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The Qionglai City back Longzhen Center Elementary School: Sun literature

Spare time, I have read the former Soviet Union educator Sukhomlinski, "to the recommendations of teachers, the book benefited. The "use of free time to teach children a suggestion I was very impressed.

Rousseau's "edutainment" always makes me confused, I often think: How can we let the students in learning to be happy, happy to learn? Throughout today burdened with the heavy burden of the "l focus on the university entrance exam. Children, they where there are thought to play where there is time to music!

"A person in the study times the most valuable asset is discretionary time", although the burden is no longer a new topic, but we could still be heard many students complain about the sound, asked them, the original day, finished The teacher assigned the homework home parents have completed a number of operations. Neighbor's little boy came home from school rarely go out the activities, even the winter and summer vacation is no exception, every day in a small room to do what mother arranged "Jiangsu Volume", "extra-curricular supplement read the title" Problem Set difficult problems (some subject to talk about feelings of contact life) will come to ask me a closer look at the whole problem sets, nothing more than some common subject, the better the subject with the school uniform practice books similar or even identical, while the real can the intellectual development of the subject are very few children in such a practice every day and training exercises abandoned their beautiful childhood. "The most valuable asset" are unconsciously wasted.

I often think about here, becoming a mother I vowed to let his daughter freed from the onerous "home work", I would play games with her in the future, look at her painting, appreciate her singing and dancing, and guide her to read sensible, take her to see the wonderful craft of roadside artist ... with her understanding of nature, understanding the knowledge of social learning in the school seen in less than not. To alleviate the burden on students in the community to the school at the same time, we also appeal to all parents to children burdens. It is curious about the world's age, it is their restless fun age, every parent can correctly deal with their tender, to appreciate their full of playful move, give them "the most valuable asset "I believe that each childhood memories will be colorful.

"The book hates few when goes, never know difficult for our teachers, too many things to learn, but we know little. Some people say that to teach students a glass of water, the teacher should have a bucket of water. This is of course makes sense, but a bucket of water, such as add, also exhausted. "Q clear expectations, as there is water flowing, solid teaching and know the storm, learn and then know enough". So, reading,


Soviet contemporary educator Sukhomlinski, an educational theorist with over 30 years experience in educational practice. Communist China, he wrote "Suggestions to Teachers," a book to talk about one hundred recommendations, just like a wise man to stand before you read this book, his patience, resolve the trouble, give me, give

me over to help, but also like a the elderly, the amiable and learned in the difficult time I met in time to give me help, I am confident ...

Book, each one on a problem, there are vivid examples, brilliant theoretical analysis, many of which are Sukhomlinski education and teaching in the instance of his right, good for teachers to broaden their horizons, raise the level. Book a number of theories have far-reaching impact on me, which impressed me most was the second time of teachers come from? Only 24 hours a day and night ". One looked at the topic I was attracted to. Yes, we often hear teachers talk about "me, there is no time ah." Usually I often complain. 24 hours a day and night, only a day, in time per unit of work only eight hours, eight hours is a very full: lesson planning, lessons, marking students' work, counseling learning ability is relatively poor students, but also often reception parents friction between the handle students do a good job in another class layout of the environment, completion of the work of the Corps, is a bit overwhelmed, not to mention now have to take time to carry out his research; night home is also busy at home in the trivial things. Teachers time in the end from where come from? Daily uninterrupted reading, with books and forged a lifelong friendship. Gurgling brook, daily continuously injected into the large rivers of thought. Reading is not in order to meet tomorrow's class, but from the inner need and desire for knowledge. If you want to have more free time, not to put the lesson planning to become monotonous dead pull the textbook, then you should read the academic works.

For ah! This thought-provoking words, I comprehend the essence of the mystery of a number of educational techniques. I should not always complain there is no time to complain about too many things, in their language teaching in this discipline, I should make school textbooks that science knowledge has become the common sense of entry. The sea of scientific knowledge, to teach the basics in the student textbook, it should be just a drop in the ocean. Understand these principles, all complain are cast aside. Cited in the book that examples of the history teacher is the best proof. His success is his lifelong time in expanding their knowledge of marine and perseverance to improve their educational skills. Teachers of the time the problem is closely related with the educational process a number of factors. Teachers the time of labor and creativity is like a river, to rely on many small streams to nourish it. How to make these streams always maintain its vitality, the constant murmur of the water, which is when we arrange a time should be given to clear! The ancients said: "Reading enriches the mind. Reading often and often think, makes us bold and good to make a rigorous self-examination and introspection of their own education and teaching, both afraid to face up to their short, but also to explore the avenues for redress, to be good at summing up their own or peer successful experience from which to extract the essence for reference, to lay a solid foundation for a theoretical breakthrough. Reading recommendations for teachers, I want to say one: reading, make your knowledge becomes richer, years later, the

textbook in the eyes of your eyes on the simple as literacy textbooks and teachers . " CCTV "Lecture Room" program around the broadcast of the Analects of Confucius in Dan Dan "The Analects" experience in the world live by the road of the soul, life skills, Gentleman, ideal for road, life every point of the hang, has become many a mirror, I have the honor won the first reading of this book, there will be a clear insight into feeling. I has a more profound understanding of the "Analects".

The true meaning of "The Analects" is to tell you, how can our hearts need the kind of happy life as a teacher, if we can feel these, that our hearts will certainly be less of a lot of complaints, is sure to be a happy and well-being of teachers. Professor Yu Dan mentioned in the book "We have seen some teachers increased aid, are often accused of his students should not how how it is the teacher did not to the realm of really good teachers such as Confucius, calmly discuss with the students Heaven, Earth, with God a mutual relationship thoroughly publicize the fact, think about on in the process of teaching our students have excellent performance and mediocre results, as well as low achievers, we all know, Confucius' disciples three thousand wise men only 72 "the rest of those students of Confucius, the eternal sage defects, in the face of these circumstances, we teachers need to keep a healthy mind. Like Confucius said that "Love" knowledge. " Care for others, benevolence, and understand others is wisdom. For students to understand more individualized to develop students' individual strengths, and poor students in a positive frame of mind, the guide correctly, I believe they will change in their own education, but sooner or later.

In Dan "The Analects" experience each story are told the us many of life's philosophy and doing things a man of truth, really hope that the various layers of the solution a taste of which Road Let's together under the light of the various saints of learning growth.

Yu Dan Xinyu

Your tolerance, in fact, to give myself to a brighter future.

Do not care, kindness, understanding others is wisdom.

Failing to bring it too, place them to be under, also should do our own to help those who need help. To the people rose, hands full of incense, give than to obtain more to make our hearts full of happiness.

The villain of the arrogance, pride, external air, while a gentleman of the arrogant, proud of is the inner strength of character.

Confucius is not advocating the return good for evil, he gave a sense of proportion is to direct complaints.

Distance and independence of a people respect, such respect even in the middle of the closest, should maintain.

April 3, 2011

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