高中 定语从句总结归纳


一、 一般性定语从句

1、The book that you need is in the library.

2、Anyone who breaks the law will be punished.

3、Some of the boys I invited didn’t come.


1、He is the man who we want to look for.

2、The new bike which I bought last week was broken.

3、A prosperity which / that had never been seen before appears in the countryside.

三、用副词where,when,why 引导的定语从句

1.基本用法定语从句除可用关系代词引导外,还可用关系副词when, where与why来引导,它们的区别是:when用于指时间,where用于指地点,why用于指原因。when, where, why 在定语从句中均用作状语。

2. 先行词问题关系副词when关系副词和where的先行词是表示时间(如the day, the days, the time, the year等)和地点(如the place, the house, the factory, the station等)的一类词,而关系副词why的先行词通常只是whythe reason(s)。另外,when和where可引导限制性和非限制性定语从句,而why则只用于引导限制性定语从句,不用于引导非限制性定语从句。

3. 一点注意注意不要以为在时间名词后就一定用关系副词when,在地点名词后就一定用关系副词 where,在表示原因的the reason后就一定用关系副词why。到底选用关系副词还是关系代词,关键是看它们在定语是用作状语(用关系副词)还是用作主语或宾语(用关系代词)。When

例1 1980 was the year when he was born.

例2 I still remember the day when I first came to Beijing.

例3 I will never forget the days when we used to play together.


例1 The house where he lives needs repairing.

例2 This is the town where I was born.

例3 Shangdong is the place where I was born.


例1 These are the reasons why we do it.

例2 That’s the reason why she left home.

例3 It’s the resson why Tom does it.

四、which 和that在定语从句中的区别

A. 只能用that而不能用which的情形

(1) 当先行词为:all, little, few, much, none 及 some-, any-, no-, every- 与 thing 所组成的复合单词时,只能用that。

例 There is nothing that will stop us making progress.

(2) 当先行词前面有only, some, any, no, every, little, few, much, all, very等形容词修饰时,只能用that。

例 This is the only problem that we can’t work out.

(3) 当先行词由形容词的最高级或序数词修饰时,只能用that。

例 This is the most interesting book that I have ever read.

(4) 当先行词同时包括人和物时,只能用that。

例 Luxun and his works that we are familiar with are considered great.

(5) 当先行词在定语从句中作表语时,只能用that。

例 This is a book that I have been looking for since last week.

(6) 当主句是以which开头的特殊疑问句时,只能用that。

例 Which is the picture that you drew yesterday?

B. 只能用which而不能用that的情形

(1) 当非限制性定语从句中的先行词指物时,只能用which。

例 The pencil-case, which I bought last week, is missing.

(2) 关系代词前面有介词时,只能用which。

例 The tree under which we used to take a rest has been cut down.

(3) 先行词为代词that或that所修饰时,只能用which。

例 I don’t take that which is too expensive.

五 reason引导的定语从句

例1 The reason (that) he was chosen remains unknown.

例2 Do you know the reason why she refused to go with us?

例3 This is the reason why Tom miss the school.

例4 The reason that he didn’t come her this morning is not clear.


如果the way在定语从句中作状语则用that/in which引导定语从句,关系词也可以省略。 如作主、宾、表则用that或which.

例1 I don't like the way in which/that/ /you speak to me.

例2 The way in which /that he looks at problems is wrong.

七、强调句:It is(was)+被强调的部分+that(who)+原句其它部分


例 I supposed it is me who is responsible.

2.强调宾语.It + be +被强调的成分+that

例 It was an interesting story that the teacher told us in class yesterday.

3.强调时间状语:it is/was +时间状语+that

例 It is on the surgical treatment of the disease that Western health-care system are spending huge sums of money.


例 It was in the park that I met him last sunday.


例 The children returned home,hungry and tired.

6. (1)that's why

例 That is why we recognize th Shang Dynasty as being different from an Inca vase as being different .

(2)that's because

例That's because you didn't tell me.

(3)that's where

例Wherever you go that's where I wanna be wanna go wherever you lead .

(4)that's when

例What is so called freedom, that's when you don't care about something, you are free.

(5)that's how

例 That's how I see the higher education.

第二篇:高中英语定语从句句型归纳 1400字

定语从句是高中英语学习的重要语法项目之一,也是历年高考的热点。它的难度主要是通过改变句子的正常语序或借助于其它语法项目来体现的,为了提高同学们的应变能力, 现对定语从句的一些常见考点归纳和总结如下:一、疑问句中考查定语从句

1. Is this the farm ________ you visited last week?

A. where B. the one C. on which D. /




2. We came to a place, ________ stood a big tower.

A. which B. that C. / D. where


三、 拆分词组和固定搭配

3. The second is connected with the use ________ the body makes of food.

A. of which B. where C. to do D. that

4. Why can’t you realize the part ________ they have played in our life?

A. which B. on which C. when D. where

【解析】正确答案分别是D和A.一些词组和搭配被拆开后,句子的含义就变得难以理解。首先把拆开的词组复原是理解此类定语从句的关键。上述句子中包含以下词组:make use of, play a part (in)。


5. The scientist has made another discovery, _______ I believe is of great importance.

A. that B. / C. which D. why

【解析】应选择C.这类句子主要利用插入语或状语的添加来增加试题的难度。常见的插入语有:I think (suppose, expect, believe, imagine), in my opinion, to tell you the truth等。做这类题目时,最佳的办法是先删去插入语或状语,这样句子的主干部分就一目了然了。


6. Is this the man ________ you want to have ________

the radio for me?

A. who;repaired B. that;repaired

C. whom;repairing D. that;repair


You want to have the man repair the radio for me.

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