Pain past is pleasure.


All things are difficult before they are easy.


Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.


Where there is life, there is hope.


I feel strongly that I can make it.


Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.


The shortest answer is doing.


Four short words sum up what has lifted most successful individuals above the crowd: a little bit more.


( 凡事比别人多一点点!多一点努力,多一点自律,多一点实践,多一点疯狂。多一点点就能创造奇迹!)



"Crazy" stands for the human spirit of transcending oneself. It stands for the single-minded pursuit of dreams. It stands for the total devotion to your work. It stands for the passion of commitment to reach the goal. Once you have this craziness, you can achieve anything you want. Let alone learning English!






Forget about the days when it's been cloudy,

But don't forget your hours in the sun.

Forget about the times you've been defeated,

But don't forget the victories you've won.

Forget about the misfortunes you've encountered,

But don't forget the times your luck has turned.

Forget about the days when you've been lonely,

But don't forget the friendly smiles you've seen.

Forget about the plans that didn't seem to work out right, But don't forget to always have a dream.




















Attack me!

Hurt me!

Torture me!

Humiliate me!

Mistreat me!

Persecute me!







Let storms rage against me!

Let me pay the price!

Let me hit rock bottom!

You excite me!

You fill me with the spirit to fight!

You make me grind my teeth!








You make me determined!

You make my completely reshape myself!

You make me stronger!

You make me a real man!

You are my most joyful memory!

I owe you all my life!

I'm not human. I want to rebuild my dignity and honor. I want to reshape my life.











Saying is easy.Doing is difficult. 说起来容易,做起来难。

2.Seeing is believing. 眼见为实。

3.Teaching is learning. 教学相长。

4.driving is exciting. 开车真是刺激。

5.Lying is a bad habit. 说谎是一个坏习惯。

6.Getting daily exercise is important. 每天锻炼很重要。

7.Listening to his speech is boring. 听他的演讲很无聊。

8.Parking is prohibited here. 此地禁止停车。

9.Raising children is a big responsibility. 养育孩子是一项重大责任。

10.Walking in the rain is romantic. 雨中漫步很浪漫。

11.Climbing the mountain in winter is dangerous. 冬季登这座山很危险。

12.Driving to Shenzhen will take us 2 hours. 冬季开车去深圳要2小时。

13.Asking a woman's age is impolite in my country. 在我们国家,问女士的年龄是不礼貌的。

14.Riding with a drunken driver is a risk. 乘坐一个喝醉酒的司机的车是一种冒险。

15.Speaking in public is a challenge to a lot of people. 对许多人来说,公众演讲是一大挑战。

16.Finding your office isn't easy. 你们办公室真是难找。

17.Hearing the other side of the story would be interesting. 听听这个故事的另一面可能会很有意思。

18.Reading newspapers in the morning has become a routine for me. 早晨读报已经成为我每天必做的一件事。

19.Owning a car is becoming more and more common in China. 拥有汽车在中国越来越普通了。

20.Losing someone you love is a painful experience. 失去你深爱的人是非常痛苦的遭遇。

21.Meeting new people makes me nervous. 与陌生人见面使我很紧张。

22.Working hard will produce good results. 努力工作将产生好结果。

23.Making money is everybody's dream. 赚钱是每个人的梦想。

24.Complaining doesn't solve problems. 抱怨解决不了问题。

25.Falling in love is easy.Staying in love is hard. 一见钟情很容易,长相厮守很难。

26.Eating to live is more meaningful than living to eat. 为了活而吃比为了吃而活更有意义。

27.Shouting English is very helpful conquering your shyness. 大喊英语对克服你的羞怯心理很有帮助。

28.Arguing with you all the time makes me tired. 老是跟你争吵使我厌烦。

29.Eating too much can make you fat. 吃得过多会使你发胖。

30.Smoking causes a lot of health problems. 吸烟会导致多种健康问题。

31.Having a cold isn't much fun. 患感冒可不是什么好玩的。

32.Getting married costs a lot.Getting divorced costs much more. 结婚很贵,离婚更贵。

33.Understanding each other is essential for a good relationship. 相互理解是维持良好关系的关键所在。

34.Spending money is easier than making money. 花钱比赚钱容易。

35.Learning English needs persistence. 学英语要持之以恒。

36.You are great! 你真棒!

37.You are crazy. 你疯了!

38.You are hopeless! 你没救了!

39.You are out of your mind! 你脑子有病!

40.You are too much! 你太过分了!

41.You're impossible! 你没救了。

42.You are disgusting. 你真恶心!

43.You are such a nuisance. 你真讨厌!

44.You are the worst. 你是最差劲的。

45.You are abnormal. 你变态!

46.You are so frustrating. 你真让我感到泄气。

47.You are so foolish. 你太傻了。

48.You are beyond hope. 你没希望了。

49.You are nothing/nobody. 你狗屁都不是!

50.You are useless/worthless. 你真没用。

51.You are good for nothing. 你真没用!/你真是饭筒!

52.You are such a jerk. 你这个混蛋!

53.You are daydreaming. 你做白日梦!

54.You are a pain in the ass. 你是个讨厌鬼!

55.Hey!You are a big help. 嘿!你阵是帮了个大忙。[glow=255,red,2][千万注意,这是反语!][/glow]

56.You are a loser! 你输定了!

57.You are the stupidest guy I have ever met! 你是我见过的最愚蠢的家伙!

58.You are too careless! 你太不小心了!

59.You are getting on my nerves! 你真让我烦!

60.You are so selfish. 你真自私。

61.You are so annoying. 你真烦人。

62.You are to blame. 都是你的错。

63.You are going to make it. 你准行!

64.You are going to win. 你会赢的!

65.You are my only hope. 你是我的希望。

66.You are almost there.Keep trying.stick to it. 你马上就要成功了,坚持,坚持下去!

67.You are the best. 你真是顶呱呱![这是母亲对儿子、女孩对男友常说的话。]

68.You are fantastic. 你太棒了!

69.You are special. 你真特别![其实,一个SPECIAL就是最高的赞赏。]

70.You are amazing. 你真了不起!

71.You are incredible.=You are so great. 你真难以置信。

72.You are one in a million. 你是万中挑一。

73.You are so clever. 你真聪明!

74.You are perfect! 你太好了!

75.You are a genius. 你真是个天才!

76.You are a nice guy. 你是个不错的小伙子。

77.You are really something. 你真了不起!

78.You are a lucky dog! 你真幸运!

79.You are everything to me. 你是我的一切。

80.You are so sweet. 你可爱!

81.You are my angel. 你是我的小天使!

82.You are so kind. 你真好!

83.You are so considerate! 你真体贴!

84.You are the one for me. 你是我的梦中情人。

85.You are the prettiest girl in the world 你是世界上最漂亮的姑娘。

86.You are mind.I'm yours. 你属于我,我属于你。

87.You are breaking my heart. 你让我心碎。

88.You are sexy. 你真性感!

89.You are so hot. 你真撩人!

90.You are turning me on. 你真让我动心!

91.You are kidding. 你开玩笑!

92.You are making fun of me. 你在开我玩笑!

93.You're a liar. 你骗人!

94.You are a snake. 你真阴险!

95.You are unbelievable.=You are a good kisser or lover. 你真令人难以置信。

96.You are always wrong. 你总是犯错误。

97.You are always in trouble. 你总是惹麻烦。

98.You are a mess. 你搞得一团糟。

99.You are shame to our family. 你是我家的耻辱。

100.You are an embarrassment.=Your behavior is unacceptable. 你真丢脸。

151.I wonder if they can make it. 我不知他们能否办到。

152.I wonder if you could pass me the salt? 能不能把盐递给我一下。

153.I wonder if there's a pay phone in this building. 我不知道这栋大楼里有没有付费电话。 154.I wonder if it will snow tomorrow. 我想知道明天会不会下雪。

155.I wonder if we can catch the first train. 我想知道我们能否赶上第一趟车。

156.I wonder if that store accepts credit cards. 我不知道那家商店是否接受信用卡。

157.I wonder if the library is open today. 我不知道图书馆今天是否开放。

158.I wonder if your mother likes me. 我不知道你母亲是否喜欢我。

159.I was wondering if I could use your computer. 我在想我是否能用一下你的电脑。

160.I was wondering if you could give me some information about places to visit in the area? 你能不能帮我推荐一下这一带比较好玩的地方?

161.I was wondering if you were busy Saturday night .If not,would you like to come to the movie with me? 我不知道星期六晚上你有没有时间。如果有空的话,能不能跟我一起去看场电影? 162.I wonder if I can learn to speak good English in a year. 我不知道能否在一年内学会说一口流利的英语。

163.I wonder who called me then bung up when I answered. 我不知道是谁打了电话给我,等我去接时,又挂掉了。

164.I wonder if he knows what he is doing. 我想知道他是否知道自己在做什么。

165.I wonder if she is married. 我想知道她是否结婚了。

166.I guess so.[BR] 我想是的。

167.I guess it's going to rain . 我想要下雨了。

168.I guess not . 我不这么想。

169.I guess you're right. 我想你是对的。

170.I guess I need a doctor. 我想我得去看医生。[身体不适是就可以用这个句子了。

171.I guess he won't come. 我猜他不会来了。

172.I guess she'll come to the party. 我猜她会来参加宴会。

173.I guess you can come over. 我猜你能过来。

174.I guess I'll pay for dinner. 我想,晚餐有我付吧。

175.I guess she will forgive you . 我想她会原谅你的。

176.I guess she is wrong. 我想是她错了。

177.I'm hungry. I guess I'll have a hamburger. 我饿了。我想我得要个汉堡。

178.I guess it's OK with me. 我想这个对我来说是合适的。

179.I guess she will be OK. 我想她会没事的。

180.I guess Jim did this. 我猜这是吉姆干的。

181.I guess she is about fifty. 我猜她大约五十岁。

182.I guess I must be going now. 我想我现在得走了。

183.I guess they had a good time in Guilin. 我想他们在桂林一定玩得很开心。

184.I guess she will marry him. 我想她会嫁给他的。

185.I guess your daughter is dying to see you. 我想你女儿一定渴望见到你。

186.I guess we'll have a good profit this year. 我想今年我们的盈利状况会很好。

187.I guess Shanghai will become the most prosperous city in China. 我想上海将成为中国最繁华的城市。

188.I guess we need to hold another meeting to discuss this matter. 我想我们得再召开一次会议来讨论这件事。

189.I guess we have to stay home this Sunday. 我想这个星期天我们得呆在家里。

190.I guess we won't be able to finish this today. 我想今天我们是做不完了。

191.I guess I'll be late for the meeting. 我猜我开会要迟到了。

192.I guess she has something to tell you. 我猜想她有话对你说。

193.I guess you want me to help you with your English. 我猜你在英语方面需要我的帮助。 194.I guess I don't have to call you,now that I ran into you! 既然我们不期而遇了,我想就没必要打电话给你了。

195.I guess the share price will go up. 我想股价会上涨。

196.I guess you are paying for lunch. 我猜你要为这顿饭付钱了。

197.I guess he is the right man for me. 我想他是合我心的男人。

198.Speaking good English is no at difficult as you think. 说流利的英语并非像你所想象的那么难。 199.I'm not as stupid as you think. 我并非像你想象的那么蠢。

200.It's not as bad as you expected. 事情并非你预料的那么糟。

201.The t's not as good as it could be. 这本应该会更好的。

202.The United States is not as great as I thought. 美国并非像我以前认为的那么好。 203.The weather is not as cold as I expected. 天气并非像我预料的那么冷。

204.He's not as old as he looks. 他的实际年龄并非像他看起来那么老。

205.She is not as pretty as her picture. 现实中的她并没有照片上那么漂亮。

206.He is not as clever as his brother. 他没他哥哥那么聪明。

207.He is not as naive as he used to be. 他不像以前那么天真幼稚了。

208.Guangzhou is not as clean as Shenzhen. 广州没有深圳那么干净。

209.The film is not as interesting as you tole me. 这部电影并没有像你告诉我的那样有趣。 210.Chinese is not as difficult as it seems. 中文并非像表面上看起来那么难。

211.It is not as successful as last time. 这次并没有上次那么成功。

212.Michael Jackson is not as popular as he used to be . 迈克尔·杰克逊没有以前那么红了。 213.His problem is not as serious as it seems. 他的问题并没有看上去那么严重。

214.This flight is not as long as the flight to Beijing. 这次飞行旅程没有去北京那么远的距离。

215.I am not as upset as I was yesterday. 我没有像昨天那么忧虑了。

216.This restaurant's food is not as good as my cooking. 这家餐馆的菜还不如我做的好。

217.My scores were not as good as I had hoped they would be. 我的成绩没有我希望的那么好。 218.She is not as pretty as her sister. 她没有她姐姐那么漂亮。[流言蜚语,少说为妙。 219.Come on ,it's not as difficult as you think. 别这样,英语并没有你想的那么难。

220.I promise I won't do it again. 我保证不会再干这种事。

221.I promise I won't do anything stupid. 我保证不会做任何愚蠢的事。

222.I promise I'll never lie again. 我保证不再说谎。

223.I promise to pay you back. 我保证还你钱。

224.I promise I'll be on time . 我保证按时到。

225.I promise I'll keep it secret. 我保证不泄露秘密。

226.I promise I won't be late again. 我保证不会再迟到。

227.I promise I'll be quick.[BR] 我保证立即去做。

228.I promise I'll be home bu 10 o'clock. 我保证10前赶回家。

229.I promise I'll be good . 我保证做个好孩子。

230.Mom,I promise I'll study hard. 妈妈,我保证更加努力学习。

231.I promise I will remember your birthday this time. 我这次保证记住你的生日。

232.I promise I won't hurt you . 我保证不会伤害你。

233.I promise I won't let you down. 我保证不会让你失望。

234.I promise I'll come back to China. 我保证会回到中国。

235.Dear,I promise I'll get a better job.I promise I'll make more more money.Don't leave me! 亲爱的,我保证会找个更好的工作。保证会挣更多的钱。不要离开我。

236.I promise I'll pay more attention to you . 我保证今后对你更加关心。

237.I promise I won't make you angry again. 我保证不会再惹你生气。

238.I promise I'll never leave you. 我保证不会离开你。

239.I promise I'll keep my promises from now on! 从现在开始我保证信守诺言。

240.I'll try my best,but I can't promise anything. 我会尽力而为,但我不能做任何保证。 241.Please forgive me,I promise I won't be late again. 请原来我,我在也不会迟到了。