The Killer(海明威-杀人者英文赏析)


The Killers by Ernest Hemingway

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《The Killers》is one of the classical short stories of Ernest Hemingway. The story describes a society with Violence and people’s fear of the evil society.

Ernest Hemingway’s “iceberg theory” runs through the whole story. It doesn’t like many traditional novels which usually introduce the time, place and background at the beginning. Hemingway omitted this part and directly presents to the readers a picture of real scenes:” The door of Henry's lunchroom opened and two men came in. They sat down at the counter.” The story did not specify the reason why ole Anderson hunted, and we can only know something from George and Nick's dialogue. His “iceberg theory” suggests that the writer include in the text only a small portion of what he knows, leaving about ninety percent of the content a mystery that grows beneath the surface of the writing.Hemingway is very good at writing begins with few words and tell the map of the two killers from their conversation in the restaurant.

From the dialogue of George, Nick and Sam,we can also know the different character of the three persons. Nick is an innocent guy. Sam is timid and overcautious and don’t want to be involved in the matter. George is ambivalent that he want to help Anderson but afraid to be involved in it. The character and the past and future of characters are hidden behind in the dialogue, the reader can onlyspeculate the plot of the story by their own imagination. Nick comesto see Anderson,seeing him lying in bed. Anderson always looking at the wall or facing the wall whentalk to Nike. In this part, the word “wall” appears six times totally. The sixwalls form a closed three-dimensional space, which indicates Anderson completely trapped in it and unable to escape the violence of the modern society. The despairing Anderson is anatypical Hemingway hero.

The title of this short story is “The killer”, but the hero of the novel is not the two killers. It's Nick, who seems to be a secondary character. In fact, he was the central character in the whole story. On the surface the story is about two murderers who want to kill Anderson. Actually Anderson is also a killer. When Nick tells him the news,Anderson’s performance that waiting to be killed kills Nick’s innocence. He realizesthehorrible evil but unable to do anything about it, let him want to escape from the society, force him also yield to evil eventually.

Hemingway through the novel “the killer” with his masterful skills of people’s dialogue and iceberg theory reveals thetragic fate of people under violence. The novel is simple on the surface, but it has profound meaning, giving people unlimited imagination and shock, thus causing deep thinking.

第二篇:海明威语录 500字

美国作家海明威说:“人并不是为了失败而生的,一个人可以被消灭,但不能被打败。” 其实刚听到这句话的时候,我大概才读初中吧。不太理解这其中真正含义。 时间滴滴答答的从我身边走过,我就越来越喜欢那句话,一个人不是为了失败而生的。但现实生活中的种种迹象又像是在无情的驳斥这这句话。大学的生活是就像一 张空白的纸,你可以无拘无束的发挥自己的潜能,追寻自己的梦想。但我们却更像是一位老人,冬天躲在被子里怕冷,夏天走在街上怕热。心里想做什么,却害怕失 去了什么。一直在内心纠结着,迷茫着,害怕着。 舍友每天都起的很迟,有时间都用在打游戏上了,想自己安安静静的看书是一件多么不容易的事。因为我自己也不能静下心来,我自己也在以懦弱作斗争。 一个人不想做一件事的时候,总有千千万万个理由。但当你自己正在做着这件事的时候,你会发现自己需要的只是坚持的信念,和不懈的努力。所以,请不要对自己 的懦弱低头,请不要找理由,只要道路是对的,坚持下去总会到达终点。 懦弱并不一

定显露在我们的肢体语言或者表情动作,更深层次的懦弱是潜入骨髓的懦弱,它如同血液一般在我们的身体里流动。 面对懦弱吧,就像太阳驱走黑夜一样,让自己多一点自信,多一点真诚,多一点勇敢!

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