20xx高考英语二轮复习 写作专题 第二部分 经典名句句式汇总 逻辑问题分析论证句式精品教案



逻辑问题分析论证句式 The mere fact that ticket sales in recent years for screenplay-based movies have exceeded those for book-based movies is insufficient evidence to conclude that writing screenplays now provides greater financial opportunity for writers.

It is possible that fees paid by movie studios for screenplays will decrease in the future relative to those for book rights.

The argument fails to rule out the possibility that a writer engage in both types of writing as well as other types.

In any event, the advertisement provides no justification for the mutually exclusive choice that it imposes on the writer.

The argument simply equates success with movie ticket sales, which is unwarranted. The author assumes that physical capabilities are the only attributes necessary to operate a motor vehicle.

Moreover, the author provides no evidence that the realism of color photography is the reason for its predominance.

This assumption presents a false dilemma, since the two media are not necessarily mutually exclusive alternatives.

Common sense tells us that a photographer can succeed by working in both media. The argument ignores the factors - such as initiative, creativity, technical skills, and business judgment - that may be more important than the choice of medium in determining success in photography.

The major problem with the argument is that the stated similarities between Company A and B are insufficient to support the conclusion that Company A will suffer a fate similar to Company B's.

Consequently, the mere fact that Company A holds a large share of the video - game hardware and software market does not support the claim that Company A will also fail.

Thus, the author unfairly assumes that highly - rated public television programs are necessarily widely viewed, or popular.

While this may be true in some cases, it is equally possible that only companies with products that are already best - sellers can afford the higher ad rates that popular shows demand.

Admittedly, the vice president's reasoning linking employee benefits with company profits seems reasonable on the surface.

One can infer from the survey's results that a full one - third of the respondents may have viewed the current benefits package unfavorably.

Lacking more specific information about how these other employees responded, it is impossible to assess the reliability of the survey's results or to make an informed recommendation.

- 1 -

It is unlikely that the brief one - week periods under comparison are representative of longer time periods.

If so, even though 3 percent more accidents occurred after the change, the author's argument that changing the speed limit increases danger for drivers would be seriously weakened.

The editorial fails to take into account possible differences between East and West Cambria that are relevant to how drivers react to speed - limit changes.

In addition, while it is true that many voters change their minds several times before voting, and that some remain undecided until entering the voting booth, this is not true of everyone.

Without knowing the extent and nature of the damage resulting from the bad publicity or the reason for the violation, we cannot accept the author's conclusion. The author's proposal is inconsistent with the author's conclusion about the consequences of adopting an ethics code.

To begin with, the author fails to consider health threats posed by incinerating trash.

The author's conclusion that switching to incineration would be more salutary for public health would be seriously undermined.

However, this is not necessarily the case.

The author's implicit claim that incinerators are economically advantageous to landfills is poorly supported.

Consequently, unless the author can demonstrate that the city will incur expenses that are not covered by the increased revenues from these projects, the author's concern about these issues is unfounded.

First of all, while asserting that real incomes are rising, the author provides no evidence to support this assertion.

But no evidence is provided to show that this explanation is correct.

Moreover, the author fails to consider and rule out other factors that might account for proportional decreases in spending on food.

The author ignores other likely benefits of agricultural technology that affect food pieces only indirectly or not at all.

In the first place, a great deal of empirical evidence shows that sequels are often not as profitable as the original movie.

However, unless the original cast and production team are involved in making the sequel, there is a good chance it will not be financially successful.

Since the difficulties inherent in this process make it hard to predict whether the result will be a success or a failure, the conclusion that the sequel will be profitable is presumptuous(武断的)

This assumption overlooks other criteria for determining a bridge's importance - such as the number of commuters using the bridge, the role of the bridge in local emergencies and disasters, and the impact that bridge closure would have on the economies of nearby cities.

Without such evidence, we cannot accept the author's conclusion that no government funds should be directed toward maintaining the Styx River bridge.

- 2 -

The fact that the nearby city has a weakening economy does not prove that the city will not contribute significantly to tax revenues.

Substantiating this assumption requires examining the proper duty of government. Accordingly, this assumption is simply an unproven claim.

The author is presenting a false dilemma by imposing an either - or choice between two courses of action that need not be mutually exclusive.

It is equally possible that legislators can address both areas of concern concurrently.

The argument relies on the assumption that the legislators in question(所讨论的)have the opportunity to address urban crime problems.

Finally, the author unfairly trivializes the severity of rural crime by simply comparing it with urban crime.

It is possible that the sales trend in a particular location is not representative of sales in other regions.

However, the author fails to acknowledge and rule out other possible causes of such accidents.

A third problem with the argument is that the statistical evidence upon which it relies is too vague to be informative.

If the subjects for the study were randomly chosen and represent a diverse cross section of the population of shampoo users, the results will be reliable regardless of the number of participants.

Experience alone is far from being enough to guarantee minimized processing costs. Given that Olympic Foods does benefit from lowered processing costs due to its years of experience, the prediction about maximum profits is still in lake of solid ground.

- 3 -

第二篇:20xx高考英语二轮复习 写作专题 第二部分 经典名句句式汇总 是非问题分析论证句式精品教案 - 副本 7800字


是非问题分析论证句式 Whereas other societies look to the past for guidance, we cast our nets forward(面向未来)

It is the belief in a brighter future that gives us optimism.

Even these days, when not all progress seems positive (nuclear weapons, air pollution, unemployment, etc.), the belief remains that for every problem there is a rational solution.

The job of the parents is to give the children every opportunity while they are growing up and then get out of their way.

What deference people in authority do command is based on their actual powers rather than on their age, wisdom, or dignity.

In a society that changes as fast as ours, experience simply does not have the value that it does in traditional societies.

It has taken a long time to convince the public that free enterprise does not mean that a company should be free to pollute the air, foul the rivers, and destroy the forests.

The assembly line reduced workers to cogs of machinery and made their jobs unutterably boring, but it produced goods fast.

Food is prepackaged and shopping is impersonal, but the efficiency of the operation produces lower prices and less shopping time.

As an American is always striving to change his lot, he never fully identifies with any group.

In America, there are no such expressions such as in china where “the fat pig gets slaughtered,” or in Japan, where “the nail that sticks out gets hammered down.” This freedom from the group has enabled the American to become “Economic Man”-one directed almost purely by profit motive, mobile and unencumbered(不受阻碍的)by family or community obligations.

Equipped with the money, one can acquire the taste, style, and ideas that mark each class and launch a quick ascent of the social ladder.

Actually, persons in status societies who are secure in their niches (适当的位置)are allowed more eccentricity than Americans, who rely heavily on signals that other people like them.

When half the population goes to college, one cannot expect the colleges to maintain the same standards as in countries where only the elite attend.

Just as not every Japanese is hardworking and deferential to superiors (长者、上司), not every Chinese is devoted to family, not every American is ambitious or patriotic - or even unsophisticated.

- 1 -

No one could seriously think that anyone who grows up poor, lives in a bad neighborhood, and attends an inferior school has an opportunity equal to that of someone more favored.

Americans may not have achieved equality, but at least they aspire to it, which is more than many other nations can claim.

In many countries, when jobs become available for young people in distant cities, when television begins to dominate home life, when ready - made foods appear in the markets, the culture appears more “American” - although the resemblance could be entirely superficial.

Someone who looks around or down appears shifty (不可靠的)to Americans, although in fact one doesn't stare continuously at the other person, but glances elsewhere every few seconds.

When the demand for something is greater than its supply, producers and suppliers will sense the possibility of making a profit - the excess of revenues over expenses is the profit.

As the case illustrates, competition takes four general forms: pure competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly(少数制造商对市场的控制).

The classic example of pure competition occurs with a commodity, like wheat or corn, that has so many producers that no one of them can control its selling price.

A monopoly occurs when one company alone offers a particular food or service and therefore controls the market and price for it.

Private restaurants serve gourmet food for $70 per person; incentives boosted agricultural production 25 percent and industrial output 80 percent in just three years; farmers are encouraged to raise as much as they can on their own plots, and some become almost rich in the process.(注意本句中分号的使用)

All these changes in China's economic life have brought changes in China's social and cultural life as well, many of which unwanted.

If productivity measures the efficiency of an economy, a measure of what an economic system produces is its gross national product (GNP), which is the current market value of all final goods and services that a nation produces within a particular period.

Current wisdom says that (当前流行的看法认为)if you want a successful product, you need first to perform detailed market analysis, making sure that there are plenty of people who need the new product and that your entry into the market will be able to gain a significant share of that market.

Started at the turn of the century, 3M ( a giant American company) has been growing at a healthy rate of about 10 percent a year and it boasts of having 45,000 products on the market.

An entrepreneur is someone like Tom Monaghan, the man who after brushes with bankruptcy turned Domino's Pizza into the nation's fastest - growing franchise chain. The extent to which the broadcast media should be censored for offensive language and behavior involves a conflict between our right as individuals to freely express ourselves and the duty of government to protect its citizenry from potential harm. - 2 -

Although we may not have conclusive scientific evidence of a cause - effect relationship, ample anecdotal evidence establishes a significant correlation. Moreover, both common sense and our experiences with children inform us that people tend to mimic the language and behavior they are exposed to.

Those who advocate unbridled individual expression might point out that the right of free speech is intrinsic to a democracy and necessary to its survival.

In sum, it is in our best interest as a society for the government to censor broadcast media for obscene and offensive language and behavior.

While individuals have primary responsibility for learning new skills and finding work, both industry and government have some obligation to provide them with the means of doing so.

The suggested reason for buying the car is obvious: it is the intelligent choice.(注意冒号的使用)

In conclusion, I agree that appeals to emotion are more powerful tools than arguments and reasoning for promoting products.

Advertising is obviously the most influential art form in this century; it is, therefore, tempting to think that it is the most important.

The lesson here is that advertising, in itself, probably will not achieve as great importance as art.

Requiring businesses to provide complete product information to customers promotes various consumer interests, but at the same time imposes burdens on businesses, government, and taxpayer.

While I doubt that buildings determine our character or basic personality traits, I argue that they can greatly influence our attitudes, moods, and even life styles. Numerous psychological studies show that different colors influence behavior, attitudes, and emotions in distinctly different ways.

Women differ fundamentally from men in childbearing ability; related to this ability is the maternal instinct - a desire to nurture - that is far stronger for women than for men, generally speaking.

In consumer - driven industries, innovation, product differentiation, and creativity are crucial to lasting success.

And in technology, when there are no conventional practices or ways of thinking to begin with, companies that fail to break away from last year's paradigm are soon left behind by the competition.

Whether an individual saves too little or borrows too much depends on the purpose and extent of either activity.

The evidence suggests that, on balance, people today tend to concern themselves with only practical matters that are related to their life.

Traditionally, saving is viewed as a virtue, while borrowing is considered as a vice.

However, just the opposite may be true under certain circumstances.

- 3 -

第三篇:高考英语写作模板汇总 7000字

高考英语写作模板汇总 观点对比

The topic about … is becoming more and more popular in our school recently. There are two sides of opinion about it.

Some students prefer to consider doing sth.(Some students say … is their favorite.) they think that...(理由一).What‘s more, ...(理由二).Moreover,...(理由三)

However, others believe … is a better choice for three reasons. (然而,其余的人认为做某事是一种较好的选择,有三个方面的理由) to begin with,...(理由一). Next, .. In addition,...

From my point of view, the former is surely a wise choice. The reason is that...(或者用:As far as I am concerned, I firmly support the view that...(依我来看,我坚决支持这种观点… that引导同位语从句)


There is a widespread concern over the issue that (作文题目). But it is well known that the opinion concerning this hot topic varies from person to person.

A majority of people think that 观点一 . In their views there are 2 factors contributing to this attitude as follows: in the first place, 原因一 .Furthermore, in the second place, 原因二 . So it goes without saying that 观点一 .

People,however,differintheiropinionsonthismatter.Somepeoplehold the idea that 观点二 .In their point of view, on the one hand, 原因一 . On the other hand, 原因二 . Therefore, thereis nodoubtthat 观点二 .

As far as I am concerned,Ifirmlysupporttheviewthat 观点一或二 .It is not only because ,but also because .The more , the more .


In recent years,...has been popular. There are many advantages in... First,... Second,... Third,...

However, there’re some disadvantages....(之一).Besides,...(之二). Also,...(之三)

In my opinion, it is true that advantages are more than disadvantages.(依我看,的确是好处多于坏处) I think... One big advantage of ...is that.... / One obvious advantage of ... is .... / Finally,...

While it is true that .... has many advantages, it is also important to realize that….(虽然某事确实有许多好处,但是意识到…也很重要.




In recent days, we have to face a problem that...近来,我们面临这样一个问题,就是(that同从).


With the help of modern technology, we now have many means to solve it. By doing..., we can…What’s the most important is that...


In a word, it is clear / obvious that... Only when...can we....


1.有一些人认为… 2.另一些人认为... 3.我的看法...

The topic of ①____________(主题)is becoming more and more popular recently. There are two sides of opinions about it. Some people say A is their favorite. They hold their view for the reason of ②____________(支持A的理由一)What is more, ③(理由二). Moreover, ④_____________(理由三).

While others think that B is a better choice in the following three reasons. Firstly,_________(支持B的理由一). Secondly (besides),⑥______________(理由二). Thirdly (finally),⑦_____________(理由三).

From my point of view, I think ⑧__________(我的观点).The reason is that ⑨__________(原因). As a matter of fact, there are some other reasons to explain my choice. For me, the former is surely a wise choice .


ome people believe that ①____________(观点一). For example, they think ②___________(举例说明).And it will bring them ③_______________(为他们带来的好处).

In my opinion, I never think this reason can be the point. For one thing,④

__________(我不同意该看法的理由一). For another thing, ⑤____________(反对的理由之二).

Form all what I have said/In a word/In conclusion, I agree to the thought that ⑥__________(我对文章所讨论主题的看法).


要求考生列举出解决问题的多种途径:1. 问题现状;2.怎样解决(解决方案的优缺点).

In recent days, we have to face a problem A, which is becoming more and more serious. First, _________(说明A的现状).Second, ___________(举例进一步说明现状)


Confronted with A, we should take a series of effective measures to cope with the situation. For one thing, _____________(解决方法一). For another thing ____________(解决方法二). Finally, ______________(解决方法三).

Personally, I believe that ____________(我的解决方法). Consequently, I‘m confident that a bright future is awaiting us because ______________(带来的好处). 说明利弊题型


1.说明事物现状;2. 事物本身的优缺点(或一方面);3.你对现状(或前景)的看法. Nowadays many people prefer A because it has a significant role in our daily life. Generally, its advantages can be seen as follows. First _________(A的优点之一). Besides ___________(A的优点之二).

But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. One of the important disadvantages is that _______________(A的第一个缺点).To make matters worse,_______________(A的第二个缺点).

Through the above analysis, I believe that the positive aspects overweigh the negative ones. Therefore, I would like to _______________(我的看法).

From the comparison between these positive and negative effects of A, we should take it reasonably and do it according to the circumstances we are in. Only by this way,(对前景的预测).


Dear Sir or Madam:

I’m writing to apply for the job as a/an part-time reporter ,which I saw advertised in the English Weekly .I‘m interested becoming a/an part-time reporter very much.I enclose a copy of my CV.

I’m a girl/boy of 19 years old and I‘m in my second year of senior high school. I work hard and do well in English,especially in writing and speaking.Besides,I’m good at typing and computer. What‘s more,I also know something about photography,which is helpful to my job.

I have been a/an part-time reporter of our school newspaper for 3 years,which gives me great fun and benefit.On one hand,it can broaden my knowledge and help me know more about the society. On the other hand,it helps practise using English and improve my comunication skills. In addition,I can also make some money to support myself.

I would appreciate it if you could possibly consider my application.I look forward to your promt reply.

Yours sincerely,




As is shown/indicated/illustrated by the figure/percentageinthe table

(graph/picture/pie/chart), _作文题目的议题_has been on rise

(goesup/increases/drops/decreases),significantly/dramatically/ steadily

rising/decreasing from_% in _年_ to _%_ in _年_. From the sharp/marked decline/ rise in the chart, it goes without saying that __现象总结___.

Thereareatleasttwogoodreasons accounting for __. Ontheonehand, ____. Ontheotherhand,___ isduetothefactthat __.Inaddition, __ isresponsiblefor ___.(Maybetherearesomeotherreasonstoshow

______.Butitisgenerallybelievedthattheabovementionedreasons arecommonly

convincing. )

AsfarasIamconcerned, I hold the point of view that _______. 再加上对策、口号. 图表类模板

The chart gives us an overall picture of the 图表主题. The first thing we notice is that 图表最大特点. This means that as (进一步说明).

We can see from the statistics given that 图表细节一. After 动词-ing 细节一中的第一个变化,the动词-ed+幅度+时间(紧跟着的变化) . The figures also tell us that图表细节二. In the column, we can see that accounts for (进一步描述).

Judging from these figures, we can draw the conclusion that (结论). The reason for this, as far as I am concerned is that (给出原因). / It is high time that we (发出倡议).



Look at this picture./The picture shows that.../From this picture, we can see.../As is shown in the picture.../As is seen in the picture...


As we all know, .../As is known to all,.../It is well known that.../In my opinion,.../As far as I am concerned,.../This sight reminds me of something in my daily life.


In conclusion.../In brief.../On the whole.../In short.../In a word.../Generally

speaking.../As has been stated...


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