1 Dialogue 1:

A: So, thank you for coming, everyone. It's really a pleasure to see you all here. First of all, may i suggest you take a look at the agenda i sent you? Would you like to make any comment on that?

B: Yes, i wonder if we can begin with shipment question first. We really need to come to an agreement on that before anything else.

A: That's true, but it's also a very difficult issue. That's the reason why i put it last. I thought it might be a good idea for us to start with the points we have in common. We'll move on to the shipment issue after that.

B: All right. That sounds reasonable.

A: Well, before we go any future, I would like to say strongly how i feel that it's in both our interest to reach an agreement today. The market is becoming even more competitive and our combied strength will give us some big advantages, not least in terms of the dealer network. Now, i think Richard would like to say a few words about that.


1. make comments on sth 对某事进行评论

Example: Would you make comments on our women's garments in current design?您对我们流行女装款式有何评论

Oh look very nice! 哦,看起来很漂亮

2. have sth. in common: 有共同点

Example: The two firms have very little common in selling strategies. 这两家公司在销售策略上没有什么共同点。

3. in the interest of: 符合......的利益

2 Example: The stable and healthy business relations are in the interest of our sides. 稳定健康的贸易关系符合双方的利益。

Dialogue 2

A: Hello, Mr Wang, nice to see you again. How are you?

B: Fine, thank you ,and you?

A: I'm fine, we just moved in our new house. Everything is in a great mess. It's a nightmare. But i'll appreciate not having to spend so much time commuting to my work every day.

B: Yes, it took me nearly one hour to get here today. Bus service in this area is not so good.

A: Well, will you like a cup of coffee?

B: Thank you, that would be nice.

A: Milk or sugar?

B: Black will do, thank you.

A: So, how's business in your section?

B: Not too bad. We have a lot of work to do as far as our contract George is concerned this time.

A: Then i think you can say a few words about that first.


1. in a mess: 乱成一团

Example: Since 9 O' clock , Mr. Gill has been sorting out the shipping documents which are in a mess in the files.


2. commute: 乘通勤车上班

3 Example: I commute to work from Shenyang to Fushun on weekdays.周一到周五我从沈阳到抚顺乘通勤车上班.

bus commuter 乘通勤汽车上班的人 train commuter 乘通勤火车上班的人

3. as far as sb./sth. be concerned: 就什么而言; 至于

Example: As far as i am concerned, i agree with Jack on this point.就我而言, 我同意杰克的观点.

As far as color is concerned, Tom prefers black. 就颜色而言, 汤姆更喜欢黑色.

Dialogue 3

A: Will you have a cup of coffee, Mr. Wang?

B: No. Don't bother, please.

A: Of course, i don't know Smith at all, but you've got to be on your guard against George. I told you about our negotiating with him in New York three years ago, didn't I?

B: I am sure you did. Can we focus on the final packing today, Mr. Brown? We mustn't get stuck in the price. They are going to knock us down. We have got some room to maneuver.

A: That's right, George is the head of Marketing Department.

B: What we must keep in mind is that we can make a concession if they push us on staff cut.

A: Oh we don't need to worry about that, Mr. Wang. We will just play it by ear. 点睛注释

1. be on one's guard against sb./sth. 小心,防范

Example: We must be on our guard against pickpockets on a bus.在公交车上我们要小心扒手。

4 2. focus on sth. 集中精力于......之上

Example: We should focus our attention on the demands at the overseas market.我们应该集中注意一下海外市场的需求

3. knock sb. down 打倒,使屈服

Example: They are attempting to knock us down in terms of price.他们试图让我们在价格方面让步。

4. keep/bear sth. in mind 记住,牢记(英国都用remember)

Example: Please keep in mind that you'll arrive punctually for the meeting tomorrow.请记住明天开会要准时。

Bear in mind that you can always rely on me.要记住你永远可以依靠我。

一轮会谈 one round of talks

决议 resolution

谅解备忘录 memorandum of understanding

现在开会 I declare the meeting open.

请…发言 I invite the representative of …to take the floor.

下面我给各位简要介绍一下北京的经济情况 Nnow I would like to give you a brief overview of Beijing’s economy.

我的介绍完了,谢谢。 That’s all for my presentation.thank you.

我先说这么多。 So much for my remarks for now.

我要说的就是这些。 That’s all for what I want to say.

5 您看是先谈原则问题呢,还是先谈具体问题? I wonder if you would like to start with matters of principle or specific issues?

让我先谈一个问题。 If you agree,(With your permission)let me start with one issue 在谈那个问题之前我想对您刚才讲的话谈点看法。 Before we trun to that issue, I wish to make a few comments/remarks on your presentation.

您对此事怎么看呢? I wish to benefit from your views on this matter./ What is your view on this matter?/ How do you see this matter?

我提议休会十分钟。 I propose a ten-minute break.

我想接着刚才的问题讲下去。 I will pick up where we left off just now.

对不起,我插一句。 Sorry for the interruption but

当然可以。 By all means

怎么都行。 Whatever you say.

我没有异议。 I have no objection

我方对这个问题有异议。 We take exception to this question.

我们高兴地看到 We note with pleasure that

这个日期贵方觉得合适吗? I wonder if this date wuld be suitable for you?

不知你们上午谈的怎样? I wonder how the meeting went this morning?

我方很希望贵方能尽早给予肯定的答复。 We would greatlyl appreciate it if you could give us your favourable and prompt commitment as soonas possible.

请你们务必在8月1日前提出意向书。 You are kindly requested to submit the letter of intent on the date no later than 1st August.

6 纠缠这个问题 entangle this issue

提倡节约 advocate/uphold thriftiness

为了国家的繁荣 for the sake of national property

经受了时间考验的友谊给我留下了很深的印象。 The time-tested friendship leave me a deep impression.

密切注视 Keep close watch on

促进密切合作 spur/promote intensive cooperation

久仰 I’ve heard so much about you.

好久不见了 Long time no see.

辛苦了 You’ve had a long day.You’ve had a long flight.

尊敬的朋友们 distinguished/Honorable/Respected friends

阁下(多用于称呼大使) Your Excellency

我代表北京市政府欢迎各位朋友访问北京. On behalf of the Beijing Municipal

government, I wish to extend our warm welcome to the friends who have come to visit Beijing.

对您的大力协助,我谨代表北京市政府表示衷心的感谢。 On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, I wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your gracious assistance.

在北京过得怎么样? How are you making out in Beijing?

我一定向他转达您的问候和邀请. I’ll surely remember you and your invitation to him. 欢迎美商来北京投资. American businessmen are welcome to make investment in

7 Beijing.

欢迎多提宝贵意见. Your valuable advice is most welcome.

不虚此行 It’s a rewarding trip.

您的日程很紧,我们的会见是否就到此为止. As you have a tight schedule, I will not take up more of your time.

请代我问候...先生 please remember me to Mr.

感谢光临 Thank you so much for coming.

欢迎再来 Hope you’ll come again.

欢迎以后多来北京 Hope you’ll visit Beijing more often.

请留步,不用送了. I will see myself out, please.

多保重 Take care.

祝您一路平安. Have a nice trip.

愿为您效劳。 At your service.

为…举行宴会/宴请 host a dinner/banquet/luncheon in honor of …

欢迎宴会 welcome dinner

便宴 informal dinner


1. Excuse me. Are you Susan Davis from Western Electronics?


2.Yes, I am. And you must be Mr. Takeshita.



3.Pardon me. Are you Ralph Meyers from National Fixtures?


4.I"m Dennis. I am here to meet you today.


5.I"m Donald. We met the last time you visited Taiwan.


6.I"m Edwin. I"ll show you to your hotel.


7.How was your flight? Was it comfortable?


8.It was quite good. But it was awfully long.


9.Did you have a good flight?


10.Not really, I"m afraid. We were delayed taking off, and we encountered a lot of bad weather.


11.How was your flight?


12.Did you get any sleep on the plane?


13.Mr. Wagner, do you have a hotel reservation?


14.No, I don"t. Will it be a problem?


15.I don"t think so. I know several convenient hotels. Let me make some calls. 我认为没有,我知道有几家便利旅馆,让我打几个电话。

16.I"ve made a reservation at the hotel you used last time.



17.We"ve booked a Western-style room for you.


18.Let"s go to the station to get a train into town.


19.Does it take long to get into Taibei from here?


20.It"s about an hour.


21.We"ll get a taxi from the station.


22.There"s a shuttle bus we can use.


23.I"ve brought my car, so I can drive you to your hotel.


24.You must be hungry. Shall we get something to eat?


25.That sounds good. Let"s get something at the hotel restaurant. I feel a little tired.


26.Would you like to have some dinner?


27.What would you like to eat?


28.Can I take you out to dinner? It"ll be my treat.


29.If you"re hungry, we can eat dinner now.


30.Have you had breakfast yet?



31.Yes. It was delicious.


32Good. Let"s go to the office.


33.How is your room?


34.Did you sleep well last night?


35.Why don"t we go to the office now?


36.We"ll start with an orientation video. It runs about 15 minutes.


37.The tour will take about an hour and a half. We ought to be back here by 3:00.


38.Our new product line has been very successful. We"ve expanded the factory twice this year already.


39.I"d like to introduce you to our company. Is there anything in particular you"d like to know?


40.We have some reports to show you for background information.


41.Is your factory any different from other plastics factories?


42.Yes, our production speed is almost twice the industry-wide average.



43.I"d like to explain what makes this factory special.


44.This is the most fully-automated factory we have.


45.It"s the most up-to-date in the industry.


46.We"ve increased our efficiency by 20% through automation.


47.Could you tell me the cost of production per unit?


48.I"m afraid I don"t know. Let me ask the supervisor in this section. 恐怕我不知道,让我来询问一下该组的负责人。

49.I"m not really sure about that. Mr. Jiang should know the answer to that. 关于那事我不敢确定,蒋先生应该知道答案。

50.Let me direct that question to the manager.


51.I"m not familiar with that part. Let me call someone who is more knowledgeable.


52.Yes, I"d like to know your daily production.


53.Is there anything you"d like to know?


54.Is there anything I can explain fully?


55.What did you think of our factories?


56.I was impressed very much.



57.thank you very much for giving us your valuable time.


58.We have a small gift for you to take with you when you leave the factory. 你离开工厂时,我们有件小礼物要送给你。

别客户的 英语 情景对话一、

A-送行人员 B-客户 C-送行人员

A: Now, it's 8:30. We arrived just on time.

B: Ok. I think I have to buy the departure tax.

A: Let me do it for you.

B: Thank you very much. Mr. Liu, I have to say goodbye now. But before that, I’d like to say it has been a very pleasant and productive trip for me. Your company has left me a very good impression, and I am deeply moved by your hospitality. I think our cooperation will be a very successful one.

C: Thank you very much, Mr. Washington. You are playing a very important part in the cooperation. We hope we can hear from you soon.

A: Here is the receipt of the airport fee.

B: Miss. Li, my dear friend. Thank you very much for all your help. You are really very helpful and thoughtful. I believe Mr. Liu is very lucky to have your assistance.

A: Thank you. It’s very kind of you to say so. I’m really happy for having worked with you for a few days. I really hope to see you again some day and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

B: Thank you again. Bye-bye.

C: We wish you a safe and pleasant journey home.

A: Have a nice journey.

B: Thank you. Bye-bye.


A-客户 B-送行人员

A: Ok, Mr. Wang. Thank you very much for coming to the airport to see us off. Your great country and your hospitality have left a very deep impression on all of us and your working attitude and your way of doing business have changed my opinions of Chinese people.

B: Really? I’m glad to hear that.

A: That’s true. And this trip has been a very productive one for us.

B: Thank you again for your visit. We are looking forward to your reply.

A: Believe me, Mr. Wang.I will try my best to promote this transaction.

B: We are happy that we have established business relations. I really hope that we’ll have more business to do and more opportunities to meet each other.

A: It’s very kind of you to say so.

B: You are very nice and helpful. Hope to see you again.

A: I think we will have opportunities to meet each other in the future. 13

B: Ok. I think it’s time for you to check in. If you run into any difficulty, we’ll be here to assist you immediately.

A: Fine. Thank you very much. Bye-bye.

B: Goodbye.


A-客户 B-送行人员

A: It’s very kind of you to see me off.

B: It’s my pleasure. Why don’t you check in? I’ll see to the heavy luggage.

A: All right, thank you.

B: Is everything okay?

A: Yes. Thanks a lot.

B: Have a pleasant journey home.

A-客户 B, C-送行人员

A: It was very nice of you both to take me the airport.

B: Oh, it’s our pleasure. You’ll keep in touch with us at the office, won’t you? A: Of course. And please let me know if I can be of any help while I’m in Beijing. B: It’s a deal.

A: By the way, if you have time, why don’t you come to Beijing while we’re there? B: Oh, what a good idea! Wouldn't the trip to Beijing be wonderful?

C: Well, the trip sounds wonderful but to be honest, the exchange rate is too high.

A: You have a point there, but please, give it some thought. We’d be more than happy to have you stay with us in Beijing.

C: Well, that’s very nice of you.

B: It sounds like they’re boarding now. Have a good trip, okay?

A: We’ll see you in six months.

B: Or maybe sooner!

A: Goodbye!

B: Goodbye!

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