故好友埃得温。利弗得的不肖儿子,决定亲自找蒙克斯交涉,但他们的谈话被费金派出的密探听见。塞克斯就凶残的杀害了南西。南西之死使费金团伙遭到了灭顶之灾。费金被捕,后上了绞刑架,塞克斯在逃窜中失足被自己的绳子勒死。与此同时,蒙克斯被布朗洛挟持到家中,逼他供出了一切,事情真相大白,奥利弗被布朗洛收为养子,从此结束了他的苦难的童年。为了给蒙克斯自新的机会,把本应全归奥利弗继承的遗产分一半给他。但蒙克斯劣性不改,把家产挥霍殆尽,继续作恶,终被锒铛入狱,死在狱中。邦布尔夫恶有恶报,被革去一切职务,一贫如洗,在他们曾经作威作福的济贫院度过余生。 (教育博士网.欢迎您

投稿) 在这本书中,奥利弗、南希、罗斯小姐都是善良的代表,他们都出生于苦难之中,在黑暗和充满罪恶的世界中成长,但在他们的心中始终保持着一偏纯洁的天地,一颗善良的心,种种磨难并不能使他们堕落或彻底堕落,发而更显示出他们出污泥而不染的光彩夺目的晶莹品质。最后,邪不胜正,正义的力量战胜了邪恶,虽然南希最后遇难,但正是她的死所召唤出来的惊天动地的社会正义力量,正是她在冥冥中的在天之灵,注定了邪恶势力的代表——费金团伙的灭顶之灾。因此在小说中,南希的精神得到了升华,奥利弗则得到了典型意义上的善报。而恶人的代表——费金、蒙克斯、邦布尔、塞克斯无不一一落得个悲惨的下场。 这部名著在我心中留下了深刻的印象,使我懂得无论环境怎样恶劣,世界怎样复杂,我们都应该保持一份善良、博爱的的精神,这样于人于己都会带来快乐和幸福。