Sense Or Sensibility(1500字)


Sense or Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility, Jane Austen’s first published novel, may not be much popular, but it’s companion volume Pride and Prejudice is well-known around the world. In the book, the Dashwood sisters were facing their marriage choice when their half-brother drove them away the Norland after their rich father’s death. The elder sister Elinor is a wise lady with sense and sensibility, so she could remain calm when she had to separate from her lover and heard about her lover’s engagement to another girl. However, her sister Marianne is a romantic girl without sense and it almost killed her after she realized that she had fallen in love with a love liar.

Though the Dashwood sisters had experienced a lot romantic misfortune, they received their true love and happy marriage at the end of the story, which forms the heart of the book. Obviously, it is Elinor whom Jane Austen herself evidently admired. She showed that a truly happy marriage exists only where sense and sensibility meet and mix in proper measure, which is a good lesson for today’s unrealistic young people.

Comparing with Pride and Prejudice, it is obviously that Jane Austen’s writing style is stereotype. It seems that Austen always presented stories about love and marriage between young ladies and rich gentlemen. She

distinguished herself in her time with such writing style, but her old-fashioned and tedious plots may not be popular among the young generation today. So it is not really worth to read the book unless the reader only want to kill the time.

第二篇:Sense And Sensibility 3000字

At the very beginning, I should express my appreciation for this novel Sense And Sensibility. I am so impressed with the plot and emotion of the novel that I can’t stop thinking about the sisters for a week. As the sisters, Elinor and Marianne, and I are almost in the same age, what happens to them seems to have happened to me, I can understand them better.

If you have strong feelings, is it better to express them, eagerly and passionately, to the whole world? Is it wise? And if you always show the world a calm face and a quiet voice, dose this mean there is no passion, no fire in your heart?

I list the questions above to ask myself after I finish the reading. And Elinor and Marianne give the quite different answers. Elinor is a calm and sensible girl, while Marianne is full of romantic minds. When their hopes of marriage disappear, and guilty secrets come to light, and hearts are broken, Elinor smiles bravely and says not a word, while Marianne sobs wildly and passionately all night along. I agree more with Elinor. I find that Elinor and I are more alike concerning character. I prefer to hide my emotions deep in my heart along with getting older. I may not do anything exciting or risking any longer, while I sent a love letter to a boy that I admired when I was thirteen. I should do this. It’s unbelievable. Maybe I am getting more mature sensible.

As to the writer of Sense And Sensibility, Jane Austen, she is one of the writers that I admire.

Through this novel, she tells us that we should be emotional but must not be overemotional. Mostly, we should be limited by sensibility. Only when we get a balance between impulse and sensibility can we receive a happy ending. In some way, money can buy a lot of things, including love, but the most important thing is the true relationships between human beings that can’t be bought by money. As an individual, we must have own emotions and characters. But as a part of the whole society, we should integrate ourselves with the community, which requires our self-discipline. That is to say, sense and sensibility must be simultaneous with each other.

I learn two points from this novel. First, when I fall in love with a boy, I should express my affection for him bravely, like Marianne, because opportunity may never come twice and I do not want to miss it. But in life, both with strangers and acquaintances, I should be sensible, like Elinor, and act maturely and calmly. That is to say, I have realized the necessity of finding a workable middle ground between passion and reason. Second, the course of true love does not run smoothly. And that is the case with our life. So we should cherish each chance to be with people that we love. And we should stick to what we believe in. As long as we are alive, we must not give up our belief of life and true love. After all, true love can be found only when we dare to seek.

And the conclusion is that, a truly happy ending of marriage and life exist only where sense and sensibility meet and mix in proper measure.

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