篇一 :英语开场白

Welome to all of you! As well as the judges, a big welcome to the audience, wish you have a good time and enjoy yourselves.First of all,I would like to express my deep appreciation to the organizing committee giving this opportunity for me here possible,then I am also greatly honor to introduce my tutor,Professor DingFang. Professor Ding comes from the Education Department of Soochow university.Her main research interests are in children’s cognitive and social development. The level of children's cognitive development is the basis of their social development. In contrast,children's social development contributes to their cognitive development. In a word,both between is complementary relationship. So let's welcome professor Ding to give our detailed introduction about main contents in this field and her main research achievements. thank you very much.Hope the meeting goes well.

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篇二 :第一节英语课开场白5篇




我以前都是介绍自己,学英语的必要性,重要性,最后谈谈学自己这门学科的要求。我总觉得这样对于一个年龄不大的孩子而言太生硬了,你们有更好的方法吗 ?可以拿出来分享吗 ?


Hello,everyone!I'm very happy to see you here.What about you?........

Do you know who I am?If you want to know more about me ,I think you must learn English well and speak English well. Now I think we must decide who will introduce himself to others first,you or me?let's play a game, and decide whose turn will be the first one.

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篇三 :适合小学英语节目的开场白

1.Good afternoon,everyone! I'm very honored to be the host for today's presentation this afternoon to give the opening speech. Welcome to our class.


2.When winter comes, the leaves fell, the weather is cold, but we will not feel lonely because we together, have English lessons.


3.And now, we get together again for our S6 presentation . We are very happy to see you here daddy and mommy. We hope you will have a good time.

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篇四 :新英语教师第一堂课开场白

Good morning, everyone. How are you? Nice to meet you. From now on, I am your new English teacher. My name is … You can call me Miss Li.

各位同学,大家好。以后,我就是你们班的英语老师。我叫。。。,你们可以叫我Miss li。。。老师。你们知道吗,当我刚走进这个教室,看到一张张可爱的脸,我心里特别高兴。因为我将带领、陪伴你们一起走过初中剩下的两年半。



为什么喜欢呢?这位同学,可不可以说一下你的理由呢?这位同学可不可以先介绍一下自己吗?哦XXX 老师记住了。





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篇五 :【英语演讲开场白和主持人串台词 】


【王琛】:Good moring everyone I'm a reporter from the school newspaper,my name is jessica .it is a pleasure to be here to speak about a topic that how to choose between the material and love.

It is a truth that we are facing many choices every day. When it is about lunch time, we have to decide what we are going to eat. When shopping in rows of stores of clothes, we have to consider which one fits us most. After the college entrance examination, we are obliged to choose a major. The list is endless. But here I’d like to be with you and share with you many opinions on the choice between true love and material pursuit.

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篇六 :英语演讲幽默开场白



As a speaker, I’ve only had two complaints from audiences. One, that I talk so loud they can’t fall asleep. And two, that I talk so long they can’t stay awake. 创新句子:你们或者睡觉,或者不睡,只要不打呼噜,我就接着讲。


As a speaker, he has often been compared to Abraham Lincoln delivering the Gettysburg Address. When he finishes his speech, there is also sorrow, tears and mourning ---- especially by the program committee.

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篇七 :英语开场白



-I will be pleased to answer any questions you may have at the end of the presentation. -Please can you save your questions till the end.

-If you have any questions, I will be pleased to answer them at the end of the presentation.

-there will be time at the end of the presentation to answer your questions-so please feel free to ask me anything then.

-Don't hesitate to interrupt if you have a question.

-Please feel free to interrupt me at any time.

-Please stop me if you have any questions.

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篇八 :英语面试_开场白


James: Miss Wang, how do you do? I’m Allan James, the director(主管) of human resourse department of this company.

Miss Wang: How do you do, Mr. James? Thank you for asking me to come in. James: Not at all. Please sit down, then we can begin.

Miss Wang: Thank you.

James: As you know, Miss Wang, we are looking for an executive secretary with business background and good English skills. We looked into your resume and thought you might be a good candidate.

Miss Wang: Thank you.

James: Today’s interview is for us to get to know a little about you. And the interview will last a little bit longer. So, if you’re comfortable, I want to ask you some questions.

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