A: Good evening,Ladies and Gentlemen! I am XXX

B:Hello everyone ! I am XXX. Welcome to the Film world held by the English Corner.

(对着B说)A: Hey, the English Corner is the brand project of School of the foreign languages department, as the host of this activity, I feel so proud. B:So am I ! We come to the English Corner to make more friends, to practice our oral English and tonight, especially to learn some interesting film cultures and know more about classic movies.

A: Thanks for all your coming! Now, I declare the English Corner officially start!

B:Now, we will play a game to test how much we know about the classic film. Before the beginning of this game,I must remind everybody that you should speak English during the game.

A:Now, we’ll begin the first game. I will say the movie name in English, and you should use your fastest speed to answer the movie belong to which state. This game adopt the score system. Name the right state will get 2 points, those who score highest will get huge prizes. Ready?(拉长音,等几秒) Titanic! 国家:美国 American



A:To the youth (致青春)国家:中国 China


B:You are right! A:Gone with the wind(乱世佳人)国家:美国 American



A:Detective Sherlock(神探夏洛克) 国家:英国 Britain


B: Add two points !


B:Ok, everybody, after the interesting game, let’s move to the next part,do you know about Harry Potter? Harry Potter is my favorite movie .The movie about Harry Potter are so exciting and adventurous. Harry Potter is a kind, brave and strong kid that he is never afraid of any difficulties. Besides, I admire him having two good friends. They always help him and never leave him, no matter how bad the conditions are. I am happy to see Harry Potter overcome all difficulties and live a happy life in the end. Umm, what about you?(对A说)

A:As for me, my favourite film is ‘King Kong. It talks about a chimp meets a girl acidently. He fall in love with that girl,But it’s caught by some bad guys. Finally he is killed by the government in order to save the girl. We had shared our favorite movie and what about you? Please share your favorite m. In this part, name the movies is about 1 point, while 4 points are for the movies names and main idea.


B:Ok! Now, we are going to play the third game. I will play a song, the song you are hearing is the theme music from a movie ,please name this movie as soon as you have the answer, name the song of the movie you are hearing ,as rapidly as possible, if your answer is right, you will get 3 points, other situation shall not score. (这部分自由主持)

第一首歌曲是Let it go(电影名称是Frozen)

第二首歌曲是Celine lion(电影名称是Beauty and beast)

第三首歌曲是May it be (电影名称是The lord of the rings)

第四首歌曲是Paradise( 电影名称是Life of pi)

第五首歌曲是See you again(电影名称:Fast and Furious)


B:Now I'm going to invite XXX go on the stage, welcome XXX with our warm applause.


B:Thanks XXX for giving us a excellent performance.

A:It’s the last part now. Every group extract a small paper slip which includes film’s names. I will give you three minutes to have a discussion and then i need a volunteer to say something about his opinion and feeling to the selected film on behalf of you. After discussing completely, all groups can answer the question in advance.


B:Autumn is a season of harvest. I hope everyone can reap some film knowledge after tonight. Is time to say goodbye.

A:Thanks a lot for your participation. Time flies in our laughter and cheers. I believe all of you have spent a wonderful evening.


A:Let’s sing together!(放音乐nothing’s gonna change my love for you)


GONE WITH THE WIND is a love story which took place during the American Civil War. The main character is Scarlett, whose father owned a big plantation called Tara in the southern state of Georgia. She fell in love with Ashley, but he loved his cousin Melanie and married her. Scarlett first married Charles and unfortunately he died in the war. Scarlett became a widow. When the war ended, life was really hard for her family and Scarlett took charge of the whole family. Later she married Frank who was shot to death and she became a widow again.

The third time she married Rhett Butler, a businessman, and they had a baby girl called Bangni. Bangni unexpectedly died from a fall because of an accident. After a series of events, Scarlett finally came to understand that what she really needed was Rhett Butler. Because there were some misunderstandings between them, Rhett Butler could no longer trust her and he was determined to leave Scarlett.

The film describes her bitter life experience. Scarlett looked forward to the arrival of a better tomorrow.

To the youth It’s Chinese actress Zhao Wei’s directorial debut.

Detective Sherlock This is a story in modern London of a modern Sherlock. This TV drama is based on the famous detective novel of the British novelist Arthur Conan Doyle. It took the background from the 19C to the 21 Century. And the fashion and talent detective Sherlock Holmes with his fantastic assistant John Watson are facing a series of dangerous and unusual events in London.

Beauty and beast is a contemporary retelling of the classic French fairy tale. Once upon a time, there was a handsome but heartless prince, whose selfishness caused an enchantress to turn him into a hideous beast. He had only one hope for freedom: winning a woman's love despite his ugliness. The years passed; the Beast remained alone. Then one day, Maurice, a poor inventor, accidentally stumbled upon the Beast's lair. The angry Beast instantly swore to kill him -- until he saw Belle, Maurice's lovely daughter, who had come to to the palace to fight for her father's life. The Beast promised not to harm Maurice on one condition: Belle must stay with him. And so began Belle's lesson in the true meaning of beauty... a lesson that would bring her love and happiness ever after.

The Lord of the Rings is directed by Peter Jackson and based on the second volume of J. R. R. Tolkien's book.

Life of Pi is directed by Ann Lee, tells a fantastic story about a boy named pi.

Fast and Furious is a series of films in Europe and the United States led to the car as the theme. The title to a proper extent to point out two elements of this type of film: in a variety of brand-name sports car racing on the highway and passion, experience the speed limit exceeding 200KM/H. "Speed and passion" series of films from 2001 since the birth of the first part, training a large number of accompany you play the play ran ten years of fans. The 2009 release of "4" speed and passion in the world more swept through the $350000000. Director Lin Yi bin also by virtue of the series of hot Hollywood became the new Chinese director; by the end of 2013, to sixth, has been updated, starring Paul. Walker's tragic death in seventh are adjusting shooting.

第二篇:英语角开幕式主持词 5500字

M:Man W:Woman T:Together


M:Good evening, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the opening ceremony of English Corner. It’s my great honor to be one of the hosts tonight. I’m Wang Suxin,and standing here beside me is my partner.

W:Thank you,Suxin.Good evening ladies and gentlemen I’m honored to co-host The Opening ceremony of English Corner.And I’m your hostess ,Yuan Tongtong. M:Tonight ,we will bring you a Audio-visual feast!

Next, please allow me to introduce the guests who attend our ceremony. Let’s warmly welcome them!------- 团委老师:石立宁








W:Ladies and gentlemen,both of us hope all of you have a nice time here,we all hope that you will enjoy this evening and benefit from it.

M: Next, please allow me to declare: the opening ceremony of English corner in The North China Electric Power University now officially start!


W:Well, at first,let’s enjoy the Visual Feast the Street Dance Team brings us!




M:Well,well,well,perfect!I’ve never had seen such a stunning! W:It’s true!How energetic they are!Do you enjoy this one?

M:Yes,I really do if there can be some sparks around us when the dancers dance!

W:Do you know what has rushed to my mind when you say the word spark?


W:A beautiful lady!

M:You mean -----Taylor Swift?<Sparks Fly>?

W:Yes!<Sparks Fly>.Don’t you think its lyric is really fantastic? M:enhn~Well,now,let’s enjoy the song <Spark Fly>

W:let’s welcome Wang Xi!


W: A deep feeling song,I like.

M: To me,compared to light music I prefer taewondo , for taewondo is an approach to protect ourselves when we have to face up risk ,especially the delicate girls like you!

W:You talk sense.

M:Next I will show you the taewondo.

W:I’m too impatient to wait

M:Don’t worry dear,let’s welcome them The Taewondo Association!


M:Now,it’s our game time,are you unable to hold yourself back?Ok,let’s begin our first game:

Count to 21

A group of people start to shout out numbers in order from 1, every time there are over two people count out the same number at the same time ,restart the process until we get to number 21. Example: if: A: one B:two C,D:three ,then restart from one.

Do this until we get 21.


W:The flute of rising and falling can always bring me joy,nothing in the word is matched to this instrument. M:You mean you like the sound of the flute?

W:Surly I do,or I wouldn’t have said like this.

M:Maybe the next one is to your liking,welcome to The National music orchestra,what they will show us are the flutes! W:Perfect,welcome!


M:Ah-Ah,do you want to know the next program?

W:Well,if I say I don’t want to know,what will you do? M:Why?Why donn’t you?Aren’t you curious?

W:Your expressions have betrayed you!I can read every thing from your face.


W:uh-huh,I read that the next program is B-Box from your eye! M:God!You are right!How canyou do that?

W:Well,let’s welcome Wang Lei first.

M:Ok,wlcome,our B-Boxer!


W:Aha,it shows me that it’s our game time again!let’s see our second game:

Simon says

When the host says “simon says”before a sentence, do as the instructions, if the host didn’t say “simon says” then do not follow the instructions.who did it wrong would be out.

Example:Host:”simon says put your hands up” then the others should follow the instruction putting their hands up, then host says”ok, put it down” now if anyone who put their hands down would be out cos the host didn’t say “simon says”,they should keep their hands up.

Anyone who is still in the game after 5 rounds would get 2 packs of poker.


M:As we all know,the martial arts only belongs to China ,we all take pride of it,today some fans of martial arts flock together to show us the charm of the traditional art.

W:It’s your show time!The Martial Art Association!


W:Well,a lovly little boy will bring us a lovly song,it will be the only Chinese song in this ceremony.

M:Wow,brave,I can’t help wanting to see such a boy. W:As you wish ,he comes.

M:let’s welcome Liang Ruizhi,the brave boy and his song. 10

M:Wonderful music is what I want,wonderful lady is what I want also,but always they can’t be combined together,I feel injuried,Ijust can’t accept such a truth.

W:Don’t worry dear,bread will have.Look,your bread is coming.She is abeautiful lady with a moving voice.

M:Yeah,I’ve seen her,coming please,let’s welcome Shen Chenxin.

W:Let’t enjoy her solo.


M:It’s time to the last game

FLA won’t NG

5 students a group, two groups on the stage at the same time.5人一组,2组同时比。共四组参加互动游戏。

First, student 1 eat a banana, after this student 2 jump in the rope for 20 times without break, then student 3 kick jianqiu for 10 times, student 4 turn 10 rounds taking a cup of water to feed student 5.




W:I finally wait to it -----The skidding,the most exiciting one,do you also expect for this?

M:Yes,the skidders are cool,and people in Skidding Association’s strength not allow a small gaze. I hope they will bring us a gluttonous feast!

W:I can’t wait,let’s have a look!


M: I know we are all deeply impressed by the wonderful performance presented by all of the performers .Thank your hard work.Boys and girls,let’s give them a big round of applause.

W:And I think last but not the least, I think you deserve a big round of applause, too for being such good audience. Good bye! See you next time!

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