20xx年七下英语知识点总结Unit 2


Unit 2 What time do you go to school


1. get up 起床

2. brush teeth 刷牙

3. take a shower 洗淋浴

4. go to school 去上学

5. go to work 去上班

6. go to bed 上床睡觉

7.go home 回家

8. do homework 做家庭作业

9. eat breakfast 吃早饭

10. get dressed 穿上衣

11. get home 到家

12. get to 到达

13. take a walk 散步

14. lots of=a lot of 许多,大量

15. radio station 广播电台

16. at night 在晚上

17.what time 几点

18. in the morning/ afternoon/ evening 在上午/下午/晚上

19. be late for=arrive late for 迟到

20. either…or… 要么…要么…

◆用法集萃 1. at + 具体时间点 在几点(几分) 2. eat breakfast/ lunch/dinner 吃早饭/午饭/晚饭 3. thirty\half past +基数词 ……点半 4. fifteen\a quarter to +基数词 差一刻到……点 5. take a/an +名词 从事……活动 6. from …to … 从……到…… 7. need to do sth 需要做某事


1. What time do you usually get up? I usually get up at six thirty.

2. That’s a funny time for breakfast.

3. When do students usually eat dinner? They usually eat dinner at a quarter to seven in the evening.

4. In the evening, I either watch TV or play computer games.

5. At twelve, she eats lots of fruit and vegetables for lunch..

6. She knows it’s not good for her, but it tastes good.

7. Here are your clothes.



My School Day

I am a student. I usually get up at seven, and I eat breakfast at seven thirty. Then I go to school at eight. School starts at eight thirty. I eat lunch at twelve. I go home at 17:00. I often eat dinner at 19:00 and then play the piano. I do my homework at 20:00. At 22:00, I go to bed.

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小编寄语:关于高一英语必修三知识点总结,高一英语必修三如何学习才能达到更好的学习效果,大家应该对于所学的英语知识进行知识点的总结,通过总结更好地学习所学知识,下面小编为大家提供高一英语必修三知识点总结:Unit 5,供大家参考。 Unit 5 Canada — “The True North”

1. be surrounded by/ with? 被??包围

The city is surrounded with a river. 这个城市被一条河包围着。

2. make sht. to one’s measure 按照某人的尺寸做某物I’ll make a coat to your own measure. 我将按你的尺寸给你做件大衣。

3. take measures 采取措施

They took strong measures against dangerous drivers. 他们对危害公众的司机采取强硬的措施。

4. on board 在车(船、飞机)上

We went on board the ship. 我们登上了轮船。

Everybody on board was worried and we were curious to find out what had happened. 飞机上的人都很着急,而且我们急于想了解出了什么事。

5. would rather do? than do?

宁愿??而不愿??She’d rather die than lose the children. 她宁愿死也不愿失去孩子们。

6. settle down




She settled down in an armchair to read her book. 她舒适地坐在单座沙发上看书。 When are you going to marry and settle down? 你什么时候结婚过上安定生活? She is settling down in her new job. 她很能是适应这份新工作。

Wait until the children settle down before you start the lesson. 等学生都静下心来再开始上课。

After all the recent excitement things have begun to settle down again. 经过最近这些激烈事情之后,一切又都平静下来了。

7. settle down to sth. 专心于,开始注意某事物

The constant interruptions stopped me settling down to my work.不断的打扰让我无法定下心来工作。

8. manage to do sth. 设法做成了某事

The box was heavy but he managed to carry it. 箱子很重,但是他设法扛了起来。

9. try to do sth. 努力做某事(强调动作,不强调结果)I tried hard not to laugh. 我极力忍住不笑。

10. catch sight of? 看见??

He caught sight of a rare bird. 他看见一种稀有鸟类。

11. have a gift for? 在??方面有天分;有天赋She has a gift for learning languages. 她对学语言有天赋。

12. in charge (of?) 主管,负责

He is in charge of the whole factory. 他负责整个工厂的管理。

Who is in charge here? 这儿由谁负责?

13. in/ under one’s charge 有某人负责,在某人照看下These patients are under the charge of Dr. Wilson. 这些病人由威尔逊医生治疗。

14. take charge (of?) 负责;掌管

The department was badly organized until she took charge (of it). 这个部门在她负责以前组织工作做得很差。

15. nix up 混合,混淆,弄乱

You are always mixing me up with my twin sister!你老是把我和我的孪生妹妹弄混。

16. be wealthy in? 盛产??

This area is wealthy in fruits and flowers. 这个地区盛产水果和鲜花。

17. a wealth of? 大量的

(修饰可数名词和不可数名词)A wealth of examples are given. 大量的例子被给出了。

18. impress sb. by/ with sth. 给某人留下印象

被动:sb. be impressed by/ with?He impressed his friends with his honesty. 他的诚实给他的朋友们留下了印象。

19. in the distance 在远处I saw something in the distance. 我看到远处有东西。

20. keep sb. at a distance 与某人保持一定距离

It is hard to know her well because she always keeps others at a distance. 很难了解她,因为她总是和别人保持着距离。

21. as far as?



= so far as?

The group of children walked as far as the foot of the mountain. 这群孩子一直走到那座山的山脚下。

As/ So far as I know, he is still working as a policeman. 就我所知,他还在当警察。

22. as far as sb./ sth. be concerned 就??而言As far as I am concerned, you can do what you like. 对于我来说,你怎么做都可以。

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