Good afternoon, dear professors. It’s my honor to be given a chance for this interview. My name is XX, 21 years old. I come from XX, the city where the XXX is located. Surrounded by the strong academic atmosphere, I increasingly become a steady and industrious person, which provided me with the perseverance to do well on the last three years’ study in the English department of XX University.

During the last 3 years, not only did I learn linguistics, English and American literature, but also I endeavored to use my creativity and innovation with my classmates to adapt stories and act them out. Such as XXXXXXXXX All of these ideas were owing to my hobbies of reading books and watching movies. In my spare time, I read novels as the Pride and Prejudice, essays as Of Studies, poems as those written by William Shakespeare, fairy tales as the Happy Prince and history books as 1587, A Year of No Significance. Instead of merely for entertaining or broadening my horizon, I found philosophies and wisdoms in those books which would enlighten me.

That’s all about me. Thank you for your attention.

第二篇:自我介绍 4900字

1.很荣幸参加这次面试,本人性格开朗,稳重,有活力,待人热情,真诚 在校时一直担任班级团支书的职务. 工作认真负责,积极主动,能吃苦耐劳。有较强的组织能力,实际动手能力和团体协作精神,能迅速的适应各种环境,并融合其中。希望考官能给我一次机会 相信自己一定能胜任这份工作

Good morning, my name is xx, it is really a great honor to have this opportunity for an interview, and i hope i can make a good performance today。I treat people warmly and sincerely.i was a secretary of Youth League branch at school. I work seriously, actively and toughly.i've the ability of

organization ,practice and team spirit. I can fit a surrounding quickly and blend into it.i hope interviewers can give me a opportunity.i can be qualified for the job.


I'm an earnest person, always full of passion for any work I am assigned to. I have strong adaptability, eager to learn and ready for dedication.

I'm an open-minded person with an excellent team spirit. I always want to improve myself and can face up to difficulties and challenges with great courage and confidence. I have a lot of faith in the future. I really hope that I can join your company and contribute to your business success as a competent employee.I graduated this year from the major of financial management at XX university, with a bachelor's degree.

Excellent ability of systematical management.有极强的系统管理能力Ability to work independent1y, mature and resourceful. 能够独立工作、思想成熟、应变能力强。 A stable personality and high sense of responsibility are desirable. 个性稳重、具高度责任感。 Work well with a multi-cultural and diverse work force. 能够在不同文化和工作人员的背景下出色地工作。 Mature, self-motivated and strong interpersonal skills. 思想成熟、上进心强,并具极丰富的人际关系技巧。 Energetic, fashion-minded person. 精力旺盛、思想新潮。 Ability to work well with others. 能够同他人一道很好地工作。 Highly-motivated and reliable

person with excellent health and pleasant personality. 上进心强又可靠者,并且身体健康、性格开朗。 Be highly organized and effecient. 工作很有条理,办事效率高。 Have positive work attitude and be willing and able to work diligently without supervision. 有积极的工作态度,愿意和能够在没有监督的情况下勤奋地工作

work experience 工作经历 occupational history 工作经历

professionalhistory 职业经历 specific experience 具体经历

responsibilities 职责 second job 第二职业 achievements 工作成就,业绩 administer 管理 assist 辅助 adapted to 适应于 accomplish 完成(任务等) appointed 被认命的 adept in 善于 analyze 分析 authorized 委任的;核准的 behave 表现 break the record 打破纪录 breakthrough 关键问题的解决 control 控制 conduct 经营,处理 cost 成本;费用 create 创造 demonstrate 证明,示范 decrease 减少 design 设计 develop 开发,发挥 devise 设计,发明 direct 指导 double 加倍,翻一番 earn 获得,赚取 effect 效果,作用 eliminate 消除 enlarge 扩大 enrich 使丰富 exploit 开发(资源,产品) enliven 搞活 establish 设立(公司等);使开业 evaluation 估价,评价 execute 实行,实施 expedite 加快;促进 generate 产生 good at 擅长于 guide 指导;操纵 improve 改进,提高 initiate 创始,开创 innovate 改革,革新 invest 投资 integrate 使结合;使一体化 justified 经证明的;合法化的 launch 开办(新企业) maintain 保持;维修 modernize 使现代化 negotiate 谈判 nominated 被提名;被认命的 overcome 克服 perfect 使完善;改善 perform 执行,履行 profit 利润 be promoted to 被提升为 be proposed as 被提名(推荐)为 realize 实现(目标)获得(利润) reconstruct 重建 recorded 记载的 refine 精练,精制 registered 已注册的 regenerate 更新,使再生 replace 接替,替换 retrieve 挽回 revenue 收益,收入 scientific 科学的,系统的 self-dependence 自力更生 serve 服务,供职 settle 解决(问题等) shorten 减低……效能 simplify 简化,精简 spread 传播,扩大 standard 标准,规格 supervises 监督,管理 supply 供给,满足 systematize 使系统化 test 试验,检验 well-trained 训练有素的 valuable 有价值的 target 目标,指标 working model 劳动模范 advanced worker 先进工作者

able 有才干的,能干的 active 主动的,活跃的adaptable 适应性强的 adroit 灵巧的,机敏的aggressive 有进取心的 alert 机灵的ambitious 有雄心壮志的 amiable 和蔼可亲的amicable 友好的 analytical 善于分析的

apprehensive 有理解力的 aspiring 有志气的,有抱负的audacious 大胆的,有冒险精神的 capable 有能力的,有才能的careful 办理仔细的 candid 正直

的charitable 宽厚的 competent能胜任的confident 有信心的 conscientious 认真的,自觉的

considerate 体贴的 constructive 建设性的contemplative 好沉思的 cooperative 有合作精神的creative 富创造力的 dashing 有一股子冲动劲的,有拼搏精神的dedicatid 有奉献精神的 devoted 有献身精神的dependable 可靠的 diplomatic 老练的,有策略的

disciplined 守纪律的 discreet (在行动、说话等方面)谨慎的dutiful 尽职的 dynamic 精悍的earnest 认真的 well-educated 受过良好教育的efficient 有效率的 energetic 精力充沛的enthusiastic 充满热情的 expressivity 善于表达

faithful 守信的,忠诚的 forceful (性格)坚强的frank直率的,真诚的 friendly 友好的frugal 俭朴的 generous 宽宏大量genteel有教养的 gentle 有礼貌的hard-working 勤劳的 hearty 精神饱满的honest 诚实的

hospitable 殷勤的 humble 恭顺的 humorous 有幽默impartial 公正的independent 有主见的industrious 勤奋的 ingenious 有独创性的initiative 首创精神 have an inquiring mind爱动脑筋 intellective 有智力的intelligent 理解力强的

inventive有发明才能,有创造力的just 正直的 kind-hearted 好心的knowledgeable 有见识的 learned 精通某门学问的liberal 心胸宽大的 logical 条理分明的loyal 忠心耿耿的 methodical 有方法的

modest 谦虚的 motivated 目的明确的 objective 客观的 open-minded 虚心的orderly 守纪律的 original 有独创性的painstaking 辛勤的,苦干的,刻苦的 practical 实际的precise 一丝不苟的 persevering 不屈不挠的

punctual 严守时刻的 purposeful 意志坚强的 qualified 合格的 rational 有理性的realistic 实事求是的 reasonable 讲道理的reliable 可信赖的 responsible 负责的self-conscious 自觉的 selfless 无私的sensible 明白事理的

sincere 真诚的smart 精明的 spireted 生气勃勃的sporting 光明正大的 steady 踏实的straightforward 老实的 strict 严格的systematic 有系统的 strong-willed 意志坚强的sweet-tempered 性情温和的 temperate 稳健的tireless 孜孜不倦的

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