task 1 You r going to London to take a training course for a month. Pls write a letter tothe local accomodation agency to prepare a flat for u. U should tell him ur information, ur requirement, when u would arrive.

task 2 Today s parents spend too little time staying with their children and use television to make their children keep quiet.explain the reason and results by using ur relevant expierence. ■Version 57

Task 1 is a reference letter for your friend to work with foreign teenagers. Describe his or her character and why you recommend her. I think, if you practice more writing before the test, especial those topics that are given by JIAHUA, writing will not be a big problem.

Task 2 In most part of the world, the volume of traffic is growing at an alarming rate.

In the form of an assignment, discuss about the main traffic problems in your country, their causes and possible solutions. This one is among the 15 topics that JIAHUA has laid emphasis on (No 31) Acdemic .

■Version 56

Task 1:两个bar charts,关于美国一个主要航空公司从一月到二月的情况。第一个是percentage of flights on time;第二个是lost baggages complains。

Task 2:许多人说为了不断提高教育质量,就应该鼓励学生去评价和批评老师,另一些人说,这样做将导致教室里的尊敬与纪律消失。讨论这两种观点

Version 55

Task one: the pie charts below show the percentage of total music sale shared by different companies in the year 1990,1995 and 20xx.

Task two: recent statistics show that the crimes by the young people in the major city of the world are on the increase. Give your analysis of the reasons and the solutions.

■Version 54

Task1) A bar chart shows the percentage of emploment of women in 3 sections in 4 diferrent countries.

Task2)Modern technology has influenced people s entertaiment,makes people less creative.Agree&Disagree?

■Version 53

第一部分:两个曲线图,有关19xx年到19xx年美国property crimes和violent crimes的数字变化

第二部分:Many people believe that we have developed into a "throw-away society" which is filling with plastic bags and rubbish.

TASK 1 You took your family had a good meal in a local restaurant. Write a letter to the newsper to tell about it, describ the meal you had, and why you think the restaurant is worth for other people to visit.

TASK 2. Choose an invertion, telephone or computer, and tell how it has changed our life. Are the changes all possitive or negative?

■Version 52

tesk1 一个table给出关于澳洲生活在贫困中的家庭类型的数目与百分比。


tesk2 比较型的文章,给出几种类型的media然后让你选三种出来比较,并要求说出你认为哪一种media能在获取信息方面有最大的effect。

version 52

task 1 有两个图,一个曲线,一个饼状图,关于英国electricity在summer和winter的使用情况和用在一些电器上的比率。

task 2 的题目绝了。

happiness is considered important to peoplewhy are the definitions of happiness different?(大概是这样,意思就是问为什么幸福的定义如此不同和难下这个定义)what is the factors in achieving happiness give some examples and relavent evidence.

■Version 51


task2: Most countries spend a large amount of money in weapons to defend themselves though they are not at war. To the countries it should spend money to help the citizens for whom in the countries are poor and disadvantaged. To what extent do you agree or disagree this statement.

■Version 50

task1是三个公司的税后赢利profits的曲线图curve chart.

task2是调查表明世界城市在变大,有个单词要注意enomous,当时不知道这个单词意思,还好,蒙对了。要求你find the causes和可能的consequence...,上过深圳环球孙头课的同学可以看孙头课上发的讲义,即causes and solutions类型的文章,背背模板套句。 ■Version 49

task1讲英国人口从大城市中迁出和主要原因第一个bar chart 是3D的,是population decrease rate in manchester, birmingham, livepool and somewhere :P 四个城市,百分比中间两个高40%上下吧,另外两个低,第二个是households认为城市中最严重的问题 第一是crime超过60%,第二是rubbish 40%多 还有noise, neighbour等一共5个bar : waste disposal become increasing problem how do you think it is true and give some suggestion for goverment and individuals how to reduce the rubbish being producing.

task2Waste disposal presents increasing problems, especially in urban areas. How true do you think? give some suggestion for the government and individuals how to reduce the amount of rubbish.



2、有的家庭不买电视为了孩子有时间去创造发明,disagree or agree ?

■Version 47

小作文是写4个国家在工业,农业和家用用水的状况是个BAR CHART。大作文是写机器人是给人们带来好处还是危险。 今后intelligent machines象robots会越来越多的应用,它将能做许多人类能做的事。请讨论这种想法benefits和dagers。


task 1 is 4 column chart! showing the amount of water use in 4 countries in 3 categories(agriculture,household,industy). in agi. australia leads 1st, in household,industy, america is no.1 the U.K, no wonder a country full of gentleman, always the last one, japan strives for the 3rd place!

task 2 is the wildly using of robots will bring our human beings danger,use ur own view tell sb ur thoughts on it: a blessing or a curse?

■Version 46

Task 1,关于1970,1990,20xx三个时代英国人在transport(Cars & Public transport)和 communications(Postal services & Tele-communication)花销上的变化---柱状图. 很直观,很容易组织结构.20分钟搞定200字.

Task 2,是说现在有人用live animals进行research.有人觉得cruel and unnecessary;有人认为是可行的for the interests of human.Discuss the two views(注意,这很重要)题目很有代表性,如果比较爱看动物世界和探索类节目加上如果是半个动物保护主义者,肯定两方面都有话说.结构是典型的平衡型:开头,观点1,观点2,最后陈述自己的倾向.37分钟,400字.

■Version 45

TASK1,讲一个在KINGSTOWN里19xx年到20xx年外国学生的人数变化,分两方面UNIVERSITY和SECONDARY SCHOOL。简单。 A bar chart shows the change in the number of international students in universities and secondary school from 1996 to 20xx.

TASK2,(大意)It is said that today people’s live are becoming increasingly stressful. What’s the reason of it occur and how to solve the problem?




■Version 2

作文一:三个PIE CHARTS shows the changes in the consumption of energy from different energies in different time (1928,195?,1998). Energies was composed of OIL, NATURAL GAS, COAL, OTHER and in 1998 NUCLEAR ENERGY was introduced.

作文二:Scientific and technology advances was benefit in our daily life today. However, most of scientists no longer be able to find the solutions of the problems they have created. To what extent do you agree or disagree. Tell reasons.


1. new invention (computer phone etc) more and more change people live .

2. will it bring some positve or negtive effect ?

3. answer your questions with your relevent example of your experenice


■Version 3



■Version: 4

the one who do not know how to use computer become more and more disadvantage.show the disadvantages and what action should government take?

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