爱护公共财物 Protect (or: Take Care of) Public Property

办公时间:上午8时——下午4时 Office Hours: 8: 00 a.m. —4: 00 p.m.

保持干燥 Keep Dry

报纸阅后请放回原处 Replace the Newspapers After Reading

本地区内放置有老鼠药 Rats Bane Has Been Placed in This Area

本店不收信用券(卡) We Accept No Credit Card

本票有效期为三天 This Ticket Is Valid for Three Days

本校教职工专用 Reserved for Faculty

便后冲洗便池 Flush the Toilet Bowl After Using It

不得触摸,后果自负 Handle at your Own Risk

不得入内 Keep out

不得随地吐痰 Don’t Spit on (upon) the Floor

不许在门口通道处堆放任何障碍物 Keep This Doorway Free of Obstruction

不准采摘花果 Don’t Pick flowers and Fruit

不准抽烟 No Smoking (Smoking Not Allowed)

不准调头 No U-Turn

不准砍伐树木 Don’t Fell Trees /Felling Trees Forbidden 不准乱扔烟头 No Cigarette Disposal

不准小贩叫卖 No Hawkers

不准携带食物和饮料入内 No Food or Drinks to Be Brought in

不准携犬入内 No Dogs

不准在此停留 No Standing

不准在此涂写 No Scribbling

不准在此招贴违者罚款 Post No Bills, Stickers Will Be Fined

不准招贴 No Bills (Circulars)

只准从左边超车 Pass (on the ) Left Only

中速行驶,安全礼让 Drive at Moderate Speed, Yield Right of Way for Safety’s Sake

不准停车 No Parking

不准超车 No Overtaking

车辆未经批准不得入内 No Entry for Unauthorized Vehicles

红灯亮时请停车 Stop on Red (Signal)

不准违章行车 No Driving Against Traffic Regulations

超车道 Overtake Line

单(双)行道 One-Way (or: Two-Way) Traffic

紧急停车道 Emergency Parking Strip

减速行驶 Reduce Speed Now

禁止无照行车 Driving Without License Is Forbidden

特大车辆从右边出 Oversize Vehicles Exit Right

(车、船等)开往武汉 For Wuhan

此路通往长沙 To Changsha

此处不能出去 No Way Out

此端向上 This Side Up

此房出租 House to Let

此路不通 Blocks (Blocked)

此门不通 Closed 1 选自温秀颖等编著的《英语翻译教程》附录二(有增减),南开大学出版社,2001

当心触电 Ware Live Wire

电梯待修 Elevator Out of Service

陡坡上爬 Steep climb

陡坡下降 Steep Descent

厕所由此去 This Way to the Toilet

厕所暂停使用 W. C. Closed

对号入座 Seat by Number

免票入场 Admittance Free

凭柬入场 Admission by Invitation Card Alone 凭票入场 Admission by Ticket Only

演出(放映)时请勿谈话 No Talking During the Show

演出进行时不得入场 Late Comers Will Not Be Ushered in Until the Interval 演出延期举行,入场券继续有效 Show Postponed, Tickets Remain Valid 请注意以上影片上映时间 Watch Out for the Showing Times of These Pictures 非公莫入 No Admittance Except on Business

游客止步 Crew Only

本店(处)人员专用 Employees (or: Staff) Only

地面湿滑,敬请小心! Wet Floor!

办公设备专营公司 Office Systems Pty. ( Pty. = propriatery,专有的,专卖的) 专利商品名 propriatery term

专利技术 propriatery technology

非卖品 Not for Sale

一年保修 one year warranty

妇幼免费入场 Children and Women Admitted Free 妇幼优先(入场,上车等) Children and Women First

概不出借 Not for Loan

购物请先按铃 Ring Bell for Service

顾客止步 Customers Please Refrain from Entering This Area 欢迎(谢绝)参观 Inspections Welcome (Declined)

欢迎参观,可不购物 Feel Free to Browse Around, You Are Under No Obligation to Buy 欢迎批评建议 Criticisms and Suggestions Welcome 即修即取 Instant Repairs

假日休息(重要会议),停止营业 Closed for Holiday (Important Meeting) 检查武器后方许人内 Check All Weapons Before Entering 节约用电 Save (on) Power

节约用水 Economize on Water

今天不营业 No Business Today

仅供参观 For Inspection Only

谨防恶犬 Be Aware of Furious Dogs

自行车出租 Bikes for Rent

禁止并行骑车 A Breast Cycling Prohibited

此地不准骑车 No Bike Riding

骑自行车出入请下车 Cyclists Please Dismount at the Gate 人行通道不准骑自行车 Footpath Only, No Cycling Allowed

前面连续转弯 Consecutive Curves Ahead

禁止入内 Off Limits

禁止损坏花木 Forbidden to Injure Flowers and Trees 禁止通行 Closed to Traffic

禁止通行 No Thoroughfare

禁止在此小便 Commit No Nuisance

静 Quiet

来客请登记 Please Sign the Guest Register

残疾人士专用 Reserved for the disabled

满座(客满) Full (or: All Full, Full House, Full Up) 门往外(内)开 Door Swings Out (In)

灭火箱 Fire Hydrant Box

灭火专用 For Use Only in Case of Fire

鸣笛 Sound Horn

莫触高压电缆 Don’t Touch High-Tension Wire

内有空调,关好门窗 Air Conditioned Areas, Please Keep the Doors and Windows Closed 内有照片 Photos Enclosed

票(证)仅当日有效 Ticket Good Only on the Day of Issue

票售出后,不退不换 Tickets Cannot Be Exchanged, nor Money Refunded 凭票入场(上车) Ticket Holders Only

前面施工 Workmen (Construction) Ahead

钱款请当面点清,出门后本店概不负责 Please Check and See if the Money Is Right,

We are not Responsible After You Leave the Store

切勿近火(受热、受潮) Keep Away from Fire (Heat, Moisture) 轻拿轻放 Handle Gently

请保留招贴 Please Save (Leave) the Bill

请备零钱购票 Please Pay Exact Fare

请出示证件 Please Show Your Papers (or: Credentials) 请等候安排入座 Please Wait to Be Seated

请付现金(人民币) Please Pay in Cash (in RMB)

请靠左走 Keep (to the ) Left

请莫触摸展品 Please Do Not Touch the Exhibits

请排队购票 Line (Queue) Up for Tickets

请随手关门 Please Shut the Door After You

请脱鞋 (Take) Off (Your) Shoes, No Shoes, Off Shoes 请往后站 Stand Back

请勿把物品堆放在此通道处(交叉路口) Keep This Passageway (Intersection) Clear 请勿把纸丢入马桶 Please Don’t Throw Paper Towel into Toilet 请勿打扰(喂食给)动物 Don’t Tease (Feed) the Animal

请勿倒置 Keep Top Side Up

请勿靠近 Keep Away

请勿用手摸展品 Hands Off the Exhibits

请勿越过栏杆 Do Not Proceed Beyond Rail

请先擦去鞋上的泥尘后进来 Wipe Your Shoes and Boots Before Entering 请先敲门 Knock

请向后拉 Pull

请向前推 Push

请用皮带牵住狗 Dogs Must Be Kept On the Leash (Lead) 请在此处付款 Please Pay Here

全部书籍均作参考用,不得拿出室外 All Books for Reference Not to be

Taken Out of the Room

人走关灯 Turn Off the Light Before (or: As) You Leave 如遇火警,请按电铃 In Case of Fire Ring the Alarm Bell

商品按价打九折 Ten Per Cent Discount off the Prices of Goods 商品退换须有完整包装和出售#5@p No Refunds or Exchanges Without Complete

Factory Packing and Sales Slip

上面施工注意安全 Danger, Men Working Overhead

上下楼梯时请小心 Watch Your Step on Stairs

身高一米以下的儿童免费入场 Children Under One Meter Admitted Free 收费站 Toll Bar (or: Gate)

私室 Private

死胡同 Dead End (Lane)

速度限制:30公里/小时 Speed Limit: 30km/h

损坏公物要赔 Pay for Public Property You Damage 提早收市 Early Closing Day

吐痰入盂 Spit Into the Spittoon

外出 Out

外国人无特殊许可证请止步 Out of Bounds for Foreigners Without Special Permits 外人止步 Staff Members Only

危险,有电缆通过 Danger, Cable Cross

未经护士许可不得入内 Check(ing) With Nurse Before Entering 未经准许,不准拍照 No Unauthorized Photography

无出入证不许入内 No Admittance Without a pass

无人占用 Vacant

勿踩草地 Don’t Trample on Grass

勿乱扔脏物 Take Your Litter With You

勿让儿童靠近此地 Keep Out of Reach of Children

勿踏草地 Keep off the Grass (Lawn)

勿用挂钩 Use No Hooks

物件破损须赔偿 Any Damages or Breakages Must be Paid for 物件自理,如有遗失,概不负责 We Accept No Responsibility for the Loss of Anything 物品损坏照价赔偿 Pay Full Price for Anything Damaged 下班时间 Off Duty

闲人免入,违者法办 Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted

小心玻璃 Glass, Attention

小心火车 Stop, Look and Listen

小心轻放 Handle With Care

小心有毒 Poison, With Care

小心着火 See to (or: Guard Against, Beware of) Fire 谢绝参观 Not Open to Visitors

谢绝参观 Visitors Declined (Not Admitted)

行车道 Drive Line

修理店面,暂停营业 Closed During (or: for) Repairs

修理东西,随修随取 Repairs Done While You Wait

学校附近禁止鸣笛 School About, No Honking (or: No Horn)

严禁(不准)在此打枪(洗澡、游泳、打猎、捕鱼、钓鱼、打柴) Shooting (Bathing, Swimming,

Hunting, Fishing, Angling,

Firewood Collecting) Forbidden

(Prohibited, Not Allowed)

严禁拍照 Cameras Forbidden

严禁吸烟,违者罚款5美元 Smoking Prohibited Under a Penalty of 5 Yuan for Any offence 夜间有事,请按此铃 Night Bell

一慢、二看、三通过 Slow Down, Look Around, Cross

医院附近,保持安静 Silence, Hospital About

已经预订(约) Reserved

易燃物品请勿近火 Inflammables—Keep Away From Fire 用毕放回架上 Please Return to Rack After Use

油漆未干 Wet Paint

有人占用 Engaged (or Taken)

暂停营业 Business Temporarily Suspended

展品 For Display (Show)

展品暂缺 Exhibits Temporarily Off (Empty) 招贴即撕 Posters Will Be Torn Down 照常营业 Business as Usual

昼夜营业 Round-the-Clock Business

注意不要丢失东西 Take Care Not to Leave Things Behind 注意车辆转弯 Caution, Buses Turning

注意儿童,车辆缓行 Watch Children About

注意公共卫生 Pay Attention to Public Hygiene 注意前面急转弯 Attention, Sharp Turn Ahead 抓住扶手 Hold on Handrail

自行车不得带人 No Cycling Double

公共场所名称 (Names of Public Places)

餐厅 Dinner Hall

厕所 W. C. (or: Lavatory)

车库 Garage

太平门 Emergency Door

入口 Entrance (Or: Entry, Way In) 出口 Exit (or: Way Out)

出口由此去 To Exit

传达室 Gate House

倒垃圾处 Dump

服务台 Room Service

候车(机、船)室 Waiting Room

接待室(处) Reception Office

酒吧 Bar

旅客(顾客)留言 Visitors’ (or: Customers’) Book 失物招领处 Lost and Found Department 收发室 Dispatchers’ Office

售票处 Ticket (or: Booking) Office 体育馆 Gymnasium (Gym)

停车场 Parking Place

问讯处 Inquiries (or: Inquiry Office) 问讯台 Information Desk

吸烟区 Smoking Section

小卖部 Shop

行李存放处 Luggage Declaration

行李领取处 Luggage Claim

行李申报处 Luggage Declaration

休息处(室) Lounge

夜间服务窗 Night-Service Window

衣帽(存放)间 Cloak (or: Check) Room 意见箱 Complaint Box

游艺厅(室) Recreation Room (House) 自行车存放处 Bike Park

国务院所属各部、委、局的名称 (Names of the Ministries, Commissions and Bureaus Under the

State Council)

财政部 Ministry of Finance

公安部 Ministry of Public Security

广播电影电视部 Ministry of Radio, Film and Television

国防部 Ministry of National Defense

国家安全部 Ministry of State Security

国家标准总局 State Bureau of Standardization

国家测量制图局 State Bureau of Surveying and Cartography

国家档案局 State Archives Bureau

国家地震局 State Bureau of Seismology

国家发展计划委员会 State Development Planning Commission

国家海洋局 State Oceanic Bureau

国家计划生育委员会 The State Family Planning Commission

国家计划委员会 The State Planning Commission

国家计量总局 State Bureau of Metrology

国家教育委员会 the State Commission of Education

国家经济体制改革委员会 the State Commission for Restructuring Economic System 国家经济委员会 the State Economic Commission

国家科学技术委员会 the State Science and Technology Commission

国家民族事务委员会 the State Nationalities Affairs Commission

国家商品检验局 State Commodity Inspection Bureau

国家税务局 State Taxation Administration

国家体育运动委员会 the State Physical Culture and Sports Commission

国家统计局 State Statistical Bureau

国家新闻出版署 State Press and Publications Bureau

国土资源部 Ministry of Land and Natural Resources

国务院港澳办公室 Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office Under the State Council 国务院侨务办公室 Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Under the State Council 海关总署 General Administration Industry

华侨事务委员会 Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission

监察部 Ministry of Supervision

建设部 Ministry of Construction

教育部 Ministry of Education

社会劳动保障部 Ministry of Labour and Social Security

劳动人事部 Ministry of Labour and Personnel

林业部 Ministry of Forestry

民政部 Ministry of Civil Affairs

审计署 Auditing Administration

司法部 Ministry of Justice

铁道部 Ministry of Railways

外国专家局 Bureau of Foreign Experts Administration

外交部 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

卫生部 Ministry of Public health

文化部 Ministry of Culture

新华社 Xinhua News Agency

信息产业部 Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom Industries

邮电部 Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

中国国际旅行社 China International Travel Service

中国旅行社 China travel Service

中国民用航空总局 General Administration of Civil Aviation of China

中国人民银行 the People’s Bank of China

中国文字改革委员· Committee for Reforming the Chinese Written Language 中国中央电视台 China Central Television Station (CCTV)

中央历史档案馆 Central Historical Archives

中央气象局 Central Bureau of Meteorology

中央人民广播电台 the Central People’s Broadcasting Station

中央文史研究馆 Central Research Institute of Culture and History

宗教事务局 Bureau of Religious Affairs

中国节假日名称 (Names of Holidays)

元旦 New Year’s Day

国际劳动妇女节 International Working Women’s Day

国际劳动节 International Labour Day

五一节 May Day

中国青年节 Chinese Youth Day

国际儿童节 International Children’s Day

党的诞生日 Party’s Birthday

建军节 Army Day

国庆节 National Day

春节 Spring Festival

元宵节(灯节) Lantern Festival

清明节 Pure Brightness Day

扫墓节 Graveyard-Sweeping Day

端午节 Dragon-Boat Festival

中秋节 Mid-Autumn Festival

重阳节 Double Ninth Festival (the 9th day of the 9th lunar month)

中国二十四节气 (The Twenty-Four Solar Term of China)

立春 the Beginning of Spring

雨水 Rain Water

惊蛰 the Waking of Insects

春分 the Spring Equinox

清明 Pure Brightness

谷雨 Grain Rain

立夏 the Beginning of Summer

小满 Grain Full

芒种 Grain in Ear

夏至 the Summer Solstice

小暑 Slight Heat

大暑 great Heat

立秋 the Beginning of Autumn

处暑 the Limit of Heat

白露 White Dew

秋分 the Autumn Equinox

寒露 Cold Dew

霜降 Frost’s Descent

立冬 the Beginning of Winter

小雪 Slight Snow

大雪 Great Snow

冬至 the Winter Solstice

小寒 Slight Cold

大寒 Great Cold

中国古典名著 (Titles of Well-Known Chinese Literary Works)

《长生殿》 “Palace of Eternal Youth”

《封神演义》 The Canonization of The Gods

《镜花缘》 Flowers in the Mirror

《牡丹亭》 The Peony Pavilion

《桃花扇》 Peach Blossom Fan

《西厢记》 The Western Chamber

《孽海花》 A flower in an Ocean of Sin

《老残游记》 The Travels of Lao Can

《聊斋志异》 Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio/ Chinese Ghost and Love Stories 《金瓶梅》 Jin Ping Mei, golden Lotus

《儒林外史》 The Schoilars/The Informal History of the Literati

《水浒传》 Water Margin, Outlaws of the Marsh

《西游记》 Journey to the West, Pilgrimage to the West, Monkey

《三国演义》 Romance of the Three Kingdoms

《红楼梦》 A Dream of Red Mansions, Dream of the Red Chamber, The Story of a Stone《诗经》 The Book of Songs, The Book of Odes, The Book of Poetry

《楚辞》 Poetry of the South

《春秋》 The Spring and Autumn Annals

《汉书》 History of the Former Han Dynasty

《史记》 Historical Records, Records of the Historian

《书经》(《尚书》) the Book of History

《大学》 The Great Learning

《四书》 The Four Books

《五经》 The Five Classics

《礼记》 The Book of Rites

《孟子》 Mencius

《论语》 The Analects of Confucius

《道德经》 The Classic of the Virtue of the Tao (the Book of Lao Zi, Dao De Jing) 《易经》(《周易》) The Book of Changes

《战国策》 Strategies of the Warring States Period

《中庸》 The doctrine of the Mean

《左传》(《吕氏春秋》) Autumn and Spring of Mr. Lu

《文心雕龙》 Dragon Carving and the Literary Mind


补发拖欠的养老金 clear up pension payments in arrears

不动产 real estate; immovable property

不良贷款 non-performing loan/ bad loans

财产权 property right

财产税 property tax

财政赤字 financial deficits

差价 price difference

差价关税 variable import levy

承包责任制 contract and responsibility system; system of contracted responsibility 承包商 contractor

层层转包和违法分包 multi-level contracting and illegal subcontracting

城乡信用社 credit cooperative in both urban and rural areas

城镇居民最低生活保障 a minimum standard of living for city residents

城镇职工医疗保险制度 the system of medical insurance for urban workers

吃回扣 get commission

出口信贷 export credit

初级阶段 primary stage

大款 tycoon; moneybags

贷款质量 loan quality

贷款质量五级分类办法 the five-category assets classification for bank loans 担保人 guarantor; guarantee

担保物 collateral

倒爷 profiteer

第二产业 secondary industry

第三产业 tertiary industry

第一产业 primary industry

董事 director; trustee

董事长 chairman (or president) of the board of directors

董事会 board of directors; board of trustee

对外开放 opening to the outside world; opening up

对外贸易 foreign trade

多种经营 diversified economy

防范和化解金融 take precautions against and reduce financial risks 防洪工程 flood-prevention project

非法外汇交易 illegal foreign exchange transaction

非贸易收汇 foreign exchange earnings through nontrade channels

非银行金融机构 non-bank financial institutions

费改税 transform administrative fees into taxes

分红 draw dividends

岗位责任制 system of personal responsibility

跟踪审计 follow-up auditing

工程监理制度 the monitoring system for projects

公积金 accumulation fund

股份公司 joint-stock company; stock company

股份有限公司 company limited

股票交易所 stock exchange

股票经纪人 stockbroker

股票市场 stock market

官倒 official-speculator

国库券 State treasury bond; treasure bill

国债 national debt

过渡开垦 excess reclamation

退耕还林 reforestation

石油换食品 oil-for-food

经济制裁 economic sanction

合同管理制度 the contract system for governing projects

回扣 sales commission

积极的财政政策 pro-active fiscal policy

基本生活费 basic allowances

结售汇制度 the system of exchange settlement and sales

解除劳动关系 sever labor relations

金融监管责任制 the responsibility system for financial supervision 经济技术开发区 economic and technological development zone

经济实体 economic entity

经济体制 economic structure

控股公司 holding company

扩大国内需求 the expansion of domestic demand

拉动经济增长 fuel economic growth

捞外快 make an extra money

劣质工程 shoddy engineering

乱收费、乱摊派、乱罚款 arbitrary charges, find-raising, quotas and fines 市场疲软 a slump market

美元疲软 weak dollar

骗汇、逃汇、套汇 obtain foreign currency under false pretense, not turn over foreign currency owed to the government and illegal arbitrage

偷税、逃税 tax evasion

平均主义 equalitarianism

期汇 forward exchange

期货合同 forward contract

期货价格 forward price

企业集团 enterprise group

人才外流 brain drain

融资渠道 financing channels

偷税、骗税、逃税、抗税 tax evasion, tax fraud and refusal to pay taxes 外汇收支 foreign exchange revenue and spending

信托公司 trust company

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