OXFORD English 3 in 1(附带高分攻略)



Unit 1

family家庭 family tree家谱 family member家庭成员 grandfather爷爷 grandmother奶奶 grandparents祖父母 father父亲 mother母parents父母 daughter and son女儿和儿子 brother and sister兄弟姐妹 grandson and granddaughter孙子孙女 an uncle一个叔叔/伯伯/舅舅 an aunt一个阿姨/姑姑/舅妈 cousin堂兄弟/姐妹 relative亲戚/亲属 present礼物 a lot of presents一些礼物 an birthday card一张生日卡片 only仅仅,仅有 else其他的 cycle骑车 go cycling=ride a bicycle去骑车 always经常 usually通常 sometimes有时 never从不 get...from...从···得到··· play games玩游戏 play football踢足球 play badminton打羽毛球 play volleyball打排球 play basketball打篮球 play tennis打网球 play ping-pong打乒乓 go to a restaurant去餐厅 go to the park去公园 go shopping去购物 go swimming去购物 go fishing去钓鱼 go camping去野营 watch TV看电视 see a film看电影 a lot of =lots of 一些

what else其他什么

How many uncles do you have?你有多少个叔叔?

I only have one aunt.我只有一个阿姨。

What do you do with your aunt ?你和你的阿姨做什么?

I usually go shopping with my aunt.我通常和阿姨去购物。

What else do you do with him/her/them?你还和他/她/他们做什么?

I sometimes play badminton with him/her/them.我有时和他/她/他们打羽毛球。

Unit 2

almost几乎 share分享 friend朋友 friendly友好的 help帮助 helpful有帮助的 naughty淘气的 ocean海洋 the Earth地球 the Sun太阳 the Moon月亮 already已经 yet尚,还 just刚刚 environment环境 pollute-pollution污染 land陆地 rubbish垃圾 keep保持 leave离开 promise承若,保证,承诺,诺言 discuss讨论 reuse再利用 talk with sonebody与某人谈话 not...at all一点也不 go out at night晚上

离家出走 a little dog一条小狗 like to something喜欢做某事 like to be together喜欢在一起 walk to school=go to school on foot步行去上学 play together一起玩 eat/have lunch吃午饭 share ...with...与某人分享··· share snack with my friends与我的朋友分享小食 share her food with me与我分享他的食物 each other互相 help each other互相帮助 help others=help other people帮助别人 work hard=be hardworking努力工作/学习 be late for (school)上学迟到 be never late for (school)上学从不迟到 be/get/become angry生气 be friendly to somebody=be kind to somebody与某人友好 be helpful for to somebody对某人有帮助 live in the USA住在美国 ask somebody(宾格)about···问某人关于某事 tell somebody (宾格)about···告诉某人关于某事 in the Garden City在花园城市 have been to someplace去过某地 have gone to someplace去了某地(没回来) have been in someplace一直呆在某地 have been there/here去过那里 haven’t been here没去过那里 on Saturday 在星期六 for the first time第

一次 friends of the Earth地球之友 look after=take care for照顾 help do something帮助某人做某事 help somebody to with something帮助某人做某事 keep...clean...保持···干净 leave rubbish乱扔垃圾 pick up rubbish捡起垃圾 pollute environment污染环境 air pollution空气污染 water pollution水污染 land pollution大地污染 put ... into rubbish bins把···放进··· tell somebody to do something告诉某人做某事 tell somebody not to do something告诉某人不能做某事 promise to do承诺做 promise not to do承诺不做 reuse shopping bags购物袋在利用

But she doesn’t talk at all.但她不说话。

We go to the park almost every day.我们几乎天天去公园。

She can read and write.她会读和写。

She can’t read or write.她不会读和写。

She sometimes watches TV and never goes out at night .他有时看电视和他从不晚上离家出走。 We are good friends. We like to be together. We always shares our food and help each other.我们是


Alice is always friendly and helpful. She always workshop hard. She is never late for school. She never gets angry.Alice总是友好的和乐于助人的。她经常努力学习。她上学从不迟到。她从不生气。 Kitty is always kind to others . She is never naughty. She never tell lies. Kitty总是与其他人友好。她从不淘气。她从不生气。

I have already/just been to Japan. 我已经去过了日本。

I haven’t been to Japan yet.我没去过日本。 Have you been Japan yet? 你去过日本吗?

Yes, I have./No, I haven’t. 是,我去过。/不,我没去过。

I’m going there on Saturday.我将在星期六去那里。

What about a trip to America?

=What about going to America?去美国旅行吗? Friends of the Earth is look after the environment.地球之友在保护环境。

Friends of the Earth help keep the environment


They put rubbish into rubbish bins and tell people not leave rubbish.他们把垃圾丢进垃圾箱中,告诉人们不要留下垃圾。

We promise to keep the environment clean.我们承诺保持环境干净。

We promise to reuse shopping bags.我们承诺购物袋再利用。

We promise not to leave rubbish.我们承若不乱扔垃圾。

We promise not to pollute the air.我们承若不污染空气。

Unit 3

Spend度过 spend a day out together一起外出游玩的一天 a map of the world一张世界地图 sunny晴朗的 on a sunny day在晴朗的一天 lucky幸运的 luck运气 an island一个岛屿 dragon龙 north北方 south南方 east东方 west西方 bay海湾 Dragon Bay龙湾 seaside海边 market市场 space太空 museum博物馆 activity活动 collect收集 collection(名词形式) an album一本集邮册 plan计划 will将

要 cost花费 trip旅行 at the weekend=at weekends在周末 (be) far away from离···远··· a photo of my family and me一张家人和我的照片 visit to Space Museum参观太空博物馆 buy tickets买票 eat ice-cream吃冰淇淋 play tennis打网球 play football踢足球 play basketball打篮球 play badminton打羽毛球 have a picnic野餐 have a barbecue烧烤 have lunch吃午饭 have dinner吃晚饭 fly kites放风筝 ride bicycles骑自行车 make sand castles堆沙堡 collect收集 on the Saturday在周六 get to =arrive in =reach(Shanghai)到达(上海) get to =arrive at =reach(school)到达(学校) get there去那里 come back回来 plan to do计划做某事 plan a trip to计划去···的旅行 提出建议:Let’s play the piano.

Shall we play the piano?

How about playing the piano? What about playing the piano? 让我们弹钢琴吧!

回答:That’s a good idea.那是个好主意。 问价钱:

How much does it cost?

=How much is it cost?它到底多少钱?

How much do they cost?

=How much are they?它们到底多少钱? something important重要的事情

have a good time=have a wonderful time=enjoy oneself玩的开心

an important day 重要的一天

Unit 4

secretary秘书 secretaries(复) bank银行 clerk职员 policewoman女警察 dentist牙医 pilot飞行员 fireman消防员 firemen(复) postman邮递员 postmen(复) shop assistant售货员 teach教 teacher教师 drive驾驶 driver司机 an bank clerk一位银行职员 an English teacher一位英语教师 cook厨师 nurse护士 doctor医生 look for寻找 find out了解;查明;弄清 find找到 job工作(可数名词) work工作(动词,不可数) person人 child儿童 children(复数) make our city safe place使我们的城市更安全 teach children English教儿童英语 drive a bus开巴士 put out fires扑灭

火 cook food for people煮食物给人们吃 make sick people better使病人病情好转 want to be =would like to be想成为 interview采访 start work开始工作 finish work结束工作 start doing=start to do开始做某事 finish doing结束做某事 at eight o’clock在八点钟 at half past eight在八点半 at six o’clock在六点钟 in the morning在早上 on the morning of a sunny day一个阳光明媚的上午 in the evening一天晚上 (具体一天) on the Sunday morning在星期日早上 a.m早上 p.m下午 age年龄

Unit 5

Programme活动安排 enter=go into进入 entrance入口处 choir合唱队 noticeboard公告栏 parents父母 a few +可数名词复数 first首先 next然后 then再 after that其次 finally最后 club俱乐部 project吸做项目 craft工艺品 invite somebody to ...邀请某人到 invitation邀请函 invite邀请 meet somebody见某人 yesterday昨天 today今天 tomorrow明天 plan...for ...为···计划··· at the entrance在入口处 look at寻找 at the Art and Crafts

room在美术劳技室 listen to听 in the hall在礼堂 in the library在图书馆 have tea喝茶 have cakes吃蛋糕 on foot步行 at on the second floor在三楼(英式英语) want somebody to do something想让某人做某事 welcome somebody欢迎 on the ground floor在底楼(英式英语) in the different places在不同的地方 in the same place在相同地方 how long多长 good -better好-更好 far -farther远-更远 take photos拍照 take-took拿走 have -had有 is/am-was助动词 are-were助动词 have a good/great time过得愉快 There is/are... ★There will be...将要有···

There is going to be ...将要有···


travel旅行、行走 about大约(常用于数字之前) minute分钟 an hour一小时 half an hour半小时 a quarter一分钟 hotel旅馆 restaurant餐厅 department store百货商店 kindergarten幼儿园 housing estate居民区 temple庙宇 garden花园 factory工厂 factories工厂 farm农场 police station警察局 swimming pool泳

池 office办公室 post office邮局 when什么时候 right rail轻轨 ferry渡船 train火车 car汽车 track卡车 jeep吉普车 fire engine消防车 taxi出租车 bus巴士 plane飞机 go to ... by bus乘车去··· go to ... by ferry乘渡船去··· go to ... by train乘火车去··· go to ... by plane乘飞机去··· go to ... by underground乘地铁去··· go to ... on foot走路去··· (live)near ...(住的)离···近 (live)far away from ...(住的)离···远 far from ...离···远 It takes sb. st. to do =sb. spend ... doing花某人多久做某事 get to ...到达 get there到达那里 an advertisement board一个广告牌 I see ... when I’m on the bus.当我在坐车,我看见··· I see ... when I’m walking to school.当我在走路时,我看见··· on the way to ...去···某路上 on the way home回家的路上 on my way to ...在我去某地的地方。 on my way home在我回家的路上 a few+可数n复数 一些···,几个··· few+可数n复数 几乎没有··· a little+不可数n复数一些···,几个··· little+不可数n复数 几乎没有···

Unit 7

rule规则 enter进入 entrance入口 lift升降梯 centre中心 exit出口 chase追赶 sign标志 mean意味着 meaning意思 wait for等待 in the library在图书馆 in the classroom在教室里 in the park在公园里 on the road=in the street在马路上 walk on the grass踩草地 keep quiet保持安静 talk loudly大声地讲话 draw on the desks在桌子上画画 leave rubbish乱扔垃圾 turn left / turn right往左转/往右转 in the middle在中间 run across road=cross the road(跑着)过马路 chase each other互相追赶 go upstairs上楼 go downstairs下楼 the one on the left左边的那个 the one on the right右边的那个 the one in the middle中间的那个 pick up the flowers摘花 climb trees爬树 listen to teachers认真听老师的话 leave bicycles停放自行车 in the shopping centre在购物中心 break the rules打破规则 cross(across)穿过perp./adv. loud(loudly)大声地adj./adv. mean(meaning)v.意思是/n.含义、意义 enter(entrance)v.进入/n.入口处

Where do we have rules? We have rules on the road. 我们在哪有规则?我们在马路上有规则。

We mustn’t be late for school.=Don’t be late for school.不准上学迟到。

Which lift must we use? We must use one on the right.我们必须使用哪部电梯?我们必须使用右边那部。

What’s does the sign mean? We mustn’t eat or drink. Where can we find it? We can find it in the library.这个标志是什么意思?我们不准吃和喝。我们在哪里可以找到它?我们可以在图书馆找到它。

Unit 8

menu菜单 noodles面条 seafood海鲜 also也(用于句中) kind种类 bacon咸肉,熏肉 stall摊位 section部门 frozen冰冻的 dumpling水饺 packet小包装 hamburger汉堡包 tonight今晚 favourite最喜欢的 strawberry-strawberries草莓(单数-复数) vegetable-vegetables蔬菜(单数-复数) pizza披萨 sandwich-sandwiches三明治(单数-复数) compare比较 price价格 tomato-tomatoes番茄

(单-复) potato-potatoes土豆(单-复) hero-heroes英雄(单-复) fried cabbage炒卷心菜 chicken soup鸡汤 fruit salad水果色拉 baked potatoes烤土豆 a packet of nuts一包坚果 two packets of nuts两包坚果 make a shopping list制作购物单 in the market在市场 in the supermarket在超市 at the vegetables stall在蔬菜摊 in the frozen food section在冷冻食品区 cost-cost-cost花费 buy-bought-bought买

freeze(v.)结冰,凝固-frozen(adj.)冰冻的 frozen food

favour(n.)喜欢、好意-favourite(adj.)最喜欢 steam(v.)蒸-steamed(adj.)蒸的


boil(v.)煮(用沸水煮)-boiled(adj.)煮的 bake(v.)烤-baked(adj.)被烤的

What would you like for dinner?你晚饭喜欢吃什么?

Would you like rice or noodles?你喜欢米饭还是面条?

What kind of fruit would you like?你喜欢哪种水果?

We need to buy some food first.我们必须先买食物。

Have you bought any garlic?你买大蒜了吗? Yes, I have bought some garlic.是的,我已经买了一些大蒜。

Whrere did you buy it?你在哪里买的?

In the market, at the vegetable stall.在市场,在蔬菜摊上。

In the supermarket, in the frozen food section.在超市,在冷冻食品区。


healthy健康的 unhealthy不健康的 have a healthier diet健康饮食 have a unhealthy diet拥有一个健康的饮食 healthier than比···健康··· less healthy than比···不健康··· as healthy as和···一样健康 as unhealthy as和···一样不健康 salt盐 yogurt酸奶 a little一些(不可数) a few一些(不可数) plenty of =a lot of大量的、充足的 fresh新鲜的 live in countrysude住在乡下 live in the city住在城市 exercise运动 do exercise做运动 do no exercise不做运动 keep healthy=keep fit保持健

康 stay呆在 porridge粥 than比 as......as和···一样 get into the habit of ...养成···习惯 quiz小测试 test测试 exam大考 before之前 should应该 suggestion建议 suggestions(复数) food prymaid食物金字塔 show sth to sb=show sb sth给某人看 go to visit sb去拜访某人 become fit变得苗条 that kind of food那种食物 both都 should应该 shouldn’t不应该 stay...with sb和···呆在一起 for a few weeks几周 junk food垃圾食品 good eating habits好的饮食习惯 brush teeth刷牙 go to bed上床 get up起床 orenge juice橘子汁 biscuits饼干 coffee咖啡 eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables吃大量新鲜蔬菜和水果 How much fruit do we need every day?我们需要多少水果? We need plenty of fruit every day.我们需要大量的水果 How much sugar do we need every day?我们需要多少糖? We need a little suger every day.我们需要少量糖。 Alice’s diet as healthy as Kitty’s.Alice的饮食和Kitty的饮食一样健康。 We should eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.我们应该吃些新鲜蔬菜和水果。 We

shouldn’t eat a lot of fried chicken wings.我们不能吃大量的炸鸡。


主题:(跟Healthy有关的文章,概率:80%~90%) 素材:If you are not healthy,please look at my suggestions on good eating habits.

These are my suggestions on good eating habits. If you do all the things above, you will be healthy. To keep healthy, we should have a good eating habit.

There is a saying goes“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

I think everybody needs a healthy body. 范文:

Our school rules

Each school has rules for the students . I think they are helpful and important to us. There are many rules in our school, too. We must not be late for school. We should keep quiet when we are in the classroom. We also need to finish our homework every day. School rules are good for us, so every student should obey the rules .

My favourite fruit

Fruits are good for our health. So I eat many kinds of fruits, such as pears, watermelons, bananas and so on. But I like apples best. I like them because they taste nice. Second, eating apples can keep us healthy. There is a saying, ‘An apple a day keep the doctor away.’ I like apples, bcause they are not only tasty but also healthy.

How to keep healthy

I think everyone needs a healthy body. To keep healthy, we should have a healthy diet. We should get into the habit of eating fresh fruit and vegetables. I don’t eat junk food because it is bad for my health. We should also do some exercise to stay fit. I usually play badminton with my friends after class. These are my suggestions on how to keep healthy., If you do all the things above, you will have a healthy and happy life.





做阅读题先要读文章理解,再带着问题再去阅读,画出关键句,找出线索再理解解答。(*特别是选词填空或选择,找出关键词,问你NOT right 或TURE是哪一项时,要在选项后面打钩打叉) 考试时写作文前先打好草稿,草稿分三部曲:开头、正文、结尾。






请注意:如果语法出现错误,语法分和结构分酌情同步扣1~2分,错误严重的话,那么一分也不给(意味着语法分和结构分是捆绑在一起的)。 如果你做到这些,保证你考高分。


Unit 1 Great cities in Asia

Asia亚洲 Japan日本 Tokyo东京 Thailand泰

国 Bangkok曼谷 north-east东北 north-west西北 south-east东南 south-west西南 exhibition展览会 capital首都 kilometer千米 information信息 palace宫殿 tourist旅客 million百万 building建筑 huge巨大的 famous著名的 sushi寿司 city life城市生活 in Asia在亚洲 go travelling去旅行 travel to到···旅行 travel to different city到不同城市旅行 at an exhibition在展览会上 which city哪个城市 capital of的首都 from Shanghai to Beijing从上海的北京 from Monday to Friday从周五到周六 2 million students 200万学生 millions of students上百万学生 by plane/by air乘飞机 by ship/by sea乘轮渡 in the past在过去 distance距离 how怎样-对方式提问 how far多远-对距离提问 how long多长-对距离提问 two days and a half/two and a half days两天半 build----buildings建造——建筑物 museum博物馆 the great wall长城 a piece of information一条信息 some information一些信息 like doing/love doing/enjoy doing

sth喜欢做某事 over/more than超过 be famous of因···而著名 I’m a student,(肯定句,句末) I also a student.(肯,句中) He isn’t a student,(否,句末) What (疑问词后) Is there (不定代词后)






Airport机场 at the airport在机场 Los Angeles洛杉矶 suitcase手提箱 silk丝绸 before以前 several几个 however然而 pack装(箱) flight航班 passage乘客 departure出发 have to do做某事 worry about担心 London伦敦 note提醒,提示 trolley手推车 passport护照 bring带来 doller(美国,加拿大)元 address地址 check list检查表 a trip to...一次去···的旅行 a flight trip一次飞行旅行 a plane ticket一张飞机票 several silk scarf几条真丝丝巾

plan to do计划做某事 stay there for two weeks呆在那两周 too many things太多的东西 enough space足够的空间 Space Museum太空博物馆 drive sb to...开车带某人去 departure time到达时间 arrivel time出发时间 a boarding card一张登机牌 a name tag一张标签 leave for离开去某地 arrive at...到达(小) arrive in London到达(大) arrive home/here/there到达家/这里/那里 one and a half hours/an hour and a half一个半小时 write down写下 fly-flew-flown飞 fly to London飞向伦敦

作文:Planning a trip to Beijing

I am going to have a trip to Beijing. It’s the capital of the China. There are lots of places of interest in Beijing, such as the Great Wall and the Summer Palace. I will go to visit the famous places first and take some photos. I will also enjoy the snacks in Beijing. I know Beijing roast duck is very famous. I think it will be very tasty, too. I have already bought my plane ticket and I think I will have a good

time there.

M1U4 staying healthy

indoor activities室内活动 outdoor activities室外活动 really真正地 sports运动 music音乐 forght/remember doing something忘记(记得)做过某事 forght/remember to do something忘记(记得)要做某事 play the piano弹钢琴 healthy problems健康问题 have a headache头痛 have a stomachache胃痛 have toothache牙痛 have a cold感冒 have a fever发烧 have a sore throat喉咙痛 both都(两个) all都(≥三个) like/love/enjoy doing喜欢做某事 make a model做模型 do puzzles玩拼图游戏 play fewer computer games少玩电脑游戏 collect stamps收集邮票 go to bed early/late早(晚)睡觉 on/in the playground在操场上 keep healthy/stay fit(healthy)保持健康 favourite=like...best最喜欢的 go on a picnic=have a picnic去野餐 go to cinema=see a film看电影 What’s the matter with you?你出什么问题(状况)了

wear more clothes穿更多的衣服 watch less television少看电视 I’m afraid.恐怕 too many太多(可数) too much太多(不可数) not enough不够 do enough exercise足够的运动 more更多 few less更少 should do应该做 leave sth at home把某物忘在家里

once一次 twice两次 three times三次 how often多久一次——对次数提问 how long多长时间——对时间段提问 how many times多少次——对次数提问 pratise doing sth help sb to do sth help sb with sth help sb do sth帮助某人做某事 do housework做家务 twice a month一月两次 give advice to sb=make suggestion to sb给某人提建议。

Unit 5

Nothing is impossble to a willing heart.世上无难事,只怕有心人。What will you be like?将来你像什么样? What will you do?你将来干什么?my possible future我可能的未来 possibly可能的------impossibly(反义词) in the future在未来 a magic camera一个魔法相机 take a photo拍照 smile微笑 wait

for等待 look for寻找 find找到 find out弄清楚,弄明白 a 20? note一张20元的钞票 press按压--presses(三单) press the button按钮 come out出来 the note on the back背面的注解 in 15 yuars’ time=in 15 yuars15年以后 weigh称重 weight重量 centimetre厘米 kilogram千克 astronaut宇航员 be good at(doing) sth=do well in擅长于 be poor at(doing)sth不擅长 good-looking好看的,英俊的 slim苗条的 reporter记者 baker面包师 bakery在面包房 singer歌手 wear glasses戴眼镜 listen to the music听音乐 agree with sb同意某人意见 I think you(he) will be a teacher.我认为你会成为教师 I don’t think you(he) will be a teacher.(否定句)我不认为成为老师。 write a lot多写 pratise doing sth练习做某事 pratise...more多练 have to do sth不得不做某事 Maths数学 learn to sth学着做某事 learn how to do sth学习如何做某事 spacecraft宇宙飞船 come back回来 grow bigger长大

Unit 6

change变化 dress--dresses连衣裙(单-复) leaves叶子(复数) sleeves袖子(复数) belt皮带 shirt男士衬衫 seasonal季节性的 life--lives生命(单-复) seasonal changes季节性的变化 in early July六月上旬 in late May五月下旬 wear a pair of glasses戴眼镜 not many students并不是很多学生 a pair of shorts一条短裤 a pair of socks一双袜子 a pair of shoes一双鞋子 a pair of trousers一条裤子 wear red scarves戴红领巾 shorts短裤 skirt短裙 snowman--snowmen雪人(单-复) notice通知 jacket夹克衫 air-conditioned有空调的 blouse女士衬衫 around周围 play in the playground在操场玩 a uniform一件校服 make a snowman堆一个雪人 keep warm保暖 in the canteen在食堂里 fly around四处飞 school life in summer夏季校园的生活 in the school garden在学校花园 uniforms for different seasons不同季节的校服 see sb doing sth看见某人正在做 see sb do sth看见某人做过某事 All the

students must wear red scarves.所有学生必须戴红领巾。 I see an old man crossing the street.我看见一个老人正在过马路。She had a white dress with the long sleeves.她以前有一条长袖子的白色连衣裙。 Not many students like having ice-cream and soft drinks after lunch.不会有许多学生在午饭后吃冰淇淋,喝软饮料。Not many students like studing in the library, because it is too hot.不会有许多学生在图书馆学习,因为天气太热。 He has taken some photos about our school.他已经拍了一些我们学校的照片。 Many people walk around in the park.在公园里,很多人走来走去。 January一月 February二月 March三月 April四月 May五月 June六月 July七月 August八月 September九月 Octomber十月 November十一月 December十二月 Sunday周日 Monday周一 Tuesday周二 Wednesday周三 Thursday周四 Friday周五 Saturday周六

Unit 7

a single-decker bus单层车 a double-ducker

bus双层车 an air-conditioned bus空调车 a fare box投币箱 a public transportation card交通卡 in public在公众场合 the public大众 in the past在过去 nowadays现在 a bus conductor一位巴士售票员 collect ... from ...从?中收集? Instead代替;更换 men/women driver女驾驶员 all of ...都 both of ...两者都 most of ...大多数 none of ...没有一个 neither of ...两者都不 still仍然 What be ... like?···怎么样 perhaps traffic jams交通堵塞 motorcycle轻便摩托车 light rail轻轨 traffic lights交通灯 flyover高架桥 railway铁路 pavement人行道 tunnel隧道 bridge桥 footbridge人行桥 crossing十字路口 poster招贴画,海报 not ... any long再也不··· in 10 years’ time = in 10 years提问----How soon(将来) transport运输--transportation交通 air-conditior空调--air-conditioned有空调的 woman--women女的(单--复数) man--men男的(单----复数) cross过--crossing十字路口 across穿过 less--fewer--least少--更

少 many/much--more--most多--更多 few/little--less--fewer少--更少 post邮政--poster海报--postman邮递员 conduct操作,指导--conductor售票员

Single单个--double双个 both of...两者都--nither of...两者都不

All of...都--none of...都不 More--fewer+可数、less+不可数


What will Shanghai be like in 10 years tine? In 10 years’ time, Shanghai will be more beautiful. There will be more traffic underground stations in Shanghai. People will take the underground or the light rail instead of the bus. There will be fewer traffic jams. People will enjoy them sleves in the great city.

Travelling in oure city

In the past, most most of the people on foot or by bicycle. People in Pudong had to take ferries to Puxi. It took people too much time on the way. Nowadays ,travelling in our city

is very convenient. Some people drive cars to work,others take undergrounds to their offices. Peoples spend less time travelling on the way. However, sometimes there are some traffic jams. But I think in ten years’ time, there will be fewer traffic jams. None of the people will travel by ferry. Perhaps we’ll go to school by plane. Every thing will be beautiful!

Unit 8

display展示 gently温和的 slowly慢慢地 hold抓住 raincoat雨衣 tightly紧紧地 slightly轻微的 pot盆 flat一套房间 move移动 quickly快速地 windsurf进行帆板运动 typhoon台风 sink下沉,沉没 street cleaner清洁工人 happy愉快的 happily愉快地 suddenly突然 immediately立即 fircely猛然地 move行进 carefully小心地 happen发生 object物体 outside在···外面 wave波浪 inside在···里面 shelter遮蔽物 May也许 windy weather刮风天气 display board展板 different kinds of不同

种类 gentle wind微风 strong wind强风 blow away kites把风筝吹走 slide show幻灯片 think about思考

I can see people windsurfing on the sea when there is a strong wind.

The strong wind may blow away flower pots outside people’s flats.

We should clouse all the windows in our flats when a typhoon is coming.

Big waves in the sea may sink ships and boats.

Unit 9


Prepare ... for ...为···做准备 a quarter1/4 three quarters3/4 fish鱼(单数)-fish(复数) on the earth在地球上 one of ···之

一 get ... from ...从···得到 use sth to do sth=use sth for doing sth用···去做某事 the prawns in the deep sea深海的虾

be important to对···很重要的 keep sth clean保持···干净 stop doing停下做某事 stop to do sth停下来做某事 starfish海星

a sea horse海马 whale鲸 dolphin海豚 shark鲨鱼 ocean海洋 largest最大的 the most intelligent最聪明的 If there is no rain, we will/will not ...如果没有雨,我们将··· Have no water to do sth.没有水做某事。 take a shower淋浴 need sth to do sth需要···来做某事 on the farm在农场上 no + n =not ... any没有 crop农作物 Internet互联网 farmer农夫 fix a dripping tap修理滴水的龙头 a running tap哗哗流水的龙头 turn on=switch on开 turn off=switch off关 instead of代替 save water节约用水 waste sth on sth浪费···做某事 waste sth to(in) do sth浪费···做某事 by doing sth通过做某事


1.adj.和adv.最高级用法 三个或三个以上物体相比,表示最···





b.以e字母尾加 est old--oldest small--smallest st large--largest nice--nicest rude--rudest

c.以辅音字母+y结尾 该y 为i加est esay--easiest healthy--healthiest··· d.big--biggest···


Unit 10

make a display board做展板 a large area of一大片··· provide sth for sb=provide sb with sth为某人提供某物 make a nest in the tree在树上筑巢 build one’s home建家园 in the hollows for the trees在树洞里 cook food with wood用木材烧饭 get ... From ...从···中 give sth to sb=give sb sth给某人某物 cut down砍到,砍伐 make funiture(不可数)造家具 lost one’s home失去家园 stop doing停止做某事 forest森林 insect昆虫 use sth to do sth=use sth for doing sth clay粘土 cotton棉花 metal金属 oil油、石油

plastic塑料 make spoons做汤勺 make plates做盘子 sheep-sheep羊 sand沙 knive-knives小刀 chopsticks筷子 a pair of chipsticks一双筷子 material材料 the uses of different materials不同材料的用处 be made of由···制成(能看见原料) be made from由···制成(不能看见原料) How ... feel ?=What ... feel like ?感觉怎样 feel soft/hard... like better A then B prefer A to B更喜欢A而不是B


1.wool——woollen 3.sheep——sheep

2.wood——wooden 4.knife——knives We should protect our environment

Environment is very important to us because it can provide us with shelter and food, so we should take care of it. If we pollute the water, we will not have enough water. Without water we can’t live live. If we cut down forests ,many animals die because they lose their homes and food. The land will become deserts, we will have no place to live

and nothing to eat. So we should look after the environment very well. We should protect the forests, make full use of water and keep the environment clean. If we do these, we can have a good environment, we can live happy.



invite sb. to do sth邀请某人做某事 an invitation一份请柬 hear from sb/get a letter from sb/receive a letter from sb收到某人的来信 stay with sb和某人呆在一起 talk with sb/talk to sb和某人谈话 get···from···从···处得到:从···中获得 a travel agent旅行社代理人 plan a trip to Beijing计划一次北京之行 make a plan制定计划 send sb.sth/send sth to sb给某人寄某物 at the travel agent’s/at the travel agence在旅行社 Can I help you?/What can I for you? 有什么可以帮忙的吗? want to do sth/would like to do sth想要做某事 sb spend some time to do sth/It takes sb some

time to do sth某人花时间做某事 two hours and a half/two and a half hours两个半小时 How much does the book cost? It costs 20 yuan. How much is the book? It’s 20 yuan. In August在八月 on the sixteenth of August/on 16 August在8月16日 at the end of ...在···末端/尽头 at the beginning of ...在···的起点/开始/开端 in the end/at last/lastly/finally最后 come back/return 返回 give back/return返还 thank sb for sth 因为某事感谢某人 thank sb for doing sth因为某事感谢某人 see you soon不久后见,再见 welcome to sp欢迎到某地来 arrive in/at sp;get to sp;reach sp到达某地 take sb to sp带某人去某地 show sb around sp带领某人参观某地 places of interest/an interesting place/interesting places名胜 see sb doing sth看到某人做某事 on the lake在湖面上 the Li family/the Lis姓李的一家 at the Summer Palace在颐和园 an Tian’anmen Square天安门广场 at the Great Wall长城 at the Palace Museum故宫 in

the north-west of ...在···的西北 a long wall with towers一堵有塔台的长墙 build ... with bricks and stones用钻和石 in the center of ...在···的中心/中部 more than/=over超过 the Chinese national flag中华人民共和国国旗 raise the national flag升国旗 in the square在广场上 plan to do sth打算做某事write a letter to sb/write to sb给某人写信 be back回来 have a wonderful/good /great time; enjoy one’s time; enjoy oneself玩的愉快 the Spring Festival/the Chinese New Year春节 hold 100 people容纳100人 a photo of you一张你的照片 a photo for you一张给你的照片 go back to sp/ return to sp回到某地去

Unit 2

1. welcome to sp 欢迎到某地 2. an SPCA officer 一个动物保护协会会员 3. the SPCA(the Society for the Prevention of the Cruely to Animals) 动物保护协会 4. someone 某人 5. leave these puppies 丢弃这些小狗 6. no food or water 没有水和食物

7. hungry and thirsty 又饿又渴 8. a lovely puppy 一条可爱的小狗 9. take a dog as pet/ raise a dog as 养狗作为宠物 10. prefer A than B like A to B 宁可喜欢A不喜欢B(2种) 11. look after take care of 照顾(2个)

12. feed the dogs with special dog food 用专门的狗粮喂狗 13. a basket 篮子 14.a blanket 毯子 15. chew 咀嚼 16. How to do 怎样做某事 17. three times every day 每天三次 18. hold ... with both hands 用双手抱某物 19. take ... for a walk 带···去散步 20. need to do sth (don’t need to do) 需要做某事(不需要做某事) need sth (do not need sth) 需要某物(不需要某物) 21. give sth to sb/ give sb sth 给某人某物(2个) 22. be kind to ... (be unkind to ...) 对...友善 (对...不友善)

23. clinic for sick animals 宠物医院 24. vet 兽医 25. save animals from danger 拯救动物免受危险 26. promise to do 承诺做某事 promise not to so 承诺不做某事 27. help sb to do 帮助某人做某事 28. Keep warm 保暖

29. guard safe 守护...安全 30. guard our

homes 守卫我们家园 31. hunt ... for food 猎取...作为食物 32. the blind people 盲人 33. cross the road safely 安全地过马路 34. Save sb from danger 保护某人免受危险 35. The police 警方(作复数) 36. catch the thives 抓小偷 37. live in the caves 住在洞穴里 38. missing people 失踪的人 39. on the farm 在农场上 40. in many different ways 在许多不同方面 41. bring sth to sp 给某人带来某物 42. take sth to sb 给某人带去某物


1. puppy —— puppies (复数)小狗

2. cruel 残酷的—— cruely 残酷

3. love 喜欢n.—— lovely 可爱的adj.

4. office 办公室—— officer 官员

5. care —— careful —— carefully 仔细

6. care —— careless —— carelessly 粗心

7. hunt 猎杀—— hunter 猎人

8.拯救,节约v. animals

安全的 安全地

9. farm 农场—— farmer 农民

10. thief —— thieves (复数)小偷

11. miss 丢失—— missing 失踪的

12. kind 善良的—— unkind 不善良的

13. danger 危险—— dangerous 危险的

14. keep —— kept —— kept 保存,保持

15. take —— took —— taken 带走

16. leave —— left —— left 遗弃

17. find —— found —— found 发现,找到

18. give —— gave —— given 给

19. eat —— ate —— eaten 吃

20. hold —— held —— held 抓,握,容纳

21. catch —— cought —— cought 抓住

22. see —— saw —— seen 看见

23. bring —— brought —— brought 带来 Unit 3

1、 be crowded with ···挤满··· 2、 a crowded city 拥挤的城市 3、for example 举例子 4、call把···称作 5、 penfriend 笔友 6、 on the magazines 在杂志上 7、read newspapers 读报纸(read-read-reden)(过去时变化) 8、read about 通过阅读了解

9、 在···附近 10、 写信给某人(过去时变化) 11、 了解+对象和事 12、知道、认识+物或人 13、年龄 14、 性别 15、 在另一个国家 16、nation 国家 national 国家的 nationality 国籍 intentional 国际的

17、 interest 趣味 18、favorite food 最喜欢的食物 19、make friends with和···交朋友 20、subject 学科 ( Chinese 语文 Maths 数学 English 英语 History 历史 Music 音乐 Science 科学) 21、send sb sth 送某人某物(send—sent —sent 发送) 22、 soon很快 23、myself youself himself herself themselves (···自己) 24、junior high school 初中 25、thank sb doing sth 因(做)某事感谢你

Unit 4

1、 same ... as ... 和···一样 2、different in 与···不一样 3、construction company 建筑公司 4、architect 建筑师 5、draw plans of buildings 画建筑设计图 6、move ... to sp把···搬到某地 7、 wear a uniform 穿着制服 8、at work 在工作 9、deliver

letters and parcels 送信和包裹 10、albulance worker 救护工人 11、 rescue 营救 save(同义) 12、a flat 一幢公寓 13、 neibour 邻居 14、 in the city center 在市中心 15、drive sb quickly to sp 快速开车送某人到某地 16、 开会 17、answer phone 接电话 18、type 打字 19、 take notes 记笔记 20、 accident (交通)事故,意外遭遇 21 、towards朝着···来 22、knock sb down 把某人撞到 23、 hurt 受伤的,伤害 24、 have a broken arm 手臂骨折 25、stop traffic(stopped) 阻断交通 26、let sb to do sth 让某人做某事 27、carry 搬、扛、抱、运输 28、 call fire engine(打电话)叫消防车

29、catch fire 着火 30、run away 逃跑 31、 be afraid of 对···害怕 32、on the way to... 在去···途中 on the way home 在回家的路上。 33、empty the rubbish bin 清空垃圾箱 34、 start 开始 begin(同义) 35、two days later 两天后 36、 go early 很早地去 37、 immediately 立即 in one time(同义) 38、 buy sb sth?buy sth to sb 为某人

买某物 39、 at last 最后 finally in the end(同义)

Unit 5

1、 tidy 整洁的 (反)untidy 不整洁的 2、 tidy up 整理 3、more bigger 大得多 4、need sth 需要某物(实意) 5、with sb 和某人6、kitchen 厨房 7、balcony 阳台 8、enough space 足够空间 enough big 足够大

9、What’s matter? What’s wrong with sb? 某人怎么了?(2个) 10、what kind 什么种类的 11、look for 寻找 find(found) 找到(过去时)find out 搞清楚 12、in suburb 在郊区

13、estate agency 地产商 16、near 在···附近 far away from 离···遥远 17、 next to 紧靠着 18、in front of 在···前面 19、in the back of 在···后面 20、 oppside 在···对面 21、on the floor 在地板上 22、a rug 一块地毯 23、TV set 电视机 24、armchair 扶手椅 25、enjoy sunshine 享受阳光 26、keep quiet 保持···安静


1. on the map 在地图上

2. in the north of the map 在地图的北部

3. quiet and peaceful 安静祥和的

4. take a bus to sp=go to sp by bus 乘公交去某地

5. once a week 每周一次

6. life in different places 不同地方的生活

7. move to sp. 搬到某地

8. tell sb. about sth. 告诉某人关于某事

9. tell sb. sth./tell sth. to sb. 告诉某人某事

10. tell sb. to do sth. 告诉某人做某事

11. tell sb. not to do sth. 告诉某人不要做某事

12. tell a story 讲故事

13. tell a story to sb./tell sb. a story 给某人讲故事

14. at the bottom of … 在……的底部

15. at the top of …在……的顶部/顶端

16. steep steps 陡峭的阶梯

17. a noisy boy 一个吵闹的男孩

18. make a noise 发出噪声;吵闹

19. an exciting match 一场令人兴奋的比赛

20. a pleasant day 愉快的一天

21. relax oneself 放松自己;使自己轻松

22. live in the city center 住在市中心

23. a financial center 金融中心

24. an exhibition center 展览中心

25. go to the cinema/go to see a film/go to see a movie 去看电影

26. go to church 去教堂做礼拜

27. go to the church 去教堂

28. go to kindergarten 上幼儿园

29. get up early/late 早/晚起;起床早/晚

30. go to bed early/late 睡觉早/晚

31. discuss with sb./have a discussion with sb. 和某人讨论

32. go to a restaurant for dinner 去饭店吃饭

33. read storybooks at home/in the library 在家/在图书馆看故事书

34. life in different seasons 不同季节的生活

35. seasonal fruit 季节性水果

36. a picture/photo of… 一张……的图片/照片

37. wear gloves/a pair of gloves 戴手套

38. wear winter uniforms 穿冬季校服

39. make nests in the tree 在树上筑巢

40. the apple on the tree 树上的苹果

41. at weekends/at the weekend 在周末

42. at night 在夜晚

43. have barbecues 吃烧烤

44. watch stars 看星星

45. be late for… 迟到

46. two days later 两天后

47. changeable weather 多变的天气

48. in your new neighbourhood 在你的新小区

49. There isn’t much traffic. 交通不繁忙/拥挤。

50. There is a lot of traffic. 交通拥挤/繁忙

51. It takes sb. some time to do sth. / sb. spend some time (in) doing sth. 某人花一段时间做某

52. It is convenient to do sth.= To do sth. is convenient. /Doing sth is convenient. 做某事是方便/


53. It is +adj. (for sb.)+ to do sth. (对某人来说)做某事是怎么样的

54. There aren’t any shops or restaurants.= There are no shops or restaurants.

55. It’s a/my/our pleasure. 很乐意。

56. finance n. ---- financial adj.

57. change n. ---- changeable adj.

58. convenient adj. ---- convenience n.

59. noise n.---- noisy adj.---- noisily adv.

60. quiet adj. ---- quietly adv.

61. excite v.---- exciting adj.----excited adj.---- excitement n.

62. interest v.---- interesting adj.----interested adj.

63. relax v.---- relaxing adj.----relaxed adj.---- relaxation n.

64. surprise v.---- surprising adj.----surprised adj.---- surprisedly

65. please v.---- pleasant adj.---- pleased adj.----pleasure n.

66. pleasant ---- enjoyable (近)

67. pleasant ---- unpleasant (反)

68. exciting ---- uninteresting/boring (反)

69. convenient---- unconvenient (反)

70. noisy ---- quiet (反)

Unit 7

1. hike 徒步远行 go hiking 去徒步远行 2. go camping 去宿营 3. turn left 向左转 4. a direction sign 指示(方位)标志 5. a warning sign 警告标志 6. an information sign 信息标志 7. an instruction sign 说明标志 8. leave rubbish 乱扔垃圾 9. use sth for help 用某物求助 10. park cars 停车 11. keep quiet 保持安静 (同) keep silent 12. pick flowers 采花,摘花 13. roll a dice 掷色子 14. go first 先走 15. land on 降落在某地 (反义)起飞take off 16. take turns to do sth 以此轮流做某事 17. miss 失去,错过 18. first person to do sth 第一个去做某事的人 19. good luck! 祝你好运 20. win the game 赢得比赛 ( win- won - won winner 胜利者)

21.direct指向--direction指示 22.mean意思是--meaning意思 23.warn警告--warning警示

24.use用--useful有用的--useless无用的 25.silence安静--silent安静的 26.play玩--player游戏者 27.luck--lucky--luckily--unlucky不幸的 28.mean-meant-meant

/i:/ /e/ /e/

Unit 8

1. diet and health 饮食和健康 2. at camp 在露营地 3. So do I. 我也是。 Neither do I. 我也不。 4. Shall we do?/Let’s do./Why not do./Why don’t you do./What/How about doing. 提出建议 (回答) That’s a good idea. 好主意。5. a cartoon called 被叫做。。。的卡通 6. war and peace 战争与和平 7. go on an outing 外出游玩 10. spend one’s weekends 度周末 10. a sheet of 一张··· 11. stay healthy 保持健康 (同)keep fit 12. go to bed early and go

to bed late 早睡早起 13. exercise regularly 有规律的锻炼 14. at least至少 not less than(同)

15. a bottle of lemonade一瓶柠檬味汽水 16. a packet of crisps 一袋薯片 17. a bar of chocolate 一块巧克力 18. too much(不可数)太多 too many (可数)太多 19. too little 太少(不可数)too less (可数) 20. hurt 感到疼痛 21. be hurt 受伤的 22. change one’s bad habit 改正坏习惯 23. used to do sth 过去常常做某事 24. not ... any longer 不再···(同: no longer ) 25. study hard 努力学习


26. health 健康n.— healthy 健康的adj.— unhealthy 不健康的adj.

27. Many/much — more — most 多

28. little — less — least 少(不可数)

29. few — fewer — fewest 少(可数)

30. drink — drank — drunk 喝

31. eat — ate — eaten 吃

Unit 9

1. I've heard from 我听说( hear 听到—— heard —— heard ) 2. hear from sb 收到某人来信(同)get a letter from sb 3. need sth to do sht 需要某物做某事 don;t need sth to do (否) 4. raise money for 为···筹钱 5. ask sb to do sth 让某人做某事 6. show sb how to do sth 向某人展示怎样做某事 7. mix ... together 把···混合在一起 8. pour in 倒入 9. add sth to 把某物添加到 10. use sth to do 用某物做某事 11. made ... into 把···做成

12. size and shape 尺寸和形状 13. side 宽的 14. sprinkle with sth 用某物洒在···上 15. baking tray 烤盘 16. an oven 一个烤箱 17. at two-hundred centigrade 在200摄氏度 18. How much does it coat?/How much do they coat? How much was it cost?/How much were they coat?( sth cost / sb pay for ) 花费金钱 19. sincerely 真诚地 20. sell — sold — sold 卖 tell — told — told 告诉

home 家— homeless 无家可归的 England/Britain英国— English/British 英国的 America 美国— American 美国的 mix 混合— mixture 混合物 one 1— first two 2— second three 3— third five 5— fifth nine 9— ninth twelve 12— twelfth twenty 20—twentieth

Unit 10

1. prepare for 为···做准备 get ready for(同) 2. be free 空闲的 (反)be busy with 忙于某事 3. look forward to 期盼做 4. What a pity! 真可惜 (同)What a shame! 5. say ... to

A for B 替B向A说 6. sing karaoke 唱卡拉OK 7. play chess 下棋 8. watch cartoons 看卡通片 9. beat 快速搅拌,打败 10. add ... to ... 把···加入··· 11. stir 搅拌 12. wait for (sb) 等待(某人) 13.on the birthday party 在生日晚会上 14. would rather(not) to do sth 宁愿(不)做某事 15. have to do sth 不得不做某事 don't have to do sth不必做某事 16. take photos 拍照( take — took — taken ) 17. battery 电池(复:batteries )

18. candle 蜡烛 19. camera 照相机 20. match 火柴、比赛 21. everyone 每人(同) everybody somebody 某人 someone anyone 任何人 anybody nobody 没有人 no one 22. teach Sb(宾格) to do sth 教某人做什么 23. give a pleasant to Sb(give—gave—given) 给某人一件礼物 24. decorate 装饰v.— decoration(s) 装饰物n. 25. sounds great 听上去很棒 26.感觉动词+ feel happy 感到开心 look beautiful 看起来漂亮 taste delicious 尝起来美味 smell sweet 闻起来很甜 sound great 听上去很棒

27. to make cake, we need 为了做蛋糕,我们需要 (to do)表示目的,提问用(Why)。

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